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Open file (129.35 KB 680x625 cognent.png)
Ceo of Cognent is forcing customers to censor websites Ceo of Cognent is forcing customers to censor websites NullRoute 10/26/2023 (Thu) 16:40:40 No.4912
Polish companies have been the predominant source of our recent uptime. However, Cogent's CEO seems directly invested in shutting us down. I have had multiple run ins with Cogent and this is their most aggressive. Usually the Tier 1 ISPs have censored the Kiwi Farms by simply refusing to broadcast my IP addresses. However, since Liz Fong-Jones has been successful in censoring the Internet this way, I no longer even try using my IPs. This time, Cogent has directly instructed a customer of theirs to stop providing us - by name, through the customer's own IP addresses - networking infrastructure. No company has done this until now. This is the most invasive, direct actioning from any ISP thus far. If you are in the industry you need to make it absolutely clear to Cogent that you intend to move your business elsewhere. Just to confirm, Cogent's CEO is directly forcing two customers to drop us, not just one. There is now precedent for this to be done to ANY WEBSITE that some unelected fatcat deems unpopular.
Explain clearly this gay bullshit, anon.
>>4913 Big rich guy calls your company. He isn't even your company's big rich guy. "Stop giving these guys your business" "Why?" "I'm rich and I say so" They never tell you WHY. They never respond to questions. There is no appeal. You would need to have elon musk money to sue them.

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