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>>6102 It didn't matter if the trap worked or not, he only wanted Luke.
>>6105 >not whisked Luke away to Coruscant immediately, lock him in the Imperial Palace and then took all his sweet time to convert him >had to put some stupid show with the DS superlaser instead of using the full firepower of the imperial fleet stationed there together with the DS >even the junior navy officers facepalmed when ordered not to attack >his "entire legion of best troops" fell to some really stupid "disguise" deception and teddy bear tier tactics >they had to handwave the imperial fleet losing after DS destruction to some battle meditation BS even when they still had tactical superiority Nope. Palpatine got stupid and lazy after 20 years as emperor. Plagueis had to actually got drunk to be murdered, Palpatine got high on his own dark side farts or whatever
>>6113 The whole show of the DSII and his friends being in danger was necesary to convert him to the dark side. If he was successfull, the DSII destruction and everyone else dying would mean nothing, since having a new apprentince was more important.

Open file (20.39 KB 2050x600 TOR Revisioned.png)
Stormtrooper 10/03/2019 (Thu) 02:15:58 No.42 [Reply] [Last]
What is this? The fourth of these threads I've made?
Here's for hoping it'll be one of the last, eh anons?
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Open file (17.03 KB 186x141 Druchii.jpg)
Yooo, you alive or what?
One more.

Open file (20.39 KB 2050x600 red logo.png)
ROR 2.0 Stormtrooper 09/29/2020 (Tue) 04:03:57 No.3645 [Reply]
Hey pals, I'm back. The click's ticking for me and my chances to write are measured in months, so I'm gonna be delivering the shit I promised for once.
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Open file (900.00 KB 799x805 bondite.png)
Open file (12.77 KB 350x350 I beam.jpg)
>>3699 Now you might be thinking, "why is this dumb nigger talking about steel who the fuck care-" I mean, "why hasn't this dumb nigger brought up durasteel yet is it on purpose oh God I can't wait to read what he has to say about metal some more wooo!" And yes it is on purpose. Picture this, the Republic's metal industry is a fucking mess. There's millions of morons making construction-grade metal and weapons grade steel out the ass, any shred of supervision by a senate appointed body (like a metallurgy guild or a space EPA) has been whittled away by carefully worded and carefully paid for bills by carefully bribed senators and even chancellors suffering chronic reelection pains. This effects everything, as shipmakers are forced to either play Tionese Roulette and test every steel on the market (a task their great grandchildren MIGHT finish) before settling on a reliable grade from a reliable mill (Who could go tits up at any moment and get bought out by a Neimoidian corporation and begin making cast metal parts, I fucking hate cast metal) OR do the big brain move and make your own materials, of course you can do that until you yourself go bankrupt because the scheming Dresselian merchants who sold you vanadium at great bargain began slipping carvanium in the shipments and your products suddenly become so fucking brittle that somebody dies when they fire up the Allah-fearing engine unit suicide bomb you unwittingly made for them. Now I'm going off the deep end here but you get the idea, a fucked up and unreliable steel sector fucks over everybody else, from construction to vehicles to weapons. If you want a real world example look at China, who's fucked up industries create metal hammers that bend backwards when swung, steel bolts that twist and sag when sneezed on, and cell tower booms that fracture and collapse when you attach a twenty pound radio to and depopulate the rusty playground below it. A ferrous alloy called Bondite was the most prolific of these metals, a senate-backed charter for metal factories across the Republic to create the frames for everything from i-beams to blaster nozzles led to such a fuckup that over a dozen worlds threatened secession after the new water tower collapsed and flooded three boroughs or the nuclear water boiler's water line broke and contaminated an entire megacity's water supply and now the new generation of nikto ghetto trash are growing extra limbs. A party celebrating the efforts of an entire sector's worth of worlds gets crashed (literally) as the newly commissioned space yacht's dampeners fail along with the engine deck's bondite bulkheads, ripping the entire ship in half when the hyperdrive was engaged. Xaart, a roofer from the world of Dagary Minor swung his hammer into a bondite nail and compacted said nail into a ball of metal and compacted the back of his hand into a ball of bruised organic fleshbag appendage. Luckily the hammer he was using was also made out of bondite, and it's head flattened upon touching his hand. You get the idea. Bondite sucks, an unregulated metal industry sucks, and relying on it for a moment is going to lead to you chewing on concrete like a duracrete slug and wishing you were a mindless mollusk instead of a sapient being standing on top of some groaning bondite i-beam three hundred meters off the ground. Enter Chancellor Tol Cressa of Eriadu and his Durasteel project. Huge reforms in the Republic steel sector aside, the Durasteel Project was a big brain nigga plan to create a simple, affordable, and universal steel that could be produced anywhere in the galaxy and still be used for just about anything (while being carefully regulated by Republic officials and inspectors) was a bold move. Effectively creating a state-backed alloy industry, the Durasteel project experimented with every process and element known to the Galaxy at the time, specifically to try and replicate the properties of Zabrak Quadranium without violating their manufacture patents and offending the head-horns' autism.

