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Open file (3.03 MB 1920x1277 ClipboardImage.png)
zzzchan + 8chan DMZ Anonymous 01/08/2023 (Sun) 20:22:33 No.4534
Given the recent doxing of Eden and the perpetual state of flux and dramafaggotry the webring is inebriated in, the purpose of this thread is to serve as neutral territory for the anons of zzzchan and 8chan to talk with each other. I still believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that both sites can make amends. We are splintered enough as it is, and both sides have bad actors that false flag, false-false flag, etc., to try and drive the other away, when in reality it is most likely just a handful (if that) of retards that are determined to wage war against the two sites for reasons that can only be explained as astronomically-sized autism and egos the size of the sun. In the end, anons of both sites still enjoy shitposting, hate jews and 3DPD, and just want to play video games. With that being said, this thread seeks to answer the following questions: >what site you primarily frequent/"belong" to >why you use that site and not the other >what you really think about "the others" >if you really think the gap between user bases is too large to be overcome at this point, and why or why not >what you would like to do to solve it Obvious bait that drags the thread off-topic or tries to bring the war to this neutral territory should be ignored, reported, and hidden. PLEASE restrain yourselves from replying to such obvious bait.
Ehh, the webring isn't immersed in dramafaggotry internally, but 8chan.moe blacked.gov troons obviously stir much D&C shit as they always have since their day one. They of course are not part of the webring, and do it from the outside. So your very first sentence is disingenuous and this thread a shit.
Open file (564.15 KB 634x703 ClipboardImage.png)
hate me yids, hate me feds, hate blacked.gov simple as m8s may the ghost o HER MAJESTY the fokin queen burn all me enemies
>>4534 I primarily use zzzchan, primarily since 8moe's /b/ makes zzz's look heavenly in comparison. 8/co/ is cool, but I don't really care much for 8moe's /v/. Overall, I think that the Anons on 8moe are mostly fine, I only really have beef with the site admins. I do hope that one day Anons can join together, but I don't really know how that could really happen. But that's just like, my opinion, man.
>>4534 >both sides have bad actors that false flag, false-false flag, etc., to try and drive the other away, when in reality it is most likely just a handful (if that) of retards that are determined to wage war against the two sites for reasons that can only be explained as astronomically-sized autism and egos the size of the sun. >Muh both sites As a primary resident of niggerchan, I call niggerbullshit. I can't recall a single instance of the zigger administration or BOs/vols being the source of an issue. It was always Acid, Mark, or some vol infiltrating major boards of Markchan. >anons of both sites still enjoy shitposting, hate jews and 3DPD, and just want to play video games I haven't played the vija in months, and if anons on Markchan really hated Jews, they wouldn't be on Cakechan. >what site you primarily frequent/"belong" to 8moe. >why you use that site and not the other It's got activity and shitposting and GG threads serve me well enough as a news aggregate. >what you really think about "the others" Which ones? I think zzz a cool and dosen't afraid of anything. >if you really think the gap between user bases is too large to be overcome at this point, and why or why not It's too big. The answer is momentum. Simple as. >what you would like to do to solve it There's no fixing it. All things become more centralized given time.
>>4538 Oh, and I also use 8moe for /h/, /t/, and /loli/. Occasionally /co/. I use PLW for /hgg/.
Open file (347.12 KB 532x582 Thumbs Up.png)
I think the biggest wedge is that anons are distrustful of sites for several reasons. anon.cafe had a literal fed as /k/ BO for a while, Acid has worked with the feds, Mark is... Mark, and for reasons I don't quite understand zzz has been painted as a honeypot as well, despite no evidence that I have seen to back it up. Does anyone have any? Please share it if you do, and if it's legitimate. >>4538 Obviously by posting here and being candid you've already proven that anons are willing to just talk with each other and shitpost in peace, so your post already proves all the circlejerk mods wrong. Thank you for that.
Another idea for bridging the gap is co-hosted gamenights. While both sides have decent userbases, maybe only 5-10% of them show up for gamenights, and rarely play the whole weekend. I think that by combining the two and not gatekeeping the other one out, much vidya can be enjoyed. What games are there that are universal and good with a large player roster, don't requre tedious setup, and preferably aren't an FPS, as those are typically overplayed?
>>4540 >and for reasons I don't quite understand zzz has been painted as a honeypot as well despite no evidence Mostly by Eden with a bit of faggotry from Mark and Acid. >Obviously by posting here and being candid you've already proven that anons are willing to just talk with each other and shitpost in peace I am but one homosexual, and do not speak for everyone. In other words >we
>>4540 >anon.cafe had a literal fed as /k/ BO Wait really? Cafe is pretty chill why the feds wasting resources here?
>>4543 >Wait really? Yes. Anoncafe Admins dumped & replaced him in short order. >Cafe is pretty chill What bearing has that. The globohomo is attacking every form of free speech, period. IBs are one of the few holdouts thus far, for the most part. >tl;dr Every board is under attack by these kikes & their golems, period. >why the feds wasting resources here? Lol. You, the taxpayer, are treated as an infinite money spigot by these evildoers.
