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Open file (1.35 MB 1640x1640 CloneDC15A_-Fathead.png)
Open file (16.36 KB 500x231 Dh-17.jpg)
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Imperial /k/ommando Thread: No Lightsabers Allowed Edition Stormtrooper 01/01/2020 (Wed) 17:53:32 No.1504 [Reply] [Last]
Time to talk about blasters, slugthrowers, and other non-lightsaber weapons and designs. Which is the most practical, powerful or aesthetically pleasing? What would you take with you when the Day of the Rebellion comes and SHTF? Superweapons are also allowed but only the weapon, all fleet discussion goes in the ship thread.
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Open file (40.55 KB 462x290 jk2-disruptor.jpg)
>>3784 The disruptor rifle from the Jedi Knight games worked like that.
>>3788 Right! Forgot about that one Now i remembered... fucking rodians!
Explain this >AT-ATs were impervious to fire on Hoth >direct turret fire (which by the size we can assume it was some turbolaser grade fire) >snowspeeder fire >armor too strong for blasters >Luke had to detonate a grenade inside one Then >rebels managed to make one fall in the ground >suddenly snowspeeder blaster fire is enough to make one fucking explode Why? Makes no fucking sense
Open file (3.34 MB 2000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5099 Explodium is a vital component in every star wars vehicle, especially those built by the empire. It makes certain no needless waste is left over after a vehicle gets destroyed. Very environmentally friendly. Jokes aside, I did always think it looked a bit silly. I almost think it would be easier on my suspension of disbelieve if it had just exploded after falling on it's face.
>>5106 That reminded me >stormtrooper armor >designed to deal with blaster bolts and kinetic stuff >perforated by arrows launched by teddy bears with awful grips due stubby fingers and reduced size

Open file (46.54 KB 960x540 riyo_chuchi_cw.jpeg)
Claim your waifu Stormtrooper 01/08/2020 (Wed) 21:57:48 No.1687 [Reply]
Claim your star wars waifu. For me, its the blue one.
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Open file (84.91 KB 500x631 Blossom_Wine.jpg)
Open file (29.44 KB 416x417 i love sand.jpg)
Is sand girl vagina full of sand?
Open file (222.17 KB 748x543 1421523639382.jpg)
>>3799 She ended up having little resemblance to Padmé in the final product, however. The worst part is that she actually had a unique character (fucking dipshit useful idiot vulnerable savant that can be easily manipulated and is actually useful otherwise) before the Prime Minister/Chairman/whatever is killed, then she turns into every other "good" female politician in Filoni and co.'s faggot show, i.e., like a worse Padmé. The episode handled this transition poorly, and fuck the "muh peaceful-but-(violently)-defensive misunderstood native vs. racist/speciesist hateful imperialist federals analogy". I really fucking hate the fact that they got to molest Pampanoida's homeworld before anyone else. I can at least appreciate the fashion anyway. >>1687 Having 2D wives are for fags, post-millennial. On the topic of TCW: I just wish Ahsoka existing actually made fucking sense and she wasn't a main fucking character to pander to feminism. But oh fuck I'd rape them all. t. /co/ >>1786 I can't imagine unironically finding that literal dyke attractive. Are you gay bro? You're not gay, are you?
>>5171 *federals" analogy.

Open file (1.26 MB 800x800 Ryloth_EotECR.png)
Ryloth Stormtrooper 08/05/2021 (Thu) 18:14:20 No.5000 [Reply]
I'm running a game of star wars saga edition and my players are going to Ryloth next session. Unfortunately I can barely find any information on what pre-filoni Ryloth was like. Do you guys know any online sources or know the information yourselves?
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I remember once reading that each color of twilek was a different race and that each one had a name. All I know is that rutian=blue skins. What are the others?
>>5040 Red ones are called lethans
>>5047 What about the others?
Open file (1.98 MB 1280x7902 Twi'lek Slave CYOA 1.jpg)
Open file (2.36 MB 1280x8067 Twi'lek Slave CYOA 2.jpg)
Open file (1.84 MB 1280x7902 Twi'lek Slave CYOA 3.jpg)
Open file (37.98 KB 400x434 image0 (1).jpg)
>>5105 Based. Thanks trooper

Open file (81.76 KB 1288x816 1466159615-solo-dream.jpg)
Open file (124.06 KB 669x535 THINK SOLO.jpg)
/indy/ stormtrooper 08/08/2021 (Sun) 04:12:17 No.5071 [Reply]
What if the entirety of the Indiana Jones franchise really was just one big coma dream that Han was having while frozen in carbonite?
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>>5080 yah
Open file (8.69 KB 292x173 index.jpg)
>>5079 That's actually pretty hilarious if true. Although I think I remember reading a FFG guide that said that Filoni Wars was just an in-universe radio drama. Also this whole Indy being Han's dream thing starts to have merit to it when you remember that there's a bar in the Indy films called "Obi Wan" and on many of the ruins Indy goes to there's glyphs or murals of the Falcon, 3PO, R2, Chewbacca, Luke and many others. Then there's the Indy video games and novels which have even more SW references and even aliens that look like ones from Star Wars. And finally Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is even more alien centric and feels like how crazy someone's dream gets just as they're starting to wake up.
>>5086 nah
>>5083 kys
>>5091 yah

