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Open file (116.46 KB 600x535 1391014868518.jpg)
Anonymous 05/26/2021 (Wed) 02:14:25 No.3340
What happened to /kind/?
>>3340 They set up their own website. Aaaand it seems they went down, site says they have a bunker around here, i suppose it's hidden but still sports the same name (/kind/)
>>3341 The site's been down for days. I have no clue what's going on.
>"kind.moe will be down for a day or so. We had an issue with the site and are using the opportunity to port to NPFchan. anon.cafe/kind/ is our bunker for now. sorry for the downtime. -kind staff" https://kind.moe/ They're fine, just a little hiccup.
Okay. Thanks, everyone. I didn't even think to just try the URL for the bunker on here after not seeing it on the board list.
Having stumbled onto /kind/ before seeing this thread was an interesting experince. Gives me an idea of what to expect now that I'm off the beaten path.
>>3378 >what to expect a hugbox chock full of literal, unironicaly, aids homos and trannies
>>3379 Why so upset?
>>3380 anon asked, I just gave him the cold hard facts, if you don't like em it's probably because they're truthful and truth can sometimes hurt.
>>3381 What facts? I don't recall ever seeing a tranny there, unless you're counting an ex-tranny.
>>3344 Why was the /kind/ bunker deleted? It's down at the moment and my first instinct was to go there.
Open file (178.64 KB 985x1349 sleppy luther.jpg)
It looks like the domain was sold. RIP. Went to check the site because some anon posted a link to a site called Puhloo Pahloo or something like that which had links to old internet sites. Now I will never find it ;_;
/kind/ is good place. i do hope everything i alright on the admins' end
Open file (6.72 KB 454x437 1344364986052.gif)
>>3742 I hope that's not true.
>>3742 >link to a site called Puhloo Pahloo or something like that peelopaalu.neocities.org is this what you ere looking for friend? i have no idea what's up with /kind/ either but came here to see what was up.
>>3745 Thanks bro, that's the one. I wonder if /kind/ had an IRC or admin email, might be worth crawling any available archives one and see if the webmaster can be questioned.
>>3746 >I wonder if /kind/ had an IRC or admin email IDK, I think there was contact info on the home page. Maybe someone here at /comfy/ would know, since /kind/ linked to /comfy/?
>>3747 I would ask the wirechan admin. I think he's the most likely person to get any good information from.
>>3742 Does not seem to be the case. > Created on 2020-06-13 > Expires on 2022-06-13 > Updated on 2021-05-19 >>3746 There is an email, it's what you would expect it to be (admin at domain).
Open file (231.32 KB 411x364 whaaa.png)
>>3748 >wirechan oddly enough something seems to be up with mebious over there also (Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN)
Open file (41.26 KB 468x375 pretty suspicious.jpg)
>>3750 And it is the same moralis bullshit.
>>3751 What the hell is moralis anyway? I looked at their site, and I still have no clue.
Open file (117.74 KB 293x468 shinkansen.jpg)
>>3750 wirechan admin said it is running on the same server as kind.moe
Open file (1.21 MB 974x928 ClipboardImage.png)
I'll bring nightmares to mobius's main server maintainer in charger if he doesn't fix the stuff.
Open file (120.94 KB 419x477 6e442a0606e67035b2c.png)
>>3755 >I'll bring nightmares to mebious's main server maintainer Perhaps moralis has already beaten you to the punch? ;^) Here's hoping that both /kind/ and moebious return.
Open file (127.45 KB 744x571 wirechan_meta.png)
screenshot from wirechan's /meta/ updating the situation >kind.moe admin >vanished due to some health concerns >(alongside kind.moe)
>>3757 I hope he's alright.
Open file (8.93 MB 960x720 e_mix.webm)
>>3757 By the way, yakui.moe is gone too. I don't even know where to complain about that.
Open file (142.37 KB 284x262 0a4a7b8869dc4a093a1.png)
>>3759 Say it aint so! I wish I had archived more from there. That board was slow, but it had great style.
>>3756 >>3757 Mebious is back on a new subdomain but no news about /kind/ and the thread got locked.
Open file (262.63 KB 680x680 1627242880493.png)
I hate to say it, but odds are that /kind/ is gone for good. I won't divulge any specifics; I can't say what is and isn't relevant, nor do I want to step on any toes. What I will say though, is that it's been coming for some time. The kind admin has been serving his post for many years. It would be very understandable if he's tired of managing the site. Someone should consider creating a new /kind/ in the coming weeks. It's an old board that has been through a lot. It'd be a damn shame if it dies here and like this.
