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Webm thread Stormtrooper 12/02/2019 (Mon) 08:28:03 No.571
Post them webms
Open file (1.24 MB 1280x720 Anakin vs Alex Jones.mp4)
Open file (5.29 MB 1920x1080 Kit Fisto Knows Best.mp4)
Open file (720.59 KB 480x360 FORCE_AWAKENS.mp4)
did you do that edit? it was unexpectedly emotional...
No. Its just a leftover from before 8chan went down.
Open file (853.74 KB 1280x720 soccer.mp4)
Anyone have the star wars anime webm?
Open file (3.89 MB 1280x720 ooo ah ah.webm)
Please tell me Oshii did more of this anon.
Open file (497.91 KB 727x547 Slutty the Hutt.png)
He did make a few more. Don't have them in webm though
Open file (3.53 MB 1280x720 1546575479156.webm)
Open file (10.43 MB 1280x720 glass floor.mp4)
>>2590 >remove atmosphere >screams audible なに?
>>2594 >shoot audible while fly through space audible That's just how things are in SW. At least in this case it might be a transmission.
>>2590 >That MOTS speedrun Impressive!
>>2594 They are being sucked out into space along with the air anon, so their screams are carrying through the air.
Open file (14.63 MB 900x376 boom.webm)
Open file (14.65 MB 1280x536 tree.webm)
>>2632 This is still infuriating. What a waste of a good actor. And decent Yoda effects. And a franchise.
What the fuck did Robi do to the captchas? 9/10 are literally unreadable.
>>2664 I like this meme t. spent the past few weekends playing through KOTOR II again
>>2664 >What the fuck did Robi do to the captchas? 9/10 are literally unreadable. If you can't read them, neither can spammers :^)
>>582 God I loved that show. I miss Peter Cullen's voice.
Open file (1.38 MB 980x420 Tilotny.webm)
Open file (1.62 MB 590x1278 baste voice actor.mp4)
Anyone got that "You Found Something" horror vid?
>>3029 Can you be more descriptive?
>>2664 >He is a Sith Lords.
Open file (2.87 MB 800x600 NotTheYounglings.webm)
Open file (9.45 MB 640x360 trany.webm)
>Aided by an analysis of over 1M tweets&1K YouTube videos, this is the full story of alt-right radicalization in the Star Wars fandom. From designated white supremacist hate groups to YouTubers, this is how hate attacked the Star Wars sequel trilogy
If you want to see the whole shitshow, here https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=V7LhwO0EGi4
Open file (18.68 MB 640x360 ships only.webm)
Anyone got the sound effect of a Star destroyer exiting hyperspace?
>bad batch >should be fun >empire bad! >killing clones I just wanted more clone wars episodes.
>using strong independent unironically The normalfags are so easy to fool.
>>4584 >when you look at rey on the force awakens, she's a female lead 👏
>>4584 Disgusting faggot
Open file (16.07 MB 640x360 Feloni Bullshit 1.webm)
>>4584 Here is the full thing. >He didn't create Ahsoka Did he ever made something in his life? Or did he stole everything from more talented people like a fucking kike?
Open file (15.72 MB 640x360 Feloni bullshit 2.webm)
How can someone lie and say so much bullshit?
>>4598 That's his entire career. Why people are so insistent on defending this hack is baffling.
>I'm a good goy so I won't protest that you stole from my work >Please hire me, Kikes The absolute state of e-whores.
Open file (17.35 MB 640x480 Star Wars Detours.webm)
Open file (16.33 MB 960x540 detours.webm)
Open file (18.13 MB 640x360 SWD.webm)
Does anyone have that video where the narrator recites the sith code over various clips of sith doing what they're best at? Or can you atleast tell me where to find it? It looked like it was part of a longer video, perhaps a fan film I don't know about but I never found out what it's called.
>>4655 Nevermind, found it. The uploader on jewtube is called DuduFilm. I already had him but somehow managed to look at every single video except the one I was actually looking for.
