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Open file (116.46 KB 600x535 1391014868518.jpg)
Anonymous 05/26/2021 (Wed) 02:14:25 No.3340
What happened to /kind/?
>>4323 Do something about it instead of complaining.
>>4324 How about I gap your little asshole then, samefagging admin?
>>4325 I'm not the admin, although your reply is all I need. Congrats on getting a (You) from me, now shut up and keep waiting for Kindmin. Apologies for the rude posting for the other anons, I just don't like that attitude of his.
>>4326 From the time of Saint Paul, to Saint John Chrysostom, and even Martin Luther, who had high hopes of Converting the Jews to Lutheranism, people have wised up. Jesus Christ called some Jews the Synagogue of Satan, and their talmud has some pretty wicked hate against the Lord God. It's not racist to say this.
>>4323 >occupies a position without the resources or knowledge to do something as basic as keeping the site up I have no issues retiring. If you feel you can do it better, by all means, make it yourself. I know I have no business being kindmin, but I'm not going to just push it off and expect someone else to do it. That goes for anyone, but until then, I'm going to continue on.
>>4327 Very cool.
Checking in on you guys from another board. Is kind back up yet, I feel bad for you guys. Worse thing that happens is you go to 8chan.moe or make a board here on anon.cafe
>>4332 >Worse thing that happens is you go to 8chan.moe Does the phrase Die in a fire ring any bells for you Mark?
>>4332 >make a board here on anon.cafe There was a bunker here but it was deleted by the former admin I think
>>4333 Didn’t kind have its own site recently?
>>4328 Thank you for your work.
Open file (3.73 MB 498x278 moneyslap.gif)
>>4317 >I get paid next friday.
What will be the first thread you make once /kind/ is back? I think I will remake the learning thread.
Getting impatient. And worried /kind/ may not come back.
>>4346 Yeah, I'm not sure what the situation is. It is my fault for poor communication with the person helping me out. I'm just going to start doing it myself tomorrow, as I should have from the start. I haven't done so because I didn't want to invalidate a bunch of work, but at this point it's just what needs to be done.
I believe in you.
believe in the anon who believes in you!
I believe in believing in Anons who believe in you!
I believe I can fly.
Open file (144.94 KB 819x1200 1665309156605783.jpg)
you can still make a home on 2chen I'll add static posting just for you
Open file (244.58 KB 500x482 lain gambatte beam.png)
>>4316 >me every day without /kind/ Would you kindly STFU?
Open file (132.05 KB 1920x1080 crying sagiri.jpg)
>>4355 Sorry
Small update. My help is back to doing their part after dealing with some personal issues. I'll be giving him a little more time. Meanwhile I'll be looking further into hosting services and getting some experience handling imageboard software so that if it does and up taking too much longer, I'll be ready to get something up myself. We're going to be moving to Lynxchan. It seems to have good documentation, so I should be able to handle it pretty well. I don't know what the opinion on this will be, but at the very least, it should be better than vichan.
>>4357 >We're going to be moving to Lynxchan. It seems to have good documentation I'd recommend you have a look at the Admin post on this very topic, on this very site, Anon. >>>/meta/10678 Good luck Admin, we're all rooting for you! :^)
>>4358 update This seems to be the latest pertinant post by admin in that thread: >>>/meta/14030
>>4358 >>4359 Thank you. I'll look things over.
Open file (249.58 KB 984x712 tele85_006.jpg)
>>4357 Good to hear. If you need help with Lynxchan (wapchan has used this on a debian host since the beginning), feel free to reach out at the email you have sent messages to previously. Wishing the best for you and your help.
>>4356 Well at least your good at listening.
>>4357 I believe at you!
>>4357 This site's admin put up the scripts they use to build this site so that others could too. Might give you a head start: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html The tools target 2.5.10 but this site's on 2.5.14, so maybe they'll update the public version to the latest if you ask.
I like vichan ux tbh. Really don't like lynxchan and jschan they're ugly bloated and annoying (sorry devs), but anything is better than no /kind/! I'll probably write a quick script to make it less ugly for myself when the time comes. I mostly just think it's some weird mix of modern and old that just doesn't look good together. Especially the post buttons, and the reply and refresh buttons dont even change the cursor to pointer, what were they thinking... Unresponsive. vichan >>>>>>>> meguca with liveposting disabled >>>>>>>> jschan>lynxchan
>>4365 Vichan UX is still the best because it copies 4chan. I remember coming across a near-perfect 4chan CSS for vichan. Unfortunately I didn't save it.
>>4366 I could change vichan to a carbon copy of 4chan in a day with some template and css adustments (all minor things like [<a>reply</a>] instead of <a>[reply]</a>, but I kinda like vichan as is. It not being 100% identical gives it some charm even though I think wrapping the link inside the brackets looks better. Also use 4chanX with vichan which is nice since it keeps my settings even when i clear storage and cookies. Wakaba IB and TinyIB are also pretty comfy, though they're probably a bit more annoying to moderate than Vichan since vichan has pretty decent moderation tools. This can also be a feature though. They're simple and works and don't try to make an older format modern. I just don't get why everyone tries to modernize imageboards, they're great on their own. Also really easy to modify vichan. Also seen a lot of people on 4/g/ making imageboards using modern tools and I see things like bootstrap templates and tailwind used and I just want to throw up. I get that they're just learning and trying things, but some things just shouldn't be "modern".
If you guys really need somewhere to stay and post on, you will all ways find a friend on /late/ :DDD https://late.city/late/
>>4369 no offense, but it doesnt offer anyhting new whats the point
>>4361 Thank you. I haven't been keeping up with that email. Sorry if you've been waiting for a reply. >>4364 I saw. I still need to give it an in-depth look. I will this weekend, as working has been pretty rough for me to adjust to... >>4365 If the others are of the same mind, I don't mind going back to vichan. I'm not bothered by it being "outdated" myself, not to mention I have a little more experience with it. The scripts our friend is making also has some work done for vichan as well, so it might be very easily done. Maybe. I just thought it'd be preferred to move to a newer IB software. That said, if anyone has any suggestions, please make it known. I'm not doing this just for myself.
>>4371 >That said, if anyone has any suggestions, please make it known Just this: enable the JSON API, whichever software you use. That way, archiving with BUMP will work for /kind/.
>>4369 I've been posting there for a while.
Open file (888.71 KB 838x1062 1669129004527.png)
Any updates?
>>4376 We SHOULD be ready this weekend. Tomorrow most likely. I'll let you know if anything happens to change that.
Open file (1.18 MB 540x579 sparkling.gif)
>>4377 Good news! A new seasonal chapter in /kind/ history.
>>4377 Fun fact: /kind/ is the strongest board
Small hiccup. Should have a basic site up tomorrow. Probably. After that, I'll work on getting the site to where we want it. It'll most likely take a bit depending on how my job goes, but I'll try and get things done when I can.
>>4382 Sorry. Things didn't go as planned. Again, this is mostly just difficulties working with someone else. Finding a good time during the week is difficult. I don't want to just ditch what's been done as it IS pretty much finished. Just needs tested, the domain transferred, and then some basic set up. I just regret not being confident from the start and doing more research. Things would have been a lot faster. Sorry for being a retard everyone.
>>4382 Nice marmot.
>>4384 I thought it was a rabbit.

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