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Hoppe-sama Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 18:06:05 No.1130
>Tor down for days >repeated posting issues >/fascist/ BO saying his email wasn't answer to owner of site Is Hoppe dead already? Get in here /monarchy/, /liberty/ and /fascist/ bros.
>>1130 It's on the same box as the Reich. I have ftp access but I can't fix shit. According to the host before he disappeared it was possibly due to limited server resources. He said he was in the middle of upgrading the site, and that he wasn't coming on much because he was busy. I don't know when he's coming back to fix this shit.
Open file (1.03 MB 2152x2888 grace_1.png)
rip hoppe-sama /monarchy/?
It's back.
>>1134 And now it’s gone again, I just tried to post
Anyone got a way to reach the BOs that were on Hoppe?
>>1137 The /fascist/ BO has been active in the last hour on that board here. /monarchy/ and /liberty/ have the same BO but I don’t know where he is
>>1137 >>1138 Do they have bunkers?
>>1140 I don't think they have bunkers
Open file (271.19 KB 500x518 nightmare sargon.png)
Thanks guys. I was able to reach out to the /fascist/ BO on his own board. >>1132 Would you be willing to reach out to me or the owner of /fascist/? If you can pull the database then we can literally migrate all the posts in cleanly in the event that the site stays broken. BO of /fascist/ is very interested in that, and I assume the other two would be as well. Send me an e-mail at codexx@cock.li and we can discuss a timetable and get the ball rolling. Let me know here if you've sent an e-mail. If I don't get it, I'll give you an alternate contact address.
Open file (52.50 KB 540x438 nice throttle retard.png)
>>1152 I try to upload the posts here, but it looks like it's gonna take some time because the server is fucked. Of course none of this would be necessary if the host didn't fuck off to the dark side of the moon.
>>1158 Awesome. Thank you for doing this. It will be a big help. I'll check back in a few hours to see how things are going and try to prep for the migration. Once that's out of the way, /fascist/ BO just needs to give the go ahead. If anyone hears from the /monarchy/ and /liberty/ BO, please send them this way.
Open file (478.75 KB 480x792 todd_graham.png)
>>1159 Here: https://mega.nz/file/S55A2S5A#ojxnDnjlk-p3y5vLGBLJCa7MngTt5-V9hco__wjIAYs Your boards don't deserve to suffer because of tr00nstream faggotry. This is my cross to bear.
>>1160 You've absolutely come through mate. Great work! I'll keep both threads updated with the status of the migration. /fascist/'s BO will have good news to wake up to.
>>1133 >>1138 >>1152 I'm the /monarchy/ and /liberty/ BO, sent you an email.
>>1162 Good--very good.
Don't know if you guys already moved somewhere but I made a board on 9chan. https://9chan.tw/libertarian/
So what exactly happened to hoppe-sama and tengu-reich? Taken down again?
Open file (244.20 KB 500x281 waiting.gif)
>>1158 >>1160 Hey anon, if you're still around, you grabbed all the images and thumbnails, which is great, but I also need the database files themselves. You'll be looking for any MDF and LDF files. The MDF is the database itself and the LDF is a corresponding log file. There should be one of each per board. On a Linux server, they're probably under /var/lib/mysql or /var/db/myself. If it's a Windows server, see if you can find a mySQL directory somewhere and look for a data folder under that. Long story short, we need those MDF and LDF files. Hopefully you're still around and can find them and pull them. Thanks!
>>1170 Both of them have the same owner, both underwent technical difficulties and now both are fucked up beyond being able to post on them.
Open file (5.42 KB 459x226 Untitled.png)
>>1171 Dunno what you mean, all the posts are clearly in the html files, and all the images are in src. Either way there's nothing else I can do sorry lad.
>>1176 Yeah the posts are "in there" but they'd not a database, which makes conversion non-trivial. Can you do a search for MDF files anywhere on the server?
