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Open file (15.79 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part1.webm)
Andor Stormtrooper 09/21/2022 (Wed) 16:19:28 No.6370
Are you exited to see a beaner in star wars talking with a shitty accent all the fucking time? Because I don't. Lets start by copying blade runner and adding whore windows! But don't show any of the goods, this is still disney plus after all.
Open file (17.58 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part2.webm)
>andor is trying to find his sister >sister is a huge whore >andor tries his best to get info from ugly whore >doesn't get any >andor spills the beans hEh about his search for his sister gee I hope that doesn't bite him in the ass later >still doesn't get any info anyway >two WHITE males harras him, because he is not white >kills one by accident >kills the other in cold blood Now this is how you make a cold-blooded killer, not like that lame Han Solo! Anyone else found wierd that the fat guy was trying to cover the accidental death up? Instead of begging for his life?
Open file (17.90 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part3.webm)
>fucking flashbacks Because that worked wonders in the fucking Boba Fat show. Also I don't like the droid speaking.
Open file (14.47 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part4.webm)
>Andor start to build an alibi with some guy >The whole story is fucking long and complicated, hope they remember all they shit they say to each other >WHITE guy informs the crime to an old geezer >Geezer doesn't give a single fuck about two white guys getting killed by a non-white
Open file (18.83 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part5.webm)
>Andor goes to talk to one of his sluts to sell some shit to some guy and get some credits >Slut says slut things >Andor leaves but spots slut's jelly boyfriend >more flashbacks, if you didn't notice, a girl is the leader of the group of kids >a fucking girl...
Open file (18.17 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part6.webm)
>white guy doesn't give a fuck about geezer wants >a crime has taken place and he wants justice, he is now upgraded to Justiceguy >Justiceguy continuous to investigate the crime >Andor is a deadbeat that leches from other people >great, he is a cold-blooded killer and a parasite >What did disney mean by this?
Open file (19.53 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part7.webm)
>justiceguy is surrounded by lazy workers >shipyard full of disney ships, except for a lonely y-wing >more info that Andor takes advantage of other people
Open file (16.57 MB 960x540 Andor 02 part1.webm)
>more flashbacks >disney is so lazy that they use scenes from mining sites, can't bother to make their own sci-fy mining equipment >whore's boyfriends notice the wanted poster, that is translated on fucking screen, instead of showing the monitor
Open file (13.96 MB 960x540 Andor 02 part2.webm)
>slut's boyfriend does the right thing and call the corps to arrest the beaner >Justiceguy is on beaner's tracks, even brings the ugly whore that only has one set of clothes, I thought that was a fancy place, I was wrong
Open file (15.14 MB 960x540 Andor 02 part3.webm)
>whore is horny and wants the D >whore's boyfriend comply like a good dog >justiceguy has a new friend, fatso is now upgraded to bladeguy >no star wars show about detectives investigating crime and bringing the empire's justice on scum >beaner gets his imperial expensive box, how do you know is from the empire? well, it has the logo in it!
Open file (15.06 MB 960x540 Andor 02 part4.webm)
>strong independent girl leader goes to a crashed ship, stick at hand >What the fuck are kids doing there? >Fuck do I know.
Open file (19.03 MB 960x540 Andor 02 part5.webm)
>strong independent girl leader gets fucking shot on the back like a retard >noone yells to warn her, all the kids just watchs a CIS guy shot her Why are they there? WHY?! >more scenes were almost nobody likes Andor, along side an exposition dump Feeling is mutual
Open file (12.86 MB 960x540 Andor 02 part6.webm)
>corpo ship looks wierd Did the Justiceguy speech was lame or something? He didn't seem like he say anything wrong, it is just like he is too green for an field operation, but it wasn't bad enough for them to act like that infront of him. >that scene of the beaner walking along side "epic" music playing Trying way to hard to make him look bad ass and cool.
Open file (17.85 MB 960x540 Andor 03 part1.webm)
>kid enter CIS spaceship >lucky for him the gas that killed the crew is gone, even thought it would be impossible for all the gas to escape the inside of the ship >CIS spaceship has an Imperial-like equipment >He starts to hit it What the fuck?
Open file (17.23 MB 960x540 Andor 03 part2.webm)
>The corpo LaaT are small as fuck Lame. >A woman and a tusken acting like vultures HeH >Andor is acting like a beaner destroying everything >"Republic frigate approching" So it is a CIS spaceship, so why the fuck does it have empire looking equipment? And where are the fucking droids? >Have 4 corpo LaaT, should we have some flying around on a patrol? >Nah! >CIS is a republic officer >Open season when the frigate lands What the fuck is that old pedo hag saying? Doesn't make any sense.
