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Open file (3.14 MB 900x1445 Wroonian.png)
QTDDTOT Stormtrooper 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:03:50 No.4319
Ask your questions and get your answers here. How much did the wroonian got fucked over when they added the Pantoran in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
Open file (25.84 KB 255x217 dancing_oberstein.gif)
>>4319 Other dating systems besides the BBY/ABY? Especially for the Imperials. It'd be pretty weird for them to be using that as a basis especially before the event even happened.
>>5159 I guess you could count the years after the creation of the Galactic Empire.
>>5159 Ruusan Reformation, the Declaration of a New Order for era divisions. BY/AY was used only in the NR era. All were basically the Galactic Standard Calendar that was just the coruscanti calendar applied to everyone.
>>5162 Plus the Great ReSynchronization which was a late Old Republic calendar standardization
Open file (40.75 KB 513x383 fullfax.jpg)
Anyone have pic related, but in better quality?
>>5188 What's that from?
Open file (149.56 KB 708x599 1426654236745.jpg)
The shit about the Kaminoans and others (save Dooku and maybe Maul) knowing about Palpatine's plans is just Filoni and co.s' shit writing, right? It doesn't show up in the old EU at all? If it does, where does it show itself so I can pretend something that retarded doesn't exist?
>>5212 Right. Some kaminoans just rebelled with a clone force in earlier Empire (Battlefront 2 campaign mode to justify Stormtroppers vs clones match) and were put in line that fast. But that was all, they didnt prive of any of Sith's plans or anything.
>>5212 No. In the EU the Kaminoans were forced to keep making clones by the Empire without further pay and under harsher conditions. This eventually led to them rebelling against the Empire and starting their own secret clone army which got wiped out by the Empire really quick. Aside from that, the Kaminoans didn't know jack shit about the sith and never took part in Palpatine's personal cloning projects.
Open file (297.98 KB 604x394 1615145201526.png)
How should we go about trying to justify Sifo-Dyas existence and connection to the Clone army? Was he a Jedi who foresaw the future and attempted to save the Republic in his on way? Was it just Dooku using the name of his friend as a coverup? Or did Palpatine just made up a completely false identity? He have pic related from Lucas, but I fundamentally disagree with him because I refuse to buy this whole bullshit about Sidious having three different apprentices at the same time.
>>5224 Dooku and Dyas were both jedi and best friends who were manipulated by Palpatine for his plot. Once Dyas fulfilled his part of Palpatine's plot, Palpatine had Dooku and Dyas fight each other to prove their loyalty and see who would become his new apprentice after Maul's death. Dooku won and killed his own bff.
>>5221 >No. In the EU the Kaminoans were forced to keep making clones by the Empire without further pay and under harsher conditions. Which book was that from?
>>5224 It was explained in "Darth Plagueis". The guy had force premonitions shenanigans and visions, Plagueis used him and gave the money all the while planning to use the army as his own, Palpatine carried the plan after killing Plagueis and put Dooku in charge of the operation and the disposal of Syfo Dias, also as a commitment sacrifice to the Sith (Dooku and Syfo were close friends). The guy was a dope from day 1, he was used and discarded like a condom.
>>5231 Battlefront II. And it was shortlived. They quickly converted to recruits after the Kaminoans rebelled.
Open file (339.34 KB 320x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (418.75 KB 318x491 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (18.46 KB 150x143 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 863x1117 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (198.30 KB 220x617 ClipboardImage.png)
Is Corran supposed to come off as (what we'd consider) Asian? I'd expect to get that from his appearance on the Japanese book illustrations/covers (they made Jaina look Japanese), but his appearance in the X-Wing comics and other sources (which can't even agree stuff as basic as his hair color, which his debut explicitly says is brown) gives me that kind of vibe.
In the Hand of Thrawn duo Leia mentions terraforming was done only a handful of times by the Old Republic. Aside from Telos and presumed successors (which may not count), do we know of any pre-Empire examples of terraforming?
Where did the meta thread go and what happened to the CSS?
>>5991 Maybe the BO changed it?
>>5935 I can only think of the Infinite Empire terraforming on Kashyyyk.
>>5912 Nope, he's corellian, no? Space asian planet/race are the Epicanthix of Panatha (and the neimodians XDDD). I just browsed wookieepedia article, saw a lot of images and none give the asian look to the character.