>>3762 wow are you telling me that hosting an entire website for one dead board is not a good idea?
Open file (863.06 KB 450x253 rude.gif)
>>3763 What a rude filename!
>>3763 It's an expensive (wasteful) way of doing things, but there were reasons for that choice. I would have probably done the same, but that's probably because I'm clueless when it comes to the administrative details.
>>3762 What the fuck are you talking about schizo?
Open file (163.69 KB 320x240 1632897943949.gif)
Open file (17.40 KB 240x260 cfae338390a25ca9ba3f.jpg)
So, if I am to understand all this correctly, at the end of the day, /kind/ ultimately ended up being bullied by it's own admin?
Open file (137.73 KB 331x394 1509212870542.png)
When is it back?
Open file (25.91 KB 896x504 c72f8eeb19cca8c152b2.jpg)
>>3769 Difficult to speculate without a word from admin. Wishing them well and thanks, of course, for carrying the torch whatever the case may be.
Open file (11.79 KB 393x130 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.29 MB 1280x720 aaaaa.webm)
Open file (396.38 KB 1570x1536 1509237319813.jpg)
>>3771 Well that's just great. He'll probably never see this, but I thank him for all the work he's put in and hope his situation improves.
>>3772 >>3771 If anon.moe doesn't have a /kind/ equivalent, 8ch.moe/c/ exists for all kind posting
>>3771 Also which board is this from?
>>3774 wirechan, which was friends with /kind/ same as >>3757
>>3773 /kind/ is most welcome to crash on >>>/comfy/. Also there used to be a /kind/ bunker here, what happened.?
Open file (8.50 KB 300x100 captcha.jpg)
Hey, have you guys found a solution yet?
>>3792 If not, I could set up a board for you temporarily.
>>3792 I'm considering taking up the reins and making the next incarnation of /kind/. On the other hand, it might be best to let /kind/ rest. There are plenty of boards and sites these days that fill the same purpose, in that you can just relax and post whatever you want without having a sperg have an issue with it.
>>3794 I'd be glad to do it with you if you want. I have some server space to spare.
>>3795 I would need some time to learn the work behind creating and maintaining a board. I'll look into it later today and try to have an actual answer soon.
>>3796 I can do everything on the technical side for you, I just don't see myself fit to be /kind/ BO since I was never really a regular there. If you'd be happy to take on the new BO role that'd be fantastic, I'll provide the board itself and you can be in charge.
>>3797 I'll think on it. There are a few things I have to consider before taking on this role.
>>3798 Alright, you can message me in private if you decide.
Planning to launch the new /kind/ site on the weekend, can anyone think of a good name?
>>3809 That's some good news. Thanks for taking the initiative. I might have banners saved, but they're probably available from archives anyway. A good name might depend on the TLD? What has it been since 8chan/kind/? kindchan.org and kind.moe? I always thought .moe seemed fitting.
>>3771 >discordfag Good riddance
>>3809 I wish I was more creative.
>>3809 Slothchan :^)
>>3812 Wirechan isn't discord.
>>3773 fuck off mark >>3757 >>3771 >>3775 >friends with pedokoi Good riddance
What's wrong with wirechan?
Open file (148.03 KB 311x360 1643481437953.gif)
OK. The new board is up. It's not perfect, but we will work on it. https://2kind.moe
Open file (3.04 MB 444x250 1478466656410.gif)
>>3820 Cool.
>>3820 2kind4me
>>3820 Glad to see it Anon, thanks! :^)
>>3819 >pedokoi
>>3824 >Everyone I don't like is pedokoi
>>3825 >sage is always butthurt kys pedokoi
>>3826 >non-sage is always butthurt kys pedokoi
rent free
>>3759 Anon, do you have the link of the full videos? Please I need them!!!!
>>4208 I know these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG40Rbf6bKU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DuuxTBQTKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOBAfBqixaQ No idea what the Dokuro-chan and Lain ones are. /e/ had a list, maybe you can find it in some archive.
https://2kind.moe/kind/res/3020.html /kind/ is going down again. Why can't nice things last?
>>4212 Hopefully this'll work out. I know what you mean though.
I can't post it says internal server error.
>>4212 >it's not on the webring why should we care?