>>1176 I'm also going to assume you don't have ssh access, just FTP access? That puts migration plans into a bit of a pickle.
>>1178 yeah pretty much sorry fam
>>1178 Is there no way to repopulate the SQL db with the posts I gave you?
>>1180 Not that I'm aware of. I'm not really a vichan expert, though. And the sole maintainer of vichan is listed as Hotwheels. I could try asking him if he has a script for situations like this. Writing my own recovery script might be possible, but at that point I could just write a scraper that gathers data and converts it into a lynxchan database directly. Would be the same amount of work for a more generalized result, probably. But that could take days or weeks to implement and debug. I've also attempted to track down contact info for the owner of the VPS that Hoppe and Tengu were on. I've sent the hosting company a message requesting they forward my e-mail to the owner and ask him to shoot me a message ASAP. No idea when or if he'll get it. That all being said, I promised to help personally with a migration. If the BOs of the Hoppe-sama site want, I will help with the process of moving shit over manually. Same offer extends to Tengu if they are interested. It would be a longer and much more painful process but it would get everyone onto a stable platform.
>>1181 He came back when I was asleep <renart> very busy and buyvm orders are not available since monday so could not upgrade <renart> disk capacity was reached, I said so sunday here I think I didn't really want to abandon the host but he really dropped the ball by fucking off when everything was on fire. I wouldn't worry about migrating the reich posts because I already archived all the relevant threads.
>>1182 Well at least he's back. If you're Tengu then Acid said he spoke with you recently, and I know he offered you a place on 8moe. I've done likewise with the Hoppe BOs. It's up to you and the Hoppe-sama BOs if you guys want to move. Won't hold it against you guys if you don't want to come to 8moe, I just want to make sure you guys find a comfy home somewhere and the community isn't lost. We've bled enough anons in the past month. Thanks for trying to grab the Hoppe files. I'm going to wait and see what they want to do. If they want to move, maybe the guy will be nice and hand over the DBs. If not, I'm committed to helping them migrate as much of their stuff as possible, and also to implement policies to prevent anything like this from happening to our anons. I'll be around if you or the Hoppe BOs need help with anything. My e-mail is in the thread already. You can also contact Acid, and he can put you through to me. Please don't hesitate to ask for anything, and we will try our best to support you guys. Good luck with whatever comes next.
>>1164 Delete your shit board, no self-respecting ancap would post there.
>this was all an elaborate plot to move you to 8moe oh no no no
>>1185 what's so bad about 8moe?
>>1186 The reply will undoubtedly have to do with muh Mark, who isn’t even an owner
>>1187 Nah, Mark’s a clown who’s there as a distraction. Acidman is the more sinister figure. Anyone who gets their kicks from Internet drama is pretty suss tbh.
>>1187 >>1189 so the site is owned by acidman, eh. wasn't acidman also the BO of some /b/ spinoff on 8chan?
>>1190 ALSO! didn't some faggots try to get acidman swatted?
Open file (1.14 MB 1131x756 a98182ff2c.png)
>>1182 Alright, lads, recommend us some dedicated server host to put up our dead shitboard in that won't kill the site dead the second Agent Johnson starts spamming children from instagram. I'm gonna take a week month at most off to learn Lunix (never even touched it before) and do that guide from /meta/ for CentOS for it. If zchan or anon.cafe wants to host us, it could mean skipping all this (and having more globals so we don't have to kill ourselves jannying) but who the fuck wants to host any /b/ derivatives for free wwwwwwwwwwww
>>1180 I'm working to try and rebuild the database from the dump I have. It's taking time but it seems doable. I'll import what I can and talk to StephenLynx about how to fill it the data I don't have access to so it's compliant with his engine. Further status updates in the /fascist/ thread >>1192 It's not the hardest thing to do and if you guys want to run your own box I've offered to help give pointers in the past and that offer stands. But as you mentioned, it's not as simple as just setting up the server. You need globals who can watch for CP raids 24/7. You need DDoS protection. You need a host and a registrar who won't drop you the moment Esther e-mails them. I'd like it if you guys would consider 8moe as a home. We can offer all of that. And if I can get this script working, we'll also be offering migrations. >>1191 Yeah. And they're the ones who get their kicks from internet drama, not him.
