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Open file (42.68 KB 300x100 1477346856723.png)
Meta thread Anonymage 12/11/2019 (Wed) 20:07:06 No.5
Please note that this board is a bunker for those who browsed the late Magicchan, and therefore I ask that only those who posted on it use this board as we are still trying to find many anons who were lost. Many thanks for respecting this

Rules are the same as on Magicchan, and I also ask that if you find a lost mage to discreetly and subtly show them this board.
>>1168 >Mind sharing the hosting plan? I tried a while ago to get vichan installed but I couldn't make any sense of it. I'd sooner pay for a whole new plan instead. The plan I have is just a Dreamhost standard. Sharing the account with anyone apparently goes far against their TOS, all of my dox are tied to it, plus I wouldn't want my lucrative torrenting to be a risk factor in Magicchan 2021's survival. There is usually Christmas discounts too on hosting so likely something better for cheaper will surface. >>1161 >npfchan doesn't work with php 7.4 Interesting, I'll play around with setting something up again tonight and factor this info in. Hopefully PHP rollbacks isn't something barred off by Dreamhost. It makes a lot of sense that this would be the issue because the last attempt I tried, much of the scripts did work such as mod.php and some other stuff, but others returned errors that I couldn't find answers to online. It seems a lot of us are in the dark about the how-to on installing what should be a straightforward software package. From now on I'll record any attempts I make so that if something goes right (or wrong) I'll have a video with which to guide other Mages should I not be able to pull through with the revival.
>>1171 Ah, I misunderstood you. When you said you had a plan I thought you meant you had an idea of how to host magicchan. Turns out I'm an idiot, apologies for the confusion.
Does anyone actually want a new site when nobody posts here anyway? What would you use it for that you don't on here?
>>1205 I guess that's a fair complaint. I wish I had more to post about.
>>1205 Maybe for nostalgia's sake. Maybe for the hope a resurrected magicchan would generate more activity or new activitiy, instead of our being relegated to a hidden bunker of former magicchan users, which is a shrinking pool within the already small pool of aged male virgins. >>1207 I wish I had more to post about too. I wasted most of my life lurking, not doing anything, and my brain has turned to mush. If possible I need to fix it, then try learning about computers and programming. The internet sucks, tech sucks in general. It shows no signs of getting better, only worse. If I'm to continue using these contraptions I need to understand them, not rely on the work of others, which inevitably becomes perverted by identity politic ideologues. Definitely too late in life to start learning about such a complex field, but I've nothing else and I need to do something with myself. Might be cool to make my own imageboard software.
>>1205 I haven't had time to post recently but still want a new site. Even if there weren't any new posts, I'd visit magicchan and read through threads and posts that were years old which is something I can't really do here. A new site probably won't generate activity but makes us (or at least for me) feel like we aren't desperately holding onto a relic of the past. And there's always the chance of the website /tower/ is hosted on to get pulled for whatever reason, scattering us to the winds again.
Guy who owns the domains here I've been trying so hard to install Vichan/NPFchan locally over the past few weeks but I keep hitting random roadblocks related to file permissions and me not knowing how to set up a database (the same issues I've had on all previous attempts). I'll try installing it on the host over terminal emulation today. If it goes well I'll open up a test board and accept applications from mages who are willing to watch the place and then prepare to transfer ownership to someone reputable. Solicitation: There's $50US come my neetbux payment on friday for anyone willing to record+upload the process of installing NPFchan locally on a fresh OS install in a VM if someone can. Doesn't need to be narrated or anything, I'd just like to know what I've been doing wrong these months and I'd still like to have an offline copy to play around with. I have a casual grasp of using Debian/Ubuntu so you don't have to hold any hands doing basic stuff like compiling things from source or ignoring the file browser in favour of the terminal
>>1223 Can you drop an email or something else? I'll see if I can do it. It shouldn't be too hard.
>>1256 yeti@waifu.club If you're recording it you might as well use a low resolution and framerate, as I'll only need to see the terminal/any textfile changes you make.
>>1258 I emailed you.
>>1223 >>1256 >>1258 >>1266 Please keep us updated on your progress mages, hopefully we can finally move on from this place. If you are able to get magicchan back up, is it possible to import the database from >>8 ?
>>1270 That mega link expired.
>>1271 Ah fuck, so it has. I'm really glad I downloaded it now.
Open file (211.15 KB 413x373 pixel wizard.png)
I left imageboards two years ago; I couldn't find one I liked, I felt like an stranger in practically all of them. Today, while searching for other stuff, I came across anon.cafe. It seemed like a nice place; I don't know why but it gave me good vibes. Suddenly, a hunch. ¿Could it be? Nah, the place disappeared after 8chan went dark, the community dispersed, all efforts to reunite failed, don't be naive. Still, I don't fully know why, I clicked on the address bar, typed "/tower/" and hit enter. I still don't really believe this is real. It's good to be back.
>>1279 What an incredible stroke of luck! It's good to have you back. https://www.magechan.org/
So whoever was working on this, did you get emailed help?
