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Open file (931.68 KB 1055x799 HzNv39J.png)
/christian/ refugees oldvol 08/05/2022 (Fri) 07:50:43 No.3911
/christian/ is in a sorry state. the BO is staying silent while a ridiculous lolcow namefag moderator antichrist shits up the board, as other anons have pointed out there are major issues going on. -the namefag mod seems to be very terminally online, making many many posts, most threads he shows up, he's very vocal and has left many users uncomfortable with hearing him go on and on about his masturbation habits, what kind of pornography he watches while he abuses himself, the list goes on. he doesn't use his trip most of the time, compounding the issue of his antagonism of the userbase, leading to him being impersonated many times, instead of sweeping these lengthy off topic posts he leaves them in threads. -the mod and BO nearly got the entire board banned, just like /fascist/, lolcow mod antichrist was active in threads where users are discussing raiding other boards and posting cp. instead of banning them antichrist encouraged them to go ahead with the raid, leading to the global mods intervening. - post 1 in /meta/ states that discussion of the boards themselves should be posted in the relevant board's meta thread, however antichrist has decided that anybody who points out these flaws in his moderation style is simply too much for his persecution complex to handle, and has chosen to ban users who simply asked for the BO to step in, as they disagree with his judgement. after previously being warned about distrupting other boards antichrist left ban messages to users directing them to the /christian/ thread on the /meta/ board, earning himself yet another admonishment from the global mods for shitting up their board and getting the thread locked. but let's hear from antichrist, straight from the lolcow's mouth: what excuses does this swine offer for his piss poor moderation? -namefagging > i namefag as a joke lol. >to combat other namefags >want to namefag even harder just to piss you off why does this pathetic swine want to be part of an anonymous imageboard where everyone except him remains anonymous? dont like me namefagging on the board i moderate? Then filter my posts, plain and simple. (but if you bring it up i'll ban you) >says i have a persecution complex when ive literally been getting harassed by these faggots for weeks (with proof) -sliding threads with reply chains arguing with people instead of deleting legitimately rule breaking posts >while technically true, the posts youre referencing were from almost two weeks ago when i was the only person moderating the board and was under heavy stress due to literally being spammed and harassed by raiders (he conveniently leaves that detail out) >I'm the Vol, deal with it bitches. shall we deal with it /christian/bros? what do you guys wanna do? i note that the global mod had this to say >That said, we understand that users' discussion of /christian/'s meta matters are being deleted from /christian/, and we understand that they're left with no other option than to discuss it elsewhere. We can see what's going on, but it is not our role to intervene in /christian/'s board matters unless it disrupts the site as a whole or otherwise leaves the global staff with no option but to intervene. I imagine if a discussion happened where it was clear that the overwhelming majority of users found the current moderators to be behaving antagonistically and against the spirit and interests of the board something could possibly be done, outside of that a new board could be made like /christ/ back on 8chan, instead you get yours truly instead of cuckvol ;) discuss
>>3911 I'm a mod on /christian/, just tell me which posts you think are rule breaking
>>3912 there are no board rules set up on /christian/ so the antics i've described in the OP only really go against standard imageboard etiquette and common sense, as far as global rules go, it's as the global mod said, he distrupting the /meta/ board, banning people who are using the thread for its stated purpose because they wont follow his rule violating direction to post on /meta/ instead. yet again this bumbling idiot has drawn the ire of the global mods, he's deleted his post now but the damage is already done and the thread will be locked.
>>3913 If you're an old vol (I'm assuming from 8kun/8chan prime???) just report any post adding your anoncafe username and I'll see if/when I can talk to the BO to add you back. I had been given /christian/ by another guy but since I didn't really care much about the board I handed it to another BO, I am not sure if it's the same one today or it changed hands again, but I can give it a go.
>>3917 ok, will do
>>3916 lol, so now youve resorted to proto-doxing me as a means of attacking my character. Well i dont care, nothing youve posted has ever been put on /christian/ (aside from the propaganda poster which i purposefully removed the link and QR code from as a courtesy), ive never promoted the website youve linked (i dont know why youre even discussing it since it has no relation to my moderator abilities), and ive never posted this manifesto you quote here either. this is all an aspect of my personal life, which im happy to admit to, seeing as i view the political organization i support as a just and worthy cause. The only thing you really have against me here is the CCR thread since i use the propaganda poster as its thumbnail, but like i already said i removed any source to the website so its not like im shilling. Also the image of me that you posted is an image i took protecting a local church after the Roe V Wade overturning so even in your attempts to demonize me you just vindicate me that much further.
Open file (174.76 KB 1803x795 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3911 Also OP admitted in the other thread to having a hate boner for me, hes already posted essentially the same complaints before both in /christian/ and on /meta/. Ive already addressed his silly complaints (which are all either stupid or by this point irrelevant) and im not going to address them any further. His arguments boil down to me namefagging as a meme and posts/mod decisions i made weeks and months ago. Im not going to waste time going round and round over this.
Open file (21.48 KB 1748x62 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3920 oh and apparently he's envious of my role. Guess that explains alot. Some Christian huh? With all that hate in his heart, spamming the board, envying my position. Almosts makes you feel bad till you realize he (or the people hes associated with) are probably responsible for the CP raids too.
>AntichristBator thinks everyone that criticizes him is the same person Lol. Lmao
>>3922 well in the past they have been, BO proved that yesterday.
>doxxes himself What did he mean by this?
>>3926 lol ok, its not a dox unless its a home address.
>>3927 i also just dont care.
>>3925 so you're unironically a schizo? why not dream up a female secretary instead of a male one? hmmm...
