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Julay banning tor? Anonymous 08/18/2020 (Tue) 21:21:00 No.2182
Does anyone know if julay has a new tor node? I tried to access it from the new domain name and all the circuits I tried were banned.
I can't even access the clearnet site, nevermind tor.
>>2183 I can access it today but every VPN I've tried is banned. tor works sometimes, other times I can random banned messages about being "off topic". Are they getting flooded with CP or something?
They started banning VPNs and tor after it came out that the owner of tvch was being charged for pedophilia. An anon figured out that all the vols on tvch and julay were the same people and that they all hang out in the same chat room together. Anons started poking fun at them and the owner of tvch in a thread where e-celebs are discussed. The vols went on a mass banning spree about a week ago and haven't showed any signs of stopping. Naturally, anons flooded in to mess with them which resulted in most VPNs and tor being banned site wide. Julay is dying and unless you visit /robowaifu/ or are a spaghetti nigger there isn't anything of value still there. If /robowaifu/ would migrate I'd have no reason to go there any longer. I had to stop posting on /robowaifu/ this week because of the mass bans. I'm not giving them my real IP when I can just use the bunker. Last time I visited from tor I couldn't post despite getting a new identity five times. I gave up and never went back. If their goal is to make it into a club for the vols they're doing a good job.
I can't post there anymore. /cow/ has decided to dox another BO because someone they don't like *might* post there. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/70142.html#77607 I don't understand why they're still in the webring. The only places they haven't attacked like this is /tv/. Never understood why until I heard the same people moderate both websites. I guess that's why both /tv/ and /cow/ get so assblasted over loli.
>>2191 Smoking the bad agents in the webring is okay but doxxing BOs just for the sake of it, or because/even when they are from "foreign" rings like the cuckchan bunker circuit, seems like overkill. >I don't understand why they're still in the webring They made it along with Smug. You did know that, r-right?
>>2192 That shouldn't matter. Goons must die no matter their pedigree. In fact, the one looking the worst in all this is actually Tenicu, for not stepping up and blacklisting /cow/ for their crimes against anon.
>>2191 Screencap, please. I want to see which webring site the notorious pedophile spammer Corey Barnhill kills next.
>>2193 I agree their actions are now borderline immoral for anon but the concept itself is understandable: Doxx/Kick away faggots. That Tohu guy has been as bad as the dolphin if not worst due to the whole /v/ saga but i insist, hunting down BOs and later seeing if they are actually bad is retarded if that's what happened here If anything some members in the webring could blacklist them to avoid being associated with its actions, i mean the Cafe already blacklists TVch for some reason. But i don't think you can do that with a single board, i guess it's the entire site or nothing. This practically is an Admin/Owner decision only, we can only hypothesize.
>>2192 >They made it along with Smug. You did know that, r-right? Made is a strong word. It's just a json file shared between webring boards. AFAIK Tenichu threw it together and the Julay' admin just ported it to Lynxchan. It doesn't really matter who originated it anyway. If one site is causing problems for all the others it should be blacklisted. Julay blacklisted Mark's sites for far less (linking to his own website on twitter). >>2192 From what I can tell they aren't trying to kick bad people out of the webring. They're going around accusing any board that allows hentai or loli for distortion of CP. They demand you remove the content and send off emails to your host in an attempt to get you deplatformed. If that doesn't work they have Dolphin turn his spam bots on your site until you give in to their demands. What is amusing is while they're doing all of this they censor any discussion about tvch's owner being under investigation by the glows for distro of CP. As soon as that news broke and anons started asking about it the logs were disabled on tvch and julay banned almost every public vpn and tor node. Julay hasn't updated their warrant canary in nearly 6 months. They keep saying they'll update it but they seem too busy banning people instead. These are all valid questions; >Why have moderation logs been disabled on tvch? >Why are the janitors on both tvch and julay the same people? >Why hasn't the warrant canary been updated despite multiple promises? It should only take 5 minutes >Did the glows get access to tvch's server when they raided its owner? >Why does the guy that does tech support for both tvch and julay refuse to update the warrant canary when he's online on IRC for hours everyday working on unrelated projects? >Why is all discussion of this stuff censored on both tvch and julay? >Why do the janitors on both tvch and julay ban every method for accessing both websites without using a real IP? I've just stopped using both websites until I see improvements. For now I consider them both to be honeypots. There are just too many red flags going on to use right now. I find it very odd that a clique that claims loli=pedo has so many people either accused of distro of CP or known for posting CP (Dolphin on r9k) is going around attempting to deplatform any website that doesn't share their point of view. >>2194 It wasn't a webring board, it was kissu.moe. They doxed the owner, made demands that he remove hentai boards, and spammed the place to death all because his username was similar to the username of the guy that nuked julay/v/. They keep calling that guy a pedo because he streamed loli hentai or something. What they never mention is >they gave him access to the server >they requested he stream that type of content >they watched him do it for hours If they cared they would have kicked him off the server. Instead they went along with him for months. It was only when he refused to enforce their rules on julay/v/ that they turned on him.
