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Banners stormtrooper 08/09/2021 (Mon) 00:25:45 No.5095
Share your new banner designs here. There's a 50 banner limit so we'll alternate between old and new banners every 1 or 2 months.
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>>5095 I saw you mention on the old board about making a discord, instead make a element server. I recommend to not use matrix and instead use 200acres. If you need any help making an account 16chan has a guide and there is a 200acres board on there. It has the benefits of discord (a separate and "private" (as in you have to be in the server to see the messages) space for people to post), but doesn't have the negatives. Also you can use the fediverse there are many instances like kiwifarms.cc, plemora, and paost, but the fediverse is more like twitter/facebook and there really isnt a point to go there as the functionality isnt too different than using a board. https://element.io/matrix-services
>>5137 >>5149 Anyone got the full picture with the scenes? I can't find it.
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>>5249 Thanks, anon.

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