>>3920 YOU'RE 3 PEOPLE AT ONCE ALL ATTACKING ME!!! MY PERSECUTION COMPLEX CAN'T TAKE IT NOOOO!!!! i had you pegged as soon as i saw your posts, gigantic ego, wants to be the center of attention, of course you'd be quoting yourself on your rinky dink website for your terrorist cell you fucking lunatic LMAO >>3919 how dare you accuse me of doxxing when its plain as day that you are making the website for your terrorist cell where you advocate for violence so easy to find by posting on the board with your username in the name field, qr codes, posting the very out of place looking flag pictures you drew that nobody has seen before. you make political sperging threads telling people to take the 'next step' and discuss 'tactics' and it's aparrent to anyone who follows your breadcrumb trail and looks at your terrorist manifesto that you're advocating for real world violence. that has no place on the board, you have no place on the board because you're an unhinged loner who's probably going to end up shooting a school up. stop advocating for violence and log off, nobody wants you on /christian/, you have no right to be a moderator after being exposed for using the board to promote your extremism that nobody wants to be associated. how dare you use our board and the trust the community has given you as a moderator to promote your violent terrorist cell. log off immediately and kill yourself
>>3929 It's your choice not to believe me but I'm telling the truth. >>3930 Low quality bait. If you're gonna try this hard at least put in some effort because it's obvious that you're exaggerating.
Kinda surprised that mods haven't taken this thread down. Especially since I've already proved this to be nothing but an attempt at flinging shit at me over past grudges. Setting a bad precedent here jannies
>>3931 >exaggerating if a representative who has been elected decides to betray the trust of his people and work against their will he can be removed via both legal and physical means. both legal and physical means. What do I mean by this exactly? What I mean is that in order for us to reclaim our country and save America we must first cripple the institutions being used to destroy it by use of violence. The first step would be to target the corporations and institutions that make up the 'Spear' as they are the ones actively playing the offensive and then once we have subverted their cause and lifted the veil from the peoples eyes we can begin organizing to resist the 'Shield' aka the government. 17 This will not be easy and will require strong and intelligent leadership and planning. It will require great minds and great discipline which is a combination you are hard pressed to find in the world nowadays. Which is why you must take it upon yourself to, on a personal level, resist the System and its poison and prepare your mind for the greatness that lies ahead. Only once you have perfected yourself and have overcome your own demons will you be ready to fight the ones controlling the world. violent schizos go to hell
>>3933 what does the writings and beliefs of an organization im affiliated with (which has never been promoted or even spoken of on this website) have to do with my supposed failures as a moderator? Aswell theres a difference between believing these ideas and actually doing them, 3%ers believe in an armed revolt against tyranny yet you dont see any 3%ers actually doing it. Youre just using this as a means of demonizing me by association because you have no other serious complaint and are just vying for any reason to have the Global Moderators ban me. That aside, why do you have such an aversion to violence against evil? Im not promoting it but did Jesus not say "i have not come to bring peace but a sword"? And in Revelation 18 does God not command us to "pay babylon back her double"? Like i said, im not encouraging it just pointing out how you weirdly harp on the topic like that. >>3934 low quality
>>3920 Nobody cares about you, weirdo. Just leave
>>3936 >Nobody cares about you, weirdo. Just leave then why have people already dedicated 22 replies to bitching about my existence?
>>3935 >but i didn't promote them!!! i just put the name of my organization in the name field, oh and i put the flag of my organization and qr codes on to a thread about doing political stuff irl and >but you're demonizing me, i know i posted a flag of my terrorist cell that is advocating explicitly and directly for a violent resistance, and made allusions in the thread to doing something 'real' and 'tactical' irl but i wasnt t e c h n i c a l l y advocating for violence so you should ignore everything and give me yet another pass after i shitted the board up, and encouraged posters discussing cp and raiding! >why do you have such an aversion to violence against evil? get the fuck off our board glowie. stop trying to get people to join your terrorist cell. this is a place for people to anonymously share their faith, not to encounter violent unhinged losers who want to plaster their identity and co opt their board as a terrorist recruitment center
>>3937 Because you are a severely autistic lolcow who is actively destroying what once was one of the few quality Christian communities on the internet.
>>3939 hey man are you banned from /christian/? im hoping to claim the board so i dont want to ban evade, can you make some posts on the board directing people here? people need to get together and demand this guy is removed by the mods
>>3939 please point them to this too https://anon.cafe/meta/res/15642.html
>>3938 >i just put the name of my organization in the name field no i didnt lol, i linked my email account so people could contact me with questions etc. >oh and i put the flag of my organization i used a flyer that had our emblem on it, big whoop. >and qr codes on to a thread about doing political stuff irl i never posted qr codes, i dont know why you keep saying that. > i know i posted a flag of my terrorist cell that is advocating explicitly and directly for a violent resistance so now we arent allowed to post flags of organizations that believe in violence? Does that rule apply to the nazi flag too or is that an exception? πŸ™„ >and made allusions in the thread to doing something 'real' and 'tactical' irl antichrist is afraid of image board Christians spreading the good word irl. How surprising. >so you should ignore everything and give me yet another pass after i shitted the board up you shitted up the board lmao, we were chilling till the manbaby brigade came along. >stop trying to get people to join your terrorist cell. i never tried, you reverse searched my email and found the website that way. In other words, you went out of your way to find it, i never promoted it. >not to encounter violent unhinged losers who want to plaster their identity and co opt their board as a terrorist recruitment center and now weve gone full circle and hes back to crying about my name again. Still pushing this "muh terorists!11!11!!" meme i see. >"why do you have such an aversion to violence against evil? " >get the fuck off our board glowie. whats the matter antichrist? you afraid of the topic lmao. >Because you are a severely autistic lolcow who is actively destroying what once was one of the few quality Christian communities on the internet. yep thats right, i destroyed /christian/ by regulating bait and spam, give me a break. We were doing fine before you guys showed up and decided to "make your voices heard" (ie spam the board).
