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/k/ Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 18:55:18 No.2787
Get in here, streloks, and stop posting under the watchful eye of glowniggers. Where should we go now?
/fascist/ seems pretty good temporary residence. Ironic that they ended up being less rulecucked or glow than /k/. For a permanent move the main options are zzz or 8gag. Shills are now welcome to plead their case for either.
>>2788 Yeah, I'd like to be able to use /k/ here, but I'm not going to touch that place with a ten foot pole so long as a glownigger is running it. It would suck if we had to leave, but if we do zzz seems better than the site with cakekike
I still insist on a /k/ board application on zzzchan. They're the most lax (everything but literal CP content is allowed) imageboard on the clearnet so far and they've proven they cannot be DDoSed or brought down since nobody knows who their host is as it and the servers are behind proxies, presumably in some balkan country. Apparently they're also getting a /pol/ board soon(?).
High level shirt disturber here. I've got a line to both site owners and have alerted them to this thread. I'm sure both are making preparations to lube their holes up with Cosmoline. I could easily fenceshit but I think zeech is the better choice right now. Warmly waiting for more opinions. >>2789 >zzz seems better than the site with cakekike That is the general consensus in the zeitgeist yes. I am of the opinion that cakegag is more resilient. They can also migrate all the posts if you're attached to them. >>2790 >They're the most lax Technically wrong but close enough. You are forgetting sports again ;^( It's still a decent solution. Their /b/ is definitely much better. I'm not sure about the /pol/ status but I could ask for you.
>>2788 >shills are now welcome to plead their case for either I like cakechan. The admins seem to really have a handle on what they're doing and the site has already successfully fought off the Russian government once. It also has the added benefit of really pissing off the /cow/boys. On the negative it has Mark, but he's relegated to his own personal little /v/ pigpen so his reach doesnt extend to any other boards.
>>2788 If you're using a politics board as a bunker anyway, then why didn't you just keep /k/ content on /k/ and politics content in the politics board in the first place?
>>2793 shoo shoo bo jew shoo shoo bo jew shoo shoo bo jew
>>2792 >I like cakechan We know, acid. Kill yourself.
>>2793 It's so easy to detect you, glownigger-kun
>>2794 >>2796 Not everyone who disagrees with you is one person. Answer the question. Why are you throwing a tantrum that the BO wants to keep /k/ as /k/, and not /pol/ or /fascist/?
>>2797 /pol/ is nice, it needs some more posters though.
Open file (61.30 KB 1000x1000 7b7.jpg)
>>2787 >Where should we go now? to >>>/fascist/14422
Open file (13.67 KB 1906x100 wew.png)
>>2797 Your BO is a phoneposting cianigger
>>2797 Guns, politics and racial issues are all strongly tied together. You can't discuss gun rights without discussing the people for and against them. Like wise you can't discuss guns being used for mass violence without discussing racial issues at the same time. The BO said he was part of a 3 letter agency. I suspect it's Dolphin or another fag trolling the board rather than being an actual glowie. Doesn't matter which is true because who evers in charge is not someone you want in charge. Sleepy chan is best board but be aware /r9k/ is there and they will scree their incel rage at you if you mention women in any way.
>>>/fascist/15192 We actually have wholesome posts about funz and it's jew and tranny free
>phoneposting >posting user info >trying to start board-wars >a literal agent What a nigger
Open file (41.07 KB 200x302 sir)
>>2797 /k/ BOguntranny glowniggger2 censors for no reason read >>>/fascist/15145 dumbass guntranny2 also abuses mod tools in failed attempts to dox/threaten people >>>/fascist/15261
Open file (89.20 KB 962x297 ClipboardImage.png)
Nigger poster is apparently getting on glowBO's nerves
>>2805 >People wonder why anons started to turn on anime >Shit like this is why
>>2797 there really isnt any danger /k becoming /pol and who would make that happen actually? /fascist is not /pol, also just small and the guys like it orderly. in fact the now stated aim of keeping /k pure is kind of absurd since the sperglord that is now BO explicitly said he was fed up with censorship of posts old BO considered too political.
Open file (111.67 KB 1127x785 Untitled.png)
>>2805 Accuses me of being him too. I expect to get global IP banned soon.
