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Open file (16.68 MB 1200x1724 average 8chan refugee.jpg)
8chan Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 03:20:56 No.47
Do you think 8chan is ever coming back?
Yeah, basically.
I see, thanks. So, IIRC, it's this weird mashup where you can actually watch the letters as they're being typed, but in an imageboard-like interface. Is that right?
Liveposting is a huge mess since you can reply to posts that haven't even been made yet so reading it back the chronology is all wrong. If you weren't in the thread at the time it becomes a chore to read.

I'll admit though I haven't had the chance to try it out for myself since Meguca has this absurd captcha where you have to click on anime faces and if you don't get it right it autobans you. Basically ensures that the whole site is cancerous because only weebs can beat the captcha.
>autobans you
It does not. In fact you can just keep trying with just guesses to get it right. You probably couldn't post because you're using tor or something that doesn't work with the mess that the meguca liveboard is made of.
You're right, that is cancerous. Why stop at pictures? The captcha should be kanji so only the best of the best weebs make it. Funny enough I heard the first crop of meguca/a/ moved to discord and banned communication in non-Jap.
I fear the shitters just don't know about this place or the webring yet. They'll come, no doubt about it, what's important is that the administration must make preparations to mass ban them when they reach us with ill intent.
I fully agree.
While I'd much rather 8ch came back for its smaller, nicher boards, I can't help but think that if we play our cards right and spread the webring to the right people, we might create a new kind of anonymous message board standard that everyone else will either have to follow or they'll be left on social media forever.
The greatest part about this federation is that it also dilutes glow-in-the-dark operatives. Either they spread themselves too thin, and are easily removed, or they concentrate only on the weakest and most exploitable website, and we just drop them and replace them with a new imageboard talking about the same stuff. It also helps that new boards are getting easier and easier to make, the only worrying part about this system is whether we can influence more anons who used to make quality posts to come here instead of moving onto designated shitting streets with 4 PPH.
>The greatest part about this federation is that it also dilutes glow-in-the-dark operatives. Either they spread themselves too thin, and are easily removed, or they concentrate only on the weakest and most exploitable website, and we just drop them and replace them with a new imageboard talking about the same stuff.
Phosphorescent phenotypes are limited by content rather than by number of websites. Given proper tooling, multiple imageboards can be monitored and shilled. If this is enough to outwit bioluminescent then they weren’t much of a threat anyway.
To be honest, did you see their attempt at blending in? The one where they had a warrant of a lone operative talking to himself and that apparently was enough to get people uppity about the site, yet the administration laughed it off?
Reminds me of how in Germany there's all these small neo nazi political parties who are 90% German Polizei operatives and 10% druggies, with the former having to put on flashy shows of power every once in a while otherwise the German govt would remove their funding as there would be no need to keep them around without the threat of the far right.
Really, the big thing to worry about with glows right now is sowing drama between the webring's chans. I've already seen some attempts at it in the format of "admin of (x) chan is (y)", but luckily most people are ignoring it. I think we'll be fine as long as everyone has some sense and knows how to spot these divide-and-conquer tactics.
>what's important is that the administration must make preparations to mass ban them when they reach us with ill intent.
They're boards.
The 8chan cafe board is spelled /caffe/ with another f and has a nice comfy coffee CSS.
Hopefully you guys revive /caffe/ when 8chan gets back online.
I'm going to take this as the meta thread.

Can the settings be changed to allow threads without an opening image? Otherwise Tor users can't start threads.
Sure. It's been done.
Jim said on a podcast on 21/9 that they were fine tuning and testing things on a "different domain" that is "innocuous". So I pinged 8ch.net, and did a reverse dns lookup on the IPs. There are 3 domains, one of which is "straw-berry.net" (probably the one jim was referring to)
The domain on whois has screenshots of the site (its not up right now, but must have been at some point for the scraper to screenshot it) showing the 8chan homepage with /pol/ and the embrace infamy motto still there.

So things are looking hopeful.
nice detective work anon
I still think it will come back eventually. We don't hear much from Jim and Ron at the moment, but still too much to believe it's dead permanently. And I also hope for it, unlike others here I don't see it as negative. In the end the webring boards will still exist and I will continue using them too.
It redirects to 8ch.net now.
It's coming back under the 8kun name now.
This will effect /caffe/'s CSS since the background image used has an 8ch.net URL. I guess you just need to change the 8ch.net URLs in the CSS to 8kun to get the CSS back.
How would that have worked at all since 8ch is down? I've never seen a background image on here. Maybe you still have it cached?
Not on the bunker, but on the actual /caffe/ board on 8chan. Now it will look like a mess, I might have to fix that.
Open file (11.86 KB 550x105 8kun monster.png)
Looks like 8kun (aka 8chan 2: Electric Boogaloo) is "up" but is extremely flaky and many boards aren't yet restored. I checked /robowaifu/ but it just returns

/monster/'s text is present but none of the thumbnails or uploaded assets load either and attempts to post return pic related.
Open file (20.96 KB 782x101 8kun views reflected.png)
Every post now has
>Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.
at the bottom.
>The webring is a little exciting, like we’re breaking new ground
Agreed. There's also no reason to have small comfy boards hosted on the same site as /pol/ shit, especially not if they're going to keep going on killing sprees and get the site shut down
Allegedly you can disable that in the options.

I think it's going to create drama. I know Jim's made it clear he only cares about /qresearch/ and frankly while I don't think he's a bad guy, his reasons for being pro freezed peaches are pretty selfish. I can only see this whole mess ending badly with anons losing, whether we stay on the webring or go back to 8kun.
>implying 8chan was at all fucking "free"
>implying they didn't back in the beginning
>implying 8chan wasn't totally full of cancer
There's no fucking way the scum didn't quickly find their way here. I specifically avoided the Web Ring because it was painfully obvious everything bad about 8chan 2016+ had quickly crawled its way here.
Jim isn't as great as you think.
It seems like I was right again. Everyone worthwhile left 8fag when the leaks happened. There's more images/events but anyway.
I think this is a bit of a leap
They did have ads on the site even if most channers might use adblockers and there's no evidence that he secretly sold information about the users, I'm not defending him but that pic just seems a bit of a stretch
Open file (592.15 KB 1280x1024 alone.png)
I miss /civ/.
/caffe/ is back.
8kun is cancer. Sorry.
nice pilpul fag
8kun is far too dodgy, anyone with half a brain can see the glowing trash-heap that is 8kun.
8kun is official 8chan, same administration, low on mods
If its the same then why have all the webring boards abandoned it?
>>90 >why have all the webring boards abandoned it? wut?
>>90 cause webring better
Open file (915.25 KB 500x282 IMG_0387.GIF)
>>47 No. It's gone. A funeral should be held. >>88 Anon fucking called it.
hot wheels doesn't want it back
>>93 It's going to be a full year since 8chan is dead in three months. I'll suggest the idea of a movie night/radio being done for the day and leave
>>95 It was on its deathbed for a while even before that though.
Nope, it's dead. The owner doesn't allow lolis anymore.
>>96 deathbed =! death
>>47 I hope not. 8ch wasn't good. Some of it's users and communities were. Decentralizing is in their benefit.
Open file (605.77 KB 611x475 king_lordfoxworth.png)
I miss the good times, without cucknomia, just... that delicious small comunity... so many stories, and moments....
No, it's over, 8chan doesn't have to be your audience, 8chan is dead
>>97 It died in 2015 when they started deleting legal child models and pedo threats, you hypocritical fuck. It's not coming back, and that's good. Other's will take its place.
Do you think 4chan is ever coming back?
Fuck no

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