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Open file (342.38 KB 638x477 One struggle.png)
Random Discussion Stormtrooper 03/14/2020 (Sat) 17:17:52 No.2730
Since this board is dead Anything goes in this thread. As a starting topic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Even if they were controlled opposition, were they in the right? How would things have gone if, somehow, the CIS were allowed to become independent?
They simply believed in free trade and many CIS-sympathizers were right about the Republic being corrupt to its core. The only problem was the CIS ended up falling for the same corruptions that plagued the Republic.
>>2730 Other than being controlled by the exact same shadowy religious minority, they did nothing wrong. As for them continuing to exist past the clone wars, I'm of the opinion that'd likely require Palpatine to do die without an apprentice either before the outbreak of the war, or during one of the periods of the war in which the Republic was at a disadvantage. Now, that's not to say the Republic was already in the process of becoming the Empire- you'd just be left with a much weaker one with less of an interest in the space occult.
I think the CIS could win if they played a war of attrition. Then again I don't know how long they'd last when the Vong show up decades later.
Not using a literal slave army made CIS the moral victors at least.
Open file (115.61 KB 555x463 for the confederacy.png)
>>2814 Based Yankee Don't come down here, you fucking carpetbagger reeeee
Is there any comic that focuses on the civillian government or just civillian life of the CIS? And I mean stuff besides TCW.
>>2817 The Jedi: Yoda comic sort of explores the Sephi a bit. There's not really much of a government or difference in civilian life with the CIS. Its just an alliance between different industries and rich assholes who want more benefits and those who just think the Republic sucks and needs some serious reorganization. The CIS senate from TCW is pretty much nothing like how the CIS was previously depicted.
>>2740 >I think the CIS could win if they played a war of attrition. The Republic would probably win. Though many industrial powerhouses joined the CIS it was at its strongest in the periphery of the galaxy. The wealthiest and most developed Core and surrounding layers mostly didn't secede.
Open file (488.12 KB 1024x768 1421533417984.jpg)
Open file (81.04 KB 570x441 Burning.jpg)
>>2730 How much did Bioware fuck the characters introduced in KotOR 2 with retroactive lore? More importantly, what do I need to play in ToRtanic that elaborates on the Exile et alia? Also, did they do anything on the Mandalorian Wars?
>>3824 >How much did Bioware fuck the characters introduced in KotOR 2 with retroactive lore? All of the interesting plot points from KotOR 2 were destroyed by Bioware in TOR. Most of the characters are never mentioned. I think this is mainly due to three reasons: one, I doubt anybody at Bioware actually played KotOR 2; two, those who did probably couldn't be bothered to actually talk to any of the companions; three, anybody at Bioware who did play the game and did talk to the companions lacked the intellectual capacity to recognize quality writing and character depth when it was squatting over their face and shitting directly into their mouths. In TOR lore, the Exile is killed in a ridiculous manner and is hardly ever spoken of again. She shows up as a Force ghost for maybe five minutes. Everything Kreia says about Revan is ignored. He's no longer an incredibly powerful force user that sacrifices himself to the dark side in order to save the Republic; instead he's just a normal Jedi who fell victim to mind-control by a centuries-old Sith Emperor. In TOR, bizarrely, he comes back as a confused and ridiculous villain with poorly-developed motivations. You can kill him in a boss battle to get his pants. HK-47 shows up as a boss battle a couple of times. It's silly and a sad way to use the character. Kreia, G0-T0, Visas, the Handmaiden, Mira, Atton, Mandalore, T3, Bao-Dur... as far as I know they're never mentioned again. If you are going to play TOR, the best class story by far is the Imperial Agent. It's good enough that in my opinion it probably should have been its own standalone game. Lots of people also seem to enjoy the Sith Warrior storyline. I thought Inquisitor was okay too. The Republic stories are mostly boring and total shit, but many will tell you that the Jedi Guardian storyline is the closest we'll ever come to a KotOR 3.
