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alogs.space Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 16:37:06 No.4987
I was checking on /robowaifu/ when getting my morning tea and https://alogs.space is giving me a 502. Not sure how long this has been going on for, maybe I'm jumping the gun and this is a small outage. But the site was fine a few days ago. Any way anyone else from /robowaifu/, should we be worried?
>>4987 >should we be worried? Nah, Robi's dealt with this many times before. BTW, it's clearly a GH glownigger-coordinated attack. Anoncafe went down with the same error just hours before. Kinda make you wonder just (((who's))) paying these troons innit? :D
>>4987 BTW Anon, anon.cafe hosts our own primary bunker board: >>>/robowaifu/1 If you chaps want to keep the convos going during the outage that's the proper place for it. Cheers! :^)
>>4988 >>4989 That was quick, thanks it's good to know that this is not the first time and that you guys know what your doing, also no I was not aware that we had our own bunker board here.
>>4990 >That was quick Simple coincidence, just happened to be making the morning rounds atm. >also no I was not aware that we had our own bunker board here. We have two. Our primary bunker is here, and ou secondary is on trashchan. https://trashchan.xyz/robowaifu/index.html Cheers, Anon. :^)
>>4991 >trashchan lmao, that shit will go down in 6 months
>>5591 The site rune since some years now and admin seems very competent. On what did you base your assumption ?
>>5591 Heh, how's that friend. The Trashmin is quite upfront about all the goings on in his 4yr+ -old site.
>>5594 >>5600 >copium

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