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Open file (1.54 MB 1600x816 robot.jpg)
/r9k/ camp Anonymous 04/29/2020 (Wed) 15:44:41 No.102
Gather here.
I fucking hate the dolphin I fucking hate mark I fucking hate jim I fucking hate whoever is behind the deplatformings And I fucking hate Esther WHEN THE FUCK WILL PEACE COME BACK
>>103 Peace is never coming back. We are being besieged at every turn because we're speaking the truths that certain individuals and groups do not want to be known.
>>103 Peace has been stolen from the world.
Open file (23.19 KB 400x533 Peace you say.jpeg)
Open file (323.56 KB 446x247 harambe peace pol kek.png)
>>103 >>104 Peace you say?
Seems we can't catch a fucking break. In case this is the end of the road for us I just want you all to know that it was nice talking with all of you robots. /r9k/ was a unique place and a home for all of us. Let's hope that this isn't the end for us. Don't know if fatchan will come back but if it doesn't I hope that some robot is tech savvy enough to make a personal robot board. However they'd need to know how to defend the inevitable attacks of the dolphin.
Open file (431.14 KB 850x900 peacewasneveranoption.jpg)
https://archive.vn/Bv7CT#11883 >To summarize, speed up the takedown of this website so Tom finds a real solution to the loli question.
>>109 So it's not Esther that did it? To be fair, Tom only speculated that Esther filed the complaint. But what he did seem pretty futile since fatchan will never come back.
Whether it's the end of the road or not, it'll be going in the archive. The FTDDTOTs and these two most recent threads on here will outlast civilization, if my archiving idea works out as intended. /r9k/ never dies.
>>110 Esther was definitely the first complaint (Hurricane Electric), but /v/ and Mark were obviously responsible for the webring and fatchan being in Esther's crosshairs (Mark's twitter linking to fatchan). It's possible that user or any other user from /v/ were responsible for the second, final complaint that has caused Tom to give up. Fatchan went down a few hours after that post and there were hundreds of users on /v/ at the time, all it would've taken was one of them to do what that user suggested. The gaymergays are well-versed in sending complaints to shutdown SJWs. I've sent an email to Tom, asking if he's abandoning development of JSchan too. Still waiting for a reply. The richest part of that archived post is the last sentence, claiming to care more about imageboards than Robi and Tom while planning to destroy a site he's a guest on.
>4feds >fatkike >judenworld >8shit and nothing of value was lost rip imageboards. see you aryans on irc
>>113 Post irc
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>113 No one is going to join IRC and actually talk to you, you'll have to continue talking to yourself.
>>115 No I want to know what he's up to
>>716 >it's the fucking dolphin You know what fuck you
Sad to see julay/v/ referring to 8kun/v/ as "fatniggers" &c. They aren't representative of fatchan. It may have been "too small" for most to care about it before /v/ joined, even before /r9k/ joined, but it was very cozy. I believe /r9k/ would've had a long-lasting home there, if not for the /v/edditors.
Open file (489.05 KB 812x850 1579819143943.jpg)
>>118 No joke the constant board drama made 4chan more tolerable than the webring at this point
>>118 Trying to focus anger against fellow Anons is misguided at best, glowstick-tier D&C more likely. If so, GTFO. The real enemy is obviously outsiders. Even pedantic little tools like Mark are little more than useful idiots.
>>120 Sorry, but Mark and 8kun/v/ are the outsiders in this situation and everything went to shit soon after they came crawling back to the webring.
I heard the jews are kvetching out - is this true mutts? You getting Fema'd?
come to 9chan.tw >stable >active >great board creation tools
>>123 You know what, fuck it, I'll roll with it. Stay over here for a while guys. Use Tor if you are skeptical. https://9chan.tw/r9kkk/
>>123 >>124 >how do you do, fellow robots This kind of thing popping up everywhere. Guess Josh saw an opportunity. Or created it if some of the scuttlebutt is to be believed.