Open file (26.17 KB 221x221 1603058018264.jpg)
>>4228 Why shouldn't you?
Open file (530.70 KB 389x400 yui phone panic.gif)
> Forbidden > You don't have permission to access this resource.
>>4212 Can't you just like make a board on zzz or here or even go back to 8chan?
>>4244 >Officially join the webring. The only thing that could be worse is >Go back to 8chan.
Open file (57.18 KB 693x663 ruh_roh.jpg)
Yeah, /kind/ has finally been pulled by the host. We should be back in about a week. We were hoping for the host to lend us a hand for a smooth transition, but no luck. Sorry!
warmly watching for the transition of 2kind into 3kind
>>4248 4kind, actually. Though hopefully it'll be temporary and we can return to kind.moe
Open file (54.61 KB 500x500 crying homura.jpg)
>>4247 Why does the host bully us so much?
>>4251 They had their reasons, so don't think too poorly of them.
Open file (100.91 KB 1280x720 suffering.jpg)
Open file (497.35 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4253 >reasons I'm pretty sure I know what their "reasons" were.
It's showing some image now.
>>4256 That seams like a good sign. Means the domains not dead.
Here we go again.
>>4257 No, 2kind probably won't be coming back soon. Please be patient. There isn't much that can be done right now. /kind/ will be back soon enough.
>>4259 This is a good opportunity to walk away. You don't want to end up paying to be a janny.
If /kind/ is gone... does that mean that I can bully?
>>4261 If it wasn't, could you not bully? What will they do? /kind/ly ask you to stop?
Open file (798.02 KB 354x498 lum.gif)
>>4259 Hope so. The anons of wapchan have always enjoyed visiting our /kind/ friends.
Open file (14.63 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
I miss my /kind/ friends.
Open file (3.97 KB 216x176 hamsolo_jp 8x.gif)
Sorry it's taking so long. There is a lot for me to figure out. While I have help, I really want to understand everything being used so that I'll be able to handle things myself. I feel it is best to get things figured out now instead of putting it off until it is too late again. kindmin will hopefully be a competent admin.
Open file (2.74 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
Neet.moe Uboachan.net
Open file (4.87 KB 349x177 simcity 2000.png)
>>4268 click next! (`・ω・´)
>>4268 I want it back already.
>>4268 I can't wait! Please do your best!
Open file (164.13 KB 1074x1252 1657855311081.jpg)
So I take it 2kind is down? The website only returns an image.
>>4275 It was pulled by the host. Next site will be up soon. Progress is a bit slow, but there shouldn't be any issues once things are prepared.
>>4276 Why was it pulled? Couldn't they have waited until there's a replacement?
>>4277 They had personal reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, time wasn't a luxury that they had.
Open file (305.07 KB 568x555 bullying problem.png)
Open file (147.05 KB 654x854 53f819f2e43ab90d.jpeg)
>>4278 May they be back up soon.
Open file (3.83 MB 640x640 hyped for donut.mp4)
>>4289 Fun times are currently on halt.
>>4290 Fun times have been on halt for way too long.
Open file (52.49 KB 332x379 cat.png)
If you want you can have a /kind/ board on https://2chen.moe/ it's a live posting image board.
>>4293 that place does not look kind to me...
I want /kind/ back!
Open file (42.71 KB 620x521 1656057707635.jpg)
>>4297 Same.
Shouldn't be too much longer. Please bear with it for now.
Every day I check if we're back. Waiting patiently. If you need help with something you can ask here too, but I don't check shelter often. >>4293 Live posting is a bad format imo, and let's be real that's just a 3D pedo/hebe site. I don't directly hate pedos and at least it's not a site for posting CP, but it makes little sense for anyone to create a board on a pedo site for association.
Open file (247.40 KB 1600x1441 1592851606456.jpg)
>>4306 I've warmed up to live posting. >let's be real that's just a 3D pedo/hebe site hey there's also homestuck posters and some anime posters... you could be an oasis of kind
>>4306 Thanks for the offer, but I don't think there is much to help right now. My understanding is that there isn't a whole lot more to do, mostly getting the site prepared. I also haven't started my job yet due to a ridiculous delay in the hiring process, so there's still a bit of a wait before I can get us settled in with a hosting service, but it shouldn't be more than a few weeks until I can pay for hosting. I think I've already apologized, but I am really sorry I wasn't prepared for this before hand. Assuming there aren't any surprises, this time we shouldn't have anything hanging over our heads. >>4307 I'd much rather keep the board on it's own site. I'm of the same opinion of >>4306. Though, I don't mind live posting, it just isn't right for /kind/. Also, I don't want anyone assuming it's just a German language board or something...
