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awful board. Stormtrooper 01/09/2023 (Mon) 17:22:27 No.6507
>complains about nu star wars >doesnt speak meaningfully about the eu, too dumb to even read crappy pulp novels >low effort content all over i fail to see the complaints justified. let me put it this way: you faggots deserve yidney
Open file (176.24 KB 512x704 VadersThrone-EE2P5.jpg)
This board is kind like the Valley of the Dark Lords, looks dead but haunted now and then by a poster... as for your criticism, it seems you arrived yesterday. Your impression is due you being new and the board staying quiet most of the time.
The truth is Star Wars died, the mouse killed it and nobody cares enough to mourn what once was anymore. What point is there in discussing older, better content? Just move on. Too much damage has been done to fix anything, so it is a waste of time. At least until disney gives up or dies itself. I'm not holding my breath for that though.
>>6508 No you faggot, the board's just mediocre. There might be a few who've really read the novels and comics, and related scifi, but there was never high level posting in that direction here.
>>6508 pretty much this. also, it's harder to keep the board lively when there's been no Star Wars content to speak of since 2015. All we can do is discuss what once was, and ridicule the current shitfest.
>>6512 youre full of shit you retarded faggot. theres nothing but discussing the eu left, especially since the novels are far from fully understood
>>6513 Lol. isn't that what I just said? we can discuss the EU, and also shitpost about the Mouse. I was under the impression that the EU has been inactive since Disney, and has been replaced by Disney fanfic. was I wrong about that? Certainly there's still stuff to discuss, and it would be great if the baobab wiki could be revived.
>>6514 >Certainly there's still stuff to discuss, and it would be great if the baobab wiki could be revived. People discuss LoTR to this day and there is much less content to pour over. We could autistically discuss the EU for decades and there still be content to discuss over. We can extrapolate about the Cult of Varn theology for days and that's just a lone example.
>cries about a board with 4 users and less then 1 post per hour isn't having long indepth discussions about decade old media >cries about no one speaking "meaningfully" about the eu while not speaking meaningfully about the eu >cries about low effort content while not providing high effort content be the change you want to see, redditranny :^)
>>6516 ill join if the community is worthy but if you queers are any good itll happen on its own first chop chop faggot
Open file (86.08 KB 450x582 what_the_fuck.png)
I don't know if I should be disappointed that the only thread that isn't basically dead is just people arguing about the board. But to actually attempt discussion, any of you nigs watch Andor? Everyone says it's worth watching but what's the point if all roads lead back to the sequels?
>>6518 >any of you nigs watch Andor? I haven't watched it all, but its shit so far and no its not worth watching, normalfags say its good, because they think its the best disney has done, just like the mandalorian.
>>6518 Normaltuskens will suck off anything that's even slightly less shit then the typical yidsney slop. It's a show about a mystery meat shitskin fighting an ebil rawsist huwite man. I haven't even watched the trailer, but everything these muunikes make is the same thing.
I suppose people could talk about Bad Batch having the second series on. Another disney product said to be good because it isn't as awful as most of their shit. Or talk about s3 of Mando, coming up soon. Neither show has me excited though.
It's all zog slop. Don't watch the muun tube and get into the comics and novels.
>>6521 >Bad Batch Its so bad that they even went against their retarded lore, remember the chips that made all the clones evil? Well, some clones didn't go evil because reason, its like they want their cake and eat it too.
>>6515 very true. also, not sure where else to put this, but I had a flash of insight regarding the Disney trilogy: they're not sequels, they're reboots! They do nothing to advance the story, instead they just rip off the OT while making it infinitely shittier.
>>6522 Too much to ask. Chans are the shithole of the internet. Look for smart people to discuss the EU.
>>6525 > Chans are the shithole of the internet >"B-B-B-B-ut muh last bastion of free speech" LARP I genuinely wish these faggots would get slammed into a wall like its the force unleashed by a force user.
>>6507 It used to be better but back on 8fag, there was this really fucking dumb "attention hungry games". /sw/ won, and the board has never been the same since, although a bit faster.
>>6525 >chans >look for smart people they're called "image boards" not chans you fuckin retard
>>6558 What do you expect from twttertrannies?
Open file (780.25 KB 325x203 YbYYy.gif)
>>6526 >quotes the imaginary voices in his head >gets angry and genuinely wishes for violence
>>6555 it was much better back then, there was a large userbase

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