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Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
>>4029 The holdocost.
Open file (315.65 KB 1072x457 cringecock.png)
We're reaching cringe levels that shouldn't even be possible.
>>4061 Is he recycling thumbnails? I saw the one of The Mouse in a trap in another one of his videos at some point.
>>4062 the same way he's recycling talking points I guess
>>4061 >deckard was a replicant! No fucking shit retard the ending proves that and destroys the mystery
>>4062 Why not? The lazy fuck's videos are just him recycling the same footage of him pointing and moving his hands in the same manner over and over again. All he does these days is just record over the same footage.
Who cares if he's kinda cringe boomer? most important he's rallying a lots of normies against shitsney, that's all that matters.
>>4086 >w-who cares >normies Go back to r/doomcock, faggot
>>4088 I really don't care, but you on the other hand seems as triggered by doomcuck as any disney shill seething about "fandom menace"... Strange.
>>4086 Normally that would be fine. But the problem is that he's rallying them under false information. And a tower built upon a weak foundation is doomed to collapse more easily against the opposing force.
>>4086 The issue isn't him being a cringe boomer, it's him being a liar peddling nothingburgers.
>>4089 >I-I don't care >y-you triggered! >d-doomcuck is actually based! fuck off back to reddit, you stupid nigger >>4093 >>4094 >unironically replying to a shill
>>4099 lol what an exageration, you sound like an hysterical zoomer full of estrogen, little faggot. You could shill for disney on cuckchan.
>>4100 >zoomer >n-no u >do I fit in yet You were told to fuck off back you stupid nigger
dibsney is absoute ass and we should stop at NOTHING until their grip on sw is destroyed much like alderaan.
Open file (3.05 MB 1423x4433 h.png)
There has been some drama with him, all these videos calling him out. I guess Fagdom Menace kicked him out?
>>4541 The fact it took them this long to get sick of the constant rumors and sources always turning out to be bullshit says a lot.
>>4541 All of that started because some e-faggot called his normalfags followers retards or something. Then all hell broke loose.
>>4542 He still has paypigs even after all that, they go and downvote all those videos, kek
is he on suicide watch I wonder
>>4577 Probably not. He still has loyal paypigs so he gets paid to tell them about "rumors" and "insider info" that he makes up or reads on 4cuck. Even with people shitting on him in kiketube videos it's pretty cushy.
>>4581 Maybe I should do it too if it's so easy to bamboozle normalcattle out of their shekels.
>>4583 Might be worth trying at least. You have to get lucky to get enough e-fame and get the grift rolling, but once it is it's pretty easy.
>>4605 The best thing about it is that once normalcattle starts grifting, they never stop and will defend you for eternity unless you straight up kill a nig or something.
what a fag
Open file (228.35 KB 1002x458 trty.png)
>>4673 Autism
Open file (792.64 KB 1071x1127 hfg.png)
>there's now an entire segment of youtube dedicated to shitting on doomcuck lel
Whats his overall hit/miss accuracy on his rumors? Also, how active is everyone here?
>>4846 >Whats his overall hit/miss accuracy on his rumors? As fake as a 15 dollar bill. >Also, how active is everyone here? Like 5 anons more or less.
>>4846 The guy has never been right about anything. Everything hes gotten right was long after someone else confirmed it.
>>4846 >Whats his overall hit/miss accuracy on his rumors? So far he only got one thing right: the Episode 9 leaks but they were already on Reddit and 4chan weeks before he made the video claiming that it came from his trusted-sources-that-he-can't-verify.
>>3281 So... this guy is some SuperShadow type?
Open file (1.12 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4851 >Supershadow, Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time.
>>4855 /who/
>>4858 Don't tell me that you don't know who was, or not even heard about SuperShadow... for kriff's sake...
>>4878 >omg, don't you know some zceleb?? no
>>4886 He was an ancient figure from the 2000s who was like the Doomcock of his time. He made all sorts of fake evidence to prove he spoke with Lucasfilm people and actors who worked on the prequels and made all sorts of claims like knowing Darth Maul's real name which even some italian translators used. The guy was eventually ousted as a fake by pros and others at Lucasfilm who revealed everything he made was bull. He ended up apologizing and fleeing from the net forever. Guy was probably the first super big Star Wars eceleb.
>>4890 sounds fun
is he still talking how Kennedy tots lost when she's the CEO of everything now?
>>5841 You don't get it, bro. He heard a RUMOR from an ANONYMOUS source that CLAIMS to be a Disney insider that said Disney is really mad at her this time and are totally going to boot her out. It's basically confirmed that she's gone this time and that Star Wars is saved.
>>5841 Yes, but she doesn't have any power! And remember that Feloni and Favreau are saving star wars!
>>5841 Yep and he's still talking about the Disney/LF internal civil-war-that-totally-happened-guys.
>>5857 >the Disney/LF internal civil-war-that-totally-happened-guys I get that people want to believe shit like this, but didn't sequels make billions? Yidsney doesn't care how shitty the movies are as long as they make money so there's no logical reason they'd get rid of her as long as the sheep keep lapping up the shit.
Open file (1.79 MB 1563x935 Doomdock.png)
>>5841 Let me check. >Still the same shit Wowie.
This reminds me, how come the people who actually put out the half decent content take years to upload shit? Mauler's a long winded cunt sure but he was nice to listen to, E;R's pretty much fell off the internet, Voxis Productions seems to be in a perpetual state of illness or his PC dying on him and hackfraudmedia's also fell off the internet. The one thing these all had in common is that they were really nice background noise to listen to while doing something and someone like Voxis or E;R's humor was a nice change of pace too.
>>5863 I figure it's a combination of decent content taking time to make, how muuntube rewards putting out a ton of low effort trash and how muuntube punishes anyone that doesn't tow the party line. Imagine taking a month to write, record and edit something you think is amazing and a few hours after uploading it it gets demonetized and muuntube basically shadowbans the video all because you said or showed something that the bots thought was wrong think or because you were already on the naughty boy who said Trump wasn't literally Hitler list. And then when you go to appeal it your appeal gets rejected immediately by some fat blue hair who bother didn't watch the video. I figure it would be hard to keep the motivation to continue.
>>5862 >gets the same amount of views on every video good cattle
>>5867 It amazes me he still has an audience after two years of what seems to be the same content. You look up at posts made in 2019/2020 in this thread at his thumbnails and he's still selling the same WOKE IS OVER IN HOLLYWOOD, SJWs DEFEATED IN HOLLYWOOD, KATHLEEN KENNEDY IS TOOTHLESS drivel.

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