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Open file (44.70 KB 600x450 pcfish.jpg)
zzzchan technical difficulties Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:15:17 No.2394
sturgeon here, somethings gone wrong with the proxy server. It's intermittent now and I'll be keeping an eye on it while I try and find the cause of the issue. I've also made a minds account : https://www.minds.com/sturgeonfish/ I'll be posting on minds once they get around to sending my confirmation email.
>>3781 >>3786 >>3787 Hell, I even gave you my TOX ID, I'm putting myself out there for you, and you don't even throw me a tiny bone. Are you shy maybe? That's fine, we can all get a little shy, but would it be really that hard for you to overcome that shyness for a moment and give me a chance just this once? I swear I'm a really nice guy.
>>3783 fuck off Eden
is it down or just me?
Open file (5.67 KB 168x148 1602800652814.jpg)
>>3836 fix it then
>>3837 I'm not a fish, dummy.
>>3838 did I fucking stutter?
I bet (boogeyman) did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open file (5.68 KB 902x56 0.png)
>>3840 you could've stopped being butthurt at any point in time but you made the conscious decision not to. and thus your butt remains hurt still. many such cases, sad!
Bravo Nolan
Open file (398.58 KB 802x616 happy.png)
It's up again
It's fucked again
Fish here, we're back. I had to make an entirely new proxy from scratch. Multiple eastern European hosting companies are currently down and took all of the existing proxies with them. I'm just gonna go international at this point. I'll have to fiddle with a few things in nginx so if it flickers I'm actively making changes.
>>3845 Yeah I wonder why.
>>3846 Almost like there's a war going on.
>>3845 >Multiple eastern European hosting companies are currently down Not just Eastern Europe hosting companies that are down. Russia is very big country and many Asian countries are routed though Russia but things are changing for the worse. The west trying to isolate Russia by any means necessary, this means internet cables will be slow cut off from Russia. These sanctions put Russia more cut off the rest of the world then Soviet Union ever was. Russia is becoming North Korea tier very quickly
Doing some tinkering, site will dip a few times but thats from me .
I'm guessing the issues right now are related to a large chunk of the internet being inaccessible including Smugloli, several non-image board sites and (according to Twitter trends while searching for news there) Discord. Claims seem to blame Cloudflare issues, which their Twitter account confirms.
Open file (18.06 KB 175x179 super rare tails.jpg)
Leaving this post here as a pre-emptive "I told you so" and to measure how long it takes for the site to get glowniggered or shilled to death after adding /fascist/.
told sturgeon about the 504 already if the site is still down by the time you read this post
We need a zzzchan irc, we should had it ages ago.
one exists but only for the movers and shakers
Then make one for anons, it would be useful having a quick way to comunicate.
>>4222 >quick way to communicate post on /b/ >>4220 Ah yes, just what zzz needs, more indentityfag drama We have such a shortage of that
>>4223 Fucking retard you can change for name anytime you want on irc.
>>4223 hi eden!
Open file (292.80 KB 1061x688 Untitled.png)
zzzchan servers are in Belarus, shouldn't be any problems
>>4229 Well there are.
Open file (39.46 KB 524x246 ClipboardImage.png)
Identifying down: yep, it's down.
>>4219 Sturgeon is likely still asleep under the deep blue see at this time. >>4226 Did the Vesuvius erupt in Italy? What the fuck is going on?
>>4231 Onion address is down too. >>4232 I blame the Chinese.
>>4232 >Did the Vesuvius erupt in Italy? What the fuck is going on? I did a big stinky s-o-rry
Open file (230.43 KB 320x240 ClipboardImage.png)
Sturgeon here. ZZZcuck is finished. I was furiously masturbating to Yaoi mangas when an epiphany struck me: Jews are literally invincible and there is nothing I can do about it. I no longer have any pretense of running a no profit site independent from our Jewish overlords so I'm pulling the plug for good and moving to Thailand to receive sex reassignment surgery. I hereby urge everyone to make all your future postings under the official supervision of the Government of the United States at www.8chan.moe the one and only, true Kosher successor of 8chan. May infinite fortune forever bless Mark Mann (PBU) and all my Jewish friends at www.8chan.moe as I humbly plead for forgiveness for ever daring to stray from the path destined to us filthy goyim. Shalom, and good bye.
Open file (1.33 MB 976x549 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4235 Soygull here. I can confirm everything Sturgeon says. We have literally no chance to win against Jews and it's in our best interest to just bow down before our rightful masters and make it easy for everyone involved. I would also like to join my friend Sturgeon in endorsing www.8chan.moe, which is thankfully run by the same Jews that ran 8chan, hallmark of trustworthiness, safety and joy and joyfulness. Furthermore I would like to humbly and most respectfully extend my gratitude to Mark Mann simply for blessing us all cattle with his Godly existance. Here are some words that in my opinion best describe him: honest, excellent, perfect, golden, considerate, sincere, magnificent, qualified, responsible, powerful, iron clad, intelligent, glistening, philanthropic, magnanimous, sincere... All hail our most benevolent leaders Mark Mann & Acidman and hope they will be charitable with the punishment they should inflict us for ever doubting the Jews victory.
Open file (30.81 KB 460x345 thank you rabbi.jpg)
>>4235 >>4236 Thank you for your service, filthy goyim Sturgeon and Seagull. I for once welcome our new home at www.8chan.moe/v/ with the true heir of old 8chan at helm, Sir Mark Mann, fellow member of the Tribe of the one and only G-d. May Y-hv-h be merciful of my soul for having sinned by posting in an imageboard not approved by the United States of Israel's federal Bureau of Intelligence such as 8chan.moe, which surprisingly also hosts a /v/ board just like the now defunct Z--ch-n.
Open file (207.25 KB 513x551 tired_semen_demon.png)
Here come the /cow/ and /tv/ retards doing this stupid shit
zzzchan seems to be back up on my end.
>>4239 Confirmed, it's back. 10 bucks it was those retards DDoSing the site
>>4295 Doesn't look like it
If anyone is here wondering about 8moe, the servers are hosted in Moldova, which>>2394 gets power from Ukraine. So likely Ivan managed to blow up a powerplant, either legit Putin humping vodka niggers or a jewkrainain false flag. Either way, servers are down and so is Markchan.
>>4387 >Either way, servers are down and so is Markchan. I admit that's yet another surprise pleasant outcome of Ukraine's (((puppetmaster)))'s bullshit manipulations. Cutting off one of their own tribe, lol. Evildoers will always shoot off their own feet, it's simply a matter of time.
Open file (13.30 KB 303x335 monke putin.jpg)
>>Either way, servers are down and so is Markchan. >I admit that's yet another surprise pleasant outcome of Ukraine's (((puppetmaster)))'s bullshit manipulations. Cutting off one of their own tribe, lol. >Evildoers will always shoot off their own feet, it's simply a matter of time.
Open file (927.33 KB 1280x720 niggercattle fps.webm)
>>4387 The onion address is still up on my end.
>Webring broken >captcha refuses to load >file embeds not working Migration success.
Open file (144.10 KB 400x376 ClipboardImage.png)
moshi moshi it's fucking dead again
Hello sleepy fellas!1
>>4561 Lewd!

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