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Open file (15.65 MB 640x360 hailfire.webm)
Stormtrooper 01/10/2020 (Fri) 20:56:03 No.1743
Attack of the Clones [RTX ON]
Open file (103.03 KB 306x276 rogerty fsjal.jpg)
I love droids.
Hailfires salvos are really aesthetic but... >armored soldiers with no recoil blaster rifles >figthing in human wave and line formations >basic up to napoleonic era tactics One thing is to march, say B2 droids into the meat grinder, they are basically walking turrets and fodder. Those things are produced by the quadrillions to quintillions and can be recycled. But human clones? Fighting like they were fielding powder muskets? Too much for my assburgers..
>>4641 Blame the jedi, they can't into military tactics.
>>4647 Most of the operations were conducted by the clones themselves. Yoda only give some retarded orders like "concentrate your fire on nearest starship" but it was the clones who informed "all positions were advancing" I know, RL explanation is that Lucas wanted all those "War and Peace" and WWII battles and dogfights, but even so
Open file (710.45 KB 1200x689 400.png)
>>4666 >scary and effective guys in Episode II >bumbling idiots in III Kind of sad.
>>4647 No, it's the writers the ones who can't into military tactics.

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