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Open file (130.26 KB 537x371 1425338849014.png)
sportschan Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 02:29:54 No.1374
Anyone know what the fuck happened?
I knew adding sportschan to the webring was a mistake.
third nuke?
Summary for the ig'nant?
>>1377 dduder got arrested for distributing cp so sportschan is dead
>>1378 Wait is that true?
>>1379 I'm almost 100% sure it's probably shitposting and nobody knows what's going on yet.
For the record I ran an nmap on it and the server is still "there" just not reporting anything other than DNS. It's possible it just crashed and Wesley just needs to reboot it. Hopefully he didn't get culturally enriched.
Open file (332.10 KB 1504x1000 sportschan.png)
Open file (269.31 KB 1504x1000 sp.png)
>>1382 >It's possible it just crashed and Wesley just needs to reboot it This seems to be a plausible cause. Trying to access the site without https returns generic nginx messages.
Open file (354.31 KB 433x567 1447379150434.png)
This was the only imageboard I still post in, when is it coming back
>>1384 It just came back!
is dudr kill? he's been absent for several days nao and the board keeps getting spammed
>>4572 I think he said something like he has to wage 16 hours a day. Maybe that's why it takes long to delete.

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