>>125 I understand that you are skeptical, but not everyone is dolphin or kike out for your blood. Just come to my board and see how I moderate for yourself.
JSchan will continue being developed. Hosting will be up to anyone with the means to do so.
>>123 >stable Your shit website is anything but stable. Piece of shit fails all the time.
Is the zeronet/r9k/ still working? If the 9chan/r9k/ fails you know where to go.
I have a Reddit account I used when browsing r/masskillers, r/columbine, etc. I actually have a subreddit that's private and with no other users. I know this might be a retarded proposal on my part. I just feel that the circumstances are dire enough as to potentially justify it. I guess that in the worst case scenario, we could move to Reddit. The subreddit would just have to maintain itself as a small niche, as I've seen with r/Columbine and r/masskillers that the post quality and knowledge of the users falls faster than a brick in mid-air when normalfags overwhelm it. It's incredibly easy to sign up for Reddit, and one can do it behind a VPN and solely use one when on there, as I have.
>>130 Fuck no, do you want us to become the next r/incel? We hate women even more than those cucks, what do you think going to happen? Some faggot will just snitch our place to some modtard to ban it and drive the population of r/inceltear to our place. Normalniggers can't into imageboard and we have control on imageboard from top to bottom. At least the people running it have some similarity to our thinking. Fuck reddit, it's like asking for a facebook group for this /r9k/. There are hundred of other imageboards out there to try, an already existing zeronet/r9k/, and some anons are about to open his own imageboards. Our best bet would be the latter, so we just need to be more patient till the time comes.
I completely forget about it, but I own julay/h/. I can make it into a /r9k/ bunker. The board is dead anyway, stay there in the meanwhile.
>>131 Also, moderators can edit posts to humiliate users too, and you know what kind people moderate that corporate shithole.
https://julay.world/h/catalog.html This is the current /r9k/ bunker.
>>130 Setting aside all that I culturally associate with reddit, it's simply unusable to me as a website. There's just something about it that deters me from wanting to read or post anything there, even if it were the perfect balance between freedom and quality. I would sooner go to quarterchannel.
There's a reply about anoncafe/r9k/ at >>>/meta/10663
Open file (7.72 KB 737x92 2019 1.PNG)
Open file (289.74 KB 502x591 2019 2.png)
Open file (224.41 KB 439x739 2019 3.png)
Open file (143.72 KB 479x526 2019 4.png)
>>102 I'm here too robots, wtf happened to fatpeople.lol?
>>138 2late2party dude.
>>138 Here's the rundown Fatchan gone due to reports from bad actors /r9k/ fragmented again. Some suspicious bunkers popped up that no one uses Finally got a somewhat functioning bunker on /h/ /r9k/ on balkanchan went up but nobody used it. /h/ is gone /r9k/ on balkan is gone Basically we're just about fucked. Unless anon cafe takes us in (which they won't) we are probably going to be relegated to the bunker threads here and on julay until we get finished off by whatever evil this curse we have throws at us next.
>>140 >/h/ is gone >/r9k/ on balkan is gone What the hell happened to those? When I last checked around two days ago they were both still there, but now they've vanished without a trace. Did I miss something, or did they just silently disappear?
>>141 They just silently disappeared. Maybe BO is at the end of his wire.
>>140 >>142 It feels fucking surreal, one of the most enjoyable communities i found on this normalcucked web gets nuked without survivors, also everything is gone, what survived are just screencaps on the archives. Also we lost a lot of people since infinitychan, some of them probably killed themserves. Is this really the end? What are you going to do, robots? What should i do? This world is hell.