What did Obi-Wan do for a living on Tattooine? Like, did he have some subsistence farming operation going on? >>5997 Epicanthix isn't the sole source of Humans played by Asian actors in SW. Jan Ors being an obvious counter example.
>>5998 Of course not, but it was the main space asian planet just like Socorro and Haruun Kal are the main space tuskens one.
The board skin changed to the Yotsuba B default, and I had to manually switch it back to night mode aka "Tomorrow". Not sure why that happened. Also, Baobab Archives, is the mouse-free wiki ever going to happen?
>>5998 >What did Obi-Wan do for a living on Tattooine? Like, did he have some subsistence farming operation going on? honestly don't know. maybe he lived on gibs, kek
>>5998 If i remember he did have a moisture trap/condenser at the back of his house, so he did produced his water and probably had a crop slot or whatever.
Open file (107.16 KB 815x275 irreg1879.jpg)
>>4500 >Can a star destroyer enter a planet atmosphere? Certainly. Maxim 11: Everything is air-droppable at least once. Now, whether it's capable of slowing down and getting back out in one piece… >>5124 >I don't like the idea that they only come from one planet but I do think they should be very rare, which supports the lore that darksiders mostly use synthetic ones. Either that, or the Jedi were only using one source out of tradition/snobbery. There could be much more, but… Most of the "Sith" are either: A. Former Jedi who went full angry teen and willing go with any Anarchist Cookbook grade dangerous crap. Or B. Backwater prodigies, who learned basics from a found holocron with someone's crazy rants and trained themselves. Neither of which is likely to give comprehensive knowledge of this matter, so they didn't really choose to do it as much as used the first accessible option they found.
Who is the Elon Musk of the Star Wars universe?
>>6059 I would say Raith Sienar but since he lived around the Empire's era he didn't had that much of free reign
Open file (455.14 KB 1802x2291 lewis-tuckley-dark-lord.jpg)
Would there be any interest in a Discord server for non-pozzed Star Wars talk or does one already exist? Feel like it'd be nice to at least have a consist place to go instead of hoping from dying board to dying board.
>>6103 >discord I will take this board instead.
>>6060 >discord r/cuckhold is that way faggot
>>6112 Wot? Are you snorting glysterin or doing death sticks, son?
>>6103 I doubt it, pisscord is inherently pozzed.
Open file (337.63 KB 650x445 Taun-We_FE.png)
After Attack of the Clones, did Dark Empire recieve any retcons to connect the cloning technology used by the Emperor to Kamino?
Whats the wealth distribution like in the Star Wars galaxy?
>>6129 The farther you go from the center, it gets poorer.
>>6103 >>6104 >>6112 >>6122 I know it's not a popular sentiment so I'm not going to make a thread to shill it or anything but if people are interested I went ahead and made one. https://discord.gg/jZZD98b9nQ
Open file (49.47 KB 142x103 We have seen things.png)
>>6142 Is going to get full of normalfags and cancer, for your own mental health and well being, dont use it!
Open file (280.51 KB 1598x1600 s-l1600.jpg)
Who is that semen demon with the red hair?
>>6144 Those retards don't care when they spam their faggot links and discordfags should be banned immediately.
Open file (189.56 KB 828x826 2518528125.jpg)
>>6225 >one post over a month and a half ago >spam
>>6223 Why does Anakin only have one eye and what's a Gerudo from Zelda doing in Star Wars?
>>6237 >the board in on life support again >half death To quote the imperial medical Droid >Bacta levels not acceptable
Open file (351.95 KB 848x1200 EuOjlhrVIAAq_1v.jpg)
>see link related on muuntube https://youtube.076.ne.jp/watch?v=0bG8boJZ9j4 >watch it >thrawn shenanigans >looks like fun >spot a high ammount of diversity >check source >its disney canon >eh, still fun to watch >there is a whole section of a whore I don´t give a fuck about >mfw They had something good going and they have to ruin it by taking the spot from Thrawn and shine it on a womyn. Anyway, what are the books I need to read to get a good dose of Thrawn.
>>6241 Well, this was a colossal waste of time.
>>6241 >>6242 >yidsney tears down a well liked male character to prop up their latest unlikable mary sue Really your own fault for expecting anything else.
>>6243 At least there are some nice Chiss art. The funny part is that Eli Vanto is white in this official poster, I guess it was just a tan.
>>6250 Has to be 20% different, goy.

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