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Open file (3.14 MB 900x1445 Wroonian.png)
QTDDTOT Stormtrooper 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:03:50 No.4319
Ask your questions and get your answers here. How much did the wroonian got fucked over when they added the Pantoran in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
Severely to the point where previous Wroonian characters got retconned into pantorans while Pantorans seemingly replaced Pantorans in all instances but a few. It got even worse under Disney. My question is how the hell do Ithorians eat?
Anyone got a webm about Red Letter Media sucking nuStar Wars disney movies dick?
Open file (802.80 KB 540x360 RLM fans.webm)
>>4341 I have one of Mike indulging in his foot fetishism
Open file (248.62 KB 428x670 VentressDetail2-SWE.png)
Did she actually use to be a good character before Katie Lucas got her hands on her, or was she just a lame Aurra Sign clone from the very beginning? It might have to do with the fact I haven't revisited the Republic comics in years, but outside of serving as a fold to Anakin and having a pretty cool design (which would eventually be ruined), I can't bring myself to think of a reason as to why she got so much focus in TCW to begin with.
>>4323 Ithorians have two mouths, one on each side of the long, curling neck.
Anyone got this in a higher resolution?
>>4343 >she didn't take off her shoes
>>4378 which is her way of disrespecting him.
Open file (54.73 KB 300x100 1569814100668.png)
Who is pic related?
>>4381 Mara Jade from her japanese figurine release
>>4383 >US $379.99 Well, fuck.
I wanna get into the New Republic era EU, what should I read after the Thrawn trilogy?
>>4495 The Jedi Academy Trilogy?
>>4495 If you want to read in chronological order, here's a good list http://www.starwarstimeline.net/Complete%20Saga.htm
Can a star destroyer enter a planet atmosphere?
>>4500 Yes, it's in The Force Unleashed.
>>4507 >Force Unleashed >A game were MC bullies a Star Destroyer with the force I guess I will just go with no.
Open file (1.06 MB 858x665 Conqueror.png)
>>4500 I know the Conqueror can.
>>4508 It's in Dark Times comics too, IIRC.
>>4511 >>4514 Thanks for making me reconsider.
Open file (200.03 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Anyone knows where is this from? Also, what are those two ships behind the Lambda shuttle?
>>4611 Thanks, anon.
Does Star wars have a calendar system? I found it weird that everything is ABY or BBY. Also, what are the names of the months and day of the week?
>>4624 >Does Star wars have a calendar system? Several, actually. Off the top of my head, there's the Great ReSynchronization and the tho-yar arrival ones- but I'm not exactly sure either one were widely used for more than a few hundred years. As for day/month names, there really only seems to be ones for days of the week.
Open file (125.72 KB 614x347 calendar.png)
Open file (61.33 KB 876x876 calendar2.png)
>>4626 Thanks, I went with the Galactic Standard. Since 1 standard year = 10 standard months + 3 festival weeks + 3 holidays = 368 standard days But I still don't know what those 3 holidays are or what are their dates. I know what the festival weeks are, but not the 3 holidays. Got any info on that?
Open file (1.91 MB 1988x3056 RCO029_1571285905.jpg)
After the clone wars, did the clones worked for the empire until they expire?
>>4721 Basically yes. Jango clones became a minority since the Empire relied in conscription/recruitment and clones from other sources. The one of the few units that was mostly composed by Jango Clones was the 501st and even them eventually were phased out.
>>4632 The only definite holidays I'm aware of are Life Day, and Empire Day- both of which are somewhat questionable as to when they'd be celebrated depending on when and where you are. >>4721 More or less. Old clones got recycled into a dark trooper variant if they lived that long though.
>>4721 >>4722 >>4724 Wasn't there a comic with an old Clone-turned-Stormtrooper on the Death Star who had end-stage clone problems like memory loss and trouble concentrating?
>>4500 No, if you mean the ISD. That would be Victory class SD and the older Acclamator and Venator classes, then again as the other trooper said... ISDs did entered in atmospheres... in games like Force Unleashed and Battlefront 2
>>4724 >Life Day Bah! Humbug!
