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Open file (311.84 KB 777x839 sw.png)
Stormtrooper 03/20/2022 (Sun) 20:37:18 No.5982 [Reply]
The board for discussing all things Star Wars! This thread serves as a simple introduction. Tips: • Here are some essentials to getting started on the board and integrating into the community. 1: Check out the board's CyTube channel for streams and live chats (feel free to edit the playlist if you're registered on the site): https://cytu.be/r/star-wars 2: We are currently working on starting our own alternative to Wookieepedia. Once its up, a link to it will be posted here. 3: Don't be afraid to ask for info, sauce or links about SW comics, books, games, etc. We're always happy to share. 4: Learn some freaking Huttese, you scocha kungs. 5: Fair warning. Diehard Disneyfags and Namefags can and will be mocked by the locals. 6: Always check the catalog. 7: Credits are accepted, but truguts are preferred. The Rules: • The rules here are simple, we live by and follow the rules and laws of Hutt Space. Which means we barely follow any real rules here unless its illegal or stupid. Just don't post CP, don't samefag, don't spam, don't do anything that will attract glowniggers, and keep shit on topic as I don't like banning or deleting shit, unless its necessary, like spam, cp, brownpill shit and raids. Off-topic shit will not be deleted either, but it will be anchored (unless its scifi-related and in relation to us), so just make a Meta general for that kind of shit. May the Force be with you, troopers.

Open file (575.73 KB 1622x1066 20220919_111528.jpg)
Stormtrooper 09/19/2022 (Mon) 15:17:14 No.6367 [Reply]
*defeats a shitlord*
Open file (960.87 KB 1331x366 vader jadded.png)
Nobody cares about Lucas last attempt of selling toys and expiring sigh before selling the franchise away. You simply don't exist here.
>>6367 an anon once described Ahsoka as the result of a roleplaying session, where the DM is letting his new gf play, and makes her completely OP because he wants to get laid. I think that really sums it up.

Open file (373.49 KB 960x402 ironic.webm)
Imperial HoloVision NEWS Stormtrooper 08/03/2022 (Wed) 17:52:56 No.6273 [Reply]
Might as well have a thread about news and stuff. Fiona Shaw Describes New Star Wars Series ‘Andor’ As “Great, Scurrilous Take On The Trumpian World,” Says Showrunner Created “A Whole New Morality” https://archive.is/0eD2H >“Our world is exploding in different places right now, people’s rights are disappearing, and Andor reflects that. [In the show] the Empire is taking over, and it feels like the same thing is happening in reality, too,” she explained.
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>>6273 >Scurrilous Doesn't that carry specific connotations of slander, falsehood, or disingenuous FUD? I assume they're correct, but I doubt it was intentional.
Tony Gilroy Unpacks ‘Andor’ Ep. 4: Mon Mothma Is ‘a Nancy Pelosi Character’ https://archive.md/UgbyD >"In many ways her story is the most tense story in the whole show," Gilroy tells IndieWire about Mon Mothma. >Anyone who follows the canon — she’s sort of a Nancy Pelosi character, isn’t she? She’s kind of trying to do good or whatever she’s trying to do, and she’s losing — I mean, I don’t know. She a powerful presence in the Senate but she’s facing defeat after defeat after defeat as the Empire is taking over here. She’s always presented as very proper and sober and perfectly put together all the time in canon.
>>6424 That's weird, I don't remember Mon Mothma having a denture and being drunk on boxed wine.
>>6425 She also doesn't pass legislation that directly benefits her husband's investment portfolio. The only thing more laughable is if the bitch had compared her to Hillary Clinton.
>>6424 >powerful presence in the Senate I don't recall that. She wasn't even on the big league, she was just one of the few who organized the Rebellion, for a start the guy who backed the whole shebang was Bail Organa and the militant guy was Garm Bel Iblis. She only became the uncontested leader after Iblis departure and Bail death.