>>3942 >i never posted qr codes, i dont know why you keep saying that. you admitted to posting qr codes in /meta/ don't deny it >so now we arent allowed to post flags of organizations that believe in violence? Does that rule apply to the nazi flag too or is that an exception? πŸ™„ you are making posts on behalf of your organization on the board, you are putting the name of your organization in the name field on your posts. using your moderator trip, your terrorist cell explicitly advocates the violent overthrow of the american government, i dont care if you try to weasel out of it, you cheer people on when they talk about violence, just like you cheered people on when they talked about using cp to raid other boards you can pilpul until the cows come home, but it's not working, my post clearly sets out how you make allusions to things like 'organizing' 'taking the next step IRL' 'tactics' and whatever else. when you put it together with your advocacy of terrorism the picture is clear that you dont just want people to go on the streets and preach the good book, you're trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some impressionable autistic retard to wander along, get impressed that he can join a paramillitary group endorsed by the public postings of the moderators of /christian/ and then who knows what, you'll tell him to bomb a hospital or something. get fucked psycho
>>3939 >one of the few quality Christian communities on the internet. LOL yeah right
Open file (102.04 KB 556x261 1502159585662.jpg)
>>3943 >you admitted to posting qr codes in /meta/ don't deny it where? post screenshots or stfu. >you are making posts on behalf of your organization on the board, no im not lol, i never even mentioned the organization lmfao. >you are putting the name of your organization in the name field on your posts. i put the email i use for this website there if thats what you mean, but i already explained that i did that so people could message me about questions and stuff. > using your moderator trip, your terrorist cell explicitly advocates the violent overthrow of the american government, where have i ever (using my moderator trip) advocated violence in that thread or on the board? >you cheer people on when they talk about violence, where? you keep making these accusations with no proof to back them up. The only time i can think of when i "advocated violence" was when somebody criticized another anon for saying something about violence and homophobia and i said "based". >just like you cheered people on when they talked about using cp to raid other boards i never cheered for or encouraged anybody to post cp. >you can pilpul until the cows come home, elaborating upon exaggerated and (even) down right false claims is not the same as pilpul. >my post clearly sets out how you make allusions to things like 'organizing' 'taking the next step IRL' 'tactics' and whatever else. i have 3+ posts and the OP that proves you wrong, keep lying. >when you put it together with your advocacy of terrorism the picture is clear that you dont just want people to go on the streets and preach the good book, you're trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some impressionable autistic retard to wander along, ive never advocated for terrorism on this board and the thread (both the original and the new) are entirely dedicated to propaganda and messaging, you can look through both of them here if youd like: https://anon.cafe/christian/res/15348.html https://anon.cafe/christian/res/7790.html >you'll tell him to bomb a hospital or something. just defaming me at this point. >get fucked psycho >tfw you have hate boner >>3945 cool
Open file (467.79 KB 827x1024 he cometh 2.png)
>>3947 seethe
>>3947 also >simping for the U.S government peak antichrist
>>3948 and your mod is gone, i win faggot, enjoy getting gaped in jail when the feds come knocking
>>3951 >>3950 gone sort this out with the BO. no telling what lies you guys have told him. >he thinks im gonna arrested over his fake fbi report. nice try faggot, ive been on the internet too long to fall for that.
>>3952 i really made a real fbi report and they're going to look in to your situation. your mod is removed, its over
>>3953 uh huh, sure thing bro. gonna go talk to BO now.
>>3954 gonna cry, piss your pants and beg for mod back? what a joke lmfao log off and kill yourself
>>3954 shouldn't have banned me big guy ;)
These are the types of "Christians" that use imageboards hahahaha
>>3955 >>3956 lol ok, im gonna explain things too him when i get a chance.
Open file (22.08 KB 720x136 ClipboardImage.png)
I would just like to state that I have kept an eye on this situation. While I usually do not meddle in the affairs of other boards, as someone who has promoted /christian/ in the past and who has currently taken hiatus from using it, I do find the whole situation hard to stomach and feel a personal sense of responsibility for the ongoing situation being what it is seeing as how I have not offered to help moderate /christian/ and have no intention of doing so. Based on pic related it seems the situation is self-correcting and the problem has been dealt with or will be dealt with soon, however I am reminded of a few bible quotes... Exodus 23 >Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked. Revelation 22:11 >He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Should this situation not improve in the next few days/week, give me a heads up with a functional set of rules for that thread, and I'll set up a personal bunker on /k/ for /christian/ anons even if it puts me at odds with my neighbors. My email is in the thread OP should you need to contact me. I am not interested in creating drama so ALL meta will be banned from that thread should anon wish to make it. This is not in violation of any current global rules to my knowledge after reviewing the rules and I do not take this decision lightly. >>>/k/38832
>>3959 it's not good enough, the BO needs to step down after letting all this happen, the guy clearly isn't cut out for making these kids of decisions after he let this guy keep promoting his terrorist cell and antagonizing the users with his posting. so many posts from longterm users going on about how he's driving people away from the board. the moderation team needs to have the confience and respect of the userbase, and right now this BO has flushed it all down the toilet, demodding him and not banning him is just strapping a bandaid on
>>3960 this is what happens when you bend the knee to spiteful, power hungry, antichrists.
>>3960 >It's not good enough It's a start and I would rather allow at minimum the weekend for things to have a chance to simmer down before putting the offer forward fully. Kneejerk reactions get folks nowhere.
Proverbs 6:16-19 There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.
>>3962 dude the guy was encouraging raids and the BO let him stay, if he would have spent 15 minutes actually looking in to the complaints people have made like i did he would have seen that this guy is a rampaging degenerate who is promoting terrorism on the board, using moderator cred. the buck stops with the BO for letting that happen after the global mods had to step in and put him and the entire board on notice. he must resign
>>3964 John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
>>3966 Psalm 69:1-36 To the choirmaster: according to Lilies. Of David. Save me, O God! For the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and the flood sweeps over me. I am weary with my crying out; my throat is parched. My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God. More in number than the hairs of my head are those who hate me without cause; mighty are those who would destroy me, those who attack me with lies. What I did not steal must I now restore? O God, you know my folly; the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you. ...
Open file (48.80 KB 378x600 313033.jpg)
antichristhater we all love you *loud kiss* πŸ˜½πŸ˜½πŸ˜½πŸ˜½πŸ˜½πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ do you want to have some pope-approved fun time with us 😏😏😏😏😏😏 we are so depresion that u r no longer a janny. 😿😿😿 we loved u r deleted post realy realy bad post,, delte bad post is good BLAK NIGA FOREVER!! DIE WHYTE NIGA< u r as beaty full as lord hitelr 😩😩😩😩 fil me with your jewish milk please the pope even said god aprove this πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅
>>3963 1Timothy 5 >But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
this BO is a joke lmfao "some anons see moderator as a position of authority and i dont" i'll put a request in to create another board if he doesn't step in. the users don't deserve someone as clueless as this in charge. any objections to /christ/?
