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Julay.world is down Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 05:11:30 No.8
Julay is throwing a 502 Bad Gateway error. Panic?
Open file (4.20 MB 460x258 park guys.mp4)
>>1044 Nah, fuck it. It is a dumpster fire and this koi guy is no good either. >lel interracial, white genocide and shitposting threads will be left on the frontpage for the lolz >hanging flesh guy comes in the thread posting naked fat anime girls and pretends everything is ok >call him out >nooo I addressed this >robi posts gg ecelebs and etc. dumb shit and pretends his measures are good as long as he posts naked anime girls The whole team is retarded and everyone is on a power trip. I just hope the small game groups we had like the s4 and samurai ones survive.
>>1046 Seems to me you're swallowing the rhetoric hook, line and sinker. You do realize julay is under external attack by bad actors right? There is quite likely a state run, organized assault being directed at any wrongthink sites--IBs in particular--that won't snap-to and be good little drones. You should know this kind of thing by now Anon.
>>1047 Yet the core community was unwelcoming to wrongthink to begin with.
>>1048 /cow/? unwelcoming to wrongthink? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Now I know you're just a diversity-hire. Seems like they would train you retards better than that. GTFO, dumbass.
>>1050 >make china bannerlord thread >*hmm this is suspiciously close to politics* This what I usually get from the *core community*
>>1047 >You do realize julay is under external attack by bad actors right? The only one attacking julay is the bad moderation stabbing itself over and over. Tengu has crossed the line with the second /v/ nuking, but the mod team there was and is corrupt to the core. Don't deny this
>>1046 The shitposting/b/-/v/ was funny for a day or so, but it should have been obvious that you shouldn't let anyone related to that shit remain as the BO long term, unless your whole goal was to crash the plane with no survivors. Most people really just want a place to talk about videogames without having to swim through cointelpro-tier pedoshit and demoralization and baiting.
>>1053 Is lolicon pedo?
>>1054 I mean the photos of 3D children sucking on various things while making grotesque faces.
>>1055 Such shit needs to be banned, fuck those pedos.
>>1026 Because normies are too stupid to see the difference between a drawing of an imaginary character, and something like REAL LIFE. And normies outnumber literally everyone else. And are constantly used as cannon fodder/meat shields by evil parties, used as tools in a war to ban fun 4ever.
>>1028 I have my own ideas and theories, and will now add elements of yours into the boiling pot.
Anyone knows where /sw/ is? This shitshow lost me and I miss them?
Open file (114.68 KB 452x318 globbergackers.png)
Open file (104.44 KB 461x272 gloobergaffer.png)
Open file (17.76 KB 445x57 goobercuck.png)
Open file (132.43 KB 612x314 goobergaper.png)
Open file (27.19 KB 476x166 goofy goobers.png)
>>627 >coomer >goobergate Point of view discarded.
>julay deleted /v/ again The shitshow that just keeps on giving. >>1029 Consider learning how to read then >b-b-but I would never! Keyword in my statement being "might". Really should have added "some of" in front of "which", though. You're either not part of the group that would go over that edge, or you're appeased by your masturbation habits. Probably both. But being incapable of realizing not every statement has to apply to you necessarily is a sign of autism. Might want to get a diagnosis for that, bud. >>1058 I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong, or at least if it's wrong for the average CP spammer even if it's right for some, but it's a sound theory as far as I know. What're your theories?
>>1061 Theories about what recreational sex is, and why people are sometimes attracted to someone who is way below the mature "procreating" age. I won't discuss it here, since it delves into pedophilia, and I want loli to stand on its own (you can make a 2D little girl as mature and "old" as you want, something you cannot do with a real person).
>>1059 9chan (dot) tw is the bunker, but it's currently empty anon
>>1070 Of all places they choose Josh's shithole? Thanks for the informaciĆ³n though.
Does /ck/ have a board anywhere? I know /a/ and /k/ have threads, but is there a board?
>>1074 Not as far as I know. I don't think they had a strong enough independent community to seek a separate board on the webring. There's one on balkanchan but it's unrelated. There's a cooking thread in /comfy/ and /k/ but that's all I've seen.
>>1060 Goyimgoobers are annoying faggots, and take vidya way too fucking seriously. Take that shit to /pol/ if you want to talk about the state of journalism.
>>1076 At least gaymergayters kept that shit in a thread. I couldn't give a shit about them, but at least they brought in free drama to laugh at.
>>1077 I still cannot comprehend who you are talking about. GG lasted for a year, and died. Anyone crazy enough to think it is still somehow going in 2020 is insane, and/or giving out free rent.
Are there any /loli/ or /delicious/ bunkers?
>>1080 >actual pedos >being weebs >not being turbonormie boomers
Open file (964.20 KB 1300x1300 jewlay.png)
>>1076 >>1077 >muh gaymergayters >muh goyimgoobers years of irrelevance and it still lives rent free in your head. learn to move on muses
>>1087 >learn to move on I don't have to move on, the shit wasn't ever a problem for me. They generally kept it in their containment thread, and they at least contributed in the form of retarded game dev articles.
Open file (22.06 KB 413x94 Goyimergate.png)
Open file (3.46 KB 437x67 goobergrump.png)
Open file (21.62 KB 777x67 Goobergoblers.png)
Open file (98.65 KB 465x281 gurglegak.png)
Open file (3.09 KB 529x66 gooberglackers.png)
>>1076 Veiling your knee-jerk fear of any kind of political talk behind "this is for video game discussion." You're just giving me more screencaps for my collection. If it really didn't bother you, you wouldn't bitch about it so much.
>>1090 >being this assblasted over gg after all these years how mentally unhinged do you have to be? >>1089 that's the thing, I don't get the massive hateboner for something that was easy to filter and move on. fags have their hateboner over all the wrong things these days
Julay is up, why are you all still in here?
>>1094 because we don't want to be next to you
Julay giving a 502 under http, "connection closed" under https... Anyone else getting this?
>julay/v/ wants to talk about a video game >nu-un you can't talk about this video game T. mods >... >julay /v/ is now dead That's literally all it fucking was, there wasn't anybody trying to set up gamergate generals it was the same fucking thing that caused the "first" exodus from fourchan all those years ago. if the moderation didn't try to fucking stomp down on it nothing would have came from it you fuckers even managed to kill julay /k/ >>1094 but julay.world isn't up anon, it's spqrchan.xyz now :^)
>>1076 take a look around nigger. everywhere that it isn't jewbook, shitter, and kiketube is /pol/ now
>>1102 Well, looks like it's time for the babby to learn how to TOR.
>>1102 Maybe if it wasn't spammed and shitposted to death it wouldn't happened, nigger
>>1107 maybe if the board wasn't shit it wouldn't have been spammed and shitposted to death
>>1094 yougay is ded like your post
Is there a good /v/ alternative now that the Julay one is down? I just went there for the RTS threads.
>>1123 Never mind, /geimu/ has one up now.
>>1123 What's wrong with /v/ Prime on 4chan?
>>1136 Your question contains your answer.
>>1123 >>1124 There's also now a /v/ on zchan owned by the pasta BO from fatchan. The /v/alkanization continues.
Open file (5.82 KB 106x128 gobblegoo.png)
Open file (216.76 KB 759x413 gamer space gate.png)
Open file (30.57 KB 562x155 gamergay.png)
Open file (27.25 KB 1053x89 GamerGoobers.png)
Open file (34.77 KB 713x131 gamergoys.png)
>>1090 >>1091 I just keep a folder of gamergoober variations. I've been collected these for years.
Gosh, if only the babby knew what a "TOR endpoint" was...
>>1009 >topbane.ru Fucking LOL

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