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Waifu Humpd/a/y Stream - Café Edition Peace 10/16/2019 (Wed) 22:46:42 No.459
Waifu Humpd/a/y Stream - Café Edition
How's it going, anon?

Getting through the week alright? Enjoying the season? We're going to be stress testing the backup streaming server courtesy of anon.cafe's BO holding a small weekday stream over here.
Since this isn't the regular stream, you'll have to redirect your music player over to: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/stream.m3u

We'll be playing Shibayan records bossa nova CDs, but you are welcome to make /r/s. I'm gonna hit the showers and make some dinner here, this is a lazy stream tonight.
Open file (896.20 KB 747x1200 1555226172445-2.jpg)
And this brings an end to Shibayan. We'll have a little more music for an hour or so before calling it an evening.

>How will we sleep if you don’t read us a story?
I dunno. I'm probably gonna pass out as soon as I end the stream.
Zuntaka Pokoten Zuntakapon!
Your transitions are so much better when you're staying in the one genre.
Open file (850.23 KB 500x400 vpLZtbT.gif)
How does one transition smoothly? I'm not musically inclined so any playlists I create just end up being a smorgasbord of songs I like.

Generally by remaining in the same genres and picking tracks with similar bpms. Easing/fading into the music also tends to help.
I haven't listened to MD in years.

Was not expecting it and it came like a punch, but at the very least the song was good. Guess it's back to 2hu?
You'll figure it out one day. Think about rhythm and don't partake in recreational chemicals.
I think you're getting anons mixed up. And I like my recreational chemicals.
Our DJs are hilarious when they occasionally get a little tipsy. Would be annoying if it was a regular occurrence though.
I maintain that mganons sober stream was his best stream.
This last past is getting even chiller. Like the weather. I like the chill.
Open file (399.13 KB 1600x1200 natural.jpg)
Now this is comfy
Besides Nippon the Alps and the Rockies are on my go to list. Snow capped mountians are lovely. I can only imagine the beautiful silence one could enjoy by that small lake.
I have a confession to make. I stole my "gensoh valley" block I developed back in May and just got rid of the opening and ending portions that tie it together.

The Rockies are extremely windy, so it wouldn't be very quiet.
>goreshit - step in
Open file (102.59 KB 1684x1191 1537065471952.jpg)
Achromatic Ravine is a reminder that all comfy times must come to an end and we must always be grateful for the moments of taking it easy.
That'd be absolutely lovely. Makes you wish travel could be more affordable, it has been a while since i went to Norway and i miss it.
I love it
You do a lot for anon and it doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks.
I'm just happy when anon can enjoy a comfortable evening.
Open file (149.59 KB 1280x720 starnight.jpg)
I also wish to see the real night sky sometime. It's inspired men throughout history inventors, prophets, generals, kings; I've read so many accounts of the greatest being humbled before it's beauty. Light pollution is the worst.
Open file (27.17 KB 1210x125 end_10_!6.png)
Open file (2.69 MB 1920x1080 1555226643228-0.png)
Looks like we're coming up on the last few songs, anon. Thanks for stopping by this evening, and I hope you have a good rest of your week. Yellow Blue Bus as always, and sleep snug, smug.

I've driven out to the middle of nowhere to see one, anon. It's breathtaking and it really changes your perspective on things when you realize that it's what man had to look at for most of their existence.
Thanks for the comfy stream. Sometimes a chill Wednesday stream beats out a frenetic Saturday. I think this one did.
This was really cozy, I'll come around for the next time
Я люблю вас. Please tell a story.
I thoroughly enjoyed this radio session. Thank you for inviting us to join for the little short while.
Unfortunately no stories tonight, anon. I don't have any on hand and I can't think of any that are really appropriate for a Wednesday evening that I could get recorded in the next 15 minutes.
A long time ago I was on a ship crossing the Atlantic. There were no other vessels on the horizon. No land in sight. There I was just breathing in air that hadn't circulated over land in who knows how long and looking up. I grew up in cities and was wholly unprepared for how it felt. Make time to go do it, anon.
Tell me about your bellybutton.
It's hairy and I clean it twice weekly, once a week with a tissue after showering, and once a week with a Q-tip after showering and cleaning with a tissue.
That's rather specific. Mine is naturally clean and springy.
I envy your bellybutton, anon.
Ah right, and a big thank you to anon.cafe's BO for hosting us this evening! Make sure to stop by once in a while for the comfy threads, anon!
Open file (10.54 KB 480x360 RIP_Eri.jpeg)
Fuck yes, bells.
>stream switches to bells
>listener count unchanged
Open file (134.01 KB 1000x750 Cast_in_bronze.jpg)
The Carillon is a rare instrument. The instrument consists of at least 23 cast bronze, cup-shaped bells, which are played serially to produce a melody, or sounded together to play a chord. A traditional manual carillon is played by striking a keyboard – the stick-like keys of which are called batons – with the fists, and by pressing the keys of a pedal keyboard with the feet. The keys mechanically activate levers and wires that connect to metal clappers that strike the inside of the bells, allowing the performer on the bells, or carillonneur/carillonist, to vary the intensity of the note according to the force applied to the key. Only a handful of them exist in the world, a little under 400 almost entirely focused in Europe. You are listening to the only travelling carillon that I know of. It was donated by a wealthy benefactor who wanted to hear the bells spread across North America. Carillon players have to go through years of rigorous training in order to become professionals. You are listening to an instrument that less than 0.1% of the human population will ever be able to hear right now, anon. Isn't that something special in a sense?
It’s a lovely sound. Is it still called a carillion when it’s mounted inside a full-size clock tower like this?

That's actually a traditional carillon when it's mounted inside a clock tower or bell tower, yeah.
Makes you wish it was christmass already.
For some reason I’m tearing up listening to this. I never missed the bells until now but now... god I miss the bells.
Open file (1.08 MB 2078x2500 1560641051065.jpg)
Kind friends and companions, come join me in rhyme
Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine
Come lift up your voices, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again
So here's a health to the company and one to my lass
Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass
Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again
Here's a health to the wee lass that I love so well
For style and for beauty there's none can excel
There's a smile on her countenance as she sits upon my knee
There is no man in this wide world as happy as me
So here's a health to the company and one to my lass
Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass
Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again
Our ship lies at anchor, she is ready to dock
I wish her safe landing without any shock
And if ever I should meet you by land or by sea
I will always remember your kindness to me
So here's a health to the company and one to my lass
Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass
Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again
Drunken sailor always gets me teared up. I assume it's due to a long family history of piracy and alcohol abuse.
Open file (38.64 KB 850x402 1548562884436-4.jpg)
Good night, Anons. If I prerecord a story reading, can I send it to the streamers to be saved up for when they don’t have time for story time themselves, like tonight? If so, what kind of thing would Anon like to hear?
You can send it to any of us, it's just a question of who will play it. KFist generally doesn't do storytime unless his hands are tied/he promised to do one while drunk. Not sure about Piiei's stance.
That’s fine, it’s just supposed to be an in-reserve thing to help Anon sleep. How and to where do I send something?
I want something that's unusual, something that only you can think of, experiences and memories wrapped up in your most vivid imaginings. I want to know more about your bellybutton.
Of course; stop by whenever you please. I’m glad to see Anon had an enjoyable stream. I’ll lock the thread now.

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