>>3972 step down i should say
>>3971 >>3968 >>3969 Psalm 110:1-7 A Psalm of David. The Lord says to my Lord: β€œSit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.” The Lord sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter. Rule in the midst of your enemies! Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power, in holy garments; from the womb of the morning, the dew of your youth will be yours. The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind, β€œYou are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.” The Lord is at your right hand; he will shatter kings on the day of his wrath.
>>3969 >>3970 >>3972 >>3973 youve opened the flood gates BO. God have mercy on the board.
Open file (44.41 KB 700x483 ao2wD6n_700b.jpg)
>>3976 Proverbs 10:24 What the wicked dreads will come upon him, but the desire of the righteous will be granted.
Proverbs 21:4 Haughty eyes and a proud heart, the lamp of the wicked, are sin.
>>3978 keep MOOOing lolcow, i milked you good didn't i?
>>3979 Psalm 37:12 The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him,
>>3981 Psalm 36:4 He plots trouble while on his bed; he sets himself in a way that is not good; he does not reject evil.
looks like the BO was embarrassed for getting called out so he deleted his post, preserving it here for posterity
>>3983 haha, hes scared.
>>3984 doubt it, he doesn't give a flying fuck about any of this or he'd have taken some decisive action months ago. hopefully he'll se reason and hand the board over to me or the other mod
>>3985 hes probably worried about global mods getting involved.
>>3986 lol, just wants to sit on the board and cover his ass. what a fuckup
>>3987 He's a failure, global mods have no other choice but to remove him or allow for the creation of a separate board.
Open file (47.67 KB 797x713 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3989 im fine with this Exodus 23:2 You shall not follow the crowd in wrongdoing. When you testify in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.
btw, much of the blame for the shitshow that has transpired over the last few weeks lays on the shoulders of the globmods. I told them a week ago that things were boiling over and that the raiders were starting to seep into other boards but they didnt do shit to stop it. What goes around comes around i guess, enjoy your dead board and soon to be dead site retards.
>>3911 I nominate oldvol for new vol
>>3992 i nominate the board get deleted. fuck it who even cares anymore, all the users were driven away already by weeks of infighting and faggotry. boards dead, site will be dead soon, sad to see it go.
>>3993 >i nominate the board get deleted. >fuck it who even cares anymore, all the users were driven away >AntichristHater69 Almost as if it was his plan all along... as anons have been saying this entire time. I vote against deleting /christian/. The only part wrong with it was the board moderation. Discussion was normal/typical and there have not been any significant issues in all the time I have browsed the board until AntichristHater69 became a board volunteer.
>>3995 whatever, i moderated the board for 5+ months straight with hardly an issue. This drama is a new phenomenon.
>>3997 hope youre happy dude, the boards blood is on your hands but honestly fuck the BO for bending the knee too. Still waiting for the FBI to raid my house btw. >stick around and seethe some more, all the other anons in the thread seem to enjoy milking your just as much as i do gay
>>3993 I nominate fuck off. >all the users were driven away already by weeks of infighting and faggotry. I'll be back as soon as you fuck off. I was part of the "none of my business" camp before but this incident has only shown me you need to fuck off already.
>>3999 samefag
>>3999 and ill never fuck off btw, ill stick around till this board has (or website even) has 0 users after you guys are done killing it. The only difference now is i dont have vol priviledges. idgaf anymore, i modded this board for almost half the year just to be removed by BO over some petty bullshit i didnt even start, the least i could do is return the favor and watch this shithole burn.
>>4001 >shithole >/christian/ What makes you think you belong as a moderator for a Christian board, again? You are seriously delusional. Spend some more time in the word, I recommend starting with Proverbs.
>>3998 keep waiting, they could come anytime, but it will probably take them weeks, greasy school shooters like you are a dime a dozen. it's so hilarious how you're such a fucking delusional lolcow that you think the board is losing anything when the thread complaining about you on meta complaining about your faggotry is one of the biggest on the site. you're a legendary lolcow, unfortunately not as nuanced or sophisticated as cuckvol but your school shooter manifesto is pretty hilarious. i dont expect anyone to read it but it's like the emperor party manifesto and he's the emperor, i think he even thinks that imperial is spelled 'emperial' and it's like all over his rinky dink website where he puts quotes FROM HIMSELF everywhere LOOOOOOL >>4000 trips wasted on his persecution complex, everyone is a bullying raider who is samefagging, the cope is real >>4001 when i own the board i'm going to scrub your posts and permaban you lmfao mooo harder lolcow
>>4002 >spend more time in the word youve clearly never read it. >>4003 >keep waiting, they could come anytime, just two more weeks raidbros! your baitposts reek of derangement btw >everyone is a bullying raider who is samefagging, the cope is real literally >when i own the board i'm going to scrub your posts and permaban you lmfao mooo harder lolcow good luck.
>>4004 >youve clearly never read it. Excuse me? And you base this on... what? I listen to an audio Bible almost nightly. Your lack of humility is really astounding.
>>4001 >idgaf anymore Then fuck off.
>>4005 i base it on your actions, coming in here and taking part in a libelous raid and accompanying a spiteful plotter and deceiver. There are Proverbs condemning what youre doing right now (or rather who youre associating with) so youve either never read them and are just using the "im le innocent Bible thumping Christian" schtick as an excuse or youre being deceitful, or something else idk its too late for me to give a deep dive into somebodies psychology.
Open file (40.45 KB 318x166 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4007 I've argued with him before and he's stated something along the lines of "the bible doesn't matter because it goes against my hedonistic lifestyle!" >>4008 Fuck off.
>>4008 >i'm le yoked trole schizo! irl: greasy haired chubby loser with pimples
>>4009 bait harder >>4010 >posts a pic of me guarding a church and tries to use it as an insult thanks, im still proud of that image to this day.
>>4011 Fuck off.
Open file (74.74 KB 827x1024 he cometh 3.jpg)
>>4013 aaah did i btfo the tranny raidfags too hard? dont leave for too long, it might get boring around here.