>CIS >right Their rulling council/leadership and economic base was composed by the worst corporate scum in the galaxy. They were run by the worst type of jewish stereotype, they had literall space jewish hand rubbing bankers. The confederacy only came to be due those rich corporate types wanting more in a system where they basically acted on their own, down with private armies and fleets. They had armies around just to collect debt. And they wanted more. The oppressed/fucked up/forgotten types like the kaleesh and jabiimi were the minority. Fuck the CIS and those hand rubbing greedy corporate space jews aliens
>tfw you'll never be a clone trooper >you'll never serve a republic dedicated to the good of all >you'll never take those super battle droids down >you'll never watch those wrist rockets >you'll never have a qt pod-mate tomboy serving in your unit >you'll never have hot sweaty adrenaline fueled sex with her after every mission >you'll never end the war with a football team of offspring and another in the making Fuck.
>>3829 >female Jango clones Now that's a thing, it could be useful as breeding and educator "surrogate mother" units. Then again kaminoans only delivered what they were paid for.
>>3826 I see, thank you. On another note, do you believe the Exile to be female? I have a hard time believing it, given what I remember from playthroughs.
>>3834 (((Canon))) has the exile as a woman named meetra surrik who takes every lightside choice. If you want my take the exile should be a mostly neutral Jedi Jesus with the darkside ending.
>>3834 >I have a hard time believing it, given what I remember from playthroughs. I don't see why not? The game even had an exclusive companion each for both a male and female player character. Apparently she was first mentioned in a novel but I think I first heard about her being canon in the Old Republic book of the Saga Edition RPG. Both got published long before TOR, so no idea how they change her character later. But there's no real reason to worry about it. The point of the game is to play it with whatever kind of way you want and the canon version is impossible anyways, since she apparently travel with both Handmaiden and the female-PC exclusive guy.
>Mando season 2 ends with someone going Maclunkey Was Lucas involved?
Open file (680.22 KB 245x245 1465741957301.gif)
>>3840 >The point of the game is to play it with whatever kind of way you want But that's just it. It comes off like Bioware just took it and then came up with a bunch of lore without a second thought, whereas Black Isle's/Obsidian's approach to player history is to keep their main characters' persons vague, though I can see the issue in the case of a military general as opposed to rando desert wanderers. Even though Revan was a male, in KotOR 2, you can play the game as if he were a she. In any case, I found this (1 July 2006‎ ): https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Meetra_Surik?oldid=554686 >Gender issues >The Jedi Exile is fully customizable by the player, and so can take several different appearances and either gender. The male and female storylines have minor differences, with the most notable one being one of the player's party members (Brianna only joins a male Exile's party, and Mical only joins a female Exile's party). >It should be noted, however, that on August 19, 2005, Leland Chee made a statement [2] on the StarWars.com forums in which he said he is trying to make the canonical Exile female (as opposed to the canonical Revan being male). As Chee said on February 21, 2006 (see above), determination of the Exile's gender is "imminent". Until then, all articles of Wookieepedia, according to the English language custom, defined the Exile as male. >On April 10, he added [3] that "a name revelation is unlikely" and that the gender will likely be established in the next source to describe the Exile in detail. >On June 27, 2006, with the release of the The New Essential Guide to Droids, the Exile's gender was canonically established as female. >As with Revan, a number of KotOR fans oppose the idea of strictly defining the one and only true ending of both games and are likely to refuse to acknowledge the Exile's canonical gender and alignment when they are defined. Archived source for 2 (3 is missing): https://web.archive.org/web/20070224013945/http://forums.starwars.com/thread.jspa?threadID=222689&start=615#12367041 Presumably, the name comes from one of the sources listed in the old Wookiepedia article, but I don't know. It was semi-recently brought up on the Talk page, it seems: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Meetra_Surik#How_was_the_decision_made_to_change_the_Jedi_Exile_character_into_Meetra_Surik.3F At least that hand-drawn image of the Exile depicts her as a qt.
So, did the Yuuzhan Vong ever just "occupy" worlds? And what was that like?
>>3842 >But that's just it. It comes off like Bioware just took it and then came up with a bunch of lore without a second thought, whereas Black Isle's/Obsidian's approach to player history is to keep their main characters' persons vague, Oh I certainly agree with that. The best way to handle it would be to keep any mention of her neutral. I guess they just went >"Regan is kinda canon male so let's make this one kinda canon female." But that's just from the stuff I read myself. I don't know how they handled her in TOR and I don't really care to find out.