Open file (131.08 KB 355x355 sadrei.png)
Hello, glownigger-kun. >what site you primarily frequent/"belong" to A year ago I would say smuglo.li but at this point I only browse anon.cafe and occasionally check 8moe /christian/ maybe once or twice a week. >why you use that site and not the other Because everyone is trying to one-up one another and get moderators to ban people they don't like. anon.cafe is the only place I can have an honest conversation that isn't banned or drowned out by retards. Even if I have to deal with niggerpills. >what you really think about "the others" I just want everyone to pull the sticks out of their asses and get along. >if you really think the gap between user bases is too large to be overcome at this point, and why or why not It is because it's being orchestrated by the moderation of the respective sites either explicitly or implicitly. The smaller imageboards like late.city don't have these inherent problems. >what you would like to do to solve it I don't think it can be. Speaking of Smug they're so deeply entrenched in "us vs them" that their own userbase is being cannibalized. Sturgeon and Mark have both tried to steal users from other sites which is the source of the animosity towards one another, whereas this site's owner has never done that even if he's a faggot sometimes, hence why there is a DMZ here.
>>4540 >I don't quite understand zzz has been painted as a honeypot as well Because when glownigger BO was running /k/ among a few other incidents, Sturgeon was very quick to try and snag users which raised extreme distrust in him. Not to say Mark and Acid haven't done similar shit but it's usually better to let people figure their own shit out and come for help on their own terms, or let the problem work itself out for a few days. Anons need shelters not to jump ship at the first sign of trouble (unless that trouble is one of a squatter with a bad personality AKA /christian/janny).
>>4546 >Sturgeon was very quick to try and snag users Every time something strange at a board here happens there's a new board down there in a matter of hours or a couple of days, it happened with /film/ and with /x/. I want to say once is coincidence but that happened twice, in the case of /x/ it was technical errors from servers and with the cinema board it was because of people suddenly complaining about movies with kids.
Open file (46.00 KB 313x496 045.jpg)
>>4540 >no evidence lol >>4546 tor is perpetually banned on zzz and mods crossboard to delete any discussion of site/board moderation (and leave botspam links up lel). Meanwhile, literal pedo rings that were kicked off of 8moe and boards with owner-made links to honeypot discords (e.g. fascist, k) are left unmolested. data mining: >what site you primarily frequent/"belong" to zzz, finally gave up on it recently. Used to use smug for /yuri/, but that's been completely gone for quite a while now. >why you use that site and not the other You can't post on 8moe, it's not an imageboard. It's literally an account based pseudonymous site - redditchan really has come full circle. In that sense it really is the proper successor of 8ch. 8/u/ isn't a yuri board, either. Smug's owner died in suspicious circumstances several years ago and /yuri/ eventually caught the pox from that rotting corpse, but before that the reason I don't post on smug in general is because /a/ is shit. /jp/ has been completely fine this whole time (scattered around the web) and /a/ has only just died now from getting involved with this centralization faggotry but of course the board was always shit. >what you really think about "the others" Smug and zzzchan are owned by literal glowniggers at this point. Which I'm fine with, but they're also unusably bad due to employing faggots to run boards rather than having someone who cares about the subject run a site. Cafe and sparts are run by autistic retards, but cafemin's E.X. autism is way more tolerable than dudder's E.X. retardation, which has made the site borderline unusable (there are about 300 0second autobans you have to click through to make a post from an exit node, the onyo is perpetually banned despite contributing about 0.1% of the botspam) if you practice any kind of opsec. I don't think about 8moe because it's not an imageboard. Like it has good content sometime the users don't seem all retarded but I'm not gonna fuckin post on funnyjunk either am I? >if you really think the gap between user bases is too large to be overcome at this point, and why or why not Why the fuck would you want to overcome a gap between the userbases? Anyone who actually gives a shit about who owns a site or whatever other eceleb trite is a faggot and a retard, perhaps professionally so. >what you would like to do to solve it Anyone who cares about a particular board should host their own site. This is, and always has been, the obvious solution. If you don't want to deal with botspam then make it tor-only.
>>4544 >IBs >"holdouts" >every imageboard even here on the webring is either run by feds or actual faggots >pedo hysteria is the gayop of the day pass the blunt glowkun
>>4549 This is a fed.
Open file (799.21 KB 600x521 Space Mark.gif)
A question to all 8moe users: How can you put up with Mark after all these years, after the countless jewish schemes, after the countless retarded decisions, the endless kneejerk mod decisions, his galaxy-sized autism, speaking to journos in a documentary where he knew it would cast anons in an even worse light (for free tendies, mind you)? How can anyone still want to be associated with this omega retard, the detour in evolution, the pinnacle of retardation? Can there possibly be any other explanation beyond Stockholm Syndrome or domestic abuse?