>>4013 behind this image is a greasy haired pox ridden autist who writes political manifestos where he fancies himself USA emperor, misspelling imperial as emperial
>>4015 bait harder n00b
>>4015 don't his greatest sin: being a seething redditor
Open file (102.69 KB 894x894 le troll.png)
>>4017 >mfw the antichrists hate the AntichristHater
>>4018 it's obvious that you read /r/he_comes, a gnostic subreddit once and decided to download your entire personality from it
>>4019 >>4020 bait harder >>4021 tf is r/he_comes. is it some based schizo subreddit?
>>4022 Chapter 1 β€œIn order to defeat you’re enemy first you must identify and understand them” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO your a faggot
>>4023 This system of republic is refereed to as a Revo-Republic
>>4024 are you writing replies for your friend to post on /christian/ or is he just as retarded as you?
>>4026 you gonna bitch to me about samefagging now? That would be ironic, but to answer your question hes just based like me.
>>4024 >manifesto writing Imagine trying to follow in the footsteps of Karl Marx in posting history's greatest cringe and calling yourself "Christian"
>>4028 bait harder lol
Open file (31.07 KB 697x264 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (144.49 KB 601x833 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (158.22 KB 606x850 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4028 >>4029 also this is what he's calling "history's greatest cringe" lol, your facade is crumbling lucifer.
>I hate the Antichrist!!1!! >uses Instagram https://archive.ph/H53Jk
>>4029 >>4030 >illiterate retard doesn't understand how sentences work
>>4032 >illiterate retard seethes as based Christians rejecting communist antichrist poison go cry to the fbi about it fag l m a o
Open file (277.88 KB 1827x859 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4034 the COG? lol bait harder antichrist
oh btw, we updated the manifesto.
Open file (345.42 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
raidfags seem to have ACK-'d themselves like the trannies they are
>>4037 oh wait nevermind. I wouldnt complain if they did tho.
>>4037 also >raidfag does not understand the concept of sweat not surprised
>>4038 wow that's really funny how you turned that around on me, you get your discord trannies together to slide the meta thread, and then call other people raidfags. that's a really smart reversal
>>4041 your bait sucks, atleast make this interesting. lol
>>4041 i got nothing better to do so atleast make this interesting
>>4042 moo lolcow moo
>>4044 i said make it interesting, this really isnt doing it for me.
now that i think about it, what kind of childhood abuse does a person have to go through to act like these raidfags? over bearing mother? maybe theyre Jewish lol.
>>4043 sorry buddy, i see that having your vol removed really did a number on you, i'm enjoying the milk from your pimple covered udders tho
>>4047 it sucked at first but now i have no obligation to refute any of your bullshit arguments so its been pretty chill.
>>4048 poor lolcow, udders chafing huh?
>>4047 i wonder at what point the globmods will delete this thread. theyre faggots anyways so they probably wont, its getting boring here>>4049
>>4049 bait harder, youre boring
>>4049 and what takes you so long to reply? surely these low tier replies cant take you that long. wtf else would you being doing at 5am
So was he just pretending to be a closet pedophile?
>>4053 Huh?
>>4053 >>4054 lowqual
I've changed my mind. The last few hours have been absolutely disgraceful and I'll create a "safe space" to allow things to simmer down before allowing this tripe to continue any longer. /christian/ anons need a relaxed (if temporary) environment to allow the waters to calm without inciters. I am not advocating for regime change. I am not advocating for meta shitflinging. I am giving anon a place to cool his head instead of escalating the situation with moderation in effect (while I'm awake anyways) to ban troublemakers. I am within the confines of the global rules in doing this. Anon can go here if he wants to practice what he preaches and discuss /christian/ity without meta until the situation has calmed down: >>>/k/38853
Has any of you considered not following a semitic death cult? Looks like that would help the lot of you take it easy.
A reminder: Anon.cafe's global rules include "do not post the personally identifying information of others (no doxxing)". Posts breaking this rule will be deleted and their posters globally banned as normal.
>>4058 Is it really doxxing though when he posted quotes of himself and confirmed that he was posting himself?
>>4059 The rule reads: Do not post, link to, or request the personally identifying information of others ("doxx"). Given that we have no means to authenticate any particular poster to their actual identity nor interest in doing so, we tend to fall on the side of assuming that anyone posting a claim to a particular real-world name may be a malicious interloper. Don't doxx on Anon.cafe.
>>4060 >The rule reads: Do not post, link to, or request the personally identifying information of others ("doxx"). Given that we have no means to authenticate any particular poster to their actual identity nor interest in doing so, we tend to fall on the side of assuming that anyone posting a claim to a particular real-world name may be a malicious interloper. what a ridiculous excuse! he posted with the same handle on the board that he does with the rest of social media, i made this clear in my posts yet you lie. stop trying to obfuscate this by pretending his real world identity was not on full display and directly connected to his postings here and on other social media. he quotes himself and posts pictures of his face. he chooses to make himself a public figure, he doesnt need the janny to cover his ass when someone puts it under a magnifying glass and asks everyone to take a good hard look at his pimples
Ban evasion. Original ban issued for posting PII.
Open file (126.74 KB 500x516 sVwbFig.png)
This thread convinced me that the entire /christian/ board is nothing but larper tradcat kids who got banned from cuckchan. And this fucking shitcord tier drama lmao, so fucking pathetic.
>>4062 That's what it's always been, even on 8chan. This is why it's so funny they call anyone else LARPers, because they're the biggest LARPers themselves.
>>4062 These guys are raiders. Might as well have deleted the board tho since it's practically dead. 3PPH on the weekend is abysmal.
>takedown of 16chan >takedown of /christian/ What next? k? zpol?
>>4066 It won't stop till jannies start banning raiders. Raiders were kinda smart this time since they masqueraded as concerned citizens but jeez when this stuff has been going on for weeks on end and the vol of a board has already requested help, maybe you should help out. This isn't just killing /christian/ it's killing anon.cafe too
>>4067 The moment you lose your position of power is the moment you start calling for the deletion of /christian/.
>>4068 Whats the point in the board anymore, it dropped 5 unique ips yesterday and has only had 3pph ON THE WEEKEND. 3pph is the norm on the weekdays but on the weekend thats abysmal. The board is dead, maybe it'll get resuscitated, probably not but it's dead either way. Which sucks because it was a great board that really helped me with a lot of theological questions. I guess it just serves as a learning experience now. Don't engage with raiders beyond a basic refutation and if you're a janny ALWAYS HELP OUT DURING A RAID.
