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Open file (153.01 KB 455x596 read a book slimo.jpg)
Request thread Stormtrooper 01/01/2020 (Wed) 03:35:14 No.1487
What the title says. Request SW material you want like torrents, downloads, links or whatever of games, books, comics, etc.
>>3790 It's a bit different from most Star Wars stuff, but it's alright. It's almost like a romance novel in certain parts, though there's also standard Star Wars stuff in there too
>>3790 >Claudia Gray >Young adult novel Both of these things should be setting off warning sirens in your head
Anyone got a mega with legends audiobooks?
>>2603 RIP Mega.
Anyone have the Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 22?
Open file (434.61 KB 1089x343 Inboard Profile.png)
Anyone knows where is pic related from, or at least have the full pic?
Open file (105.59 KB 633x758 oiQFNnD.gif)
>>4547 What the fuck happened?
Open file (56.47 KB 1238x273 JKHub fire.png)
>>4547 It's back up. On a related note, the jkhub.net servers were destroyed.
Open file (241.73 KB 600x791 DESPAIR but also....png)
>>4557 A life for a life
>>4557 >The files and images that were hosted on the Hub were not backed up, although the code and database were.
>>4557 >It's back up. Is not working on my end.
Open file (3.63 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.91 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.89 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.60 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.71 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Posting this here since this is somewhat related to posting a source for sw comics. Maybe someone should make a comic discussion thread but I don't want to start one with a post-disney takeover comic. https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/Star-Wars-Age-of-Republic I've bought the first volume of this a while ago (which contained the Qui-Gon and the Maul story) and recently re-read it. I guess it's mostly OK. My main complaint is that every story feels a bit rushed and unexciting. Still better than most other new comics and even some of the pre-disney ones I read. Also, I think this alien's design is kinda cute, for someone who doesn't look like a human with head tentacles and/or weirdly colored skin. No, she doesn't appear in any other story.
>>4831 >I've bought the first volume of this a while ago You bought it used, right? >I think this alien's design is kinda cute I don't like her stains that disappear from time to time, would rape if I have a couple of beers in me.
Open file (31.24 KB 274x273 Metal Jew.jpg)
Open file (215.92 KB 453x650 RogueLeaders.png)
Anyone have the Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts book? I found a copy in archive.com, but it just photos of the book.
Open file (119.38 KB 1024x798 LucasArts.jpg)
>We're excited about the future. We can do things today that seemed impossible when LucasArts was born. And this is only the beginning.... -GL
>>4534 Got it from Starfall (40016) WEG.
Open file (340.85 KB 1280x1529 165.jpg)
Open file (396.30 KB 1280x1529 166.jpg)
Open file (308.08 KB 1280x1529 167.jpg)
>>3263 It got re-released in the nuStar Wars complete cross-section books.
Is there such a thing as a collection of images of the stuff that was written on the back of action figure boxes?
Open file (211.71 KB 508x428 1430573674606.png)
Open file (361.25 KB 1600x1200 s-l1600.jpg)
>>5281 >tusken raider speark is called a gaderfii you see its stuff like that I wouldn't have known otherwise unless reading these boxes
I'm trying to find the comic where Vader plays chess with a squid. Anyone know the name?
>>5370 Dark Lord's Conscience, by Alan Moore.
Open file (337.61 KB 1200x1623 sw-esb-156uk-00.jpg)
Open file (497.47 KB 1199x1658 sw-esb-156uk-03.jpg)
Open file (521.03 KB 1200x1658 sw-esb-156uk-04.jpg)
Open file (498.55 KB 1200x1658 sw-esb-156uk-05.jpg)
Open file (383.34 KB 1200x1658 sw-esb-156uk-06.jpg)
>>5370 It's from the old Marvel comic, pretty damn good one too. This is from the old marvel comic scans, there are better quality in the Dark Horse, but I'm too lazy to find it there.
Open file (463.39 KB 1200x1658 sw-esb-156uk-07.jpg)
>>5375 And that its all.
>>5375 >>5376 >in five pages the EU tells a more interesting story then all of the yidsney era combined It's like poetry, it rhymes.
>>5377 While I love the EU too, its not exactly hard to write something that's better than Disney's Star Wars scribbles. Even a monkey with a typewriter could do better than them.
Do the shoopers yet live?
>>5376 Really? I remember there being more like the squid lady getting killed. And werent these in color?
>>5390 >I remember there being more like the squid lady getting killed. I don't remember a squid lady getting killed, but I haven't read all the old marvel comics. >And werent these in color? Yes, there are in color or in B&W.
I have a great need for the concept art of the star wars barbie dolls. I have only manage to find this ones, but I'm still missing the R2D2, Vader and Lea ones.
Open file (24.21 KB 500x303 084561321.jpg)
Open file (124.27 KB 1124x856 89465.jpg)
Anyone have these pages?
Open file (451.24 KB 1079x990 Jacen Smiling.jpg)
>>1487 Does anyone know where to read the old Star Wars Insiders stories?
It's a longshot, but: Any of the playtest versions of unreleased Living Force adventures would be nice to have.
>>1487 anyone got a link to the free radical BF 3 build?
Open file (51.01 KB 287x346 SWracer.jpg)
What are some good stories/lore that revolve around podracers and podracing?
>>6023 There was a Living Force adventure where the PCs are trying to stop a race on an Ithorian Herd SHip from being sabotaged.
Open file (1.25 MB 1000x558 SSDscale.png)
Anyone got the Star Wars: The Official Figurine Collection issues by De Agostini? The mega only has issue #20.
Anyone know the best place to pirate Fallen Order from? fitgirl takes literal eons to install and codex doesn't work without fucking with the system clock
>>6119 >fitgirl takes literal eons to install Can't you wait a few eons? Because that is the one I was going to recommend.
>>6119 Why not pirate Jedi Academy instead? Won't take long and I'm sure it's better than Fallen Order.
>>6119 I donwloaded a game from here and my computer is not mining bitcoin, so I think is safe. https://repack-gam es.com/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-free-download-v1/
Does anybody know if there is something like hungry-ewok but still working?
>>6121 Seconding this. It's a much better game.
>>6630 possibly the SW game with the best lightsaber mechanics

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