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Nightdive Studios teases potential Star Wars Dark Forces remaster Stormtrooper 08/02/2022 (Tue) 17:23:55 No.6269
https://archive.ph/wip/sKfnb Versions of old games that actually run on modern computers is the only good thing to come out of Disney Star Wars, and they only do it because they fucked up new video games with closing Lucasarts and giving EA an exclusive license. Maybe DF2/MotS after this, since they're even more of a pain in the ass to get running.
>>6269 >Remaster Why? You can run that game in modern systems.
>remaster >just make it run in modern consoles >doesn't polish the visuals >all the same pixelated structure I don't call that a "remaster"
>>6277 In a sense that's a true remaster, since it's presenting the original at a higher resolution than previous official releases. 'Enhanced graphics' is a nice selling point but given how often developers fuck that up (Nightdive's own Blade Runner remaster) or otherwise stray from the original visual intent (Crysis Remastered, Saints Row 3 Remastered) it's probably for the best that they stick with the vanilla graphics. What's concerning is that this is Nightdive, which means the game will be re-implemented on Kex engine (instead of porting the original source code), as a result this 'remaster' will have various inaccuracies that may or may not be patched depending on how much post-launch support they give (their Blood release was left for dead after only a short period for example).
>>6279 >which means the game will be re-implemented on Kex engine (instead of porting the original source code) Fuck, is going to be shit.
>>6269 At least fix the TD tossing or something
>>6269 >the only good thing to come out of Disney Star Wars That'd be new unabridged EU audiobooks. I think they're doing the X-Wing series now.
>>6456 That's more Audible's fault than Disney.
>>6280 >kex more like a Source engine port. They did that for the systemshock 1 remaster.
I would prefer a full-fledged remake of both Dark Forces games in the JK2/JA engine with a recreation of these cheesy DF2 cutscenes and a higher budget. But I don’t really have anything against it, either. I'm not into retro shooters, but I've heard Nightdive has a good track record when it comes to these things.
>>6269 Dark Forces finally got a proper source port a while ago so I don't know why anyone would need the nightdive rerelease. https://theforceengine.github.io/
>>6277 That's exactly what you want. These "remasters" that fucking change shit are all terrible. They always always fuck it up

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