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Open file (12.88 MB 1280x720 for psyops.mp4)
For a homie. Real nigga hours are coming back in force, you can take that to the bank and take out a loan on that capital
Up it goes

Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198 [Reply] [Last]
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
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Are any of these star whores-focused youtubers, regardless of which side they're on, even worth shit? It appears to me you either have blatant shills on either side or you have long winded cunts who think they're hot shit at writing because they liked certain capeshit movies a bit too much and think padding their videos with near hours of nitpicking(literal nitpicking, not just "they don't like it so their complaints are nitpicking!") the already known to be shit sequels makes them intellectuals.
>>5947 go back to reddit and kill yourself faggot
>>5955 >youtubers >worth shit go back

Open file (649.06 KB 1920x1080 shot2022-03-05_22-30-03.jpg)
Open file (456.75 KB 1920x1080 shot2022-03-05_22-29-57.jpg)
Open file (294.74 KB 358x716 ClipboardImage.png)
Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy Stormtrooper 03/06/2022 (Sun) 04:20:04 No.5954 [Reply]
I was playing Jedi Academy and noticed the booze collection behind the bar in the Rancor level is clearly a real photograph of bottles that has been mirrored. Any idea what this one says? I'm curious what drink canonically exists in the EU. Any good single player mods for Jedi Academy? Core gameplay is awesome, but I've played the same 20-something levels dozens of times now.
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>doesn't complete t3_hevil while killing zero Nogri What's wrong with you? >>5959 >mandatory disney shit >MP only Nah.
Never trust a bartender with a bad grammar.
Speedrunners are breaking records, soon enough the world record will be under 20 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwSEYWeR1bg

Open file (158.95 KB 622x631 Grevious .png)
Stormtrooper 03/08/2022 (Tue) 04:21:42 No.5956 [Reply]
>TFW I can't talk about Star Wars in public anymore because of Filonifags, Nu Wars shills and people who don't understand the movies.
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Open file (2.95 MB 390x357 1440364457637.gif)
>>5960 >TCW doesn't deserve nearly the amount of praise and hate it gets from either side desu, it's just a very mediocre cartoon.
Open file (48.89 KB 723x407 ewok_glider.jpg)
>>5956 Count your blessings. You could find yourself swarmed by the Reylos.
>>6010 -or the Ewoks.