Open file (218.32 KB 550x778 XimRobesWEB.jpg)
Xim the Despot Stormtrooper 08/03/2021 (Tue) 20:48:30 No.4976 [Reply]
>That feel when one of the coolest characters in the expanded universe will never get explored as much as he deserves It just isn't fair. He doesn't even have an official depiction, pic related is just fanart. In this thread let's discuss SW's version of Alexander the Great.
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>>5053 That's actually pretty based. Imagine being a descendant of Space Alexander.
>>5056 Well, he came from a fucked up and impoverished deposed corellian royalty, no?
Open file (60.03 KB 527x675 Happy Muun Banker.png)
>>5057 test: muunish banker
Open file (914.81 KB 1518x776 Muun choke.png)

Stormtrooper 08/01/2021 (Sun) 13:00:12 No.4948 [Reply]
*clack* >Your turn, friend.
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>>4954 Excuse me, Admiral, but to whom are you speaking with?
Open file (162.90 KB 579x600 checked.jpg)
>>4959 Ah there you are, Captain. There's this strange demented wroonian sitting in my chair, playing with my chess set and muttering something about tentacled whale sodomy. I need to have a word with the head of security for this.
Open file (41.37 KB 394x472 Gilad_Pellaeon.jpeg)
>>4961 "Remembering those days in the fleet, serving with the Admiral... that... was a strange day, that i can tell you..."

Open file (26.83 KB 947x700 cinema.png)
/sw/ YouTube & Misc videos thread Stormtrooper 01/30/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No.2263 [Reply]
starting off with a modern classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqnjzVX8EKA rules: don't post cringe (good vibes only)
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Open file (155.30 KB 1254x630 quijonpurple.jpg)
Open file (37.94 KB 1280x720 tnail.jpg)
Open file (229.58 KB 1770x711 tnail000.jpg)
Open file (39.94 KB 424x269 1596309801964.jpg)
New Rikafag video just dropped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9P8Ggfl8d8

Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198 [Reply] [Last]
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
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>>4878 >omg, don't you know some zceleb?? no
>>4886 He was an ancient figure from the 2000s who was like the Doomcock of his time. He made all sorts of fake evidence to prove he spoke with Lucasfilm people and actors who worked on the prequels and made all sorts of claims like knowing Darth Maul's real name which even some italian translators used. The guy was eventually ousted as a fake by pros and others at Lucasfilm who revealed everything he made was bull. He ended up apologizing and fleeing from the net forever. Guy was probably the first super big Star Wars eceleb.
>>4890 sounds fun

Open file (11.27 MB 824x464 Battle of Hoth.mp4)
John Williams Stormtrooper 01/11/2020 (Sat) 21:06:06 No.1756 [Reply]
What is his best SW piece in your opinion? What is the first theme you think of when you think of Star Wars? Which ones can you remember from start to finish? What is the worst one? Which is better: Separatist March, Jedi Temple March or Imperial March? Battle of Naboo, Battle of Geonosis, Battle Over Coruscant, TIE Fighter Attack, Battle of Hoth or Battle of Yavin? Duel of The Fates or Battle of the Heroes? Why is the Title Crawl theme so fucking loud?
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Open file (1.23 MB 852x480 out.mp4)
There's something really special in this little piece from Arrival at Naboo. I can't put my finger on it but it sounds really whimsical. I love it.
I like Padme Ruminations, the first half is something that escapes the usually "starwarish" themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hoXNXSpmng

Open file (328.90 KB 877x548 Ghorfa TV war.png)
GHORFA TV Stormtrooper 03/04/2021 (Thu) 00:59:21 No.4169 [Reply]
>Rkr'tlruk: "Jawenko Aargh" and welcome to the first broadcast of GHORFA TV, made possible by the deaths of holovision newsmen in Anchorhead whose magical "cameras" and "translator vocalizers" now belong to us, as is tradition. Our mission is to spread the words of our people across Tatooine so that all our brother tribes may briefly unite against the source of the outlander menace. All you colonial outlanders will learn your place and know that you to will be judged by Jawenko's fury when the time comes, as well as our sibling tribes once it comes time for us to judge them for their heresies! Now let us begin with our first subject of the day... >Rkr'tlruk: Jawa-Ghorfa relations... A war of words and sticks has erupted between ghorfa shamans, the jawas that sell their wares to outlanders (on holy land no less) and between heretical tribes who defend the selling of machines by jawas in the harrar event known as the "swap meets". >Orrror: A disgusting event. Some jawa merchandise was confiscated and burnt while some merchants in the Great Swap Meet were executed and their children sold into slavery. These machines, especially the aberrations they call "droids", are bought and sold, spreading the rotten and violent outlander way of life upon our world with their machines and droids which are in truth weapons made to destroy us, and then these jawas have the gall to tell me that we, the children of jawenko are the violent ones?! >Orrror: First, do away with these Great Swap Meets which only attract outlanders and spread weapons of death upon our planet, then you jawas can talk to me about this supposed (Tusken) terrorism! >H'Caar ("Jawa-loving heretic from stupid sibling tribe that worships lizards"): But do these simple machines truly pose a threat to us and our cultural identity? From what I've seen, these machines can actually help us deal with our water shortages. Maybe even put an end to our wandering lifesty- >Orrror: Shut your dung-filled mouth before I shut it for you with my stick! >Rkr'tlruk: Brothers please! We are here to unite against the outlander terrorists and the jawas. We can't start treating each others as inferiors when we- >Orrror: You expect me to treat a lizard worshiping akkdog as anything but an inferior?! He is a parasit-
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He is even worse than a jawa, he is - may the the Sky Brothers forgive me for utterting this word - an Outsider
>>4175 >three moons have since passed
>>4175 four times three moons have since past

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