Open file (30.40 KB 300x395 origin.jpg)
>>3857 >mistyped Revan as Regan Oh well.
>>3855 Pulling from memory but every world they occupied they fucked up with their terraforming or overal dismantling of technology and using their biowanking in place. >And what was that like? They at the top, the rest enslaved From the wiki >Local planets were ruled by the Intendant caste, with Prefects administering the worlds under their command. However, a few systems were known to have been granted to select Domains. The members of the Priest caste were charged with managing ceremonies and ensuring the loyalty of the masses >The empire's reasons for conquering a world often varied; planets such as Belkadan and Tynna were terraformed and used for production of vital materiel such as dovin basals and villips, while the worlds of Malastare and Brentaal IV were captured to lock up supply lines and establish strategic rendezvous points for Yuuzhan Vong fleets. Others still, like Kalarba and New Plympto, were destroyed outright. Regardless of the purpose a given planet would ultimately serve, each successful attack expanded the Yuuzhan Vong empire's territory
>>3859 So, would it theoretically be possible to have an occupation/resistance story on one of those conquered worlds which the Yuuzhan didn't hit as hard?
>>3857 >I guess they just went "Revan is kinda canon male so let's make this one kinda canon female." That's what I was thinking. >I don't know how they handled her in TOR Sounds like complete trash from what I hear. Shame.
Following what the other anon asked, why exactly are the Yuuzhan Vong controversial among the SW fanbase?
>>3860 Are you planning on making something, trooper?
>>3867 the Yuuzhan Vong break the universe, and completely clash with the character and aesthetic of Star Wars. they're full of illogical nonsense, like combining bio-wankery with immunity to the Force, and have a very jarring effect on the timeline. they also subvert the OT, which to me is an unforgivable offense. they belong in WH40K, in fact they feel like they were created by a Warhammer fan who hates Star Wars for some reason. with that said, I'd rather have spiky Vong dicks than Disney.
>>3868 Yes, even if it's just background material. It would help the troopers who can write better make a story of it. Think Enemy at the Door meets Victorian boys' adventures. >>3870 What can I say, Mongols tend to fuck established things over when they show up. Better than endless IR capers.
>>3871 >What can I say, Mongols tend to fuck established things over when they show up. Better than endless IR capers. I see your point, but if something like the Vong invasion had to happen, it should've been in the distant past, not shortly after the OT. also, it's entirely possible to break new storytelling ground without dropping a nuke on the universe. it's a bad idea, especially when it subverts the OT.
>>3872 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcZ9kQ1h-ZY >subvert Nonsense! From day one, the EU has been a showcase of just how messy the Galaxy can and will be outside the heroic epic of the movies. Hell, after Return of the Jedi, they had to deal with an extra-galactic invasion on top of the vigorous Imperial Remnant. Why, in the supplementary materials, Sate Pestage had that celebrating mob on Coruscant gunned down by Stormtroopers to the last. Just because one great evil is triumphed over, does not mean another great evil cannot rise from another quarter. The story does not end.
>>3873 of course, the Galaxy is a messy place, and there's no need for the story to end. however, we can do that without plowing a freight train of spiky rape into the story and setting. the OT, as seen in theaters in the 70s and 80s, is the pinnacle of Star Wars. while much can be added to this, the central narrative must not be subverted. if the Yuuzhan Vong invasion happens, that gives the OT a bad ending. you see, if the Empire had won, they'd be well equipped to fight off the Vong. Imperial Star Destroyers, AT vehicles, and legions of troopers would give them serious trouble, and a working Death Star or two would annihilate their worldships. the only way the Vong could cause so much death and destruction is if the Galaxy is seriously weakened and divided by a successful Rebellion decapitating the Empire's top leadership (ie Endor). of course, no one knew this would happen, but the fact remains, if the Vong invade, the Galaxy would be much better off under an Imperial victory. that does indeed subvert the OT, which I cannot accept. there's other problems too, such as the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong are immune to the Force, yet they use biotech, and the Force flows through all living things. and there's a thematic clash -- the Vong are essentially the Hostile Alien Invasion trope, yet the Galaxy is full of alien species, so they come from another galaxy. it just doesn't fit, they belong in WH40K as I said. the only ways I'd accept the Yuuzhan Vong is if 1. they were nerfed and turned into a dangerous species somewhere on the Outer Rim, or 2. their invasion happened centuries or millennia BBY. you could even combine these, by having the invasion happen long ago, with a surviving remnant on some distant planet(s).