>>4724 >both of which are somewhat questionable I decided to add an extra day at the end of each Fete week since that makes the most sense.
Both a question and a rant. Why... ANAKIN DOESN'T JUST LEVITATED THE FUCKING PLATFORM?! We saw like a couple of scenes earlier Palpatine just doing that. Anakin was high on the dark side, you can't be more darksider than using the force to absurd stuff like floating a heavy who know how much kilos platform. Why George didn't sticked with the old RoTJ novelization? >Vader fell into a molten pit during the fight
>>4774 Because having him try the jump against Obi-wan reflects and inverts Obi-wan's defeat of Maul. It's like poetry, it rhymes.
>>4776 >It's like poetry, it rhymes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7ZW1gtCljs One of things i hated most, the mark of a lazy writer/creator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCi5PrlmEFo FUCKING GUNGAS MAN. THAT'S GREAT THAT'S GONNA BE GREAT THAT'S GONNA BE GREAT
>>4778 You don't understand, anon. The characters are trapped in an endless circle. >THAT'S GONNA BE GREAT George is really autistic.
What did Maul have to deserve this sort of treatment from Kenobi? I don't remember him craddling Anakin or Grievous like that after having immolated the shit out of them.
>>4788 Well, he was stuck like 20 years in a desert hut, no? Gave him time to ponder. But then again it's nu-sw so i don't give a fuck (in the original Old Wounds comic Obi-Wan didn't gave a fuck about Maul, he was actually compelled to killed him due all the fuckery the Sith brought when Owen solved the issue with a blaster bolt in the head ) But about Anakin and Grievous >Anakin If we go by the novelization, OB1 wasn't feeling merciful, managed to get detached and left Anakin to the will of the Force. Besides he felt Palpatine getting near, had Padme on the floor and was in a hurry. Anakin had just betrayed the Jedi. the nu-SW Maul (like the original Maul) was immersed in the dark side from day one, there is no betrayal, Maul was always fucked like that. >Grievous Grievous was a jedi hunter, they were in the middle of a war, OB1 never had any personal interaction with the guy, didn't knew about his sad history and again, he was in the middle of a battle against a murderous jedi killer cyborg.
Open file (367.00 KB 1008x1600 RCO016_w_1474771256.jpg)
Open file (336.99 KB 1041x1600 RCO017_1474771256.jpg)
>>4788 >What did Maul have to deserve this sort of treatment from Kenobi? Because Feloni.
>>4788 Because crying over your fallen enemies is 'deep' and 'emotion' writing. It's the 'If you kill your enemies, they win' mentality that's prevalent in fat women and low-T cucks.
Open file (32.06 KB 597x351 brutal.jpg)
>>4795 >>4800 Well, besides the bad writing, i suppose Maul dying like a chump or uncerimoniously would be against all the investment they put on him as a spotlight character.
>>4803 >all the investment What investment? Maul was jumping from idea to another. At first he was seeking revenge, then trying to turn into a kingpin, then leader of the mandalores and then trying to cuck Kanan with Jedi Alladin. He was used like a whore to push the plot to a direction. He was better dead on that whole that brought back to life in Clone Wars. Savage was doing perfectly well on his own, but NOO, we need to bring Maul back, because... reasons.
Open file (28.07 KB 599x614 43078.jpg)
>>4800 >It's the 'If you kill your enemies, they win' mentality that's prevalent in fat women and low-T cucks. And where the fuck do you think you are? What you are describing is George Lucas' mindset in a nutshell. The Jedi are literally taught to be compassionate towards everyone including their own enemies, and I'm paraphrasing Lucas himself here. The issue regarding >>4788 I think is more for the fact that Obi-Wan in particular never showcased this trait, thus making the moment come out as "forced" and most likely the result of author/fandom favoritism towards Maul.
Open file (524.57 KB 1911x814 355.jpg)
>>4812 >The Jedi are literally taught to be compassionate towards everyone including their own enemies, and I'm paraphrasing Lucas himself here. >Palpatine got elected >Jedi find out that he is a Sith Lord >instead of being tolerant diverse and inclusive to all religions they try to murder him
Open file (110.81 KB 1920x1080 untitled.jpg)
Anyone know what benefits did the TIE got from the strake in the SW: Galaxies game?