Open file (15.44 MB 960x540 Andor 03 part3.webm)
>Justiceguy is on the case! >Beaner tries to muun the whiteguy smuggler >slut gets informed that her lover is in trouble >slut's boyfriend stops her from helping her lover >she automatically know how was the guy that gave the tip, because reasons >she BULLIES her boyfriend >boyfriend is upgraded to cuck now
Open file (16.21 MB 960x540 Andor 03 part4.webm)
Open file (447.61 KB 548x628 465654132132.png)
>how did you steal this? >All that fucking dialog >Its SO fucking easy to steal from the empire! >mfw >I can looking for something more and I think I found it >white smuggler thinks that andor has special skill, even though ANYONE could just walk inside an emperial facility and still shit >3 fuckin episodes and the show doesn't show any skills or abilities that Andor has, only that he is a deadbeat bad debt cold blooded killer that leeches on people >myfuckingfacewhen >whole town start their autistic alarm >why? >fuck do I know >will it matter? >Nope >slut gets arrested, because reasons
Open file (16.88 MB 960x540 Andor 03 part5.webm)
>beaner gets shot on the should by a fucking rifle >will it matter? >Nah, is fine! >cuck finds his "girlfriend" >gets killed like a fucking retarded >rest in piss
Open file (17.78 MB 960x540 Andor 03 part6.webm)
>Justiceguy gets mugged, didn't secure his six I swear, if he fucking die I will stop webming this shit. >corpos leave the fucking corpo LaaTs alone and unguarded This is so tiresome. >of all the Laats, the guy that killed the cuck picks the one that is boobytrap, how lucky >corpo Laats fucking crashes, it didn't crash on a fucking house, how lucky >corpo tusken gets infront of a moving speeder Kill me.
And the mini arc ends, with criminals killing law enforment and escaping. Can't fucking wait to see more. Did you rike it?
Open file (330.96 KB 1920x1080 lazy.jpg)
Open file (269.11 KB 1920x1080 lazy2.jpg)
Open file (218.42 KB 1920x805 234435345.jpg)
3 episode in, I think the show is mediocre, some scenes look as bad as a sy-fy show, but the practical effects look nice. The story has to many silly things, stupid things or stuff that makes no sense. The only characters that I give a fuck about is Justiceguy and bladeguy. Bladeguy running to help his men after getting jihaded and Justiceguy shellshock came to me as a surprise.
Open file (152.65 KB 350x268 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6391 >unironically using a quarry as sci-fi terrain That's literally been something people have mocked cheap BBC shows and stuff like Power Rangers for doing for decades. Might as well use Kirk's Rock at that point. >empire logo on the fucking equipment.jpg Eh. Plenty of real world governments have stamped everything they own since it makes it harder to flip on the black market (among other reasons).
Open file (7.49 MB 960x540 and here we go.webm)
>yet another yidsney show is shit Truly an outcome no one could have ever seen coming from miles away. I hope you at least pirated that shit and aren't paying yidsney.
Open file (1.39 MB 873x1106 barbosa_crumb_sm.png)
>>6395 >I hope you at least pirated that shit and aren't paying yidsney. I payed for something alright, the electricity and internet.
Open file (195.71 KB 1280x720 A Star Wars story.jpg)
How is the show about the most boring nuWars character so far?
Open file (62.74 KB 720x540 mpv-shot0125.jpg)
>>6400 The good guys are so unlikable that I'm rooting for the security forces to arrest them.
>>6388 The idea to show the effect of blasters in an environment that will become more dangerous even beside the shrapnel is good. So, of course, the zombie rat worshipers had to fuck it up and turn into a circus. This looks like some dumb arcade - HIT THE BLINKING CHAIN 2 TIMES for SWINGING ANVIL POWER-UP.
>>6388 This set had to be reused from some shitty fantasy or fake medieval movie. It's so blatantly out of place in a sci-fi setting.
Open file (12.11 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part1.webm)
I still don't like the droids talking, it just takes the charm away. >hurrr duurrr join my rebellion This whole scene was a waste of time >strong independant womyn character >the so call evil empire is the most diverse and inclusive I can't even like the empire anymore. I miss Justiceguy already.
Open file (16.04 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part2.webm)
>the viewer doesn't know what is the ISB >should we show them what they do? >or tell them in a speech? >proceed to make the old guy boss tell his underlings what the ISB is BRAVO! >Rakata Is that shit common knowledge?
Open file (17.97 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part3.webm)
Open file (229.84 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0007.jpg)
Finally some Justiceguy scenes! >make the scene so that the 3 whites guys look smaller than the tusken Really makes you think. Damn, those display look impractical as fuck.
Open file (19.32 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part4.webm)
More shit that I don't give a single fuck about.
Open file (18.91 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part5.webm)
Open file (209.63 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0018.jpg)
>return to nuCoruscant >the heart of bureaucracy for the whole galaxy >you only see humans >looks like a generic sci-fi >normal looking luggage >they fucked up the numbers This whole show is lame! The only thing that is saving it is justiceguy. Did you guessed that he went back to his mother? Because I did. Now I wonder why is she so mad and happy at the same time, so odds are he didn't call her every week, but now they will have some good ol' family time togheter, can't wait for the next episode.
Open file (16.75 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part6.webm)
>Mon Mothma is a no fun allowed They ruined her.
Open file (17.20 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part7.webm)
More boring stuff.
Open file (3.26 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part8.webm)
And the episode ends. The whole rebellion started because the Empire doesn't give a single fuck, they think that nobody woud dare to attack them. The Empire is evil, because some characters say so and doesn't show it at all. Brilliant writting right there.
Open file (221.97 KB 1920x1080 name dropping.jpg)
Open file (239.65 KB 1920x1080 more name dropping.jpg)
Open file (256.54 KB 1920x1080 I hate niggers.jpg)
Open file (272.17 KB 1920x1080 retarded tablets.jpg)
Open file (636.94 KB 1920x804 You are wrong.png)

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