Open file (91.47 KB 472x436 1580623770494.png)
>>4291 Understandable but the offer remains, could be an unlisted board or something. >but it shouldn't be more than a few weeks until I can pay for hosting. what type of hosting are trying to get? if you have a credit card you can quickly deploy a vps billed by the hour, it'd only be $5-10 to run for a few weeks.
>>4309 >>4308 misquoted
>>4309 I have someone willing to host in the meantime, but I'm looking into VPS options for when I'm able to take care of it. Should only be two or three weeks until then.
Open file (128.59 KB 457x645 thumbs_up.png)
>>4308 Congratulations on getting the job!
>>4308 >I also haven't started my job yet due to... <yet Grats Anon.
Open file (2.93 MB 540x304 1508696902032.gif)
me every day without /kind/
>>4316 Gomen. I get paid next friday. I'll try and get things set up that weekend, but it's a short one for me. If I don't manage that, I'll work on it while I'm home, but it'll be jumping right into 60 hour work weeks after over a year of being a NEET... I'm sorry for so many delays and that this is taking forever. All I can really say at this point is, I'll get it up when I can get it up.
>>4317 >All I can really say at this point is, I'll get it up when I can get it up. Much appreciated Admin, we're cheering for you. Godspeed. >t. /robowaifu/
>>4317 You've displayed a ridiculous level of incompetence in your handling of this issue. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say any random anon from /kind/ could've done a better job. I even know a few who would have. /kind/, as an almost decade old imageboard deserves more care than this. Kindness is great but shouldn't degenerate into tolerance of complacent laziness and incompetence.
>>4320 It's not like he's obligated to do this.
>>4322 Yet he of his own volition occupies a position without the resources or knowledge to do something as basic as keeping the site up. A position that someone who actually cares could fill. If he wanted the board to prosper he'd be looking for someone better to replace him.
>>4323 Do something about it instead of complaining.
>>4324 How about I gap your little asshole then, samefagging admin?
>>4325 I'm not the admin, although your reply is all I need. Congrats on getting a (You) from me, now shut up and keep waiting for Kindmin. Apologies for the rude posting for the other anons, I just don't like that attitude of his.
>>4326 From the time of Saint Paul, to Saint John Chrysostom, and even Martin Luther, who had high hopes of Converting the Jews to Lutheranism, people have wised up. Jesus Christ called some Jews the Synagogue of Satan, and their talmud has some pretty wicked hate against the Lord God. It's not racist to say this.
>>4323 >occupies a position without the resources or knowledge to do something as basic as keeping the site up I have no issues retiring. If you feel you can do it better, by all means, make it yourself. I know I have no business being kindmin, but I'm not going to just push it off and expect someone else to do it. That goes for anyone, but until then, I'm going to continue on.
>>4327 Very cool.
Checking in on you guys from another board. Is kind back up yet, I feel bad for you guys. Worse thing that happens is you go to 8chan.moe or make a board here on anon.cafe
>>4332 >Worse thing that happens is you go to 8chan.moe Does the phrase Die in a fire ring any bells for you Mark?
>>4332 >make a board here on anon.cafe There was a bunker here but it was deleted by the former admin I think
>>4333 Didn’t kind have its own site recently?
>>4328 Thank you for your work.
Open file (3.73 MB 498x278 moneyslap.gif)
>>4317 >I get paid next friday.
What will be the first thread you make once /kind/ is back? I think I will remake the learning thread.
Getting impatient. And worried /kind/ may not come back.
>>4346 Yeah, I'm not sure what the situation is. It is my fault for poor communication with the person helping me out. I'm just going to start doing it myself tomorrow, as I should have from the start. I haven't done so because I didn't want to invalidate a bunch of work, but at this point it's just what needs to be done.
I believe in you.
believe in the anon who believes in you!
I believe in believing in Anons who believe in you!
I believe I can fly.
Open file (144.94 KB 819x1200 1665309156605783.jpg)
you can still make a home on 2chen I'll add static posting just for you
Open file (244.58 KB 500x482 lain gambatte beam.png)
>>4316 >me every day without /kind/ Would you kindly STFU?
