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Open file (191.29 KB 720x719 vong wish.jpg)
Star Wars memes & images Stormtrooper 10/19/2019 (Sat) 18:13:01 No.152
What the title says. Post any and all SW memes and images you have in this thread.
>senate all set to additional support for Muu-
I want to hear about this story
Open file (321.58 KB 1280x720 Remove Huk.jpg)
Open file (3.97 MB 469x6500 Klaud Kino.png)
Thank you for that Katarn meme.
Holy shit.
Open file (40.52 KB 600x420 057258720524052.jpg)
>Imperial Fucking Shits
Open file (524.57 KB 1911x814 355.jpg)
Open file (422.16 KB 380x398 comfy on the hutt.png)
Open file (356.65 KB 680x497 fug cake.png)
Open file (101.85 KB 800x585 jerec.png)
Open file (189.97 KB 1252x1252 6TZb12ks.jpeg)
Open file (281.12 KB 444x716 7TZb12ks.png)
Open file (32.48 KB 557x605 8a2.jpg)
Open file (136.05 KB 615x349 3441.png)
Open file (26.80 KB 300x250 rogerstein.png)
Open file (103.03 KB 306x276 rogerty fsjal.jpg)
Open file (112.14 KB 811x913 The TK-421 Show.jpg)
Open file (134.99 KB 1962x661 vkqclvgp4qe01.jpg)
Open file (424.41 KB 1600x1976 e09.jpg)
Open file (209.67 KB 341x247 four lightsabers.png)
Open file (99.80 KB 603x468 ClipboardImage.png)
I've had some good Sith in my time.
I love some good orba-orbalisks on my armor...that is hot stuff. You can get those at-at a number of different temples.
Open file (545.28 KB 680x448 animu.png)
Open file (134.99 KB 1962x661 vkqclvgp4qe01.jpg)
Does anyone have that screenshot from a comic about a squad of stormtroopers (or clone?) ready to beat the fuck out of someone in POV? I thought I saved it but I can't find it anywhere.
>Star Wars manga
Nani? Gotta check that shit out

Bumping for interest
Open file (511.79 KB 699x1011 ELZJx2aVAAA821j.jpg)
Here's one
Open file (1.03 MB 828x1283 ClipboardImage.png)
>>235 I had to look up the Klaud guy, this guy looks like an extra in Monster's Inc.
>>991 I think I've figured out what the deal with this thing is. My bet is that JewJew was doodling dicks one day while dreaming about all his wife's boyfriends and got caught and quickly made up the excuse that it was an alien design for the Rise of Soywoker.
>>235 I didn't come in here for feels, anon. Why would you do this.
Open file (573.79 KB 740x600 Hitler_Maul.png)
Anyone got a high res version of this Maul pic? It comes from ‘The Dark Side Sourcebook’ of the SW RPG.
>>1032 Damn. That's a bummer.
Open file (425.11 KB 640x360 WTF is that.mp4)
Open file (158.85 KB 498x615 double nigger.jpg)
Open file (415.92 KB 680x529 kk.png)
Open file (95.53 KB 446x555 Mr. Eugene Sauvaks.jpg)
Open file (198.79 KB 1200x1200 my trigger.jpg)
Open file (105.42 KB 1200x748 real shit.jpg)
Open file (1.08 MB 720x961 angry krayt dragon.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 406x720 mG9SGgNH-Sw.webm)
Brand new,
>>1394 >Trash troopers from trash movies telling trash girl to get into the trash
>>1394 Are these pre-recorded lines that come with the helmets or do the actors do those voices?
Open file (777.36 KB 508x971 0a9.png)
>>1420 They're prerecorded but some have mics.