>>4564 Well it was obvious how these poor sotts fell into this honeypot. It was no accident that the shitstorms on Julay were a) created suddenly out of thin air shortly after the 8ch redflag, and b) blacked.gov 'magically' appeared to herd all the milk-fugees in after Robi decided to spread everyone out. What's a little odd to my thinking is that their slimeball tactics were blatantly obvious to everyone, yet I guess Anons felt abused and didn't want to have to look around any longer after both circumstances in fairly short order. I'm sure the feds already predicted this effect. I think they were surprised that practically the entire webring didn't run into their little trap. Probably deranged trannies doing their "thinking" for them or something. Regardless, I feel pity for the anons you're asking, Anon. And certainly for the /viggergaters/, it probably is literally some form of wife-beating syndrome. >tl;dr Thankfully, the kikes haven't destroyed the Internet after all their investments & efforts to do so. Let's keep it that way!
>>4565 >Probably deranged trannies doing their "thinking" for them or something. Or maybe they were stupid enough to actually let Cakefat do their planning for them in the beginning?
>>4534 8chan died 4 years ago, tourist.
Open file (393.46 KB 382x358 pain.png)
>>4534 1. 8moe /v/ only 2. most IBs are dead as hell and /v/ is the only board that has actual discussion. 3. I don't really care them unless they're one of those fags that can't shut up about whatever board drama is "happening" 4. Yes, because everyone hates each other or are retardedly paranoid. 5. I see no solution. Retards always get power-hungry.
>>4569 >cock? I suck it >cum? I swallow it >being fucked raw in the ass? it makes me cum >vagina? it disgusts me what a horrible condition you live in, retard-kun
>what site you primarily frequent/"belong" to smug/monster/ is what I "belong" to. >why you use that site and not the other Despite all the flaws it has, my love for monster girls, the pantheon autism, and devotion to the overall ideals of love and romance keeps me there. >what you really think about "the others" I have my problems with all sites: 8moe has Mark and Acid as admins, whose histories are too tainted to be admins; zzzchan has been shitty since the herdnigger invasion and has very little OC; anon.cafe is sportschan isn't about sports; smug/a/ a shit; prolikewoah and /animu/ are completely unmoderated; and alogs.space and tvchan are completely irredeemable garbage. Despite this, I do have nice things to say about each of them: 8moe has one of the largest groups of OC creators outside of /monster/, zzzchan is pretty fun; /sp/ is always good for a good meme or two; smug is extremely good at filtering out retards; prolikewoah has some really good posts; and alogs has /robowaifu/, and tvchan is just good to laugh at the retards. >if you really think the gap between user bases is too large to be overcome at this point, and why or why not The gap isn't the userbases, it's the admins. I think it's possible to overcome the problem, but it would take destroying the previous mods' power and forcing >what you would like to do to solve it Ideally, we'd take the lessons learned from 8chan and the webring and move forward with something new. Now, I'm not sure if this is possible, but my ideal new imageboard would be to have a central site that is stored in a decentralized manner. Perhaps as a P2P thing using IPFS? But then again, I think /ita/ tried that and it didn't work for them. If not, then maybe as a ring of servers with each in a different nation?
>>4580 >smug/monster/ is what I "belong" to. Why are you a tranny? >Perhaps as a P2P thing using IPFS? But then again, I think /ita/ tried that Nobody tried that. NNTPchan died because one guy hosted the clearnet and onyo and I2P sites that each got >90% of the traffic of that sort so it wasn't actually decentralized. It's retarded though. Rule by committee is rule by committee.
8chan.moe or 4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion
Are any 8chan.moe posters here running into "Bypass denied" errors?
>>4565 I could write-up a summary about the goings-on from inside Julay in the early days if anyone wants to read it. I think enough time has passed where I could post it without a bunch of idiots coming out of the wood-work to false-flag against it. Every now and again I come back around to see if the autism has stopped. I'm never surprised to see it has only gotten worse. I've thought about spending money and opening a proper 8chan clone (board creation by users) several times. But the last time I tried to get involved obvious glowniggers showed up and I was spending days staying up deleting pizza. That has discouraged me from trying again. If I could just get the users that always complain and post high quality shit to agree to be global vols. And get them to not take offense to the bantz for 2 weeks we could have a comfy home again. But you must weather the storm first. As it stands the elements you're all talking about would seek to destroy any honest effort from the very start. The amount of autism I witnessed in the first months of the webring is far worse than any namefag drama, IRC drama or forum drama I've dealt with before. I was around for most of the bad ones. I was getting invited into private cabal chats where these people were scheming together to kill off other boards and steal their users. It was really fucking sad.
>>4566 I can explain what happened to Cakejew, Jim Watkins, Josh Moon, Codemonkey and all of the rest. If you search for >Department of Defense Internet Interactive activities Things will become _very_ clear to you. You should find a small pdf file through google search. It'll be almost the only mention of that Government program on the entire internet. Read it yourself and you'll understand what's going on. It explains all the e-celeb types as well.
>>4590 >You should find a small pdf file through google search I'm not finding it. Link?
Sleepychan /k/ BO is a faggot. That is all.