>>2196 >It was only when he refused to enforce their rules on julay/v/ that they turned on him. He was always a noisy no-rules goon that pushed said shit to the BOs while acting as their friend but still forcing them to do it or get bullied in that stream shit. Robi and his IRC groupies are a bunch of pushovers. t. someone who requested a board couple of times in the IRC and saw him do that
>>2196 >Julay blacklisted Mark's sites for far less Good going dude, let's all forget the whole "pining up Dolphin's Robi doxx post in /v/" and "shitting on the entire webring multiple times in the meta because they were feds"
>>2197 >Robi and his IRC groupies are a bunch of pushovers. That's the problem, he's letting the inner clique have the run of the place. His global vols ban people for making fun of them, say it's for child porn, and he believes them. I don't know why when the globals allowed the place to be spammed with CP in the past. >>2198 >Good going dude, let's all forget the whole "pining up Dolphin's Robi doxx post in /v/" and "shitting on the entire webring multiple times in the meta because they were feds" All that happened after he was blacklisted from the webring. The first time all he did was link to his own site on twitter. Was he black listed a second time? I'm not trying to carry water for Mark. He's just as bad as the rest of these people. All I'm saying is Robi and Gahoole are just as bad. They've both let an inner clique have the run of their respective boards and all have been involved with the Feds at some point. Gahoole just got raided for CP, Mark talked to the Feds for no reason, Robi refuses to update his warrant canary after a strange absence from his own website. All three encourage their user bases to raid other boards, dox other admins, and try to get other websites deplatformed over petty disagreements. The only real difference is one claims to be pro-loli, one claims to be anti-loli, and the other seems to flip flop depending on what day of the week it is. Another thing they all share is common is censoring their boards about any discussion of themselves and their inner cliques/janitors.
>>2199 I've been trying to come up with ways to avoid these problems in the future. So far I've come up with this. >No board should have an IRC, discord, or any type of chat room. >The admin should only be reachable through email >The admin should publish all emails he receives and sends publicly in a dedicated board >janitors shouldn't be allowed the tripfag >all bans and moderation logs should be public >all moderation actions should be reviewable and reversible by any vol I'd like to come up with a way that a vol abusing their power could be removed. Right now it's hard to prove. Take julay's current situation where the vols just label anyone a pedo and delete the posts within seconds before they can be archived. It creates a situation where there is no proof of what was really posted so it's anons word against a namefag. Robi seems to believe his vols even when presented with proof that they're abusing power. If deleted posts were held in a private area for review this wouldn't be a problem.
>>2200 >there should be no coordination between board staff I'm sure that would work out just fine. Also very practical to enforce.
>>2201 Do it on a public board closed to posting for anyone that isn't logged in. There is no reason why coordination should be kept private. Anything you lose by taking it fully public is worth it to avoid cliques of namefags forming up. Look at every board that had private staff channels and you see the same problems.
>>2183 >>2182 I didn't even realize julay was still a thing and can't even find webrings most of the time. When I do I run into a dead site or a shit mod or both. Honestly outside of the surface internet this is a failing dog and pony show. 4chan range bans and everywhere else is dead or even moar dead with shit going down. I've not had a social life since like 5 years ago or so as there's nowhere to go. Even the captcha here doens't work right.

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