>>4069 Not to mention the quality of the board has severely decreased even in the short amount of time since yesterday
>>4069 There's been a lot of drama and I imagine most anons would prefer to wait it out to see what happens. I don't understand why someone would question the point of the board, it's exists as a platform for christian posters to talk about christianity and things that relate to christianity. How alive or dead it is doesn't negate this purpose.
>>4069 >>4070 This is such a defeatist attitude. people have taken a break from /christian/ because actual Christians are commanded not to participate in petty drama. The board will increase in activity, it only needs some time. It has been less than 24hours since AntichristHater69 was removed. It is unsurprising opportunists are trying to use this time to have the board removed. It is incredibly immature to call the board "dead" at this time, and reflects AntichristHater69's behavior where as soon as someone mentioned his poor moderation his black-and-white thinking led him to say "I guess I'll leave then. It will all fall apart without ME." If the board is still dead 4 months after the drama has died down then it would make sense to consider its removal at that time.
>>4072 I've seen it before. Once people are gone the likelihood of them coming back is low. I guess the raidfags got what they wanted.
>>4073 And that's without mentioning the fact the board is unmoderated now which just means more low effort bait and shit posts.
>>4074 Despite all of his flaws and terrible way of handling this situation at least AntichristHater kept the board relatively clean and when the raiders weren't attacking us the board had some good posts and activity
>>4069 /k/ has had months of five users at most after various drama sessions and everyone thought the board was "finally permanently dead" only for it to bounce back after folks started slowly funneling back in. See >>4072 Imageboard users just don't want to deal with drama any more. Can you blame them?
>>4075 >>4074 >>4073 Nice samefagging.
>>4079 yeah his posting style and general behavior has become incredibly obvious. that's what he gets for namefagging.
>>4077 /K/ is a big board tho, double the users of /christian/. Maybe you're right and /christian/ will bounce back but board quality was already decreasing (ironically it went up after the raiders received their initial ban) and with everything else that's happened I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last straw >>4079 That's not samefagging lol those 3;posters are me
>>4080 it was definitely not "doxxing," i will agree with you there. the guy doxxed himself by freely posting his personally identifying information. however the moderation is correct in not immediately handing over the job to "oldvol" as that would be rash. >>4082 we get it dude you don't need to keep crying about it.
>>4083 then you're a fucking idiot. he instigated the raids and encouraged users to raid and post cp. he labels criticism of his posting and moderation raiding, and gives himself asspats for sweeping it while inviting his discord tranny friends on to the board to samefag
>>4084 Didn't that guy say AntichristHater69 used his board name as his name on other accounts? I looked before all that stuff got taken down and none of his accounts were named "AntichristHater69". The post he said it in got taken down tho
>Deleted posts Is this really the hill worth dying on? "Practice what you preach" goes both ways. Be the change you want to see and just post the Christian things you want to talk about to the moderated "bunker" thread linked above. Think of it like this... >If anons use the /k/ bunker thread it shows a general interest in using /christian/ and that anons are actually upset about the current drama >If anons don't use the /k/ bunker thread it shows that the namefag is right and it's just a bunch of anons raiding the board Everyone should put their money where their mouths are instead of yelling autistically and accusing the other of harm. It will send a more distinct message.
>>4085 I was there and I saw everything happen and that's not how it happened. AntichristHater shouldn't have engaged with it beyond just refuting then but the board was getting raided
>>4087 It was people raiding the board. The owner of /Christian/ showed that in the meta thread before AntichristHater cleaned it up.
>>4090 Why'd you call it a name if it was an email. I don't remember him encouraging ancp raid, are you talking about that /Islam/ guy? I don't remember him saying anything about cp
Open file (22.28 KB 251x251 1658215303762.jpg)
>>4090 >there is no issue with people posting here There is no issue with people posting here if they want to talk about meta, but some anons want to get back to discussing Christianity in a controlled environment away from meta which is what is being offered as a temporary solution for cooler heads to prevail. If you can't see that you are a hot head stuck in the meta cycle and are crashing this plane with no survivors.
>>4092 Why not just go to /Christian/
>>4093 Because that's where the problem is, according to the anons who are being accused of raiding.
>>4091 name as in inside the name field of his post >>4092 you're chiding me for not visiting your board. i don't need to visit your board to see the kinds of posts i'd see on /christian/. antichrist encouraged cp raids and used the board as his own personal recruitment zone for his terrorist glowop. i have a problem with that and i'm letting the site know i dont need you insisting that i visit /k/
>>4095 In other words you are admitting he is right.
>>4095 Is this what you're referring? His name is AntichristHater69 https://anon.cafe/christian/res/7790.html >>4094 I thought the problem was AntichristHater? He's de-vol
>>4096 right about what? go and post on the board if you want to talk about random bullshit and stop sliding the thread. there is a serious problem with the leadership of the board that needs to be addressed. if you disagree please explain why you think promoting violent glowops should be tolerated by the users of the board
>>4098 Promoting glow ope?
>>4097 no, he posted elsewhere on the board with that handle, and applied for his own board named after the empire stuff >>4099 his manifesto tells members that their goal is the violent overthrow of the us government. they encourage terrorism. glowie shit that shouldn't be on /christian/ yet the pathetic worm of a BO leaves his posts around
>>4100 Where? Send screens pls. I haven't read his manifesto aside from what he posted last night but I don't know what that has to do with /Christian/, I've been lurking for a while now and haven't seen any manifesto be posted.
Open file (148.84 KB 670x455 hiso smug.jpg)
>>4097 Allow me to lay it out since I'm a neutral party... >Anons were saying the problem was AntiChristHater >/christian/ BO removed him from the volunteership >Anons said that wasn't good enough and either: >A) They want a new BO >And/Or B)They want AntiChristHater gone >AntiChristHater says this is the result of a raid and not the result of anons being upset >/shelter/ thread supposed to get away from /christian/ is being used as a recruitment divide and conquer thread by both factions >A /k/ sanctuary thread is made explicitly banning the use of names/meta to get to the bottom of whether anon is just raiding or AntiChristHater is just lying You are here. >>4098 I know this is a serious problem. That's why that thread exists; If anons are actually upset for the reasons mentioned above, then they will use it to make a point. If they are just raiding, they will continue to deflect and shit on it like you are suspiciously doing. The point is that communication between the two parties is at an impass. Communication can't continue until anon's concerns are confirmed "real" since each side is claiming the other are bad actors from abroad. That thread is a neutral standpoint; finding an objective reality by "forcing" anon to practice what he preaches and communicate through his actions (posts) rather than shitflinging.