Open file (132.05 KB 1920x1080 crying sagiri.jpg)
>>4355 Sorry
Small update. My help is back to doing their part after dealing with some personal issues. I'll be giving him a little more time. Meanwhile I'll be looking further into hosting services and getting some experience handling imageboard software so that if it does and up taking too much longer, I'll be ready to get something up myself. We're going to be moving to Lynxchan. It seems to have good documentation, so I should be able to handle it pretty well. I don't know what the opinion on this will be, but at the very least, it should be better than vichan.
>>4357 >We're going to be moving to Lynxchan. It seems to have good documentation I'd recommend you have a look at the Admin post on this very topic, on this very site, Anon. >>>/meta/10678 Good luck Admin, we're all rooting for you! :^)
>>4358 update This seems to be the latest pertinant post by admin in that thread: >>>/meta/14030
>>4358 >>4359 Thank you. I'll look things over.
Open file (249.58 KB 984x712 tele85_006.jpg)
>>4357 Good to hear. If you need help with Lynxchan (wapchan has used this on a debian host since the beginning), feel free to reach out at the email you have sent messages to previously. Wishing the best for you and your help.
>>4356 Well at least your good at listening.
>>4357 I believe at you!
>>4357 This site's admin put up the scripts they use to build this site so that others could too. Might give you a head start: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html The tools target 2.5.10 but this site's on 2.5.14, so maybe they'll update the public version to the latest if you ask.
I like vichan ux tbh. Really don't like lynxchan and jschan they're ugly bloated and annoying (sorry devs), but anything is better than no /kind/! I'll probably write a quick script to make it less ugly for myself when the time comes. I mostly just think it's some weird mix of modern and old that just doesn't look good together. Especially the post buttons, and the reply and refresh buttons dont even change the cursor to pointer, what were they thinking... Unresponsive. vichan >>>>>>>> meguca with liveposting disabled >>>>>>>> jschan>lynxchan
>>4365 Vichan UX is still the best because it copies 4chan. I remember coming across a near-perfect 4chan CSS for vichan. Unfortunately I didn't save it.
>>4366 I could change vichan to a carbon copy of 4chan in a day with some template and css adustments (all minor things like [<a>reply</a>] instead of <a>[reply]</a>, but I kinda like vichan as is. It not being 100% identical gives it some charm even though I think wrapping the link inside the brackets looks better. Also use 4chanX with vichan which is nice since it keeps my settings even when i clear storage and cookies. Wakaba IB and TinyIB are also pretty comfy, though they're probably a bit more annoying to moderate than Vichan since vichan has pretty decent moderation tools. This can also be a feature though. They're simple and works and don't try to make an older format modern. I just don't get why everyone tries to modernize imageboards, they're great on their own. Also really easy to modify vichan. Also seen a lot of people on 4/g/ making imageboards using modern tools and I see things like bootstrap templates and tailwind used and I just want to throw up. I get that they're just learning and trying things, but some things just shouldn't be "modern".
If you guys really need somewhere to stay and post on, you will all ways find a friend on /late/ :DDD https://late.city/late/
>>4369 no offense, but it doesnt offer anyhting new whats the point
>>4361 Thank you. I haven't been keeping up with that email. Sorry if you've been waiting for a reply. >>4364 I saw. I still need to give it an in-depth look. I will this weekend, as working has been pretty rough for me to adjust to... >>4365 If the others are of the same mind, I don't mind going back to vichan. I'm not bothered by it being "outdated" myself, not to mention I have a little more experience with it. The scripts our friend is making also has some work done for vichan as well, so it might be very easily done. Maybe. I just thought it'd be preferred to move to a newer IB software. That said, if anyone has any suggestions, please make it known. I'm not doing this just for myself.
>>4371 >That said, if anyone has any suggestions, please make it known Just this: enable the JSON API, whichever software you use. That way, archiving with BUMP will work for /kind/.
>>4369 I've been posting there for a while.
Open file (888.71 KB 838x1062 1669129004527.png)
Any updates?
>>4376 We SHOULD be ready this weekend. Tomorrow most likely. I'll let you know if anything happens to change that.
Open file (1.18 MB 540x579 sparkling.gif)
>>4377 Good news! A new seasonal chapter in /kind/ history.
>>4377 Fun fact: /kind/ is the strongest board
Small hiccup. Should have a basic site up tomorrow. Probably. After that, I'll work on getting the site to where we want it. It'll most likely take a bit depending on how my job goes, but I'll try and get things done when I can.
