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Christian /shelter/ 2: Electric Boogaloo Anonymous 12/11/2022 (Sun) 16:41:54 No.4438
I was going to leave well enough alone with a simple meta post in the designated meta thread, but he's not even allowing that so if he wants to do this than let's do this. Here's a temporary shelter thread. Keep inter-imageboard dramafaggotry out of it and don't bring up the lolcow. Discuss /christian/ things here. Have a nice day. Keep meta to the /meta/ thread: >>>/meta/15995
>>4457 The quality isn't there cos it was forced off the board by mods. Sure, fixing that won't instantly bring back the >serious discussion, but you can't jumpstart a shorted circuit retard. Why would anyone make a serious post on a board* where it's just going to be deleted while the guy you're talking to is in the middle of writing his reply? *this includes /meta/, apparently
>>4457 Why would I bother with quality when the ownership has made it clear they don't want me there? Quality comes from stable and (relatively) clear rules that aren't in question and don't target people. Or so has been my experience moderating other boards in the past.
>>4438 Just ask the people at https://8chan.moe/christian/ to give you the board and move over the threads worth archiving.
>>4459 >>4460 So you would rather complain then? Because so far this is the only viable solution to our problems aside from turning tail and running away which won't solve anything.
>>4462 >Yeeees yeeeeeesssss you have no choice but to come crawling back!!! Neck yourself, Christjanny. I'll take /christian/ off of webring infrastructure entirely before I'll use a board you're running.
>>4461 >8moe Don't take this the wrong way, but I've been making the religious arguments on meta, proposing a new board, and doing everything in my power to not use 8moe. While I personally don't have any major problems with it, I also understand that board is radioactive to other users. I've only been back for about two weeks when all this shit went down, so I'm not entirely sure I even want to commit to trying to solve the underlying problems since it's going to be taking on a headache that I don't particularly want long-term. I remember what has happened the last few times I've tried to get a board going strong while pulling out of moderation after I thought the gears were turning fine and it's not a project I'm willing to commit more than about six months to in the role of moderation.
Someone made https://christ-chan.xyz/ What do you think?
>>4463 >Doesn't want to build up only wants to tear down and complain How typical
>>4465 Better than endchan, but the amount of spam on conception is questionable. >>4466 Tell you what, give the board to me and in three months I can show you what a /christian/ board should really look like.
>>4467 Christ-chan.xyz is having mod applications.
>>4466 Eat my ass. You would have me bed cult leaders in "compromise" to fulfill your whims of not having a dead board here on cafe. I would rather burn it all to the ground before kneeling to a power-tripping nigger that permabanned me for saying the board's heritage should be respected. I'm going to the freech offshoot /christian/ until it's shown to be a bad faith effort and I encourage you to do the same to increase quality there if you actually give a shit. >>4468 Well I will treat it as a good faith effort for the time being and post here, and I even put in a mod application, but I'm not moderating /b/ and I'm not investing much into it if I don't see improvements in quality.
>>4469 >Hyperbole >Swearing >Spitefulness Typical image board behavior, are you even Christian or do you just like the name?
>>4470 Christ teaches us to flip tables and get out the bull whip when money changers infect the temple, yes.
>>4471 except you arent doing that. youre turning tail and running away then calling it heroic. Not to mention you literally the have the ability to make /christian/ better without leaving/doing whatever you plan. Jesus turning over the money changers tables was the most peaceful resolution He had. So far Christjanny has primarily deleted threads/posts criticizing him so as long as you dont go there with the intention of starting a shit flinging contest (i know that must be very hard) then theres no reason youd have to deal with his bullshit moderation. Case in point the newly created anti-porn thread. Its improved the quality of the board and is still up. Quit making excuses to wallow in your own spite and pride, theres a chance to revive /christian/, take it.
>>4472 I am under no obligation to prop up your board while you are running it. Stop talking in the third person as if you aren't him (or an IRL friend of his) while acting as if you can do no wrong; no random user would go to these lengths to defend that sort of behavior. You dug your grave, now sleep in it. You have lost me as a user and should I judge that christ-chan.xyz is not a scam or ephemeral entity my efforts will be directed there in the future and I will be a fisher of men there. As I said in the post you banned me for, you dropped the ball in such a way that you are not trustworthy any more and can not restore that trust in a meaningful manner without an immediate reversal of decision and admittance of wrongdoing as the bare minimum towards a path of repentance. Regardless of whether you are him/an IRL friend of his or not, you are welcome to come to christ-chan.xyz as an EQUAL and BROTHER as ANONYMOUS, and I will accept you with open arms, but I am under no obligation to support your reign of terror on this website where you arbitrarily decide what is and is not Christian, regardless of my general approval of the site owner outside of his allowing you to be BO of /christian/. >I'm not him My points still stand and this decision to ban Christ-chan has clearly been done for personal reasons, whatever those may be.
>>4472 This is about an image board. The entire point of ditching 4chan, and then 8chan, was that the culture, admin, moderators no longer matched that of the general anon. /christian/ here on anon.cafe has no right to my posts. And have made it very clear I am not welcome there because I might post a drawing of an anime girl who expresses my current thoughts, mood in a single image, thinking I worship her. So my options are: >bugger off completely >wait for current moderation to change their ways >wait for current moderation to leave and be replaced >help kickstart christ-chan.xyz I agree that someone needs to swallow their pride, and reflect. I am choosing the path that might help grow a community.
