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Open file (34.19 KB 317x326 1545099131957.jpg)
Anonymous 08/12/2023 (Sat) 16:23:13 No.4665
Where did all the real Christians go? /christian/ is just full of faggots, atheists, jews, and roman catholics who are all destryoing the board with help of its board owner and jannies.
>>4665 8chan, but not on the actual Christian board
>>4672 >glowchan No thanks, this place glows enough. 4cuck is unironically better than both here and there. The moderation on /christian/ is literally worse than 4cuck, tumblr and old twitter combined.
Open file (759.60 KB 1024x768 Penguins.jpg)
4chan is unironically more welcoming to bible-believing Christians than this place at this point, my entire post history doesn't get wiped on 4chan because some Roman catholic got offended by Scripture. p.s. I'm the one who made most of the banners /christian/ uses
Open file (573.65 KB 250x164 netorare.gif)
>>4665 To heaven, all 3 of them. Sorry, you didn't make the cut.
>>4689 How is using a service on a regular relay which doesn't even allow for VPNs constitute as better? And your whole point is about glowies. You get more glowies on 4chan because youre fucking a girl without a condom. STDs. 4chan is AIDs. Youre more prone to be tracked there, especially if you use /pol/, they got ops all over.

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