>>4806 You understood what i meant. I'm talking about screentime, not even discussing writing or if the character development was good. They shoved Darth Maul in everyone's throats for years in those cartoons. >Maul should be dead Of course, he was fucking bisected and feel in a pit. Force or not there are limits a body can endure >Jedi/Sith dies with some stabbing or a single blaster shot >everyone is ok with that >guy is cut in half and falls in a bottomless pit >survives >nobody finds strange, accepts
>>4815 >They shoved Darth Maul in everyone's throats for years in those cartoons. Fug, that means he is going to appear in The Bad Batch.
>>4817 Yep. He's also said to appear in the gay Lando Calrissian spinoff and the Obi Wan spinoff for Disney+.
Open file (173.91 KB 1280x544 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Anyone know the name of that speeder from TPM?
>>4349 >Did she actually use to be a good character before Katie Lucas got her hands on her It what they say, but I haven't read her part of the EU yet. >I can't bring myself to think of a reason as to why she got so much focus in TCW to begin with. She was an Strong Independent Womyn that didn't need a Sith lord to boss her around and got out of her abusive relationship. And then she helped a blonde ninja girl from getting raped while sending a clone shota to get raped instead. That is why people like her I think.
Open file (36.20 KB 966x224 EET EES MAGIC.jpg)
>>4806 >Maul was jumping from idea to another. And this is entirely at fault of his entire deal running on the concept of giving the hulking berserker of a disposable red herring from the original movie sudden Sith mastermind tendencies. Hell, it wouldn't be innacurate to say much of Maul's characterization is too dependant on retreating previous concepts like Sion and EU Grievous specifically: Sion because you have got a dark sider surviving by the sheer power of will and focused hatred and anger - though for Maul it's just used casually as plot device to justify why he is even here to begin with instead of something actually thematically relevant - and Grievous because you have got another cybernetic hateful revenant whose main motivation is revenge againts the Jedi, being this new threat that suddenly emerges to catch the Jedi off guard and start killing them left and right in his smart tactic of subverting their own combat. They were practically building an entirely new character by this point. The Twin Suns duel from Rebels might be KIIIINO for making effective use of pottery and all of that, but I can't help but wonder if it really was worth it to bring Maul back at all for one single scene when so much about his character is simply frustating to go through, doesn't even make sense, and is already something extremely derivative of better used concepts from the past. Sorry in adavance for the rant.
>>4349 Yeah, her backstory and relationship with Obi-Wan were interesting, TCW has that stupid Dathomirian race and her and Obi-Wan just flirt with each other.
Open file (708.32 KB 1500x985 Star-Wars-1313-11.jpg)
Are Coruscant lower levels that open in the EU? Because i always envisioned the lower levels just being the foundations of the "surface" ones, that is without that open space between the upper and lower leves, just buildings built above one another until the actual surface. Now they depict as the higher levels as a ceiling above the lower like that city in Deus EX?
>>4868 I guess it is a mixed bag, from holes that go down to ceilings. I watched Metropolis the old movie and it puts a city on top of a shitty town were all the workers live. That is mostly what Coruscant is, a beautiful city enveloping the whole planet that covers the shit from view It is a shame that Star Wars: 1313 didn't get released, it would had shown so much about the lower levels.
>>4868 >1313 I'll never get over it...
Open file (274.19 KB 340x615 LightsaberCrystal-SWE.png)
I just found out about yidney's kyber crystal lore. EU aside, doesn't that clash with both the established canon and theri own "canon"?
>>4984 Disney employees don't give a fuck about lore anymore, not even the nuCanon.
>>4984 Look up Matt Martin on twitter. He's the cuck who manages Disney canon these days and he admits there's no continuity anymore.
>>4984 Wasn't the Kyber crystals' pseudosapience a Lucas concept?
>>4989 I don't doubt that but that might be something from the very early concepts, when blue and red were the only lightsaber colors.
>>4989 There was a version of the script in the first movie were you needed a Kyber crystal to use force powers, but he dropped that idea.