>>143 >What are you going to do, robots? What should i do? Wait for an update from anon.cafe's admin I guess. I think right now everyone's waiting to see if the complaints and deplatforming are going to continue, but if enough time passes without something happening, hopefully everyone will feel a bit more secure and be willing to help some of the "homeless" boards out. And to be honest, the Esther shit isn't even the real cause of the problem. Fatchan made the conscious decision to give up at the first hurdle, Julay made the conscious decision to ditch the boards that Robi had no interest in, and both decided to do so around the same time, which of course only compounded the problem. Smuglo.li got through it unscathed (and even managed to keep their primary domain), 9chan lost their primary domain but is still going strong on a second one, 8kun is still going, 8chan.moe is still going, and prolikewoah wasn't even hit. I don't think anon.cafe was hit either, but if they were, it clearly had no effect. So the situation isn't quite as dire as it seems, it's just that the decisions of two webring admins caused a perfect storm that left numerous groups of anons out to dry.
>>143 I nuked them all. None of you listened to me. Now I'm accelerating its death to kick you lazy asses to gear or /r9k/ can finally sleep forever. Fuck you.
>>145 If you're gonna act like that, it's probably for the best that you did delete everything you had ownership of. Everyone's splintered and doesn't know what the fuck is going on, and it was unlikely that anyone was going to post on a board with no threads on a site that almost nobody had heard of.
>>146 Sure, keep waiting for your sky daddies giving you free gibs.
>>147 I'm not waiting for anything from the sky daddies, I'm waiting for an update from the admin.
>>148 >admin What's the difference? >waiting for an update from the admin. There won't be any. Other boards got sheltered because the people behind those websites were regular there. If /r9k/ was gonna get sheltered, it would have been done by now. No one wants to deal with extra hurdle, especially now. /r9k/ is not exactly the comfy, harmless board like others.
>>149 Did you even read >>>/meta/10663 ? The admin wants /r9k/ on here, but they've made "assisting new sites in being established" their number one priority for now, and would rather not have to deal with an extra helping of dolphin autism at the same time. Once the situation has calmed down and the new sites are up and running, it seems very likely that a proper /r9k/ board will be made. >/r9k/ is not exactly the comfy, harmless board like others. It's no different to /britfeel/ (which is basically /r9k/ - brit edition), and there's bunkers like >>>/k/ and >>>/facist/ here too.
>>150 Again, keep waiting. We have the dolphin to our name, all boards suffer because of us. They are just going to blame us and give us the boot, since it's actually a practical and very easy approach to the ddos problem.
>>152 The dolphin attacks places even without the presence of /r9k/. /r9k/ is just where they first emerged.
>>152 >We have the dolphin to our name, all boards suffer because of us. That's horseshit anon. You guys aren't responsible for the actions of a schizo goon.
>>153 Except that it's not. Ever since we fucked off from anoncafe, the dolphin fucked off from here too.
>>155 He made his presence known during the saturday radio stream that was hosted here, and he constantly posts on /meta/ (where his posts are usually deleted).
>>156 Except there was no botspam or ddos. Oh well I just gave him the idea though.
>>157 There was an attempted DDoS on the stream but it didn’t really do anything so not many noticed.
We are back up and running on a new bunker. https://balkanchan.ga/r9k/
>>159 >This Connection is Untrusted
Open file (76.38 KB 1920x954 ClipboardImage.png)
>>161 dude, i'm not posting there when pic related appears when I enter it
>>162 Doesn't show that in my firefox. Maybe try lynxchan.net
>>162 click advanced and post again
Open file (42.64 KB 1417x489 ClipboardImage.png)
>>164 even my ISP says it's not safe
>>165 Well it's the official instance of LynxChan ran by Stephen Lynx himsefl.
>>165 that's not what i asked
>>134 >dead already
>>168 We already moved to a proper bunker.
>>123 I'm not a horse
>>768 Then I will fuck you till your a horse then, Luke.
Did balkanchan change domain without telling anyone, or is it just gone now?
>>1269 lynxchan .net
>>1270 Nice honeypot, Patch. The new domain is 4biz.xyz. As for proof: -ChanServ- Last topic: LynxChan engine discussion. The best engine you will ever shitpost with. | Official board: https://www.4biz.xyz/lynx/ | Vichan migration script: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/VichanMigration | Latest stable release: 2.4.x | PenumbraLynx promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQmd10zWC5w -ChanServ- Topic set by: StephenLynx
dolphin_bat.png: Ban evasion corruption original ban of posting links to directory of child pornography.