Are there any fans who are pro-Jedi (or at least prefer them over the Sith) but pro-Empire, or pro-Sith but pro-Rebellion (probably the rarest)? If so, where?
Open file (88.97 KB 1000x784 Inner_circle.jpeg)
Open file (102.88 KB 1440x816 GreejatusConfers-ROTJ.jpeg)
>be among the most powerful men in the galaxy >wear grandfather bathrobes >one is literally got a dick in a condom on his head Guess being that powerful does have it's perks. You can walk around in bathrobes and nobody would say a word.
Open file (129.69 KB 1278x798 knights.jpg)
Open file (187.26 KB 477x651 Imperialknights.jpg)
>>3886 >Are there any fans who are pro-Jedi (or at least prefer them over the Sith) but pro-Empire We got you covered.
>>3867 >biowank >coral ships cumming molten rocks are capable of fucking with turbolaser resistant shields and durasteel >their ships due some big brain gravity manipulation are able to withstand a fucking turbolaser in the face when those things are capable of vaporizing shit on spot >mind that turbolasers had some nuke tier punch >a refugee population in dying worldships that were millenia were capable of overpowering a galaxy that have planets like Coruscant or able to churn quintillion of battle droids in less than a year >their durka durka jihadi troops have those crab armors that are able to withstand blaster fire just because when those things can penetrate and put holes in plasteel, concrete and turn organic matter into charred meat >they are somehow not affected by the Force despite using critters and being alive even when rocks and air are affected by it >and not being affected not as "yslarmiri force repellent bubbles" but as "not registering and being affected by it at all" wank >you cant grab then with tk, cant mess with their minds when the Force is supposed to be an universal field created by living beings >Palpatine could tear a fucking whole in the spacetime but cant tk some vong shit Basically this, they are the snowflakes of SW, the closest offender to that was the mandowank
So what does Jonesposting in the Galaxy look like? Remember, it's never supposed to be dead-on, but with a blend of fact and fiction.
>>3886 Conversely, are there any fans here who are pro-Republic and generally pro-Jedi, but admit that the Jedi and Republic were both hopelessly corrupt, complacent, and in need of reform (genuine reform, NOT just being turned into an Empire) by the prequel era? Because that's where I stand.
Open file (370.45 KB 1024x897 1556494416466.jpg)
Open file (64.31 KB 625x501 EzNCR12VEAAQWsm.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1600x820 1612618804775.png)
Should they have kept Shaak Ti's original death scene? It tied with the OG Clone Wars quite nicely, meanwhile having her die during meditation and off-screen was very lame in comparisson.
Open file (61.00 KB 505x201 789465132.jpg)
Open file (46.91 KB 330x231 46521097846.jpg)
>>4999 She needed another type of penetration if you catch my drift.
>>4999 >was very lame in comparisson Just like all of Ahsoka Wars.
>>5029 This needs a yaranaika edit.
Open file (53.94 KB 1200x675 EeQtNkaWoAAk3ES.jpg)
>>4999 >Should they have kept Shaak Ti's original death scene Nope. >having her die during meditation Nope. Best death is pic-related
>>2730 >were they in the right? Unironically yes. The Republic was stifling the free market and they were the only ones keeping the Outer Rim in check. If the CIS hadn't become puppets of the Sith, they would've had every right to usurp the Republic.
Congrats on being alive and welcome to the site, i haven't seen you fellas since the cakekike incident
>>5039 Counterpoint: They were literally a bunch of hand-rubbing space kikes with a penchant for war crimes. There were some Separatists with genuine ideals who had a point about the Republic, but the Separatists' leaders and actions speak louder than the few idealists.