>>4101 hi antichrist. i'm aware you haven't posted your manifesto yet, you have posted your email and the name of your terrorist cell, and you've got 2 ops up with the flag of your terrorist cell as the image. it's as easy for me as it is for anyone else to go directly from your postings on the board to your social media and website. that's how i found you. i didn't work some kind of arcane magic, you've plastered it all over the place. you make allusions to doing 'tactical' thing irl in your threads and you're careful with your language however your intentions are clear when putting it next to your calls to violence on social media and in your manifesto
>>4102 lmao shut the fuck up you ridiculous retard 'if this is a problem'. how the fuck is promoting a terrorist glowop not a problem
>>4102 I see, it's probably not wise though to post this here. What if the alleged raiders just start posting there to gaslight you. >>4103 So you're basing everything off an email that was used for a thread about "Christian cultural revolutions"? This position sounds like its built on sand at best
>>4104 >how the fuck is promoting a terrorist glowop not a problem That's none of my business and is a separate question you can get to the bottom of here or in your /cow/ thread which I am amazed nobody has mentioned located here: https://alogs.space/cow/res/166017.html I'm just trying to find the objective reality of whether /christian/ is being raided or anon is legitimately pissed off.
>>4106 Oooh, things just got interesting.
>>4105 >What if the alleged raiders just start posting there to gaslight you That is a legitimate possibility, but in my experience people who are "raiding" are really bad at sticking to actual board topic discussion for more than a post or two before losing interest.
>>4105 >>4106 are you even reading my posts. he made multiple posts with that handle displayed, and he applied for a board named after his official empire glowop. he posts the movements flags and iconography all over the board. if you can't admit that's a clear link you're being totally disingenuous. he even admits that it's him anyway you fucking clown. i am done spoonfeeding info to you drooling slobs
>>4108 Fair enough.
>>4109 You're very suspicious anon.
>>4083 >That's not samefagging lol those 3;posters are me That's what samefagging is, anon. >>4102 I don't know what you mean by deflect here. If anons want the BO to be removed I'd imagine they'd keep shitposting in this thread hoping something will change. The /k/ sanctuary doesn't change this, since even when Antichristhater69 was vol, the most he'd do is namefag on /christian/, at one point, deleted a bunch of posts that certain anons thought shouldn't have been deleted. Meaning /christian/ is still usable, especially since he's gone. What's the point of deflecting if it's a raid? Are the raiders supposed to be raiding shelter? Are they supposed to be raiding /christian/? What are they supposed to be doing?
>>4109 >Are you even reading my posts? I'm saying that is not my concern and you can preach it to someone else.
>>4112 No I made those posts because I kept forgetting to add stuff to the other ones I made also it is a raid /k/anon just posted a link to a thread about raiding /Christian/
>>4113 >i'm trying to figure out if its a raid or if anon is legitimately pissed about something HELLO RETARD I AM REPLYING TO YOUR POST YOU CAN STOP SHILLING /k/ NOW
>>4112 >What are the raiders supposed to be doing? I don't know, ask antichristhater. He is still on /christian/ as a regular user which is allegedly the source of this drama. I don't know if that is true or not and just want to establish an objective reality.
>>4116 >playing dumb and conveniently ignoring the topic and content of the thread p=please come to /k/ guys, you can talk about your thread in /k/ just p-p-p-please come now stop shilling, stop sliding
>>4116 He hasn't been on today. Did he get banned?
>>4118 I don't recall so. Globals and BO said he wasn't banned. >>4117 Why would I have an interest in shilling /k/?
>>4106 I just checked because someone the /cow/ thread mentioned tvch and there's a raid thread on /dup/ too! Looks like the house of cards is finally falling
>>4119 We can email him, should we try?
>>4116 He's the source? I haven't participated in any of these threads but, from what I can gather, his namefagging and obnoxious posting style is what's being complained about the most since it's the most obvious problem, but this still leaves room for complaints against the BO himself for keeping him around and even giving him a vol position. As someone who occasionally lurked and sometimes posted in /christian/, I could testify at the very least that he does namefag, and he was a vol. Other drama related to bad moderation, I can't really speak about. >>4118 I think he's the one calling everyone who doesn't like him raidfags. It's an anonymous imageboard so this can't be verified.
>>4120 Care to share with the class?
>>4122 That's what the /cow/ said earlier tho, how can we trust you?
>>4119 >Why would I have an interest in shilling /k/? >>4102 because you're muh neutral observer who is incessantly sliding the thread demanding people visit /k/ to participate in a thread that has nothing to do with the stated purpose of the thread, that is the flaws in the moderation of /christian/. its just some random thread to talk about bullshit, nobody cares, fuck off and stop sliding
>>4124 Thank you. Here is an archive and why I called for a need for cooler heads: https://archive.ph/NYq5a
>>4120 >>4125 ...What's the point of such obvious lies? Anyone could go to the /cow/ thread and see.
>>4126 This thread is about AntichristHater, AntichristHater is no longer vol. You have no reason to still be posting here >>4127 nice, thanks for archiving.
>>4128 I have screenshotted the thread, no point in attempting a cover up now
>>4129 actually faggot i do, i created the thread and i proposed that either the BO position be handed over to me or a current mod, or a new board be created. i didnt create it to shill /k/. i can see why you're disliked, you inserted yourself in to the thread very early on writing some stupid post and you're absolutely clueless about what's going on, your thread even disallows the discussion of meta, when the BO told users to come here to talk about that. that's what everyone is here about you colossal faggot why would we not discuss antichrist some more? he's a gigantic lolcow and it needs to be driven home how detrimental he has been to the board and what that says about the BO who has propped him up all this time
>>4131 I realize it's difficult with IDs disabled, but I am eating lunch and doing laundry, not responding to you right now. That is someone else.