>>4382 Sorry. Things didn't go as planned. Again, this is mostly just difficulties working with someone else. Finding a good time during the week is difficult. I don't want to just ditch what's been done as it IS pretty much finished. Just needs tested, the domain transferred, and then some basic set up. I just regret not being confident from the start and doing more research. Things would have been a lot faster. Sorry for being a retard everyone.
>>4382 Nice marmot.
>>4384 I thought it was a rabbit.
>>4380 /kind/ is the gayest board and it should stay gone
Open file (14.91 KB 755x135 stop bullying.png)
>>4396 You're the gayest poster and should stop posting.
Any news?
>>4410 the gay site is dead and never coming back
>>4410 I'm working on it myself. I'm tired of just sitting around not really knowing what's going on with the site I'm supposed to be the admin of. I don't know when you can expect it, but I don't think it'll be long.
Open file (251.85 KB 2901x4096 Fg-kxuYUYAADUS_.jpg)
>>4418 do you know what you're doing?
>>4420 Hell no. I'm going to try and use the script linked in >>4359. Testing with a VM first as I don't want to fuck anything up with the actual server. Right now I'm a bit confused trying to figure out how to use SSH between two VMs, as I don't want to figure out dual booting and I don't think my shitty linux machine will handle virtualization well. I could just use my computer as it is, but windows seems like a pain to work with in this case. After that, it seems fairly simple. I sort of know what I'm looking at with ansible and the documentation is pretty clear. We'll see if that's the case when I get there.
Open file (1.39 MB 400x300 1666266438606.gif)
>>4421 Is this just for your development environment or are you planning to run the site from a virtual machine on a Windows desktop? Can't you ssh in from WSL or just use Putty? It's probably easier than messing around with virtual networks and whatnot.
>>4426 It's just a dev environment. It's a bit easier with the hosting service. >Can't you ssh in from WSL or just use Putty? Probably. I just don't like getting new software if I don't need to. Anyhow, I think I was just stupid and did it successfully then without realizing it. Or at least that's my conclusion after a bit of research at work. I'll try again after I eat breakfast and wake up a bit.
>>4421 what kind of server did you get and how much does it cost
>SSH into VPS (be sure to use ssh key or a very secure password) >Setup domain in apache/nginx >Setup SSL with letsencrypt autoinstaller >Setup FTP connection, will be handy when modifying files later >Install PHP with php-common bundle of extensions, add some stuff like imagemagick and ffmpeg >Install vichan >??? >win
>>4429 >>Setup FTP connection, will be handy when modifying files later to be clear this should be something like SFTP for security
>>4429 Yeah, I think I'll just go with this. I'm tired of dealing with ansible. I'll do it this weekend. Didn't think about using FTP. Good idea though, thank you.
Open file (14.70 KB 475x428 kind.png)
>>4376 Stupid question. How would I go about replacing the page the domain would take you to? For example, going to https://anon.cafe/ would take you to the home page. Once I get that in order, things are functional and acceptable to start. Obviously, it'll be worked on to look the part again as well as maybe some new things such as a dark theme and stuff.
Never mind. It's seemingly working as intended now. We're over at https://kind.moe again, hope we aren't completely dead now.
Open file (256.90 KB 566x800 aqua thumbs up.jpg)
>>4433 Cool!
>>4433 Yay! See you there.
I was met with an error on my first post. Heartbroken! Guess it will take some time off here and there to set things up.
>>4436 I had an error last night too but it seems to be working now.
Open file (3.04 MB 444x250 1478466656410.gif)
>>4444 I'm obligated to check these four fours.
Open file (9.78 MB 1280x1754 01_-_Check_em.mp4)
>>4431 >Didn't think about using FTP. Good idea though, thank you. Also, you will get SFTP for free when you set up OpenSSH server,
Board is locked
>>4630 Are you kindmin? If yes then thank you for your work. Please don't be too hard on yourself, the goodbye post sounds like you blame yourself for how things went. I also should have posted more instead of just lurking.
>>4631 I'm sorry I'm not kindmin. I just wanted to make sure this thread still works
Where is the "another site"?
I'm sorry about the sudden killing of the board. I didn't want to make a thread about it beforehand as nothing good would come of it. As for an archive, I have a backup of the site and database from last weekend. I'm not sure what is to be done with that myself... If anyone wants to take up the torch but needs help, I'll be around. I'm just not willing to keep things going with the state the board was in. If there are any questions, I'll answer them if I can. >>4631 Thanks for the kind words anon. I know it isn't just my fault, but it was ultimately my responsibility.