>>4589 And it was all true, the drama was off the charts and many smaller boards got the knife in the process. ripip that one Slothchan, loved the logo and the idea but came in around a moment of pure turmoil, same with Fatchan
>>4595 I uploaded it to catbox. Can't remember if I can upload pdf files here. https://files.catbox.moe/bhpmsy.pdf About halfway through the document it states that any website or person that reaches as many people as MSM will be contacted by a DoD representative and brought into the program. This is done through PR firms for deniability. Which is exactly what GamerGate exposed when it found the journalist mailing lists. I'm sure you've noticed that all the big streamers and personalities on the internet shill the same things and talk about the same things in a cycle. Years ago we saw the BetterHelp shill campaign get exposed when a bunch of youtube and twitch streamers started shilling it. I can't remember all of the details now but it looked bad on the company and they shut down the shilling campaign. Now that people have forgotten about the scandal they've started to shill it again. We see the same thing with """raids""" and manufactured drama on message boards. Jannys do nothing or actively participate. Bots and trolls come in large waves. Pizza gets uploaded from what seems like an endless list of IP addresses and files. All popular VPNs and tor nodes are used in the attacks. Leaving the admin with only two choices: Ban every IP range on the planet or allow them and moderate 24/7. If you manage to moderate it you put yourself and your users at risk of being v&. All it takes is one thumbnail in cache to break the law. Legit users flee like rats from a sinking ship to avoid the legal trouble. The result is the only large websites that can exist are ones like twitter, 4chan, facebook and all the others where they study the users like lab rats and censor everything they deem "misinformation". The webring was attacked so quickly and hard because it could have blossomed into the next major platform for free speech. They did not want this obviously. As they'd just shut down 8chan and many other websites in the run-up to the covid psyop and world-wide lock downs. An open platform could not exist in that environment. They had to shut down the last big one just ahead of their lock downs and scatter us all to the four corners of the internet. We've never recovered and likely won't any time soon. All the "free speech" platforms are heavily censored at the moment and _all_ of them require a phone number/sim card. All of these normalfag-tier free speech platforms are like that. No place allows for open comments anymore if you aren't willing to allow yourself to get doxed. The internet-id is already here and it has been since the 2020 election fall-out. The only places that aren't like that are like this one. You're lucky if 10 people read what you've written and any real discussion with the potential to break-out into the greater normalfag sphere instantly attract low-effort trolls (likely bots) that shut it down. It has become almost impossible to have open discourse on the internet now. You can not hide from this or escape their watch. Which is the mistake I see anons continuing to make. A lot of what I think are real users are under the impression that if we just ban some more stuff and not talk about certain topics that these people will leave us alone. This is not true. We can clearly see that they intend to destroy every last place with open dialog on the internet. Look at the decline of all the small hobby boards on places like 4chan. Most of them escaped the fate of the larger boards even into the late 2010s. There were still pockets of originalfags and polite newfags having discussions about their hobbies on boards like /out/. They were not bothered by bots and low effort trolls. In the last few years since about 2020 all of the boards have been flooded with off-topic bullshit (usually of the tranny and gay variety) and low effort forced memes like "take ur medz". This is not an organic happening. The users from just a few years ago are completely gone and haven't reappeared anywhere on the open web. The boards are now only filled with bot posting, shills and government agents. I personally have at least 3-5 people that follow me around all over 4chan if I post on it now. I do not post very often and haven't been a regular since the first exodus. However, in the wake of the 8chan+webring deaths I've been forced back to some boards there if I want to participate in discussion at all as I refuse to use platforms like telegram and discord (or anything else that requires a cell phone). I'll give you a recent example. There is another anon that lurks the various /a/ boards. I find him from time to time and we fansub an anime together. We both translate, edit, encode and all that usual stuff. If I post on smug/a/ with him we never have a problem. But if we post on 4chan/a/ a small group of "trolls" will always show up and belittle us and everyone else in the thread. They bring up discussions from months ago. They call us all the usual forced memes. They try to discourage other anons from working with us or using our releases. No matter what the day or hour they're there within a few minutes of either one of us posting. I found this all very odd until I figured out what was going on. The last few projects we've worked on together were pushing LGBT propaganda or censored in various ways. All the usual BS that comes along with a modern woke-sub from the usual places like CR. One night I poked that group of "trolls" a bit until one of them slipped up and basically doxed themself. I discovered I'd been getting trolled by someone working for CR. A little more digging and I found out they're close friends with the current staff of nyaa. Which finally explained why registration has been locked down for years and why they carry nothing but bot uploads of CR/Woke-sub translations these days. In fact, if you look around since about 2018 there is almost nowhere left where you can release fansubs to an audience of more than 5 people outside of their controlled network. These same people are the ones spamming the loli=pedophile shit all over 4/a/ and trolling the users of 4/a/. The worst part is they're either moderators or very close to 4/a/ moderation as well. As I've gotten several bans for no reason on 4/a/ when they appear. Yet they can post with impunity and are never banned by moderation despite being off-topic in every thread they shit up and breaking all the usual newfag rules like "no trolling outside of /b/". I find it very strange that these people show up as a group no matter what hour or IP address I post from on 4/a/. It's so bad that I've basically given up on posting on that board at all. Which is a shame because it's the only way to spread my releases to anyone that matters. Since I've been reduced to posting magnet links and an IRC channel because nyaa will not accept .torrent uploads every from my old accounts. If it weren't for 4/a/ and animetosho I wouldn't be able to reach anyone at all. We've been censored by the western anime industry because the majority of our releases expose their blatant censorship and insertion of propaganda. That's just one of many examples of this censorship I could give. It doesn't really matter what board I use anymore. I've run into the same problems on /g/, /x/, /k/ and even on /out/. Shame me for using cuckchan in 2023 if you want. But the fact remains that there is _NO WHERE ELSE TO GO_. The only other options are discord, telegram, tiktok and the various other cell phone required services. Even reddit no longer allows for account creation without state-approved email address. Even if you make an account good luck posting anything because every subreddit now has a bot that requires you build up positive karma to participate. The alt-chans barely get any users and regularly get ddos'ed, spammed or die off for different reasons. My greater point is the web died in 2018. If you're seeking discussion and truth good luck finding anything. Everyone has fallen for their trick and doxed themselves just to talk to what are mostly bots and federal agents. There are a few forums left on the web but they're suffering from all of the same problems. I'm betting at least 80% of content I read now is bot generated. I can't even search for tips on how to fix my car without wading through bot generated articles and paid shills making 20 minute ad-filled videos for something that should only take 2 minutes to explain. The DoD IIA program seems to be working very well for them.