Open file (639.26 KB 1248x542 9865658482.png)
Open file (613.37 KB 1275x544 457435274873.png)
>>1646 We should ask the BO to put up worldfilters from BotW on April 1st/May 4th. >Speaker = Chancellor >General Space = General Grievous >Hopeless Situation = Jedi >Elder = Master >Allah Gold = Anakin Presbyterian Church = Jedi Council >Dint = Force >Section = General >Ratio Tile = Obi-Wan Kenobi >Senate = Parliament >Airship = Ship >Milky Way = Galaxy >Plum = Padme >Big King = Emperor https://starwarsfans.fandom.com/wiki/Star_War_The_Third_Gathers:_The_Backstroke_of_the_West
>>1650 How about replacing all words with "Its over Anakin! I have the High Ground!"
>>1737 Because that's overused now thanks to reddit and youtube rats.
But, it was so artistically done!
>>1650 If so it had better be for those two days only, word filters are nigger tier.
Open file (63.76 KB 625x500 _StarWarsFlagBearers.jpg)
>>152 First, you should learn what "meme" means. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme
>>1784 Word filters can be useful for culling. Also, reminder that "weeaboo" became used as a replacement for "wapanese" because of word-filtering way back before anyone still using imageboards today were using imageboards.
>>1221 >T=2(|P|) What math is this that uses |?
>>2902 >Wikipedia >some outdated britishfag Who cares?
>>2905 How do you not know what absolute values are?
>>2902 What was the point of this post? Do you have autism?
Open file (695.87 KB 1920x1080 Anakin Cuckwanker.png)
Open file (145.68 KB 1276x712 623.jpg)
Open file (152.05 KB 1920x816 1545453991482.jpg)
Open file (70.78 KB 625x500 405lzw.jpg)
Open file (85.94 KB 625x500 405wyy.jpg)
Open file (73.71 KB 625x500 405nvz.jpg)
Open file (89.80 KB 625x500 405pkc.jpg)
Open file (84.05 KB 625x485 405rop.jpg)
>>3001 >implying alderaan ever existed To the spice mines with you!
Open file (465.06 KB 160x160 ownership.gif)
>>3001 >Coruscanti Psycho I wanna see that movie.
>>1419 Glad to see this screencap is still getting play lmao
Open file (444.34 KB 1018x846 tlou2.jpg)
Open file (458.55 KB 587x663 1518307319430.png)
>>3104 Someone please make an admiral gender studies version of this pic. My editing skills are crap.
Open file (3.43 MB 4000x4000 445645612312123489789.jpg)
4000 hours in paint.
>>152 Several years in MS paint
5 hours in paint.
>mfw pic related is a book
Open file (46.34 KB 474x584 Eev3yHMWsAEXm4J.jpeg)
>>3461 >Alphabet Squadron Did they run out of letters and colors or something? Or is it just the LGBTXQAI Squadron?
>>3531 >>3461 erasing bigotry in the galaxy. SOY WARS YES
>>3461 >LGBTQP+ squadron Let me guess every "good guy" is a faggot, dyke or tranny and the "bad guys" are all straight white men.
>>3533 I dont think anyone has the stomach or time to read a nuStar wars book.
>>3533 Two of the main characters are a bisexual and a lesbian based on a quick search. There's only one white guy but no mention of any character being straight except for Hera Syndulla who is a character from that weird Disney cartoon called Rebels with the helicopter lightsabers.
Open file (19.56 MB 14144x9191 npjicr60mxm51.jpg)
>>3561 Now this is pure autisum.
>>3561 /sw/ is cool again.
Open file (449.38 KB 500x276 twicum.gif)
>>3590 Based
>>5407 >last one I chuckled
Open file (345.10 KB 407x560 twilek females.png)
From /tg/ with love.
Open file (87.66 KB 1024x576 Culture.jpg)
>>3457 Accurate >>5411 I wonder if you can get on their backs and pull their lekkus like the reins on a horse?
Open file (1.63 MB 1911x808 ClipboardImage.png)
I was finally getting around to watching the last few episodes of TCW and found this wonderful shot. It was probably meant to be poignant but this was the very first thing that came to my mind.