Open file (204.41 KB 445x751 dino work.png)
>>4635 Do you regret getting a job just for /kind/?
>>4635 >I have a backup of the site and database Mariadb or MySQL?
>>4634 come back to /origin/
>>4632 Well that's a real loss, again. Thanks for capping that, Anon. Otherwise we here wouldn't even be able to see it. >>4635 Sorry to see the board go. /kind/ has been one of the few mainstays of the Internets back to a better era before glowniggers usurped/killed 4cuck/8ch/Julay . I surely appreciate all the efforts you put into bringing the board back up again Kindmin. I think you did a good job. A few loudmouthed complainers do not represent the consensus view of anons regarding your site. I think every honest anon there quite appreciated your efforts. BTW, I really appreciate you archiving the board and offering to help anyone else who wants to take up the mantle and carry on again. That's rather thoughtful of you, Anon. :) Thanks again, God bless you Kindmin.
>>4635 I know what it's like to experience burnout working on something and similarly having to commit to actual work to be able to support it. For someone whose been through it, seriously, don't beat yourself up over it. You could be the best admin in the world, but nothing lasts forever unfortunately and it's a given that communities will change (usually for the worse). Thank you for your efforts all this time, I had many memorable experiences on /kind/ that made difficult times a bit more bearable, and I believe that no one else was more fit to run it than you. I hope that whatever you choose to do in the future can bring you some joy.
It's always sad to see pretty little places come to an end. But whatever your reasons, you've worked all this time for good, and your decisions are your own. Best regards Kindmin from /comfy/
>>4641 >Best regards Kindmin from /comfy/ Yes, I second this.
Open file (49.18 KB 996x580 reunion.jpg)
>>4630 shit, did i do that? >>4635 >As for an archive, I have a backup of the site and database from last weekend. gimme gimme plz i want this im dumb and stupid and forgot to archive your site and its not the first time an imageboard disappears overnight for me so i should have learned by now what format is it? a wget archive or more like an sqlite database? works for me either way >I'm just not willing to keep things going with the state the board was in. was it bc of me and me mate shiting up your board? yea we do that sometimes its a little game we play of finding each on other imageboards without telling each other where we visit i wonder what other autistic board we will meet next time and will we kill it too? btw how old was this iteration of kind anyway? some odd 8 months p long for ib standards tbh yea i think the problem is that it was an ib its a p shitty site format ig im also from an undead boards that ppl keep trying to revive it goes on alright for a while then dies again and the cycle repeats >>4640 >You could be the best admin in the world, but nothing lasts forever unfortunately and it's a given that communities will change (usually for the worse). yea thats just what happens when you leave your doors open for any faggot to waltz in id guess that closed communities are less prone to rotting like that since there is some level of control of who gets in but ib users are retarded and insist on the muh anonymity meme when they could be a lot happier as identitytrannies also i think the whole premise of /kind/ is p flawed just being kind for the sake of being kind feels kinda empty when you have no idea who tf those weeblords talking to you even are and the whole thing seems p superficial to me ngl but like, im not gonna kinkshame you if thats what gets you hard even tho i totes dont understand your fetish care to explain? btw i promised an anon over there id write a story i still am but too bad he will never read it now
>>4632 Shit. .>>4635 Thank you for all the work you've put in. >>4639 >Sorry to see the board go. /kind/ has been one of the few mainstays of the Internets back to a better era before glowniggers usurped/killed 4cuck/8ch/Julay . I surely appreciate all the efforts you put into bringing the board back up again Kindmin. I think you did a good job. A few loudmouthed complainers do not represent the consensus view of anons regarding your site. I think every honest anon there quite appreciated your efforts. Agreed. >>4643 >i think the whole premise of /kind/ is p flawed just being kind for the sake of being kind feels kinda empty when you have no idea who tf those weeblords talking to you even are and the whole thing seems p superficial to me ngl /kind/ was a respite from the more aggressive posting of other boards back when it began in the 8chan days. There have been discussions across the board incarnations over the years on what kindness actually entails, so it's not like it was intended as some kind of hugbox. The most important thing was that when people disagreed on something that they didn't just start flinging shit at each other.