Now that we have proven this to be a raid, what next? Also I emailed AntichristHater but he hasn't responded yet
>>4132 you are >>4102 and >>4056
>>4133 LMFAO the cope
Open file (38.69 KB 1050x443 unknown-1.png)
>>4136 i really want to believe that's true because it sounds about right for the retards in charge here but i think it's just a cope because he's embarrassed
>>4138 I can ask him to send proof
>>4139 don't wait for my permission anon! go right ahead!
Open file (86.79 KB 554x939 unknown-2.png)
>>4140 He sent me this!!!
Not only have jannies allowed a raid to go on which we now have proof of but they also banned the wrong guy. C'mon jannies do what's right, end this now.
>>4130 Anon, either of the threads both on /dup/ or on /cow/ just mention antichristhater. There's not even a call for a raid. What's the point of any of this?
>>4144 They both redirect people here which is a raid
>>4146 The raider is trying to cover his ass now after we definitely proved that a raid was being waged against /Christian/ SINCE AT LEAST AUGUST 2
>>4147 Jannies HAVE to get involved otherwise they're telling the whole we bring it's ok to raid anon.cafe
>>4149 The date of the /cow/ post
>>4151 The raider is trying to deflect the blame after called on the jannies to take action truly a pathetic slug face your punishment like a man you seem to have no problem doing it to others
>>4145 And I guess you could conclude from this that there might be some posters here stirring up the pot for lols, and from this a strained conclusion of, literally anyone who says anything against antichristhater must be a raider, can be reached. Incredibly convenient. Claims like >>4120 when the /cow/ thread never mentions tvch or >>4125 when the /cow/ thread never mentioned anything related to the post being replied to, are nonsense. But at the least, it's true those threads do exist.
>>4153 The /cow/ thread does mention tvch I can quote it for you "/Christian/ is like /trannypol/ after all, two different sides of the same coin, both used to raider 8chan /pol/ and both do the same on tvch"
>>4155 I didn't see that. I should've ctrl+f'd the thread. I'm sorry for calling it nonsense.
>>4156 Don't worry about it
>>4160 You've been posting the exact same things as the what was posted in the /cow/ don't play koi with us. And you're stilling trying to discredit me, smh. When will jannies do something about this?
Open file (1.40 MB 960x960 3zv7aomngyg51.png)
>>4161 >don't play koi with us.
>>4162 The /cow/ thread was made by you, you posted the same contents here while you were namefagging
Jannies are faggots for still allowing this mess to go on even after we proved that this is a organized raid. Is there anyway to replace the jannies? Is there some way to contact the site owner and inform him of the abysmal job that's going on and the fact that his website is on the verge of dying due to it's poor moderation?
>>4164 >230+replies on /shelter/ >200+ replies on /meta/ >2 or 3 posts on /cow/ DONT PLAY KOI WITH THE RULER OF THE EMPERIAL DEMOCRACY YOU ARE AN AGENT OF /COW/
>>4166 Former namefag and raider is deflecting from the fact that me and /k/ bo just exposed him. When will jannies do their job? Is their purpose not to keep the site enjoyable? If so then why do they insist on allowing these raiders to ruin the site?
>>4168 Ban the raiders
>>4169 cow lives in your mind rent free. you know that cashier that looked at you funny the other day? agent of cow, stay vigilant imperor
>>4170 Raider is admitting to being from /cow/
>>4171 why would cow want the BO to transfer ownership to a different mod? why would cow want the BO to step down? delusional persecution complex shows itself once again
>>4172 Because the guy who posted it to /cow/ wants to control/destroy the board.
>>4173 The /dup/ thread makes it obvious that he hates christians
>>4173 you think the mod who posted earlier is an agent of /cow/? interesting theory imperor, i'm sure that's not just your persecution complex talking
>>4175 You're the same two people lol
Open file (174.22 KB 900x808 R.png)
>>4174 >everyone that criticizes AntichristHater is the same person! It can't be that multiple people dislike me! I'm the imperor of America that's unpossible!
Why do you hate /Christian/ so much? What did it ever do to you why spend weeks raiding a board is your life that meaningless
>>4176 LOL you think i'm >>3912 ?
>>4177 You're the same people, /cow/ and /dup/ showed that nobody is listening to your gas lighting
Open file (5.35 KB 300x168 download.jpeg)
>>4179 Samefagging, namefagging, and raidfagging
>>4182 /Cow/ user exposed himself as childish manlet who raided /Christian/ out of his hatred for God. Jannies must do something about this immediately raiders cannot be allowed to exist on this board
>>4183 /Cow/ /dup/ on suicide watch after being exposed as God hating manlet
>>4186 Raiders on suicide watch I repeat raiders on suicide watch
Is this the end of the raidfags? Have they finally given up? Have they finally gone outside? Have they finally gotten some bitches?!?!? Let's hope so for the sanctity of this site
This entire thread has been AntichristHater arguing against himself. He has been known to samefag.
>>4189 Raidfag attempts gaslighting Attempt #3
>>4184 what do you want the jannies to do? ban me again? you're evading your ban for 'doxxing' yourself and your friend, just schizo screaming in to the void
The raidfags existence is truly miserable I pray God takes him soon
>>4191 Raidfag alert raidfag alert The raidfag has come back after attempting his suicide for the 30th time today after being btfo'd
>>4185 abberant saturday worshipping gnostic heretic has the sheer nerve to accuse people of hating god, when he himself hates god by peddling his own perverse fanfiction of the religion, just as perverse as his violent power fantasy manifesto
>>4194 Raidfag deflection. Back to the noose troon
>>4196 Wtf I'm a imperial now
>>4197 Raidfags on suicide watch
>>4199 Moo moo moo nigger raidfag let me milk you some more. Moo for me nigger bitch haha cry about how you've been exposed then neck yourself troon
>>4201 Moo moo moo raid nigger
>>4203 Moo moo moo
This thread has degenerated beyond use; it has clearly ceased to be a bona fide refugee/shelter thread and will therefore be locked as a nuisance.

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