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Kelvinchan being mass-flooded with QR-code spam. Anonymous 03/03/2023 (Fri) 09:51:48 No.4571
Attn darkwerb fags: If you're unable to access Kelvinchan because of the flooder who is shitting all over the site, you are welcome to take shelter on the Foxdick Farms forum. We have anonymous guestposting without an account enabled on one board for you faggots. We have captcha and other anti-spam measures in place. http://b3aelitqz4izuqd7gqhol6s5jdi7bh3vrvws2sifypdgucfzbiizhrad.onion/ http://xrggfnj3jl5ugeqc2lshpcy5u2cxsdzynkjlorxvuj74walze6oa.b32.i2p/

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