>>4596 This is probably fake and gay, but honestly glowniggers will just gangstalk and psychologically abuse you.They're not worth interacting with at all. Let them lose this information war
>>4598 >This is probably fake and gay Yea? Which part? Use your words instead of posting yet another forced meme and deflection. If you mean the DoD IIA program it has been confirmed over and over again. It's far worse than Tavistock ever thought about being. They're operating "pods" filled with IT workers all over the world that flood into any discussion and shit the place up the moment they get alerted that certain keywords are getting posted. It's the definition of SHUT IT DOWN. It explains why anons were so heavily attacked in the wake of that one shooting that changed everything. It explains the sudden fear of "fedposting" the e-celebs and major hubs of activity started fear mongering about in the wake of that shooting. A shooting that was not unique in any way. 4chan had been host to many worse things in the past and plenty of idiots have livestreamed themself murdering innocent people before. The only purpose of it all was to shut down the last places with open discussion on the internet. Jim Watkins went before Congress and shuts down his large website and not a peep about it anywhere. His paid jannys openly shit up the webring project and no one dares to say anything about it outside of a few people here. A confirmed glow nigger swoops in and offers to host boards that get deplatformed all while fear mongering about other websites "scraping IPs" and other nonsense. He's always got an archive of said boards as well yet claims he has nothing to do with them being deplatformed. It's always just a happy accident that they can't find hosting elsewhere while his website avoids being attacked, ddos'ed and shit up by bots. I could go on and on. All of these people are involved either directly or via the PR firms. It's the same reason why people with something important to say and the talent to back it up spend years with only 5 people watching their live streams. Meanwhile some idiot with purple hair that no one likes is pulling down millions of viewers and invited on to big-name shows. It's almost like the numbers aren't real and no one is watching this bullshit. It's almost like the majority of user interaction on the internet is FAKE. The IIA program is the attack wing of the Five Eyes spying network. Gamergate journo leaks uncovered it. Which is why people like the glow nigger I mentioned above rushed in to moderate discussion and shame any anon that wanted to discuss the real issues. Remember the Fappening? Notice how no one has talked about it in years? Despite it being responsible for all the rule changes and old jannys getting fired at 4chan right before moot sold out to google? Notice how nothing organic has happened via the internet in almost a decade now? When in the good old days it was one scandal after another getting uncovered by random anons. How about the extreme lack of insider leaks? Something that used to happen multiple times a year. Or what about the total reverse of the natural way information used to spread? In the old days something would leak out via a forum or an imageboard. A few days-weeks later it would leak into normalfag internet platforms like youtube, twitter, reddit and facebook. Now we see a total reverse. Where 4chan, forums and even this place are a sea of links to twitter posts. The flow of information was bottled up and is now totally controlled by MSM, the Government and the few usual suspects. We're at the point where the majority of people still hanging around places like this one don't remember what imageboards were like for the 20+ years they existed in the west before the covid psyop. Just read their posts about how awful /pol/ was and how it was a den of Nazis. When anyone that was around back then knows /pol/ was mainly a dumping ground for insider information, digging into MSM bullshit narratives of current events and discussion about people like Ron Paul and how the few richfags in the world were planning to kill off all the poorfags. I know the entire internet is censored now because I can see the change. I discuss a wide variety of topics and produce a lot of different original content. It doesn't matter if I'm attempting to discuss the latest medical journals, /x/-tier paranormal shit or release chink cartoons on /a/. Every last place is filled with the same copypasta low-effort insults and replies. I'm labeled a "schizo" for quoting text out of medical journals that go against the MSM narrative about mRNA research. I'm a "schizo" for daring to point out that the latest chink cartoons are censored, filled with inserted propaganda and that they encodes look like shit. If I offer alternatives my uploads are instantly DMCA'ed and no fewer than 5 people will show up at any hour to discourage you from archiving and watching them. Yet the reserve doesn't happen to them. If you host and upload the propaganda filled shitting CR encodes they'll never get DMCA'd and taken down. I can't share /x/ and /fringe/ books that go against the MSM narrative but the ones promoting buttsex are never taken down despite being uploaded to places like google drive with no attempt to hide the contents. I can't release a Linux distro with systemd components removed and lots of bug fixes applied to prevent big tech spying. I can't even talk about such a project on any /tech/ website. But the hobby Linux distros filled with bugs, holes, and big /tech/ approved shitware are allowed to stay. You can talk about them all you want provided you