Open file (19.86 KB 252x301 ClipboardImage.png)
I will not cease until /k/ is freed. My autism is infinite, my time is likewise endless, I will make this glownigger's life hell until I drive him from /k/ and liberate it from KIKE control
Open file (128.79 KB 351x481 1523608000436.png)
>>2808 >>2809 based anti-glow spammerchad
Open file (190.45 KB 661x800 brenton.gif)
>>2809 Godspeed ,spambro
>>2809 The hero we needed but didn't deserve. Save us, nigger-kun
Open file (2.04 MB 206x223 1538096403354.gif)
Site owner needs to dox him, this glowtranny so retarded that he's definitely logged in without vpn at least once
>>2813 Site owner needs to clean up this whole mess and make anon.cafe comfy again.
>>2814 I emailed him about the glownigger and posting user info yesterday, no response as of last time I checked.
Antares informed of this stupid fiasco. Just make /k2/ or something, with someone with better rapport than both the old BO and this CIA nigger (Verizon is a US state plant Wireless ISP, it's why Germany banned them). The reason I know it's kimeemaru stirring up shit is because kimeemaru already forgot it was Robi Pires that helped restore anon.cafe from dolphin CP spamming /r9k/. Long and short, contact the admin to make a /k2/ or something. Also, Luke Delf is still a stupid Ausie.
>>2816 >>2816 /k2/ was already denied by global admins, it's ridiculous and gay that the we should have to make another board when it's literally one glowie driving it into the ground
Open file (21.50 KB 274x316 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2816 Niggerspammer here, I don't belong to any of your gay little groups that you're gonna try to pin this shit on. I use /k/, and I want /k/ to be nigger free
>>2816 >some wishywashy "make k2" don't boot the failed dox tranny#2 JUST DOX HEEM GET REVANCHE COMMENCE WITH THE PLAN
>>2816 The more and more of such occurs the more I want to leave the webring. These characters, to us obscure upon our comfiness be setting. This membership does well secure ever flaming, ever fighting. Thus this café shall not endure, Must protect its dainty blessing. >t. /pol/
Open file (16.26 KB 500x555 BOGDANOFF PHONE CALL.jpg)
>>2817 Hopefully THE admin reconsiders, unless he's going to overwrite the new BO given that it was the Old BO's decision to give it to him. If not, yet-another-link-in-webring. >>2819 I think the admin has morals? >>2818 I'm talking about /k/ here, niggers are people too, even if some literally glow in the dark. >>2820 Did a pol site ever resurface after the Tengu burned it to the ground?
>>2822 >pol site Right here: >>>/pol/
Open file (163.12 KB 1200x998 1507670643902.jpg)
>>2822 >I think the admin has morals? Morals in kind to immoral people do not apply as /k/ censortranny lied, censored, then tried to dox/threathen people so he yes must be doxed, and hence it is not immoral. The profligate tranny's crimes against anon.cafe are unforgivable.
Open file (19.56 KB 650x164 lake_sturgeon.jpg)
Lads if you cant save the board here I'm willing to set up /k/ myself and deputize the lone applicant I got as a mod. If he works out I'll give him BO status. What say you?
>>2825 Maybe finding some good alternative site is in order.
Open file (203.91 KB 1920x1080 Homos Abound.jpg)
Lots of posts to read through. I've re-enabled captcha which should slow down the spammer for the time being. Working on separating the meta thread to a separate board ideally so that I can respond as needed without outsiders having the option to shit up the board. Niggerspammer planned to spam either way from the looks of things unless I handed the board to the attention whore namefag who's balls haven't dropped, so I can officially say I dindu nuffin.
>>2827 Nobody even likes you though glowtranny censorparasite. Hopefully when admin had enough and gets ur dox you will finally kill la kill yourself
>>2827 >that pic You are quite literally a tranny >Maria Holic revolves around a high school girl named Kanako Miyamae, who due to a childhood incident is scared of boys and breaks out in hives if a boy touches her. During her second year of high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Mariya Shidō, turns out to be a sadistic cross-dressing boy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Holic
Open file (78.54 KB 425x765 ClipboardImage.png)
>sudden kimeemaru spam I knew it. Kimeemaru is trying to cover up that he runs multiple boards on the webring: zzzchan/tech/, plw/2hu/, tvch/bane/ and zzzchan/japan/
>>2896 Rent free. Awfully convenient that you have a spam wave and as soon as it stops you come around and go AHA IT WAS KIMEEMARU
>>2897 t. koisheep
>>2896 Quit your fucking lies, Dolphinkike. Why can't you just fuck off and die already?
>>2899 >everyone is dolphinfag ok, schizo
>>2900 You act like a Dolphin, you lie out your fucking teeth like a Dolphin, you're clearly Dolphin. As I've previously said, please kill yourself you kike.