>>135 Trying to browse DNM for drug vendors they have their own .onion version of Reddit and its interface is impossible to find anything you want.
So I guess this is the end isn't it? No bunker, no shelter. Fucking nowhere to go. If it wasn't for dolphinkike, we'd still have our board on here.
>>1368 The bunker was posted ITT already. But the current main board is here https://zchan.cc/r9k/catalog.html It's even listed on the webring.
>>1369 And... everything is gone, again. Is this the fucking end?
>>1430 Zchan might not actually be down, the site admin is just a bit demotivated and saying silly shit. Or it could be gone forever soon since he's saying he's giving up, who knows. But /r9k/ isn't dead, just a little crippled as usual. This is why the lynxchan.net bunker exists. https://www.lynxchan.net/r9k/catalog.html I was able to archive the entire board as of yesterday too. https://web.archive.org/web/20200712015648/https://zchan.pro/r9k/catalog.html So nothing is really lost besides being on a well known imageboard in the webring which is a decent boost to activity.
https://zchan.cc works again. It's on Cloudflare now but no javascript is needed. Clear your cache, flush your DNS and restart your browser if it isn't working yet.
Open file (4.18 MB 3000x4000 1u4d0.jpg)
https://endchan.net/r9k/ Dropping the link for endchan, just in case. And people wonder why anyone hates normies...
>>1846 >robots are stuck on endchan Truly a sad fate.
>>1966 How does it feel to know even image boards don't want to hang around with you losers?
you guys are free to post on /japan/
>>1967 because imageboards are infested with "normies"?
>>1968 Why do people hate /japan/? I don't know much about board dramas.
>>1973 do they?
>>1974 Don't know much, but is >>1968 a shitpost out of hate for /japan/.
>>1968 fuck y
https://zzzchan.xyz/r9k/ /r9k/ bunker on the new zchan.
There is no good /r9k/ board I have found to use on the entire Internet. I came here to find out why the shitty webring option is missing from the sites I can find also. >lurks thread >>9chan.tw I guess I'll go to another shitty link. >does so >there's an islam board >>123 It looks like shit to me but if I get desperate enough I'll go back to it. Noted.
>>2168 The mod(s) there are/is very fascist and also it's down over and over zzz is. And I don't even see it listed on anon.cafe anymore so the admin probably is turning it off deliberately, I saw him say he might if too many new people showed up. I gave it a try and even when not breaking the rules the mod deleted my comments over and over and over. Even wizchan and lainchan has more relaxed censoring. I'd honestly consider going to 4chan but literally every single board is range banned for profits currently, as much as 4chan baits that's better than sitting there for 12 hours with no one to talk to all day. And of course 4chan blocks vpn's and proxies and tor and all. There is no /r9k/. Also '8chan's doomer doens't count.
>>3082 >>there's an islam board There is one here, too. What's the problem?
Open file (35.21 KB 640x480 AHAHAHAHAHAHA.jpg)
>>3083 >The mod(s) there are/is very fascist >I gave it a try and even when not breaking the rules the mod deleted my comments over and over and over. butthurt pedo spamming /b/ is butthurt, point at him and laugh
>>3083 >mods are very fascist >4chan >high pph faggot >they deleted my comments It's probably for a good reason.
>>3083 If this is bait then props because you did a wonderful job at sounding like an absolute fucking retard.
>>3085 Not an argument. >>3087 Being dead is (arguably) worse than being full of baits. >>3092 This post is also pointless.
Open file (9.25 KB 292x257 kekler.png)
So what now? Do we wait for zzz/r9k/ to come back?
Hey whats up trannies jk??? lol??? sucks what happened tho
>>3150 Yes.
Open file (226.18 KB 640x587 yukari and flowers.png)
Down again. Whoever is in charge of these things can you please at least give people notice prior to these things happening if you can?

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