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Open file (931.68 KB 1055x799 HzNv39J.png)
/christian/ refugees oldvol 08/05/2022 (Fri) 07:50:43 No.3911
/christian/ is in a sorry state. the BO is staying silent while a ridiculous lolcow namefag moderator antichrist shits up the board, as other anons have pointed out there are major issues going on. -the namefag mod seems to be very terminally online, making many many posts, most threads he shows up, he's very vocal and has left many users uncomfortable with hearing him go on and on about his masturbation habits, what kind of pornography he watches while he abuses himself, the list goes on. he doesn't use his trip most of the time, compounding the issue of his antagonism of the userbase, leading to him being impersonated many times, instead of sweeping these lengthy off topic posts he leaves them in threads. -the mod and BO nearly got the entire board banned, just like /fascist/, lolcow mod antichrist was active in threads where users are discussing raiding other boards and posting cp. instead of banning them antichrist encouraged them to go ahead with the raid, leading to the global mods intervening. - post 1 in /meta/ states that discussion of the boards themselves should be posted in the relevant board's meta thread, however antichrist has decided that anybody who points out these flaws in his moderation style is simply too much for his persecution complex to handle, and has chosen to ban users who simply asked for the BO to step in, as they disagree with his judgement. after previously being warned about distrupting other boards antichrist left ban messages to users directing them to the /christian/ thread on the /meta/ board, earning himself yet another admonishment from the global mods for shitting up their board and getting the thread locked. but let's hear from antichrist, straight from the lolcow's mouth: what excuses does this swine offer for his piss poor moderation? -namefagging > i namefag as a joke lol. >to combat other namefags >want to namefag even harder just to piss you off why does this pathetic swine want to be part of an anonymous imageboard where everyone except him remains anonymous? dont like me namefagging on the board i moderate? Then filter my posts, plain and simple. (but if you bring it up i'll ban you) >says i have a persecution complex when ive literally been getting harassed by these faggots for weeks (with proof) -sliding threads with reply chains arguing with people instead of deleting legitimately rule breaking posts >while technically true, the posts youre referencing were from almost two weeks ago when i was the only person moderating the board and was under heavy stress due to literally being spammed and harassed by raiders (he conveniently leaves that detail out) >I'm the Vol, deal with it bitches. shall we deal with it /christian/bros? what do you guys wanna do? i note that the global mod had this to say >That said, we understand that users' discussion of /christian/'s meta matters are being deleted from /christian/, and we understand that they're left with no other option than to discuss it elsewhere. We can see what's going on, but it is not our role to intervene in /christian/'s board matters unless it disrupts the site as a whole or otherwise leaves the global staff with no option but to intervene. I imagine if a discussion happened where it was clear that the overwhelming majority of users found the current moderators to be behaving antagonistically and against the spirit and interests of the board something could possibly be done, outside of that a new board could be made like /christ/ back on 8chan, instead you get yours truly instead of cuckvol ;) discuss
>>4139 don't wait for my permission anon! go right ahead!
Open file (86.79 KB 554x939 unknown-2.png)
>>4140 He sent me this!!!
Not only have jannies allowed a raid to go on which we now have proof of but they also banned the wrong guy. C'mon jannies do what's right, end this now.
>>4130 Anon, either of the threads both on /dup/ or on /cow/ just mention antichristhater. There's not even a call for a raid. What's the point of any of this?
>>4144 They both redirect people here which is a raid
>>4146 The raider is trying to cover his ass now after we definitely proved that a raid was being waged against /Christian/ SINCE AT LEAST AUGUST 2
>>4147 Jannies HAVE to get involved otherwise they're telling the whole we bring it's ok to raid anon.cafe
>>4149 The date of the /cow/ post
>>4151 The raider is trying to deflect the blame after called on the jannies to take action truly a pathetic slug face your punishment like a man you seem to have no problem doing it to others
>>4145 And I guess you could conclude from this that there might be some posters here stirring up the pot for lols, and from this a strained conclusion of, literally anyone who says anything against antichristhater must be a raider, can be reached. Incredibly convenient. Claims like >>4120 when the /cow/ thread never mentions tvch or >>4125 when the /cow/ thread never mentioned anything related to the post being replied to, are nonsense. But at the least, it's true those threads do exist.