Open file (993.69 KB 250x250 chuckle.gif)
Open file (378.26 KB 1776x828 RCO013_1631121405.jpg)
I don't know where to put this. Why the Term ‘JEDI’ Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion https://archive.md/oyFF1 >They are a religious order of intergalactic police-monks, prone to (white) saviorism and toxically masculine approaches to conflict resolution (violent duels with phallic lightsabers, gaslighting by means of “Jedi mind tricks,” etc.). The Jedi are also an exclusionary cult, membership to which is partly predicated on the possession of heightened psychic and physical abilities (or “Force-sensitivity”). The full article is beyond retarded shit, but it got me thinking, if JEDI is Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. What would SITH mean?
>>5555 >Phallic Lightsabers Do the idiots writing this brand of article look at a sword and think "man I want that in my ass"?
>>5555 >inclusion >from a group that excludes the vast majority of people because they aren't force sensitive I swear these people get dumber by the day.
>>5560 Actually that was a very in universe criticism, Jedi being a small, elitist cult with too much power >people with too much power squabbling over religion while the galaxy burns
Open file (604.09 KB 2149x1413 Gulf wars Episode III.jpg)
>>5555 >What would SITH mean? Sexism, Intolerance, Toxicity, Hate?
Open file (1.52 MB 3127x1894 Jedi or Sith.png)
>>5618 Supreme Idealistic Traditional Heterosexual.
>>5593 It was also criticized that the average normfag can't tell the difference between Jedi and Sith and that to them they are the same thing but different religions.
Open file (313.91 KB 1319x1600 54678964512.jpg)
>implying it wasn't R2-D2 that saves everyone
>>5669 I miss Kyle...
Open file (57.62 KB 640x480 1453335562620.jpg)
Open file (7.54 MB 1280x720 lol.mp4)
Open file (309.48 KB 680x1020 46f.gif)
Open file (51.90 KB 359x200 1429809709385.gif)
>>5677 >ywn find him on the street and say hello
Open file (54.64 KB 1000x658 Sad.jpg)
Open file (584.67 KB 480x480 Chad Sidious.mp4)
Open file (1.87 MB 640x360 Sith pilled.mp4)
>>5677 Is George secretly investing into LFTRs??
Open file (132.76 KB 583x511 Podarces.jpg)
Don't have any better place to put this: >Podarces was Priam's name when young >he was the most notable father figure in the Iliad >Anakin was Darth Vader's name when young >the most notable father in Star Wars >during his youth he dedicated to podraces
>>5719 Its like poety, ye' see, it ryhmes. wasn't darth originally just Vader's first name?
>>5722 >"If you kill me, Darth, you'll only make me stronger." Why would Obi-Wan address him by his title?
>>5825 A good question, for another time.
Open file (4.41 MB 480x360 videoplayback.mp4)
>>6217 Palpy will never take you to space olive garden.
>>6262 Ok, i chuckled.
Open file (717.98 KB 877x545 328094.png)
Open file (242.03 KB 700x900 brobafett sandworm.jpg)
>>6262 The prequels should have gotten an anime adaptation with 1 and 2 being changed to have less political sperging in the senate.
>>6322 Imagine if the Sarlacc monsterized, wouldn't that be something haha
>>6328 >He wants less palpatine Casual.
Open file (700.71 KB 1800x1200 FP9ggZfaQAMvIUw.jpeg)
Open file (367.13 KB 1600x1200 FP9ggZgaIAMyKcd.jpeg)
Open file (597.55 KB 1600x1200 FP9ggZ6WUAQoBqB.jpeg)
Open file (433.24 KB 1200x1600 FP9ggZzXwAMa1wf.jpeg)
I don't know where to put these, so here you go.
Open file (237.75 KB 1920x800 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Open file (241.90 KB 1920x800 614.jpg)
Really makes you think, eh?
>>6773 Not really. Anyone who isn't retarded knew the nutrilogy was muuniked long before it got shat out.
https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Sister >the absolute state of Disney wars
Open file (441.94 KB 1280x800 546789.jpg)
>>6954 >"Sister" was the nickname of a trans female clone trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic

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