>>1193 >they're the ones who get their kicks from internet drama, not him. >they Who is "they"? Irrelevant anyway because I went and looked at Acidman's posting in the GG threads to confirm. He deliberately seeds and fans drama with innuendo. Pretty sad tbqh.
Open file (2.83 KB 502x85 Why.png)
Anyone else getting pic related when they try to post?
Open file (2.29 MB 2728x2624 LARP01.png)
I'd be okay with moving to 8moe, but some of /monarchy/'s content requires 20MB file size. That's a small luxury I'd like to have. I never expected a place like 8moe to be this generous to anons like us. That alone makes me their shill.
>>1193 > It's not the hardest thing to do and if you guys want to run your own box I've offered to help give pointers in the past and that offer stands. But as you mentioned, it's not as simple as just setting up the server. You need globals who can watch for CP raids 24/7. You need DDoS protection. You need a host and a registrar who won't drop you the moment Esther e-mails them. Say you're setting up an imageboard for maybe 10-20 people (which is something I would consider to be rather generous for some boards like /monarchy/). Do you really need all those things?
Open file (2.64 MB 3000x3715 Grace + Rita x.png)
>>1201 >Do you really need all those things? Perhaps you don't need those things, but it would be nice to have regardless. Sometimes it might depend on the boards. Like having a /b/ or a /pol/. A place like /monarchy/ is pretty low risk. Nobody really cares about us that much.
>>1199 From what I understand happened the site hit its capacity and doesn’t have any more resources left to allow anons to post. Don’t even waste time trying to do anything there, it’s useless at this point beyond trying to retrieve our threads from.
Open file (849.45 KB 604x720 Grace.png)
>>1203 Did I single-handedly destroy hoppe-sama with my mp4s?
>>1201 Depends on what you're hosting. Political content probably needs DDoS protection more than anything else. And anyone can be subject to a CP attack in the middle of the night and reported. Long-term maybe it won't be necessary for smaller boards for dedicated communities. But someone has been looking for any excuse to send a registrar or host a complaint e-mail. You're going to see some consolidation over time. It's great to see so many anons learning how to run their own server. But there are benefits to a few boards pooling resources to have a better platform, even if that means some centralization. There's a middleground where you'll get enough benefits and be fine as long as you're inoffensive. But everyone is still working out where that is, and a lot of us are still paranoid about Esther-types coming back. An ounce of prevention goes a long way.
>>1203 Holy crap, I didn't even know that was possible. I assume it has something to do with server load?
>>1206 Everything takes disk space anon. Its disk is full up. No more space to store posts means you can't post. Simple.
Open file (59.26 KB 1200x619 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1199 They left their MySQL ports open, so I did some magic. Also, MySQL is the dolphin's choice of DB.
Open file (200.39 KB 292x569 -z37fuDRWf3.jpg)
So when are we getting the family together again? Can't we all just bounce to 8moe? >>1204 Based.
>>1202 Why do Rita and Grace have such good chemistry together?
>>1210 >Can't we all just bounce to 8moe? It's the one place where all mods are presumably retards, considering that the /vg/ one accidentally deleted the entire board, Acid decided to use 8chan in the name while also using the same anti-ddos shield administered by the person they're supposedly fleeing from and Mark is himself.