don't point out the Five Eyes code contained within the init system and kernel. I could go on and on. This applies to any and all topics. It's amazing to me that less people are being vocal about it. I suppose they've been silenced like I have. I know that I am right because the Government agents came and knocked on my door last year and told me to STFU. No warrant. I had broken no laws. But none of that matters anymore. We're living under the Stasi's wet dream. The tools they have now are so advanced it would have made the East German glow niggers coom their pants. I for one am sick of seeing all these cowards and normalfags going a long with it. I want to talk with intelligent anons again about things that matter. I want to effect change IRL so we all have a better place to live in. As it stands nothing will be done about it and 90% of us are going to get murdered by the state. But I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm starting to agree with the richfags when they say 90% of us need to go because we're so-called "useless eaters". Most normalfags are certainly doing everything in their power to prove them correct. What hurts the most is the fact that the old folks that instilled these values into me as a child have proven they don't care over the last few years. I'm sick of hearing >yes anon it's bad but I'll be dead long before it gets really bad. Good luck lol from these oldfags. Who don't seem to give a fuck about anything but watching TV and collecting social security payments. These are the same people that expect us middle-aged fags to take care of them as well. They sold-out their children's and great grand children's futures for instant gratification. Now they want you to change their shitty adult diapers and do slave labor to pay-in to the corrupt system that bought them off. I understand why people stick their parent's into nursing homes to be abused by the staff now. Make your choice. Fight back and call out this bullshit or die. You have no other options. Posting on your /comfy/ board with 5 other demoralized anons isn't going to make a difference. They'll come and take that away from your soon as well. The fact is in 10 years a website like this will not be allowed to exist anymore. The Internet Federal ID is coming soon and no one will be able to lurk without doxing themself. Forget VPNs and tor because such things will be illegal very soon. Take a look at China if you want to see a preview of your near future. With the "15 minute cities" or "Freedom cities" depending on which side of the fake political spectrum you self identify with. What makes me the most depressed with the fact that we have the entire catalog of human knowledge at our finger tips. Even with all the censorship it's still possible to access the real information and learn about anything you desire. Yet most people opt to fill their minds with total bullshit. They'd rather watch some Government Agent on youtube yell at another Government agent about shit that doesn't matter. When the time could have been spent learning about something or building something. These faggots are out here putting more effort into things like "standing with Andrew Tate" or "protesting Target" than they are naming and shaming the real players in the game. Anon has known who and what the real problems were for 20+ years now. They've even had the ability to track such people in real time. Yet no one does it. We spend out time and effort doing things that do not matter instead. Like harassing some two-bit actor and looking for his gay little flag. Don't get me wrong I'm all for having fun and taking smug faggots down a peg or two. I'm just saying the effort could have been better spent doing something that would have actually mattered. As far as I'm concerned we're totally fucked and I've lost all faith in humanity. Most people want to be part of the system. They do not have values and are only concerned about getting theirs. They'll happily kill off their own bloodline in exchange for something shiny and some scraps of paper. You were all warned and knew better. But you didn't listen. Which is why the uptick in anons shilling Christianity is so amusing to me. If there is a hell most of you are going there. The best part is you're already in it. You're just coming right back here where things will continue to get worse and worse. I highly advise that you find the way out of this horrible place this go-round. Next time you'll probably find yourself being implanted with a brain chip in addition to having your foreskin cut off at the tender age of 2 hours old. But hey what do I know. I'm crazy. I must be insane. I keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I guess I'm insane and cursed. Most people must be clinically retarded. If they weren't they wouldn't be able to tolerate living this way. I wish I had the IQ of a nigger. Perhaps then I could be happy.
>>4599 >A confirmed glow nigger swoops in and offers to host boards that get deplatformed all while fear mongering about other websites "scraping IPs" and other nonsense. He's always got an archive of said boards as well yet claims he has nothing to do with them being deplatformed. Honestly, I was a little shocked that more than one site admin went along with adding blacked.gov into the webring. That was cleaarly a ridiculous move, to any anons watching what the feds did to poison the well at Julay -- it was very obviously the self-same operation. Thankfully at least everyone wised up to Acid's et al bullshit in the end.
>>4596 >>4599 Rare effort-posting. Please stick around anon; you're not alone in this struggle.
