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8kun coup de grace Anonymous 11/08/2020 (Sun) 14:39:25 No.2609
8kun (previously known as 8chan) Possible Happenings: >posting issues, almost all boards broken >Admin Ron Watkins suddenly resigned Nov. 3rd https://nitter.snopyta.org/CodeMonkeyZ >Qanon AWOL since Nov. 3rd [check any update feed] >Jim Watkin's known to host CP https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2020/10/jim-watkins-child-pornography-domains/ >Jim Watkins alleged to have been arrested for CP production [no good source yet] Imagine trusting a plan.
>>2609 >cp no love for 8cunt here but cp is the boogie man (((they))) always bring up when they want to ruin someone's reputation and want to take somebody down. It's just so easily planted on your HD. NSA 101 so to say. To me it means the story is bullshit
>>2609 They aren't welcome here not even on /fascist/ and /islam/ >>2610 >finding archived evidence of child pornography domains on a hosting provider well known for hosting 8ch which contained child modeling boards prior to 2014 is invalid because people have accused others of child porn before wat
>>2611 >the guy I had to ressort to hosting my stuff after everyone else cancelled me has all too conveniently hosted questionable things for others so I'm guilty as well lol are you stupid?
>>2612 Jim is that host.
>>2612 >I had to host my stuff after everyone else cancelled me and I all too conveniently hosted questionable things for myself so I'm guilty as well Fixed.
They ran 8chan into the ground, on purpose S to spit.
>>2609 >source: a totally un-biased hardleft tabloid that hates everything chan motherjones my ass
S >>2617 Yes. Heavily biased and unsourced = X to doubt. Nonetheless, Hotwheels went to NT to host and they did knowing there was child modelling boards and kept them up, so it's easily within the realm of possibility.
Still no word on why Ron resigned? I can’t be assed to crawl through his endless twitter feed.
>>2624 He never gave a real reason. It could have been that he had been playing the part of Q and wanted out.
Open file (1.47 MB 640x360 orangutan.mp4)
don't mind me just putting this here because tvch is a broken retard site run by a fat retard
Open file (329.00 KB 526x479 he sure can grift.png)
Open file (100.12 KB 566x394 Honda_Point.gif)
Open file (222.57 KB 2048x893 job well done.jpg)
cdn? fastly? 8kun.top - site not configured

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