>>1204 I don’t mean this in a way to dunk on /fascist/ but moving their board in probably took up a ton of space with 8,000 plus posts, images and files. >>1210 Love that pic >>1211 yuri
I can confirm that >>1205 knows what he is talking about >>1208 MySQL is pretty niggerlicious tbh (also MongoDB is worse), MariaDB and Postgres are white man's choices,
No major updates for you guys today. Lots of stuff going on for everybody. I'm waiting to hear back from someone else who was helping me investigate. In the meantime, I'm taking care of some personal matters so I'll have more free time this next week to work on the migration script. >>1200 I mean if that's the sole hold-up we can increase the file size sooner than later. But I'd still like to get all your shit over properly. If yours BO wants, I'm squatting the board names on 8moe. We can re-assign them to the BOs at their request, either for use as bunkers or primary boards. Just know that if we get the migration script working we're going to have to nuke the board to ensure clean integration. >>1212 Vanwatech is owned by Nick Lim. After Cloudflare dropped Jim, they went to BitMitigate, who agreed to host them for all of a day before changing course. Nick apparently took issue with this and split over the matter. Last I saw, the only person accusing Vanwa of being owned by Jim was Hotwheels. Who never replied to my e-mail asking about database reconstruction. Doing top job as maintainer of that repo. >>1214 Too bad we don't get to pick which database to use. Actually, Mongo might be in our favor for this migration. LynxChan stores all its posts as JSON objects, they're just structures in a totally different way than the JSON provided by Vichan's frontend.
Open file (1.06 MB 2152x2888 PoutyPrincess.png)
Open file (1.94 MB 3000x3352 grace pyramid diaper.png)
>>1216 I miss /abdl/ so much. Maybe we should follow our friends to 8moe, I can't bear to go back to 8kun
Open file (497.67 KB 612x698 GraceCapePurple.png)
>>1217 Is that where everyone went? Would be a shame to leave the webring though. 8kun is definitely not appealing
Open file (2.72 MB 3000x3715 grace rita diapered.png)
>>1218 That's where these three boards are planning to go. I just made a board there. Apparently they're planning on joining the webring at some point. But to pursue our three friends there would be fun. https://8chan.moe/abdl/ Also, proof that I'm the Jewlay BO https://spqrchan.xyz/abdl/res/3729.html#q3829
Open file (103.81 KB 304x426 DiaperedDespot.png)
>>1219 As good a place as any then, do you have the old threads backed up?
Open file (525.75 KB 719x1024 diaper loli nazi.png)
>>1220 Once I get the three main threads up (rules and stuff) I'll start archiving what people haven't done yet. It looks like 8moe is running on Lynx just like Julay, I wonder how hard getting someone to move our threads would be.
>>1219 Okay, this is fucking based.
Open file (3.22 MB 3640x3308 TwoBoardsOneNursery.png)
Open file (309.87 KB 910x559 banner.png)
>>1223 Our OC may need updated, but the Padded Reich shall never perish.
>one diaperfag posts >a million pop out of the woodwork all at once and even a new board surfaces Either they’re a literal hivemind or everyone on Hoppe was a closet diaperfag.
>>1225 We all know what the answer is here
Open file (143.45 KB 415x553 AdorableAurelias.png)
>>1225 >>1226 We are the diaperfags, you will be assimilated, your adorable board-tans will be added to our own, resistance is futile.
Open file (308.98 KB 1176x619 abdl cabal soy liberty.png)
Open file (309.96 KB 910x559 NewBannerMoe.png)
>>1224 Updates are more than possible
>>1229 I like where this is going..
Open file (2.15 MB 1124x1113 GraceTraining.png)
>>1230 Naturally
Open file (319.32 KB 437x625 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (402.53 KB 537x1000 DesperateGrace.png)
>>1232 Glorious
>>1215 Join the webring moefag J Join it please
Open file (1.31 KB 309x38 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (247.88 KB 748x886 pout grace.png)
>>1233 Aww it looks like Grace is struggling in vain against increasingly unpotty-trained body. She'll realize its hopeless very soon >>1152 I am trying to log into cock.li but it's having some sort of issue right now. I am interested in seeing whether it is possible to move our threads from /abdl/ on Julay to your site. I have already created a board. Since it is from Lynx to another site with it I feel like it should be fairly easy, but I know you are busy with these guys. Shoot me an email at abdl@hitler.rocks when you get a chance, hopefully I'll be able to log in soon.