>>4596 >>4599 You're right, anon. It's sad how a lot of people, and too many anons have been demoralized, gaslit, and psyopped by TPTB, and I must be fully honest and count myself among them as well. Honesty towards yourself and the situation as a whole, after all, is the first step to the truth, which is what we need to know to even fight this war to begin with. Anon fights with anon and anon, disgusted by the retards or demoralized by how no one posts, or how they aren't passionate anymore, drops out from imageboard-dom, first gradually then suddenly. It's a grim situation, but I do believe that there are decent anons who remain. They just either keep to lurking or focus on meatspace. As far as what to do, that's the million-dollar question. There is no political option; that much is abundantly clear. Infiltration may work initially, but considering the purgings that have been going on, they're more likely to be bulwarks of the enemy's ideology. The only decent strategy I can think of for anon, with kith and kin, is to escape from society altogether and live rurally or deep innawoods, far away from any prying eyes, and form strongholds there as bases of operations, in a sort of Maoist guerilla-style campaign. Know then, that there won't be any other places to run after that; that's the precipice. We will have to secure the countryside or we will die trying. >but I'm nogunz and don't know how to survive! Get what you can with guns, even .22s are better than nothing, and can kill an attacker if you aim properly. As for survival, you don't have to leave immediately. Prepare yourself first and learn the biomes you're going into. There's plenty of reading materials on /k/ and the greater Internet. >but I'll leave all my vidya, books and animus behind! Take what you can on physical media: books, printouts, disks, flash drives and external hard drives, and keep them secure. Leave the rest for fate. And trust me, that's going to be hard for me to do as well, but it's a sacrifice you'll have to make, unless you think you'll be able to just jack off to hentai while the Blue Helmets look for you. >pfft, it won't happen, you're worrying about nothing! The world has already gone from shit to ultra-shit from 2020 onwards, and I certaunly don't see any signs of it changing for the better. We've known their plans for decades now, they're enacting those plans right now, and they're not going to suddenly stop for our sakes. Regardless of what happens I'm gonna pray for all of us, whatever course fate takes us, and I'll go ahead and keep prepping for the worst. Bless you fucking niggers
>>4599 >I've lost all faith in humanity. Never should've put any in humanity in the first place. Also, the mods stalk me on 4chan even when I do the typical things to avoid such. >Which is why the uptick in anons shilling Christianity is so amusing to me. If there is a hell most of you are going there. It's the only meaningful rebellion against this world. The feds want you to do something violent so they can justify stamping their boot down harder. But tell them the truth and they'll lose their minds. Of course, it has to be biblical fundamental Christianity, not some watered down or worldly "version" of it, otherwise it means nothing. >The best part is you're already in it. Hell is death, it's not life. The first lie Satan told mankind was "ye shall not surely die". Also, this place really isn't any better. The javascript (which is required to use the page, meaning it's cancer) is slowing down my page even just typing this out.
Open file (115.36 KB 1024x749 putin smile.png)
today is a nice date, anyway anyone here want to give tldr of what is the happening ?
>>4601 >effort posting >he doesn't know who's going to tell him?
Open file (158.16 KB 2479x806 Lost 1.png)
Open file (192.69 KB 2498x914 Lost 2.png)
>>4599 >>4596 Not sure if the file names are appropriate but that's what first came to mind for me. You've helped plug a lot of gaps that I didn't know were there.
Open file (290.81 KB 1800x1839 382rrrr3MEM120623.jpg.jpeg)
>>4589 >I could write-up a summary about the goings-on from inside Julay in the early days if anyone wants to read it. Please do so, thanks Anon. >But you must weather the storm first. As it stands the elements you're all talking about would seek to destroy any honest effort from the very start. We're still here, right where we landed in 2019 on Julay nuJulay alog.space AlogsSpace. As long as Robitt keeps running his Mongolian BBQ shack, we'll keep dishing up our Fingolian delicacies. :^) >It was really fucking sad. And often all (((according to plan))), I'm sure.
>>4596 >>4599 Fuck that was brutal to read and a eye opener. I've experienced the same things you wrote so many times and ive gotten sick of it so many times. I've often thought about the dead internet theory because its just gotten so bad. Great posts by the way. Saved them and the pdf. If you ever make some new anime translations can you post them on zzz/b/? I dont visit here often. Stopped using the site after the /k/ glownigger owner incident. I check in once every couple of months. I am very interested in your anime subs or whatever it is that you do. I dont really know much about fansubs but i would really enjoy a change from the fucking crunchyroll trash/garbage from nyaa. Sometimes its just gotten so bad that i have no option but to go with subsplease (cr subs) because the fansubs are some trannyfaggots that literally change the entire script (or so im told)
Newfag here who's pretty awake and wants to learn. Lamenting how bad things have gotten won't help much and will only harden the enemy's crusty wieners. Is there a place that is difficult to take down (and therefore okay to publish/talk-about), possibly read-only or in the form of a guided (newbie to based expert) wisdom-pack/time-capsule, that will share the wisdom of the boards that have fallen? I'm talking about a read-only library of knowledge and evidence that's so good, concise and accurate it'll make it a top priority for all the bad guys to shut down. I see a lot of lamenting at not being able to share such things, including weaknesses in code/Linux that I'd personally like to know about (and much more) but no attempt at actually sharing it. What a waste of energy. How about a wiki that's honest, set up by oldfag chads who know opsec, and where they can share their wisdom for the younger generations who still want to live? Even if the Internet gets shut down, there will be pockets of wisdom, that can grow and build based on (fallen/beaten/wounded/etc.) oldfags' experience. Wouldn't that be good? Don't any oldfags here have files and old posts saved? Aren't oldfags able to put together their own information packs in an indexed and structured way for reasonably-awake normalfags to digest? The "oldfag-poster" above sounds like he knows what he's talking about, but might also be a demoralization tactic, to be honest, due to the lack of content/wisdom which apparently is sooo verboten, that it can't be shared. If he's just a hurting image-board chad, then he's got my respect, but that alone won't let me learn what he apparently knows.