Open file (15.79 MB 960x540 Andor 01 part1.webm)
Andor Stormtrooper 09/21/2022 (Wed) 16:19:28 No.6370 [Reply]
Are you exited to see a beaner in star wars talking with a shitty accent all the fucking time? Because I don't. Lets start by copying blade runner and adding whore windows! But don't show any of the goods, this is still disney plus after all.
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Open file (18.91 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part5.webm)
Open file (209.63 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0018.jpg)
>return to nuCoruscant >the heart of bureaucracy for the whole galaxy >you only see humans >looks like a generic sci-fi >normal looking luggage >they fucked up the numbers This whole show is lame! The only thing that is saving it is justiceguy. Did you guessed that he went back to his mother? Because I did. Now I wonder why is she so mad and happy at the same time, so odds are he didn't call her every week, but now they will have some good ol' family time togheter, can't wait for the next episode.
Open file (16.75 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part6.webm)
>Mon Mothma is a no fun allowed They ruined her.
Open file (17.20 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part7.webm)
More boring stuff.
Open file (3.26 MB 960x540 Andor 04 part8.webm)
And the episode ends. The whole rebellion started because the Empire doesn't give a single fuck, they think that nobody woud dare to attack them. The Empire is evil, because some characters say so and doesn't show it at all. Brilliant writting right there.
Open file (221.97 KB 1920x1080 name dropping.jpg)
Open file (239.65 KB 1920x1080 more name dropping.jpg)
Open file (256.54 KB 1920x1080 I hate niggers.jpg)
Open file (272.17 KB 1920x1080 retarded tablets.jpg)
Open file (636.94 KB 1920x804 You are wrong.png)

Open file (3.14 MB 900x1445 Wroonian.png)
QTDDTOT Stormtrooper 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:03:50 No.4319 [Reply] [Last]
Ask your questions and get your answers here. How much did the wroonian got fucked over when they added the Pantoran in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
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>>6359 Ok, thanks for the info.
Open file (209.04 KB 1047x1572 Kathleen_Kennedy.jpg)
Is Kathleen Kennedy a muunike? She sure acts like one.
>>6372 Nah, she is just a good goy that made fantastic coffee and knows were all the little girls/boys bodies that spielberg has killed are burried.
Open file (423.82 KB 604x897 zeltron39.jpg)
If the Twi'leks and the Zeltrons are the sluttiest. Who is the purest?
>>6404 Angels? Yoda's species?