>>1235 Also I'll send proofs if requested.
Open file (733.36 KB 650x1350 LibertyOrFoam.png)
>>1235 I'd imagine that having the underpinnings be the same will make transferring the threads fairly easy, at least easier than it would be otherwise. Grace is already the most baby-ified board-tan
Open file (1.04 MB 3000x3070 1416702432936.png)
>>1235 It's not that straightforward. Being on the same engine makes no difference if you're scraping from what's available via your browser. There's a database on their server which has everything catalogued, as well as additional information and metadata that isn't available to a scraper. That's why the Hoppe-sama migration is going to be difficult, especially in a rush: we have to try to fabricate a Lynxchan database from some scraped data. It's not at all straightforward. You guys do have another option, which is to ask Robi for a database dump of your posts. We'd have to nuke the current board on 8moe, but simply merging that dump into our database should be doable. We haven't done it yet but we've been looking into how to go about that for the Hoppe-sama script, so it's something we need to figure out anyways. If you can't get that database then I wouldn't hold your breath. If we get a functional Vichan merge script then it might be possible to just have it scrape Lynxchan instead and do a similar reconstruction. But right now there's a lot of variables and I certainly can't make it the priority. As an aside, it might be worth the Hoppe-sama BOs asking Robi for a database dump of their boards as well. We could use that to import their boards quite easily. Given that these are all boards which were going to be wiped during the Rebirth anyways, I don't think it's an unreasonable request for you guys to try and save your stuff. It's worth asking, and a dump of boards from Julay would definitely be the fastest way to migrate, not to mention the easiest from a technical perspective. If Robi is open to it, but unsure how to do it, I'd be happy to coordinate between his team, our team, and StephenLynx to work out a transfer procedure.
>>1238 Thanks, I’ll try emailing Robi tomorrow.
Open file (1017.01 KB 360x270 alfred.gif)
>/shelter/ - Emergency Shelter Reminder that asylum seekers must assimilate or be deported back to diaperstan.
>>1238 /monarchy/ had a fresh start from julay on Hoppe-sama. All I really care about is getting the music thread, reading list, and webm/mp4 threads from /monarchy/ on hoppe-sama, but no julayword.
>>1238 he won't give you a dump he wrote the scrapper for that
>>1244 If he has a scraper that will generate a LynxChan database then that's potentially usable, too. Is it publicly available? Do you have a link to it?
>>1245 I think it’s this, only thing I could find on Julay. Says it’s made by Robi https://gitgud.io/rb/MultiScraper
>>1248 shut the fuck up you double nigger you're a mistake to this world
>>1250 All dolphins must fucking hang
>>1251 Falseflagger detected
>>1250 >PHPfag calling other code slow Try a real language, nigger.
>>1246 Well fuck. If it does what it says on the tin then this saves me a ton of work. I literally just spent the past three days writing this exact same tool.
>>1257 ye it's that but it didn't work for me when i tried it i suggest you use it on a test db first
>>1258 Yeah I see that. It's choking while trying to parse image sizes. I'm trying to fix that now.
It chokes on PDFs and other files without dimensions. Both while trying to process the size and also because it won't return a content type when downloading. I maybe fixed it. Doing a dry run now.
>>1260 Ganbatte
Open file (212.67 KB 960x1200 liberty.png)
Open file (44.46 KB 406x385 smile loli.jpg)
>>1262 Absolutely based
>>1262 Wait, that's a Zeronet address, is it not?
t. /abdl/
>>1274 That's a local Lynxchan instance running on my desktop. That's the default IP it binds to. No real update yet today. I'm still fixing my mongo install. My partner had work and just woke up from a nap, so we haven't started working in earnest yet. We might have another update by tomorrow morning.
