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Tengu Reich Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 04:20:52 No.1097
that was fast heh
reposting the update from the owner: The Tengu Reich has been temporarily? disabled because the host overdosed on pills or got v& or something, maybe it'll come back soon I don't know I just work here. Regardless it's time for the daily janny dab. Here my copy of the #julayworld IRC log up to the point of having my press pass permanently revoked. Uncensored, unedited, and definitely unread because who the fuck has the time? If it ends up biting me who cares www. https://files.catbox.moe/myizqk.log https://files.catbox.moe/myizqk.log https://files.catbox.moe/myizqk.log
fug :DD
Seems normal.
It's back up I think.
>>1097 what happened
>>1098 You were too good for this board, based Tengu.
tengushice. can't even make a post lol.
>>1109 I think the host was wrong about fixing everything.
I was away for a few days. What the fuck happened?
>>1127 Shit's down, renart/hoppes is MIA again and won't fix.
Tengu where is the promised land now? Where can we talk about videogames?
>>1156 Working on it in the laziest and most inefficient way possible. Domain might get seized due to false flags soon though.
>>1157 Is there an onion link?
>>1175 no, nobody can post anything because the disk is full
>>1188 I have no idea if this is a retarded question or not, but is there any way to establish a domain name which isn't as easy to seize? Or what about a Tor-only board?
>>1195 OpenNIC
>>1157 v, brought to you by the tengu reich, now exists on SPORTS
>>1280 Awesome! edit: nevermind
Never make a move. Not too socially inept, have a bunch of pals, I just don't care.
>>1195 Boards can be made on tor very easily since domains are free. There are tor inproxy websites which can be added to the webring api to be accessed from clearnet. Inproxy sites are not reliable in my experience. They are but one of several solutions. Bans on tor are impossible and cp is a threat. But an admin can blacklist hashes like 4chan does. If you are hosting on tor, you can self host if you are not in a country that will not pounce on you for hate speech. The skill to deanonymize a tor site I think is beyond the person doing this to sites on the webring.
>>2157 >The skill to deanonymize a tor site I think is beyond the person doing this to sites on the webring. It all depends on the admin not doing anything stupid. If they are competent and educated, it will take a full-time three-letter agency team months or years if its even possible (they aren't going to waste a hundred-thousand-dollar 0day vulnerability on an expendable imageboard, so it entirely relies on old-fashioned detective work like seeing if they imply where they live or where they work, etc) so effectively it won't happen unless you are a direct threat like a CP site or terrorists planning bombing attacks.
Just like the 3rd Reich, the Tengu Reich technically never ended. Remnants of it can now be found across a few boards: https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/index.html https://8chan.moe/bane/ https://kissu.moe/jp
>>2602 Hey Eden, still mad that ya got kicked off /dup/ ?Why copy a low-PPH tvch board on blacked.gov?
Tengu Reich What did he mean by that?
>>3315 Unwarranted self importance.

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