Open file (57.41 KB 403x452 smug pug.JPG)
>>4623 And a how do you do to you too, fellow kid.
>>4623 It's AI generated copypasta dude
Wow, quick response. >>4624 Hi. :3 >>4625 It is? There's so much specific information (and responses to sentences/points) that made me think it's real. I was talking about this guy >>4599 I've been going through this board and will continue to save threads, read and download things, but to be honest I'm looking for something like wikipedia, only honest and true. It's exhausting to constantly try and filter out bad information (although it's a valuable learning experience too). For example, I've been trying to find honest and well-researched information about the Bible, after coming to terms with so many denominations having a weird "spin" and interpretation that can (and sometimes intentionally does) reduce Jesus' importance. Also, I'm curious about better technical opsec and improving the skills and taking the actions required to survive the apocalypse, but almost everyone talking about such important matters appears to be stealing from others and trying to shill their own (Amazon) affiliate links. This makes me sound like I've only just woken up, but rather it's a case of having woken up many years ago and not having dealt too well with the horror of it all, and only now slowly pulling myself together again (a lot of people may be in that same boat). Despite my warnings, my family/friends/etc. have either bought in to the lie or now broken off contact - either out of fear for being seen with someone who didn't believe the BS on TV, or to distance themselves from someone who reminds them of something uncomfortable - no regrets, but it's an unusual experience. I'm not looking for "friends" or "shoulders" - rather places of good information that won't get shoa'd the moment they get mentioned, to continue learning and become my best. Must go for about 10 hours now and close the browser, but it was nice finding this place. There are lots of good posts to be found still.
>>4623 While I can't say I know of something fitting the bill, you're definitely correct about preserving your history -- not lamenting it's passing -- is one of the chief ways to shove the Globohomo's kike noses and their plots & conspiracies back into their faces. If you read 1984, you'll find that the number one way they brainwashed their populace was to literally rewrite their history, thus taking away the historical context of who they were as a people. Sound familiar today? >tl;dr You can begin simply reading through archives of the Internets. You can follow up by curating your own archives now, so you yourself can be the oldfag to help a newfag in need come the future. Good luck, Anon. Cheers.
>>4627 I agree, and have read 1984, but was just hoping for some kind of fire-proof digital Library of Alexandria that only had well-sourced and kike-free information in it. I'll keep looking for similar projects and see what I can collect, save and study. The (((governments))) turning off the taps is no reason to feel down, rather it's a reason to pull up the sleeves and make real what before was merely an allowed illusion.
>>4628 >The (((governments))) turning off the taps is no reason to feel down, rather it's a reason to pull up the sleeves and make real what before was merely an allowed illusion. That's the spirit Anon! "Be the future you want to see" is an old adage that has served us well. :)
As someone who used to be big into the webring project and has since abandoned it, I do not really see much anger or drama among board users, in fact the majority of webring users also use 8chan and 4chan. The only times accusations start flying is whenever someone mentions 8ch on any /v/ offshoot. Heck, aside from dramafags, I think the only people who feel strongly about the issue are SOME (not all) mods on 8chan and Zzzchan. Ultimately, it really does not matter what is true about the drama, 8chan itself is by all metrics bigger and more popular than all the Webring boards combined, which is why 8anons don't even really talk about altchans. This obviously does not mean it's of higher quality, just something that can be objectively quantified.
>>4673 No, the webring actually hates the living guts of blacked.gov, primarily b/c of the shit that literal faggot Kikefat, Fedacid, and their glownigger consorts did to destroy the webring. There are other dens of evildoers, but the leaders/funders/promoters of the so-called (((8chan))) you speak of are every bit as bad as the usurpers that took over 4cuck. Now GTFO.
>>4676 >primarily b/c of the shit that literal faggot Kikefat, Fedacid, and their glownigger consorts did to destroy the webring Doing absolutely nothing?
>>4677 >Doing absolutely nothing? No, that's the effect you have attempting to memory hole the truth.
>>4678 Give me the sauce then
I am extremely sorry for the OP, he had good intentions with the thread but it became Q tier
Open file (1.96 MB 230x173 swine.gif)
>>4680 It's niggerpill posting. Not totally wrong (most humans are in fact oxygen thieves, and you should be getting as much long distance killing potential as you can afford for your own protection) so it can worm into your brain better. The fact is that merely being alive and a person is pissing off the demonic forces of of the world. There will always be people in the world, no matter what niggerpill says. Your job is to find them.

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