>>2901 >You act like a Dolphin, you lie out your fucking teeth like a Dolphin, you're clearly Dolphin. As I've previously said, please kill yourself you kike. Learn how to use capital letters first, schizo.
>>2896 Yes that's how you cover it up, by blatantly spamming for 1 minute with your tag on it. Nice work, detective retard.
>>2903 nice samefagging attempt
>Bitch about BO >New BO enters the scene >Literal CIA nigger Some anons kinda asked for it, let me remind you everytime a BO starts tumbling, the worst of the worst seek the opportunity to get power.
>all of this spam stop being butthurt, koisheep
>>2905 It's pottery, honestly. People wanted a new BO, and they sure as hell got one... you don't realize what you had until it's gone Even if he was shit
wait is /k/ gone >>>/k/
It would appear that /k/ was deleted by its Board Owner at approximately 0100 UTC+0, following a post that I was only able to see as "I didn't dox shit" or something to that effect that I read from the front page. At the same time, were experiencing a denial of service exploit run against our instance that causes our version of LynxChan to crash, after we enabled captcha for all posts here on /shelter/ following a wave of spam against this thread. These events may be separate or related, there's no way to properly tell. We have recent backups for /k/.
>Can't have backups for when the board is destroyed by spammers >Has backups for the board itself when it's deleted I'm not buying it, but good luck if you can actually find someone to do it before the Sturgeon cuck tries to steal the users out from under you. I'm out and won't return. If there had been even one anon who had faith in the board I would have stuck around long enough to train him.
Open file (9.04 KB 500x500 intel.png)
>>2816 >The reason I know it's kimeemaru stirring up shit is because kimeemaru already forgot it was Robi Pires that helped restore anon.cafe from dolphin CP spamming /r9k/. This is disinformation. >>2817 >>2822 By the time we considered the request for /k2/, /k/'s original board owner had voluntarily transferred ownership to the person who requested /k2/, so there was nothing for us to do. The person who requested /k2/ turned out to be controversial as /k/'s owner, to say the least.
>>2954 Wow lmao but go look at logs the tranny almost for sure logged in without vpn/tor at least once. The retard was literally talking about how he couldn't and said he will buy vpn, and he was threatening one user, find it and dox this dumbass fucking glownigger troon faggot he deserves it. He had his fun with us now we have our fun with him. :^) >We have recent backups for /k/. thank god
>>2955 Suck my cock, faggot
Open file (448.42 KB 416x480 nig.PNG)
I hope I didn't go too far. At least GlowBO is kill
Open file (308.52 KB 909x767 bucklethyfuckles.gif)
>>2960 Bless your heart, niggerposter
>>2955 >hostile site owner That's downright unkind. I wonder what we did to make him think that?
>>2960 Nigger-sama, I kneel
>>2955 >I was extending the olive branch to the /fascist/ BO to put our differences aside Lol what? I never knew there was even a war. And how does sending the BO some anon's info defuse shit?
>>2962 hi there, would you like to sign my petition RESPOND TO YOUR EMAILS NIGGER
This has been the most retarded thing i've seen in a long while. It shouldn't be controversial to keep /k/ as /k/ and not /pol/2.0, though BO shouldn't be a thin skinned attention whore neither. >>2827 Why did you fuck up like that? >>2960 Fuck you nigger.
>>2966 I know it's you Glow-kun, fuck off tranny
Open file (3.45 MB 330x262 beavisandbuttheadd.gif)
>>2966 Cry more, you faggot
>>2967 >>2968 Can't you see i also think the BO is a retard? But you're the ones that sperged out originally over his deletion of a black supremacist post, his mistake was not explaining that before nuking the thread.
>>2965 There's nothing to respond to. It seems that the new /k/ BO was using LynxChan's mod tools to view a poster's provider's ASN (Autonomous System Number) and looked up that ASN's registration details. This shows what ASN a post originates from, though it does not uniquely identify the user. (LynxChan permits ASN bans. That LynxChan exposes ASNs to board owners and board volunteers instead of hashing them for non-root users like it does for IPs is its own matter, we hate it too, go complain to StephenLynx if you want to hear what his rationale is.) It seems the new /k/ BO sent the ASN information as part of a report to the /fascist/ BO, who became alarmed and interpreted it as a gesture of poster unmasking/threat of some kind, and alerted his posters. That seems to be one of the reasons we ended up here.