Open file (1.37 MB 664x550 tis treason then.gif)
/sw/ IS DEAD, LONG LIVE /sw/
>>5046 They have literally hand rubbing space huttish bankers in their leadership, they had army divisions as "debt collectors". CSI leadership was the worst corporate scum in the galaxy >I am your reward, don't you find me handsome? Heh... they got what they deserved
>>5054 Wait a sec... shouldn't huttish or hutt translate to muun?
>Star Wars board Where the qt Twi'lek females at?
Open file (48.79 KB 330x330 Inspire.jpg)
>>5061 Everywhere
>cis had every right to usurp the republic until they became pawns of the sith? So basically the other side of the coin with the rebel alliance?
>>5110 In a way, yeah, that's what the CIS were. Except they were mostly fueled by financial issues or greed along with a hatred for the Republic's lack of interest in the Outer Rim aliens.
New actors or using those creepy CGI masks like they did with Tarkin and Leia?
Open file (144.17 KB 681x751 1630605021243.png)
>Ventress was originally going be resurrected after the Dark Disciple mumbo jumbo and have a duel againts Kylo Ken, but Filoni changed his mind because reasons
>>5362 That sounds bloody terrible but it's definitely something I'd expect from that hack.
>>2730 They were obviously being stupidly greedy and their supporters were motivated by anger due to the lack of attention the outer rim was getting. The CIS never stood a chance and they were going to be screwed no matter what.
Fact, so called CIS "War Crimes" are Republic propaganda. >>2734 END THE FED
>>2730 >spoiler It's a shame. What other non-faggy places for Star Wars discussion are there?
>tfw no droid gf you now remember that Solo made /clang/ actually canon in the disney movies.
Open file (246.95 KB 1280x720 6546541321897.jpg)
>>5731 >implying it wasn't canon.
Open file (146.08 KB 720x405 Robo-sexuals.jpg)
>>5732 >>5731 Robo-sexuals need to be purged.
>>5732 Fuck, I just now realized that was what was meant.
>>5738 I think wanting to fuck droids/robots is pretty weird. why would you be attracted to a humanoid object? that said, I wouldn't mind seeing Bender & Amy get it on. that's different, because the robot is being used to fuck the woman, and I'm focused on her.
>>5784 >why would you be attracted to a humanoid object? Its not an object, its my wife.
What are the best books to get for lore stuff? Things like lightsaber forms, learning the cultures of the various planets in the universe, that sort of thing?
>>5798 There is a channel that talks about lightsaber combat that you might find useful, but unfortunately it's hard to find because of search engines being dog shit and normalfags spewing dog shit videos. I'm sure if you look at, for instance, the video by that Captain Fordo, you'll find it in the recommended section if you get lucky. As an aside, I really wish youtube or one of the invidious instances would implement a way to block channels that I will never fucking watch.
>>5800 *that Clone Wars video by Captain Fordo
>>5800 I'll check it out then, thanks, m8. And I agree with that sentiment about Youtube. Seems like even if you tell them not to show specific content, it'll be put in the related video area anyway.
Open file (46.23 KB 618x397 2.jpg)
>>5809 Those also work. Thank you.
How does the transfer of the Darksaber work? If it can only be legitimately claimed through combat, what happens if the wielder dies of natural causes? Minor spoiler: in S3 E2 of Mandalorian, Din Djarin is incapacitated and the Darksaber is lost. Another character wields it and defeats the one who had captured Din. By right of conquest, shouldn't this character now own the Darksaber?
Open file (925.19 KB 512x384 droid mg.gif)
>>2730 This >>5718 Last I checked the CIS army was mostly comprised of cheap mass produced droids and them some voluntary planetary forces and some mercs too where's the Republics main army is comprised of indoctrinated child slave soldiers born in test tubes and given high doses of THD in order to make them 'grow' faster. The very fact that the Republic could conceive and rationalize such a concept clearly indicates that they're objectively evil and only further justifies clause for independence of which they were denied because 'reasons'. Not surprising of course, as though imperialists need reasons to torment their occupied victims.
>>5054 >Blah blah blah blah Shut up space commie
Open file (1.39 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

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