>>4643 >>4643 FUCK FUCK FUCK, YES YOU FUCKING DID! And not even here I am spared from you. DIE DIE DIE! You are the worst fucking nigger I have met since a long time on an imageboard. Where the fuck do I need to go to be spared from retarded vermin like you? Wholeheartedly fucking kill yourself. I hope you live in a third world shithole and the next time you leave your house you get killed. FUCK. I hope /kind/ never comes back, rather the whole Internet dies than to suffer the presence of scum like you that should have been clubbed to death as a kid.
Open file (510.23 KB 1280x720 Anti-bully.webm)
>>4645 Stop it!
>>4646 Get fucked, idiot. People like you who didn't push back against such human trash are the reason why the board is gone now.
>>4645 there there its ok try to seethe a little less about fake internet problems its not healthy
>>4648 Its' not okay, but you are just too retarded to understand what the fuck you are doing. I may be seething, but tomorrow I will have moved on while you are still stupid. Still hoping you die soon though, slow and painful. Your fake internet problems can get painfully real, but as if somebody who can't even grasp grammar understands how intertwined shit has become. Oh, and don't fucking talk about health, you tard. No amount of therapy could fix your shit, if you have to act like that on the Net to feel good about yourself,
>>4635 Best regards from wapchan.
>>4646 >>4648 You are better off ignoring this retard. Every single time /kind/ goes down he just does this shit.
Open file (208.81 KB 1075x1332 image0.jpg)
>>4635 My mantle was too heavy for a child like you to bear. You couldn't even last a fraction of the time I did. I have been completely vindicated in all of my actions. Was trying to be me worth it, son?
Thanks for kind words everyone. >>4636 Not really. It hasn't been that awful and it was an inevitability anyway. If anything, I'm thankful for it. As bad as working is, the whole hikineet thing wasn't very pleasant either. I also wasn't using my time well. Just sitting around hitting F5 and playing a handful of games and maybe watch anime if I felt good that day. >>4637 MySQL >>4639 >BTW, I really appreciate you archiving the board and offering to help anyone else who wants to take up the mantle and carry on again. That's rather thoughtful of you, Anon. It's nothing really. I just don't want to see the end of the board, and I really do appreciate the anons I've posted with. I think by providing some support, it'll make the situation a little more hopeful as opposed to dumping the board without a word. I owe everyone at least that much.
I setup a refuge at wapchan, at least until a new site is made.
>>4655 Based and hehpilled
>>4653 Thanks for your answer! You used mysqldump? The backup file is an .sql file?
>>4657 Yeah, it's an .sql file.
>>4654 Thanks.
>>4658 Link?
>>4654 Thank you. >>4661 I haven't put anything anywhere yet. I have a few files to modify beforehand, then I'll dump it.
/robowaifu/ has a program to backup boards as a user: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/12974.html#14866 - You might need some help to get it working though, but it's not hard.
>>4664 hows this different from wget?
>>4643 wow that's a sad life
>>4666 -It uses a site's JSON API. -It keeps files organized by site/board/thread in the subdirectories. -Downloads after the initial one are faster, since only threads that have bumped are even examined.
Open file (157.91 KB 1024x773 cat burger.jpg)
>>4662 > I have a few files to modify beforehand, then I'll dump it. Please do. I've been meaning to read anon's silent hill rant for months but I kept putting it off.
Please delete IP addresses and passwords before sharing backups😣
where is thE FUCKING DATABASE NIGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR its been like 3 decades already how hard can it be to edit a fucking sql dump omg just load the db and make an export with explicitly only the stuff you wanna make public if youre afraid of leaking something sensitive omg i HATE retarded admins
>>4682 Hey ! That's not kind, anon.
>>4683 You can see why kind is gone
Yeah forget it. I'm not going to bother now.
>>4685 shutup retard we both know you were ngmi youre too dumb and stupid
What's with all the aggression in here? Jesus.
>>4687 /kind/ is dead long live /rude/
Wapchan is currently dealing with a CSAM abuse complaint. Hopefully I can get this resolved quickly.
>>4694 Uh oh. I did just notice that I was having problems accessing the site.
>CSAM abuse complaint But it was a sfw site
>>4696 probably one of those fag spammers got pissed and self reported one of their posts
Open file (3.17 MB 640x360 yuruhurray.gif)
>>4694 It's back!
Open file (570.99 KB 245x175 giant_happening.gif)
Is the cheese pizza fucker back?

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