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/shelter/ General #2: Floating Downstream Edition Anonymous 12/09/2020 (Wed) 08:17:04 No.2785
This is /shelter/ General, a thread for all your general emergency sheltering needs. Use this thread for anything that you don’t feel needs a full thread, as a hub thread to direct incoming anons, and as a discussion thread for any matters affecting the webring as a whole. Please remain calm; keep panic and argument to a minimum here. If you want to yell at each other then do it in a site-specific, board-specific, or other specific thread. If you’re hitting this thread during an event then please be welcome. Everything will be all right. The previous thread is at >>5 and is archived at https://archive.is/MB5Kt
does anyone know what happened to 16chan?
>>3859 Admin got visited by the feds and shut it down
>>3860 There were too many underage posters there in the end that mods refused to do anything about. The signs of a shutdown were all there. I wouldn’t be surprised is someone’s mom reported the site or some other retarded shit.
Open file (888.38 KB 364x317 1615932757537.gif)
Open file (1.64 MB 690x388 1439336021195.gif)
Open file (66.33 KB 350x350 1452176686173.gif)
Where IS smug? Where is it? Where's my home? Tell me immediately!
>>3876 They're having scheduled maintenance, aren't they?
>>3877 Yeah, I wasn't aware and I got scared. But now it's back up.
>>3860 >>3861 Is there a replacement for /fascist/?
>>3883 There is mlpol if you are looking for a replacement for /fascist/ board.
>>3886 8chan board was taken down. the current place is https://www.hivechan.com/fascist/ there's an additional bunker at 9chan, but its board software is inferior, so hivechan it is.
>>3910 Appears that hivechan is down at the moment.
>>4206 Still down today, for me, is their TOR instance up?
>>4207 Hivechan seems to be completely dead and not coming back soon. In the meantime, a vol from 16chan has set up a fascist bunker at zzzchan. https://zzzchan.xyz/fascist/
Open file (2.10 MB 640x416 Cowdog.webm)
>>3910 why was the 8chan one taken down? is that common, maybe just one larping millenial fedposting and wasting the siteadmin's time filing a halfhour report if FBI niggers demand them to
/late/ is giving me a 502 error. Are they doing maintenance or is just the host down?
>>4282 emailed quilt about it, they said they don't know what went wrong but they'll try to fix it sometime today.
Open file (14.74 KB 878x245 wew.png)
>>4283 >they What, is it going to be a chick behind the imageboard?

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