>>1277 how come you're using the placeholder fe
>>1277 Ah, I see. My bad. Godspeed and good luck, anon!
Hey guys, I recently acquired a, https://9chan.tw/libertarian/ feel free to post there!
Open file (9.46 KB 668x99 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (9.46 KB 668x99 ClipboardImage.png)
I assume this means us.
>>1287 That's the plan, and we should still be on schedule.
>>1287 >>1288 >(((fedchan))) the absolute state of facism
>>1289 >muh fedchan post proof(s). also,, wrong thread, cia.
>>1290 Proof of what? I just think fedchan is a funny name since it's ran by a guy who works with feds and called the feds on anons for doxxing him. But I can't imagine sharing a site with fucking cakekike and acidkike, not to mention the cuckchan-tier posters there that'll infest the place. If it's a last resort then I guess it must be done, but isn't there a /fascist/ board here? Why not just use that?
>>1291 >but isn't there a /fascist/ board here? Why not just use that? AFAIK, the problem was that old posts couldn't be transferred here
>>1292 I see. Well I wouldn't personally consider that enough of an issue to warrant going to fucking fedchan of all places but I'm not an active /fascist/ poster so my opinion means very little in this instance.
>>1293 >>1292 >>1291 >>1290 >>1289 The /ita/ owner of Rita.Null may be able to host some of your stuff, but you'll have to change dns to access it.
>>1289 >>1290 >>1293 >no proofs EVERY TIME
>>1292 >>1293 I see people saying this but I don't recall ever actually seeing a post about it.
Open file (46.23 KB 400x400 1588298234150-2.jpg)
>>1295 So, what's happening?
>>1297 Typical crying about feds with no evidence.
>>1295 Proof of what retard? >>1296 Acidkike himself defended doing it on fatchan I think. Not that he's wrong in that specific situation since I don't know the exact details, but it's funny either way. I can try to go digging through the cesspool that is /cow/ to see if there are any archives. But the fed shit is mostly just a meme, there are plenty of reasons for fucking despise 8moe besides that. At least it isn't 8glow I suppose. >>1298 No ones crying about the feds, but you getting this butthurt over the moniker of fedchan has cemented my decision to continue to refer to 8moe as fedchan from here on out.
>migration about to happen >shills appear and muddy the waters If Jews were smart they’d have taken the time to sow dissent in the weeks beforehand, but I guess it costs too many shekels to run a shill op that long.
>>1300 Ah yes, only shills could have anything against a site ran by fucking acid and mark. Surely there's absolutely no organic resentment towards these two individuals.
>>1299 >Acidkike himself defended doing it on fatchan I think >I think >I don't know the exact details >But the fed shit is mostly just a meme Lol
>>1300 >ignoring the months-long campaign that's been happening under our noses The fed cries out as he strikes you.
>>1302 Yes.
The database import test worked well on 8moe. There are a few minor bugs to work out in the backup schema and in making sure images import with correct filenames and parameters. That combined with all the people following the US riots made taking down the site to try migration tonight a bad idea. We'll be working on it a little more and going for the real thing on Monday.
>>1301 Didn't acidman run a /b/ spinoff on old 8chan? If so, I recall him being decent BO and good guy. >>1305 Thank you for your hard work and godspeed.
>Julay goes down >D&C stops on entire webring >Julay comes up under its primary domain >D&C started again
>>1305 This is the latest update. Will probably be the last one posted here until the migration is actually done. Until then, I'll be in touch with the BOs directly to hand over the boards to them.
>>1312 Great work, moefag.
>>1311 glowniggers have a lot on their plate these days anon. only pure-diversity's can be spared here on the webring. they were simply too stupid to realize they never actually took julay down, and were probably shocked when the domain suddenly came back up with the same Admin running things.