Open file (111.50 KB 640x640 1671059824405.jpg)
>>4472 Running away would be demoralization, not trial by combat. >You have the ability to make things better You have the ability to make christ-chan.xyz better. Why cling to a man who claims himself your king-priest? >Just don't criticize the German catholics for allowing gay clergy >Just don't criticize the trannies for raping your kids >Stop criticizing the state No. >then theres no reason youd have to deal with his bullshit moderation. Who cast the first stone? Why am I required to submit to violence? >Case in point the newly created anti-porn thread Let's make one on christ-chan.xyz >Wallowing I am rejoicing in Christ through christ-chan.xyz
>>4451 That kind of board sounds really good! I like the idea of having a board for discussing different religious and theology. The rules sound pretty solid as well! HOWEVER, I think this will divide the community to 2 boards, which is bad. But as >>4457 said: "At this point it seems like /christian/ is a lost cause.". I think a new board may be necessary at some point.
>>4474 whatever, just dont come back after me and the rest of anons fix the place. We dont want complainers
>>4479 >Fix >Implying it was broken That's the problem with you sorts.
https://christ-chan.xyz/ has moderation now and a 32mb limit on webms/mp4.
Why are people still posting on anon.cafe/christian/ ?
>>4482 Well they can't post anywhere else since your honeypot uses the proxybanlist and has no onyo congrats in the first day you've proven yourself to be a worse mod than ACH somehow that's genuinely impressive
>>4483 I can post on christ-chan.net with my VPN without problem.
>>4483 I've posted to christ-chan via American VPNs, Swedish VPNs, Serbian VPNs, Slovakian VPNs, and South African VPNs.
Open file (5.80 KB 192x262 download (13).jpeg)
Open file (4.12 KB 225x225 download (14).jpeg)
>>4481 >mine has 3x that heh casuals
>>4480 There's also: >whatever >don't come back >we don't want complainers So I will listen to them when they tell me what type of character they have, and refuse to even reflect. I won't go back. Not worth my time.
>>4482 nostalgia and i like the style of the site
>>4488 I hardly have any self discipline, but that is some weak self discipline, enjoy bad moderators deleting your posts, i guess the mods haven't offended you enough with their power tripping.
Open file (13.12 KB 733x257 Untitled.png)
>>4491 I just got banned from tvch.moe for posting this webm the reason they gave for the ban was "/r/jesus spam".
The reason you guys have this problem in the first place is because your religion isn't giving you new things to do with it. Look what's active: anime discussion with new animes with new styles and stories to discuss. War discussion with new tactics and battles constantly appearing. Christianity didn't have this kind of problem in the day of Christ because everything was evolving and everyone clearly understood the mission and their part in it. When people aren't getting new ways to find success, they make their own entertainment by fighting over bullshit. Even your censorship problem isn't even fighting over the newist Christianity developments to develop more miricals. It's over what the god thinks is the best way of worship (something neither of you expect him to clear up.) Here's what you need to do to get your board back on track: Change up the lore so you have something to discuss, make sure you're united by actually making progress toward heaven Example: set a date for end of the world, and visibly have god show everyone's status after death so people stay on their toes. Change up the practice to build feelings of progression, make sure everyone has something to work on Example: find ways to enhance your bodies to "cut off the arm that caused sin" a chip that deletes lust feelings unless triggered by the church to get you to reproduce, another that causes you to be unable to lie or steal. You can have badass underwater baptisms where you have to swim through an underwater tunnel to get back to the surface but there are such great temptations no one who still feels lust/greed could stop himself from straying and drowning. Do projects ON THE BOARD Example: invent new, more powerful prayers that get rid of more sins, watch live streams of the pope doing sacrefices, make threads to test out and implement the above. Good luck! "Insanity is the process of doing the same thing and expecting different results"-Albert Einstein
anon.cafe/christian/ is heavily censored. christ-chan.net is dead, tvch.moe is now banning mentions of Jesus, where do Christians go?
>where do Christians go? I thought they went to heaven, isn't that the whole point?
>>4520 >8chan Gross
>>4520 Thank you but i was already going there. >>4522 It's better than Christianjanny's kingdom.
Does anyone know the url to an image board called "sleepy"?
>>4531 Since it's at least tangentially better than blacked.gov and all the glownigger kikery therein, sure thing fren. zzzchan.xyz Cheers. >Protip: there's this thing called the 'webring'. See that pulsing, glowy word up in the corner? Yeah.
>>4532 i guess i should have figured out that "zzz" was sleepychan but i was too busy looking for a "sleepy-chan" on the webring. Thank you.
>>4532 >all the glownigger kikery therein Sleepychan also hosts /digi/ the actual board that will ban you for using the word "fed" while they spam loli and act like they are not the same faggots from smug's /kohi/ board.
>>4550 This is a fed.
>>4550 This is the guy who spams "how do I be a fed like you guys" and then responds to his own posts with "8chan isn't sending their best, get the fuck out" and stuff. He embarrassed himself and mods proved he was responding to his own posts.
>>4520 Imma be frank mate, this board kinda sucks
>>4550 zzz is more rulecucked than blacked or 8chan back in the day. If you are zzz, then kys. You are a faggot.
Open file (149.41 KB 340x378 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5382 Hey, as long as the Christians are fucking adults, I couldn't give a shit. >>5270 >cuck black kys faggot imagine thinking anons arent just laughing at you constantly when you post this teenager word salad
>>5416 Get out AntichristHater.
Open file (70.63 KB 491x205 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4451 What's going on with the mods?

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