>>4153 The /cow/ thread does mention tvch I can quote it for you "/Christian/ is like /trannypol/ after all, two different sides of the same coin, both used to raider 8chan /pol/ and both do the same on tvch"
>>4155 I didn't see that. I should've ctrl+f'd the thread. I'm sorry for calling it nonsense.
>>4156 Don't worry about it
>>4160 You've been posting the exact same things as the what was posted in the /cow/ don't play koi with us. And you're stilling trying to discredit me, smh. When will jannies do something about this?
Open file (1.40 MB 960x960 3zv7aomngyg51.png)
>>4161 >don't play koi with us.
>>4162 The /cow/ thread was made by you, you posted the same contents here while you were namefagging
Jannies are faggots for still allowing this mess to go on even after we proved that this is a organized raid. Is there anyway to replace the jannies? Is there some way to contact the site owner and inform him of the abysmal job that's going on and the fact that his website is on the verge of dying due to it's poor moderation?
>>4164 >230+replies on /shelter/ >200+ replies on /meta/ >2 or 3 posts on /cow/ DONT PLAY KOI WITH THE RULER OF THE EMPERIAL DEMOCRACY YOU ARE AN AGENT OF /COW/
>>4166 Former namefag and raider is deflecting from the fact that me and /k/ bo just exposed him. When will jannies do their job? Is their purpose not to keep the site enjoyable? If so then why do they insist on allowing these raiders to ruin the site?
>>4168 Ban the raiders
>>4169 cow lives in your mind rent free. you know that cashier that looked at you funny the other day? agent of cow, stay vigilant imperor
>>4170 Raider is admitting to being from /cow/
>>4171 why would cow want the BO to transfer ownership to a different mod? why would cow want the BO to step down? delusional persecution complex shows itself once again
>>4172 Because the guy who posted it to /cow/ wants to control/destroy the board.
>>4173 The /dup/ thread makes it obvious that he hates christians
>>4173 you think the mod who posted earlier is an agent of /cow/? interesting theory imperor, i'm sure that's not just your persecution complex talking
>>4175 You're the same two people lol
Open file (174.22 KB 900x808 R.png)
>>4174 >everyone that criticizes AntichristHater is the same person! It can't be that multiple people dislike me! I'm the imperor of America that's unpossible!
Why do you hate /Christian/ so much? What did it ever do to you why spend weeks raiding a board is your life that meaningless
>>4176 LOL you think i'm >>3912 ?
>>4177 You're the same people, /cow/ and /dup/ showed that nobody is listening to your gas lighting
Open file (5.35 KB 300x168 download.jpeg)
>>4179 Samefagging, namefagging, and raidfagging
>>4182 /Cow/ user exposed himself as childish manlet who raided /Christian/ out of his hatred for God. Jannies must do something about this immediately raiders cannot be allowed to exist on this board
>>4183 /Cow/ /dup/ on suicide watch after being exposed as God hating manlet
>>4186 Raiders on suicide watch I repeat raiders on suicide watch
Is this the end of the raidfags? Have they finally given up? Have they finally gone outside? Have they finally gotten some bitches?!?!? Let's hope so for the sanctity of this site
This entire thread has been AntichristHater arguing against himself. He has been known to samefag.
>>4189 Raidfag attempts gaslighting Attempt #3
>>4184 what do you want the jannies to do? ban me again? you're evading your ban for 'doxxing' yourself and your friend, just schizo screaming in to the void
The raidfags existence is truly miserable I pray God takes him soon
>>4191 Raidfag alert raidfag alert The raidfag has come back after attempting his suicide for the 30th time today after being btfo'd
>>4185 abberant saturday worshipping gnostic heretic has the sheer nerve to accuse people of hating god, when he himself hates god by peddling his own perverse fanfiction of the religion, just as perverse as his violent power fantasy manifesto
>>4194 Raidfag deflection. Back to the noose troon
>>4196 Wtf I'm a imperial now
>>4197 Raidfags on suicide watch
>>4199 Moo moo moo nigger raidfag let me milk you some more. Moo for me nigger bitch haha cry about how you've been exposed then neck yourself troon
>>4201 Moo moo moo raid nigger
>>4203 Moo moo moo
This thread has degenerated beyond use; it has clearly ceased to be a bona fide refugee/shelter thread and will therefore be locked as a nuisance.

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