>>1311 Really causes me to me cogitate
>>1311 >criticizing a site that refuses to join the webring and d&c'd it for months is d&c itself Interesting narrative you're spinning friend. I guess you believe all "homophobes" are secretly homosexuals as well.
Open file (11.07 KB 260x244 asuka 2.jpg)
>>1316 >muh webring Oh no what will we ever do
>>1317 That's weird, I recall an asukafag who is vehemently anti-webring. But for some reason I can't quite put my finger on what his name was. I wonder if your file names match up.
Open file (106.08 KB 813x331 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1317 >>1318 What an oddly similar file name structure. How bizarre.
>>1319 You're really reaching and its hilarious. You see "Asuka 02" and you look at the other filename "asuka 2" and you think "OH LOOK THIS IS THE SAME PERSON" when in reality your "evidence" is the character Zero Two ("02") wearing Asuka's plugsuit, while my Asuka pic is the second Asuka pic in my folder. Fucking hilarious
Open file (151.00 KB 812x345 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1320 Guess you'll have to take that up with Acidkike since he's the retard who can't even tell which anime girls are his waifu. I've got good news, he's right here shilling against the webring >>1317 so you can bully him in this very thread.
>>1322 I'm starting to think you're just a butthurt Reifag
Open file (308.90 KB 700x700 1590866542212.jpg)
>>1323 I am Not Butthurt! And I am Certainly Not A Reifag! You Asukafags Are All The Same GUY!!! If the naysayers were truly concerned they wouldn't post anything like these posts: >>1289 >>1316 >No proof for the goyim >>1319 <At least my eyes can see! Everyone who uses numbering in filenames is clearly the same guy!!1
>>1322 Well you're not wrong about me dropping by the thread at least. I originally posted >>1305 since I felt bad about the delay. However I did not post >>1317 The decision of joining the webring or not remains up in the air while we have other issues to work on for our own site. Please be aware of impersonation tactics: "Pose as someone and do/say things to piss people off at them while fanning the flames and siccing people on them" is as old as anonymous discussion itself, and some of the people who dislike me have had it as a favorite tactic for a long time. I'll use a trip if I must. https://8chan.moe/site/res/88.html#q96
Open file (30.70 KB 724x965 index.png)
What do /monarchy/ anons think about 8moe? Luxembourger and BO, intelligentsia and peasants, get your asses back here. >>>/fascist/565 >>>/fascist/577 My input here. But there also seems to be a lot of opposition on the /fascist/ board to do with 8moe being viable. To do with the big dawgs over there. To do with concerns.
>>1332 I'm not worried about 8moe being a Honeypot. I'm not exactly sure if fedos even care about monarchists. I'm more worried about 8moe getting the Codemonkey treatment where we keep getting "Wait until next Monday" until everyone loses interest altogether. I don't know the alternatives available to us. We have Endchan, and then a bunch of other places (antares, zchan, PLK???) that I don't know the links for and have never seen.
Btw, is Sakamoto-poster still around?
>>1335 Yes.
>>1339 Hi.
Open file (2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
8moe /monarchy/ has all the recycled julayworld threads, but I wanted the hoppe-sama threads. I spent days carefully organizing those hoppe-sama ones. The recycled julay content is a headache. The julay threads are ugly/old/no longer relevant to our current timeline. I'm calling for a fresh start, or I will have to painstakingly bring over the hoppe-sama content. Not what I wanted w/ recycled julay stuff. Petitioning our King of /monarchy/ about 8moe move and the leftover uglyass julay threads left there.
>>1342 I'm only okay with this if 8moe joins the webring. Also be very careful, they just attempted to shill 8moe on cuckchan.
>>1343 Is this the King?