Open file (1.35 MB 1640x1640 CloneDC15A_-Fathead.png)
Open file (16.36 KB 500x231 Dh-17.jpg)
Open file (40.44 KB 720x420 Dl-44.jpg)
Open file (117.57 KB 865x1024 E-11_NEGWT.jpg)
Open file (518.89 KB 1600x1200 Hothbattle1.jpg)
Imperial /k/ommando Thread: No Lightsabers Allowed Edition Stormtrooper 01/01/2020 (Wed) 17:53:32 No.1504 [Reply] [Last]
Time to talk about blasters, slugthrowers, and other non-lightsaber weapons and designs. Which is the most practical, powerful or aesthetically pleasing? What would you take with you when the Day of the Rebellion comes and SHTF? Superweapons are also allowed but only the weapon, all fleet discussion goes in the ship thread.
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>>5099 "Turbolaser" is a particular, specific, thing. It's basically restricted to capital ships and space station defenses. As for the exploding, I presume being totally immobilized allows fire to damage it by targeting obvious weak points (neck, underbelly, vision port) which are fairly difficult targets to hit while it's moving and fighting back. >>6324 Given >it's standard for Planetary Defense Forces >artists can't agree on the details >Rebellion has just that many I have to suspect BlasTech licensed the TDP for local production and there's dozens (if not hundreds) of patterns out there that can almost all be mixed and matched. We know that CEC licenses out their obsolete designs, presumably so it can say spare parts exist for its older models without tying up its own facilities.
>>5099 I mean I just assume the fall damaged it >>3788 dubs of based. Man they were trolling with that Nar Shaddar level
>>5106 There's an in-universe explanation for why the Death Star exploded into fireworks, rather than fracturing into large burning chunks (aside from giving the film an orgasmic climax). It's established that the Death Star can destroy entire planets, and it gets destroyed when it fires full-blast with a damaged reactor core (because of the proton torpedo). This would turn the DS's destructive power against itself, which explains its total incineration.
>>5099 IIRC the shots that caused it to explode hit right on the seam between the neck and the body. I always assumed that was a weak point that would otherwise be very hard to hit.
Open file (1.84 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
The entertainment droid's holoprojector started up, bathing the previously dark room in the blue light one normally associates with a cheap holoprojector. The three dimensional image it created showed a Zabrak male with his dark hair in a ponytail sitting at a table in front of a strange looking and time worn blaster rifle. The red geometric lines tattooed on the presenter's face identified him as a trained engineer, while the ones made up of black swirls marked him a historian. The holo was then joined by an audio recording of the cheerful man's lecture >Hi guys. Thanks for watching another holo from Forgotten Blasters. I'm Ilit Mak-Cuth and I'm here today at the Hydians Auction House on Chandrila taking a look at some of the blasters they are going to be selling in their upcoming auction. What we have here is a standard Republic pattern PulseWave blaster. While at first you might be thinking "They made literally trillions of these things, how is that a forgotten blaster?", but it's actually very rare to find one in such good condition these days, thousands of years later, so I thought this would be a good example to make a holo on it and show you guys. The camera focused in on the ancient blaster, hiding the Zabrak and the table from view. Now suspended on air, the floating, glowing, weapon slowly rotated around in the dark room, inviting the viewer to soak in every detail of the valuable antique. While out of view, the Zabrak's monologue continued to explain the history of Pulse-Wave blasters >Pulse-Wave blasters are largely associated with the Mandalorian Wars and the "Old Sith Wars", the series conflicts between the Old Republic and various Sith Empires roughly 4000 years ago. A lot of people hear "The Old Sith Wars" and immediately think of soldiers with energy shields hopped up on stimulants running at each other with vibroblades trying to cut the other's face off. While yes, that is largely true, there was actually also a fantastic amount of experimentation going on with blasters during this time period. You had electric blasters, sonic blasters, early disruptors, plasma projectors, and even a few incendiary blasters, but by far the most common ranged weapon was something like this. In emphasis, the Zabrak's disembodied hand appeared to point at the relic before once again disappearing from view >"Pulse-Wave" technology is the ancestor of the current blaster. Instead of the compressed particle bolts we know today, a pulse-wave blaster fires energy in a way that creates spacial distortions that can separate molecules. This is roughly as powerful as a modern blaster but only within about 30 to 35 meters. After that the effectiveness quickly dissipates as the distance increases and past about 225 meters it can't even make holes in durasheet. >A lot of people ask that at that point "Why not just use a slugthrower? They're lethal out to 500 meters or more." and that's because two major advantages to a pulse-wave system. The first is the energy shields mentioned earlier. The omni-present Old Republic era energy shields could cleanly stop any slug coming at them without difficulty, but a pulse-wave would batter them and eventually get through after many repeat hits so a squad can concentrate firepower and still has a good chance of taking down a shielded target. The second is, as we often see, one of logistics. You have to actually transport the slugs to the battlefield to supply the men and droids using those slugthrowers. You'd see less than 100 shots per kilogram, and once you were done with the cartridge packs holding that ammo they were useless without a whole industrial setup and mining operation to fuel it. By contrast, even early blasters like this you get about a thousand shots per kilogram of power packs, and when you're done you only need energy and a small amount of Tibana to refill them. That kind of thing may not seem like a lot when you're out hunting on your own, but it maters a lot when you're sending millions of troops to the other side of the Galaxy and they have to bring all the gear they'll need for up to a year with them. That's not to say you didn't see slugthrowers during these conflicts, but the units using them were definitely specialists. The hologram returned to depicting Mak-Cuth and his table and he started to close out his lecture. >The story of pulse-wave blasters mostly ends with the invention of and proliferation of the modern blaster rifle just after the Old Sith Wars. They're longer range and better in nearly every way compared to the pulse-wave system. Nobody made new ones after that except for a brief period during the post-Russan Dark Ages when some smaller manufacturers in isolated areas reverted to the technology after they were cut off from regular imports of materials and tooling needed to make proper blasters. Even then they were definitely a second-line weapon or civilian hold out blasters where the range didn't really mater since the user wasn't likely to be shooting at much past 30 yards anyways. >Thanks for watching everybody. If you want to own this exquisite example of a Pulse-Wave Rifle, this is an auction house and it plus are few other examples are going to be up for sale in the upcoming auction. To place a bid on this example, you can send a holonet or subspace transmission to HAH at Cha. Full details in the attached datalog. If you want to see more details on how they work you can play the second part of this holo, where I take it apart and show you a full holo-scan of the internals and tell you how they all work. If you want to hear about the Pulse-Wave's even older predecessor, I also have a set of holos on the Core World Arms BR1-Z, which is just a really weird and fascinating design. The Zabrak disappeared and the the closing credits played, thanking camera droid M1-14, the Hydians Auction House, and Mak-Cuth's many patrons that make the travel and research for the show possible, but the silence is interrupted by the return of the presenter's voice, clearly recorded on a different audio setup >I realize I should add a quick word of caution while I'm editing this, and that's that before you get both your hearts set on owning one of these you should check your planet's laws. A lot of anti-disruptor laws are very poorly written and define "DIsruptor" so overly broadly they include Pulse-Waves. Nothing I can do about that.

