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/toy/ Stormtrooper 08/01/2022 (Mon) 17:20:24 No.6265
Star Wars Toys general
Now i remember those fancy SW action figures. This one was made by a korean/chinese guy. Vancei or something. Don't know if it was put to sale
Open file (174.88 KB 1600x1200 s-l1600 (1).jpg)
Got a couple of Tie Crawlers for cheap from ebay, they are really neat.
Open file (130.45 KB 800x800 potf2dlxlukeskiff.jpg)
What's the best mini rig?
Open file (842.22 KB 1500x1016 FichtenFoo-INT4-SNOW-03.jpg)
Open file (767.74 KB 1500x855 FichtenFoo-INT4-22.jpg)
Open file (115.34 KB 528x800 LC-079.jpg)
Current wants/grails? For me it's Legacy Kyle
>>6312 Always wanted those Imperial Knights. Too bad it went the way of the EU. Imagine some fancy Sideshow figure of them. Or even good ol' Kyle....
What are your guy's thoughts on the vintage collection?
>>6396 Of the little stuff I have seen, it just a bunch of nerds buying old toys to complete their collection, because of nostalgia. I even heard some people say that they are collectors that bully others because they 'dare' to 3D print parts to complete toys that are broken or missing parts, the toy must be 100% pure or some wierd shit like that.
Open file (31.69 KB 275x361 Noa_briqualon.jpg)
black series when
>>6397 Odds are they don't believe the shit they say and only do that to make their collection value go up.
Open file (142.23 KB 403x545 retroreva.jpg)
why is she so ugly bros
>>6580 Because tuskens are just ugly.
>>6580 They made a toy about her, why? The kenobi show was shit, hell, they couldn't even push her lightsaber in that hasbro kickstarter.
Reeeva was specifically cast with a disgusting negress in the role for obvious reasons. Even with a poorly written character, they could have had her wear a mask or full face helmet. Maybe an alien makeup instead. Yet they chose to shove her ape face front and center so people could see that Star Wars is not for white men. Of course, they rushed figures of the character out, which nobody wanted. So we still haven't seen a Seventh Sister for the Black Series, which would outsell this coon. We're more likely to see a toy of that black chick from Bad Batch than a Magnaguard at this rate.

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