>>2969 >still dickriding him Kys
>>2970 >There's nothing to respond to. wait did you not get my email uhhh novermber 13th
>>2971 I know you're braindead but damn
Open file (703.96 KB 320x240 1603721815042.gif)
>>2955 Can someone explain why are there so many fucking faggot guntrannies? >deleting thread in rage because he was shown nonwhites are overwhelmingly supporters of GUN CONTROL and i pissed on him by saying i don't give a fuck about his hypocrite rulebending adressability or authority and give the censortools and himself a rest then he delete thread >faildoxer who starts shit tries to point finger while earlier he brags about some 1337 toolzzzskillzz he has and post some PID shit >more shady shit >good faith LMAO top tier schizotranny lying right there to cover his tracks lol WHAT A FUCKING KIKE FAGGOT >>2960 VICTORY AGAIN #2 ETERNALLY SEETHING GLOWTRANNIES BTFO >>2966 Bro shut up with your simping for this glowing troon faggot get educated >>>/fascist/15145
>>2957 Repeating the call to check your airmail.
We need to update this to have the whole story now
https://zzzchan.xyz/k/thread/2.html A bunker has been set up
Admin-sama, how will you precede in restoring /k/ and giving it to a trustworthy and non-glowing BO?
Open file (31.74 KB 640x409 Tengunigger.png)
Ah right, making sure Tengunigger's attempt to create board wars is archived before I fuck off for good. The nigger spam started basically immediately after I told him to get bent. Pretty sure this is grounds for removing someone from the webring, no? I wonder if Tengunigger was New Jerseyfag all along?
>>2955 >before the Sturgeon cuck tries to steal the users out from under you >>2979 >Tengunigger's >Complaining about board wars in the same post Goodbye nigger.
>>2978 >how will you precede in restoring /k/ We're figuring that out, but we have the data so it's just a matter of doing the work and hoping that LynxChan/MongloidDB don't throw any nasty surprises at us. >giving it to a trustworthy and non-glowing BO? There's no way for us or anyone else to vet new BO applicants, so we can give no guarantees here. The old /k/ BO can have the board back if they want, otherwise it'll be a judgement call.
>>2979 I sure hope you don't get run over at night, glow-kun :^)
Open file (448.42 KB 416x480 nig.PNG)
>>2979 I'm anon, anyone could be nigger-kun, I merely accepted the duty. I'm not one of your personal boogeymen
Open file (55.25 KB 1030x687 application denied.png)
>>2979 Any more goodbyes or is this actually the last one? You seem to have fallen for (((someone's))) narrative hook line and sinker.
>make a thoughtful post and board is kill hours later Encrypted digital voice over radio using raspberry pi https://invidiou.site/watch?v=jBlTS_N1xIk
>>2979 Are you going to post your reply/a timeline/anything we can actually use? That email alone doesn't tell us anything.
>>2981 >There's no way for us or anyone else to vet new BO applicants, so we can give no guarantees here. The old /k/ BO can have the board back if they want, otherwise it'll be a judgement call. No he fucking can't lol he was just as bad, we were trying to AVOID STUPID TRANNY CENSORFAGGOTS REMEMBER?
>>2988 Whoa epic wojack edit man! Fucking kill yourself 4cuck rapefugee.
>>2988 Why not apply to be the new BO then?
I've submitted a request to stop this insanity. See >>>/meta/13766
>>2957 Which part is disinformation.
>>2989 thanks hammerhead
Open file (200.46 KB 358x335 youto.gif)
>>2960 You're pretty good.
>>2955 >Reminder to hand or mow down your local judge, politician, and/or police chief >acting in good faith Even on your way out, you still find a way to glowhard fedpost for your kike superiors you fucking faggot. Fellate a gun and pull the trigger. >>2960 Based! But you are still a faggot nigger.
>>2974 >Bro shut up with your simping for this glowing troon faggot get educated Your point? what's the point of screencaps of threads i was in? i've been on the board as much as you, but i seem to be the only one that saw the original black supremacist post, i'm not simping for the retard after he fucked up again and again handling the situation both the former new BO and the nigger spammers are utterly fucking retarded
Open file (4.20 MB 580x424 cow.webm)
ITT You still can't solve the captcha, can you? not that the /k/ucks didn't deserve this for jumping at the tiniest fucking shadows to the point of falling for blatant gayops
Open file (448.42 KB 416x480 nig.PNG)
>>2995 > But you are still a faggot nigger. I'm glad you've noticed.
oh shit
really gotta stop browsing these sites without vpn or tor don't know why I still come to 4chan with their gayass rangebans and proxybans -why would I subject myself to that in the first place?... but then again I should be of little interest to glowniggers as I'm a beta loser autist who lives in a cuck country where you can't buy guns and barely post any polshit anyways

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