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Count Dooku speaks to Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper 11/18/2020 (Wed) 16:54:32 No.3766
Hello /sw/ over a year ago I posted my first version of this video. I got some feedback on editing the video differently and I did that. I was going to post it after I finished it, but then the board went down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-lBbosbIw0 Here is my video. Thoughts? Do you like it?
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Open file (2.18 MB 1988x3056 Tales of the Sith.jpg)
>Sith Ghosts>>>>Jedi Ghosts
>>3848 What is the difference?
>>3848 Wasn't force ghost a strictly light side power?
>>3852 that's what I thought. the Sith don't become ghosts, they transfer their essence into another body or relic, remaining anchored to this world.
In which case, what inspired this?
>>3852 Sith ghosts aren't the same as jedi ghosts. Jedi ghosts are basically an ascension into omnipresence, near-omniscience and absolute freedom for all eternity in both the living world and realm of the Force. A sith ghost is more like a traditional ghost. They are bound to one place in the realm of the living, have little control over their existence, may not even get to have a visible form, and unlike other souls, a Sith's spirit is doomed to decay and complete destruction within Illathurion unless they abandon their materialistic ways and seek to restore their own balance. Best thing they can do is posses victims temporarily unless they mastered the transfer essence technique.
>>3852 Dooku was a jedi once, but its just a random edit anyways. If Anakin could become a force ghost I dont see why Dooku cant.
>>3904 Anakin repented and basically gave his life in a selfless act. Dooku was just feeling betrayed, all the way down with the Dark Side "Treachery is the way of the Sith" were his final toughts.
>>3905 I always thought it was a great irony that Darth Vader was redeemed by killing his master, which is usually the most Sithly of acts. it's the motives and self-sacrifice that made all the difference, as you said.
>>3905 >"Treachery is the way of the Sith" Anyone else find it hilarious that despite all the cucks yelling about how the Empire were the ebil huwite supremacists they're far more like kikes?

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