Open file (46.26 KB 306x513 1450989989049.jpg)
>>4667 >Nigger builds shits for blond master I don't see the problem.
True (((fans.)))
>>5010 Wouldn't the ship get destroy in hyperspace and return to normal space in pieces?
Open file (615.74 KB 1368x912 IMG_6329.jpg)
The absolute madman in Aberdeen, WA.
>>5020 Blessed pic.
Those "Galaxy of Adventure" are probably the best Star Wars cartoons I watched since the original clone wars animation. Not even shitting on the CW tv series, it just never interested me. They are actually well animated and just enjoyable to watch. They even make the shitquel material look fun and exciting. They range from recreating scenes from the movies, to "star wars facts!", to original animations, to promos, to one that sounds like the script for an old toy commercial. I'm guessing they are meant as an introduction to the Star Wars universe for kids? >>5020 >Watto: "Only money, no republic credit (card?)" I wish I could read all the other notes in the background.
Open file (1.47 MB 1600x1600 link no want.png)
>>5037 >I'm guessing they are meant as an introduction to the Star Wars universe for kids? Yes >>5037 >hey even make the shitquel material look fun and exciting. Now let's not get ahead of ourselves. >>5037 >Not even shitting on the CW tv series, it just never interested me You mean Ahsoka Wars? That show was always bad.
>>5038 >You mean Ahsoka Wars? That show was always bad. Yeah, that's what most people say. Can't really say anything about it though since I never watched it and I don't plan to. >Now let's not get ahead of ourselves. I mean, look at this shit. They have better action scenes than anything in these movies and they even make it look as if Rei had a character arc and was actually trained by Luke.
>>5037 The sad part is that they shit on Luke by downplaying his actions while upplaying Lea actions, deleted a character to insert Lea in his dialogs
>>5020 A bit but not as much as you'd a expect a modern cartoon like this would. At least it's mostly just exaggerations of scenes that happened in the movies. They hardly have any shitquel scenes with Luke but that's for the better. It's actually funny to see how much work they put into making them look better than they are. I'm not saying these are perfect but they are surprisingly enjoyable, good enough that I downloaded them all. At that itself is pretty funny. These 59 animated shorts they released for free are better than anything else yidney did since they bought one of the biggest multimedia franchises of all time.
Open file (3.17 MB 500x450 Dance Wars.webm)
>>5073 Phineas and Ferb movie was the only good thing to come out of disney.
>>5118 Yes. Yes it was.
Open file (19.58 MB 640x360 Real Luke Skywalker.webm)
Open file (996.38 KB 854x480 Patrick Thats A DC15S.mp4)
>>5020 Wish he had some sort of online store so I could support him directly. Dude literally did nothing wrong.
>>5330 He can't even last five seconds after mentioning his donutsteel before fellating her can he?
>>5330 Not feeling up to writing down an entire rant right now if there's a reason I never ate up the whole "Ahsoka is da best cuz she's Skyguy's padawan, obviously" is because Anakin's role as teacher is very fucking sketchy to begin with. Just because he is a good swordman doesn't mean he has to be a good tutor. Hell, did we ever have a scene or two were both trained together? For me it never felt like a proper depiction of what a Knight/Padawan relationship would be like a more like a flimsy excuse to have Ahsoka be as powerful and efficient as she was.
>>5347 Anakin shouldn't even be allowed to educate children. Giving him a padawan always felt like a dumb gimmick to appeal to the younger female demographic despite having plenty of female jedi characters to choose from, maybe even have TCW focus on jedi outside of Kenobi and Anakin more often with Luminara and her apprentice as the second most recurring or have them team up with Obi-Wan and Anakin most often.
>>5347 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=d696t3yALAY They have purposely trained her wrong, as a joke.
>>5330 >we can't make luke too over the top powerful because he's an icky man >now let's talk about one of the hundred mary sues in yidsney's star wars At this point the only reason I pay any attention at all to SW and by that I mean browse this board every once in a while is to get a chuckle out of how bad the writing is under (((disney.)))
Open file (6.99 MB 1280x720 rickrolled.mp4)

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