Open file (135.55 KB 1000x294 BeforeTheRace2B.jpg)
Open file (7.40 MB 720x540 SW Droids intro.webm)
Open file (3.15 MB 720x540 SW Droids outro.webm)
Star Wars: Droids Cartoon 08/15/2021 (Sun) 03:57:20 No.5151 [Reply] [Last]
Join R2D2 and C3PO in their wacky adventures in this old 80's cartoon, each Saturday I will upload the next episode.
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Open file (673.81 KB 1024x1536 099.jpg)
Open file (780.76 KB 1024x1536 100.jpg)
Open file (660.31 KB 1024x1536 101.jpg)
Open file (643.14 KB 1024x1536 102.jpg)
Open file (805.58 KB 1024x1536 103.jpg)
>Droids fighting droids for the amusement of xenos How perverse.
Open file (682.38 KB 1024x1536 104.jpg)
Open file (756.37 KB 1024x1536 105.jpg)
Open file (747.71 KB 1024x1536 106.jpg)
Open file (2.69 MB 320x180 1454799922341.gif)
When will the Empire stop the xeno's sinful hand?
By banning OP

Open file (241.79 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0008.jpg)
Open file (230.25 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0006.jpg)
Open file (173.95 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0015.jpg)
Open file (160.71 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0011.jpg)
Visions Stormtrooper 07/04/2021 (Sun) 03:04:35 No.4703 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, fellow Otakus! You like Japanese Anime? And nuStar Wars? Well, I got a surprise for you! https://archive.md/jsYrR >stoormtrooper armor, but modified to look like samurai era armor <It's the First Order Stormtrooper armor <white girl with brown boy >art oozing with nip themes <art oozing with nip themes They only did this because nip anime/manga is more popular than burger comics/cartoon, is a desperate attempt to get those sweet sweet weeb shekels. This might be great, if it was Star Wars preDisney, but I bet is going to fail just for the fact that the faggots are going to be policing EVERYTHING in Visions and not letting the nips do whatever they want with the IP, is not like they can do more damage than disney did. What will the outcome of Visions be? Normalfag will love it, only for the reason that weebshit is popular in CY+6
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>>5627 >everything from the Orient is Japanese
Open file (40.14 KB 813x813 FAD1MNJXEAAlNGq.jpg)
Open file (79.98 KB 857x1200 5346243521.jpg)
Open file (65.36 KB 1200x857 123523423.jpg)
Well, the toys are out, and they didn't make any for best girl.
>>5993 >those double joints Absolute cringe

Open file (145.87 KB 1600x800 ClipboardImage.jfif)
Stormtrooper 02/09/2020 (Sun) 19:12:11 No.2523 [Reply] [Last]
Was the Death Star a good idea?
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>>5887 >old thread Everything is old here. We are basically w40k techpriests combing over old tech. With the death of EU we are forced to discuss old content over and over and over. I simply refuse to discuss Disney Star Wars.
>>5900 >I simply refuse to discuss Disney Star Wars. Shitting on the nuStar Wars Disney is fun.
>>5901 I don't find it fun at all, actually it's depressing and sometimes downright infuriating.

Open file (507.89 KB 400x990 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 985x1028 ClipboardImage.png)
How lightsaber combat SHOULD work. Stormtrooper 10/15/2021 (Fri) 07:16:21 No.5629 [Reply]
In the films and video games, lightsaber users typically default to something like a plow/longpoint/seigan. I don't think these are the worst possible stance, but are really focused on things a lightsaber doesn't really need (lightsabers need relatively little speed/force to do serious damage) and leaves a lot of the body open to blasters. I think something like saber's outside half-hanging guard would actually be the default for anyone who expects to fight blasters instead of other sabers (basically everyone post-Russan). It lets the user cover a very large portion of their body with ease just by shoulder movements (only very bottom of the feet aren't protected here, and those are a pretty poor blaster target as is). It allows advancing quickly with relatively little loss in coverage and for someone like Kyle Katarn, it allows quickly drawing a blaster and shooting people who are overly focused on your saber. How do you think saber combat ought to do differently than it's normally depicted?
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>5714 Lance doesn't really depend on your height if it's in a lance rest. Long spear actually works pretty fine on a short individual.
I disagree with some of his points but I think overall it's pretty sound: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=s8cwM3-uowQ
>>5629 In a real fight, yeah you would use a lightsaber different then you used a normal sword. But that shit looks gay so they went with something that's visually appealing to normalfags.

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