>>1343 >implying there aren’t cuckshills among us
Open file (5.13 KB 225x225 HA MWAH UH HUA.png)
>>1344 It can be, if you wish so, babe
>>1343 8moe, Zchan, anon.cafe, 9ch, those are what we have already discussed now. King of /monarchy/ should contemplate. If the King is really feeling sticking to the Webring, then Zchan/anon.cafe perhaps? 9chan, but if it has 18MB+ file size. Otherwise, there is 8moe, but 8moe needs a fresh start imo--leftover julay threads gotta go. Unless King-sama has something in mind.
>>1347 King-sama ought to weigh in.
Open file (209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
I am not the King of /monarchy/. The King of /monarchy/ should bring a seal of approval. Now that everything is laid out.
My main problem with 8moe right now are the julay threads as a /monarchy/ user. I want a fresh start/or hoppe-sama threads.
Open file (63.41 KB 499x560 1590615718-0.jpg)
If we're moving to 8moe /monarchy/ anons, the julaynigger threads have to go.
>>1351 Lol no, stop trying to push your dumb shit. Threads are fine
>>1352 On hoppe-sama /monarchy/, the consensus was that we'd have a fresh start without the julay threads. Now, I want 8moe /monarchy/ without julay threads. It was a fresh start on hoppe-sama. I made it clear days before the 8moe move that there shouldn't be julay threads.
>>1353 Seethe
>>1353 Proof?
>>1355 You can read it on julay 'a new colony has been founded' thread and hoppe-sama royal court.
>>1356 You literally screencapped the same shit you posted on /fascist/, you absolute mongoloid https://archive.fo/TqDEb https://archive.fo/y0Cii
Open file (227.33 KB 933x609 100.jpg)
Hey guys. I'm doing a test run of a Hoppe scrape right now. We switched to Julay because the Hoppe scrapes were broken. Since /monarchy/ wasn't scraped, it's feasible we can import it if the scraper handles importing it well. We did most of our bug-fixing on the lynxchan importer and scraper. The vichan one looks fine but we need to investigate. If it goes well and we can't find any major issues then we'll nuke the board and import from Hoppe-sama.
>>1359 I would rather manually do it all again, if it doesn't work out. I hate all the leftover julay clutter.
>>1360 Encoding is a bit wonky. I think I fixed the issue inside of posts. Some unicode is still broken, and the hardest to fix is filenames. A few of the webms have foreign characters and it makes a mess of them. I've spent way too long on this already, so I'm migrating as-is.
>>1361 >I've spent way too long on this already, so I'm migrating as-is. Without the threads? Or, just w/ a few of those issues?
Open file (2.25 MB 3192x3000 grace_blush.png)
After this migration, what we need are better banners.
>>1363 Threads will be moved. Had to tidy-up the database. There will be some errors with unicode characters. The cyrillic filenames (and some of the French characters) got destroyed. I've got a scraper that handles names properly but it doesn't have a migration/import feature yet. If the filenames bother you guys, you can always upload them with corrected names and delete the old ones. It's only a handful of files. I fixed most of the text issues and manually fixed any lingering ones I could, such as the unicode crowns in some of the subject lines.
>>1365 File names shouldn't be so bad. Unless it breaks the content itself, I wouldn't care about file names.
>>1366 Content is fine. I'm just waiting someone to come online. Once he does /monarchy/ will be up in half an hour or less. He might not come online today, in which case tomorrow will probably be the day that we can migrate from Hoppe.
>>1367 Is the migration finished? Thank you, moefag.
>>1370 Yeah, that's it. You guys enjoy. Please let me know if there's anything else you guys need. I'll mostly be over there, so if you don't get a response you can always e-mail me.
Wtf happened here why do I feel like there's a story here
>>3402 Admin either got glowed hard or pulled the rug on several political boards as a troll, we probably will never know
>>3402 The admin left the server unattended and the software shat itself
I only read rumors about whatever shitstorm happened to you guys, hopefully you get a stable place and hopefully I will be able to find it because I honestly lost track after the nth time /fascist/ got nuked.
>>1152 you are a faggot

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