/toy/ Stormtrooper 08/01/2022 (Mon) 17:20:24 No.6265 [Reply]
Star Wars Toys general
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Open file (842.22 KB 1500x1016 FichtenFoo-INT4-SNOW-03.jpg)
Open file (767.74 KB 1500x855 FichtenFoo-INT4-22.jpg)
Open file (115.34 KB 528x800 LC-079.jpg)
Current wants/grails? For me it's Legacy Kyle
>>6312 Always wanted those Imperial Knights. Too bad it went the way of the EU. Imagine some fancy Sideshow figure of them. Or even good ol' Kyle....
What are your guy's thoughts on the vintage collection?
>>6396 Of the little stuff I have seen, it just a bunch of nerds buying old toys to complete their collection, because of nostalgia. I even heard some people say that they are collectors that bully others because they 'dare' to 3D print parts to complete toys that are broken or missing parts, the toy must be 100% pure or some wierd shit like that.

Open file (144.21 KB 540x405 20220921_121041.jpg)
Stormtrooper 09/21/2022 (Wed) 16:12:52 No.6369 [Reply]
Imagine paying to be frustrated.

Open file (608.22 KB 1600x1200 Windu_Angry.jpg)
Stormtrooper 06/05/2022 (Sun) 17:28:15 No.6126 [Reply]

Webm thread Stormtrooper 12/02/2019 (Mon) 08:28:03 No.571 [Reply] [Last]
Post them webms
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Open file (6.32 MB 640x360 andor trailer.webm)
>>6350 This faggot has to actually be retarded or something. There's no way an adult without serious mental and developmental problems cries, claps and bounces around like he does for every single movie or TV trailer they watch. Why the fuck is the trailer so desaturated? Is that what's currently "artsy" in pedowood?
>>6352 I would hope it's an act just to get views, but as we all know, hope is the first step on the long road to disappointment.
Open file (7.13 MB 640x640 34534677.gif)
>>6363 >space ship with lightsabers on the sides Holy fucking shit this is unintentionally hilarious. This is something a 5-year-old would come up with and think it was the coolest shit ever.

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