>>1303 I'm >>1266 and I never received back any email from him so I assume he disappeared.
>>1304 Shit. Hope he comes back.
I have been trying to figure out what it takes to set up a server and it seems sort of beyond me to put it all together even if I can follow individual parts. What if I miss something and it leaves everyone's IP exposed or something. It's a nightmare. If you look at the board list on here it looks like some people have set up multiple boards with domains using this site. Has anyone looked into that?
>If you look at the board list on here it looks like some people have set up multiple boards with domains using this site. Has anyone looked into that? I'm not sure what you mean. The whole point is to be independent so you don't have to share someone else's site. Efforts like Lizchan and Truwiz.org are positive.
>>1408 Are you sure you're not just getting confused with the backup domains for anon.cafe?
Open file (118.73 KB 1000x1000 154198418148.png)
I think I might be the only one left with the Magicchan archive downloaded >>8 . I've reuploaded it here: https://mega.nz/file/9TpG2abI#7xitzWQjuCGN4TiG5jjrMwAs1yZUdlMkLRZ22FA5dlc It's just over 2GB but highly worth it. I've also included the banners for /tower/ and the CSS as well. I'm going to be reformatting my drives and I have no idea how long it will stay on MEGA for, so I'd recommend downloading it if you can.
>>1461 Thank you for sharing. You could even upload it on archive.org if you think that's not violating privacy.
>>1461 if my misaki NHK thread is in there im gonna be so happy
looks like lizchan is broken again
>>1498 And again
>>1527 Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like lizmin forgot to update the site's security certificate again. Maybe in a month or two we'll be able to post there again.
>>1533 I don't know what's going on.
>>1541 The Lizchan domain was allowed to expire. The admin does not have much desire to resurrect it at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Open file (159.39 KB 640x480 1108.jpg)
>>1549 Man, that sucks to hear. I'm gonna miss posting on that imageboard.
>>1559 Never mind. He said he's going to bring it back.
truwiz down now too ;_;
>>1559 >>1560 Looks like liz is back on xyz but banners dont work (again).
>>1567 Should be back now. Small oversight.
Accidentally deleted magechan.org page host. It just redirects here now, or magechan.org/bunkers redirects to a pastebin. It's renewed until october 2022.
October is fast approaching.
>>5 >Please note that this board is a bunker for those who browsed the late Magicchan, and therefore I ask that only those who posted on it use this board as we are still trying to find many anons who were lost. Many thanks for respecting this After 2.5 years is it time to retire this request? There can't be many magicchan users left who don't know about this place, and the board is so slow that I don't think it matters anymore if someone didn't really use magicchan. If they share our circumstances and are reasonably like minded.
>>2203 At this point it's a dead letter. Magicchan has been gone for longer than it was online.
magicchan.org is available again if someone wants to buy it - I will if I'm not lazy.
Open file (115.15 KB 650x829 BlackDruid.jpg)
>>2203 Can... Can I join the Magic ? Not a former Magicchan user, just found that board while browsing the cafe. I lurked a bit and I like the spirit also the nice CSS.
>>2237 Nothing's stopping you if you are a virgin and not insufferable like many people on the internet nowadays. The fact you found your way here is a point in your favor. As for the CSS, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so copy and save it to use with other boards you browse.
>>2240 >a virgin I'm not technically a virgin tbh but I'm not here to brag about it. I'm quite a loner. >being insufferable Definitively not my kind. >using the CSS on other boards A custom CSS is par of a board identity so I will not use it as this is /tower/ identity and not another board. For non custom boards I already use a simple tomorrow custom CSS I made or simply use dark ones if available. Anyway as I'm not a heavy poster I will mostly lurk, but I always appreciate taking part in good conversations. Thanks for letting me in.
>>2241 >I'm not technically a virgin tbh but I'm not here to brag about it. "I'm not technically pissing on your leg. I'm just aiming as close to you as possible and it's splashing onto your leg."
>>2244 Lol, a good point. Anyway, I respect you're will to not welcome unvirgins here.
>>2245 >>2245 Kill yourself, normalvermin unvirgin shit
Would anyone particularly mind if I revived truwiz using the magicchan domain and name? I just bought it since nobody has in the last 3 months.
>>2260 I never knew of truwiz. If you want to change the name because it's infantile; wise choice. It conjures up images of highschool kids arguing what makes a wizard. But why truwiz as magicchan and not something related or new? It's like wearing someone else's skin. However, your money already spent, do what you want. The name of yet another dead imageboard doesn't matter.
>>2261 I guess I have an affinity for the domain. magicchan sounds nice to my ear, which is on part due to a nostalgia for its existence. When you have fond memories it rolls off the tongue - I can just use magechan and redirect magicchan here. That’s what I’m indecisive about, does my fondness for it outweigh any grief from how it may appear to others.
>>2262 magicchan.org just redirects here now and I'll keep it that way. I'll use magechan if I do anything in a few months.
Open file (652.96 KB 619x817 meme.png)

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