>>4989 Might as well just be me, but I never understood the purpose of having kyber crystals need to form a connection with the bearer for the proper construction of a lightsaber. At the end of the day, the lightsaber is a weapon anyone can use, and its power isn't something that depends on how attuned to the Force you are. One could argue how its way of adding to the mythology and themes, but in the long run its just a way of opening potential plot-holes.
They were better off sticking to the original idea from Luke's order. Just pick up any crystal or rock you like as a conductor and have fun with it. Also fuck the name kyber crystal. That was mostly a Filoni thing anyway. Lightsaber crystals could be anything so long as they were a crystal conductor. The only "kyber" crystals that matter are kaiburr crystals and the ones from the early "The Star Wars" drafts and comic adaptation.
>>5112 I remember when lightsaber crystals were basically "adegan crystals" or synthetic ones and that was it...
>>5112 >Lightsaber crystals could be anything so long as they were a crystal conductor. I don't like the idea that they only come from one planet but I do think they should be very rare, which supports the lore that darksiders mostly use synthetic ones.
Open file (25.84 KB 255x217 dancing_oberstein.gif)
>>4319 Other dating systems besides the BBY/ABY? Especially for the Imperials. It'd be pretty weird for them to be using that as a basis especially before the event even happened.
>>5159 I guess you could count the years after the creation of the Galactic Empire.
>>5159 Ruusan Reformation, the Declaration of a New Order for era divisions. BY/AY was used only in the NR era. All were basically the Galactic Standard Calendar that was just the coruscanti calendar applied to everyone.
>>5162 Plus theĀ Great ReSynchronization which was a late Old Republic calendar standardization
Open file (40.75 KB 513x383 fullfax.jpg)
Anyone have pic related, but in better quality?
>>5188 What's that from?
Open file (149.56 KB 708x599 1426654236745.jpg)
The shit about the Kaminoans and others (save Dooku and maybe Maul) knowing about Palpatine's plans is just Filoni and co.s' shit writing, right? It doesn't show up in the old EU at all? If it does, where does it show itself so I can pretend something that retarded doesn't exist?
>>5212 Right. Some kaminoans just rebelled with a clone force in earlier Empire (Battlefront 2 campaign mode to justify Stormtroppers vs clones match) and were put in line that fast. But that was all, they didnt prive of any of Sith's plans or anything.
>>5212 No. In the EU the Kaminoans were forced to keep making clones by the Empire without further pay and under harsher conditions. This eventually led to them rebelling against the Empire and starting their own secret clone army which got wiped out by the Empire really quick. Aside from that, the Kaminoans didn't know jack shit about the sith and never took part in Palpatine's personal cloning projects.
Open file (297.98 KB 604x394 1615145201526.png)
How should we go about trying to justify Sifo-Dyas existence and connection to the Clone army? Was he a Jedi who foresaw the future and attempted to save the Republic in his on way? Was it just Dooku using the name of his friend as a coverup? Or did Palpatine just made up a completely false identity? He have pic related from Lucas, but I fundamentally disagree with him because I refuse to buy this whole bullshit about Sidious having three different apprentices at the same time.
>>5224 Dooku and Dyas were both jedi and best friends who were manipulated by Palpatine for his plot. Once Dyas fulfilled his part of Palpatine's plot, Palpatine had Dooku and Dyas fight each other to prove their loyalty and see who would become his new apprentice after Maul's death. Dooku won and killed his own bff.
>>5221 >No. In the EU the Kaminoans were forced to keep making clones by the Empire without further pay and under harsher conditions. Which book was that from?
>>5224 It was explained in "Darth Plagueis". The guy had force premonitions shenanigans and visions, Plagueis used him and gave the money all the while planning to use the army as his own, Palpatine carried the plan after killing Plagueis and put Dooku in charge of the operation and the disposal of Syfo Dias, also as a commitment sacrifice to the Sith (Dooku and Syfo were close friends). The guy was a dope from day 1, he was used and discarded like a condom.
>>5231 Battlefront II. And it was shortlived. They quickly converted to recruits after the Kaminoans rebelled.

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