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Open file (261.30 KB 1874x483 plw ded.png)
prolikewoah Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 03:30:52 No.1984
https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/7642.html /cow/ claims another victim.
>>2022 >u can't call me a pedophile Yes I can /japan/ tranny, now seethe, cope, dilate. JOHN BARNHILL IS A PEDOPHILE John and his pedo goons killed julay/v/ for their own selfish pedo reasons so now justice is served.
>>2056 Cope pedo
>>2010 >Those are ALL shitposts spoonfed directly to you to encourage your neuroticism and paranoia. It's uncanny how much bait the Guntstream has fallen for, and keep falling for. >what is the tengu debriefing thread
Lads, lads. Can we calm down for just a second? I don't care about any of the internal drama or any of the accusations of whatever. Can anons as a collective stop acting like the Yakuza? At the end of the day we are about 200 autistic people trying to have fun shitposting about our hobbies, and acting autistically tribalistic and lashing out at anyone not on your "side" is incredibly stupid because our count is always dwindling. Please stop acting like ooga boogas for a bit. The past actions (jula/v/'s demise, z's shutdown, /geimu/ spam etc.) have been unfortunate, but anons should not eat each other over it. Shit happens all the time, what is important is not getting stuck in turf wars and moving on. I'm not anybody's mother and I can't stop autistic shitflingers from continuing their shitflinging, however I can ask. Everyone had their moment to gloat about the other side, it's time for the Webring to stop acting hostile against one another and to figure out how to improve the system so shit doesn't go haywire again. Let us act like gentlemen a bit, instead of like niggers.
Open file (218.19 KB 561x649 john_JUST.png)
>>2057 >cope pedo t. coping and projecting pedophile JOHN BARNHILL PEDOPHILE First you /japan/ pedos lose pedoreich in less than a month, now you get kicked out of prokikewoah and have to go to cakechan, pedos keep losing!
>>2060 >no you cow aint bringing their best
>>2059 Don't get too mad, over half of the shitposting ITT is one low-tier troll talking to themself to stir the pot. As you can see, they are used to a faster and more volatile crowd.
>cope >seethe >muh >btfo Woah who brought cuckchan in here?
>>1987 What's PLW's ethnicity? Is a jew pushing all the weeb shit? >/a/s insufferable mods and automated bans Moderating the post quality is a good thing. Shame it's run by retards. Applying a grammar bot to a full website would up the quality hugely.
>>2018 loleron runs an anime stream on cytube. He seems like a dude who just wants to be a weeb and be left alone for the most part. Running the site was probably too much hassle for him and he's sick of all the drama. I imagine a lot of the sites closing are people not wanting to deal with the retards of the webring or underestimating how much work it is to moderate a full site. >>2028 The people on /cow/ these days are just the fuck up kids from gunt stream and IBS threads. Kiwi farms took over in catalogging cows and the only people who went to /cow/ were in the IBS general. They're not interested in anything but E celeb drama and causing as much trouble as possible. You're never going to calm them down because they have nothing else going on in their lives. They're just a bunch of faggots who's lives revolve around youtube streams and EPIC JULAY MILKING BRO. >>2059 The problem with the webring user base is it's from 8ch. 8ch's content got so poor it became the "At least I'm not on 4chan" userbase. Which you then put in the smaller pond of the webring and it turns into "At least I'm not on alt chan XYZ" and then leads them to attack each other. It's like putting two fighting animals in the same pen and wondering why they're fighting.
Open file (788.15 KB 1094x1093 Jew the Maths!.png)
>>2064 No, not everything is the jews, /fascist/. Dox of the admin on /cow/ which is baseless and dubious at best when you read the IRC log claims admin is non-jewish.
>>2065 >8ch's content got so poor it became the "At least I'm not on 4chan" userbase. for me, it was literally the "cloudflare isn't as bad as google" and "at least i wont get banned for on-topic content" site. both sites are only good in a small amount of threads, the rest is noxious crap.
---DOLPHINBOT--- This message has been commanded by d_olphin. Here's a daily reminder: FUCK YOU, KOIPEDO!
pic related integrated a spambot into their circlejerk, hence the above post
>>2064 >What's PLW's ethnicity? Is a jew pushing all the weeb shit? I don't recall their mods talking about something that might pin them as a certain ethnicity. Because they are an /animu/ bunker i suppose their origins are a group of disgruntled /a/ posters who wanted to more mellow anime posting experience. That seems okay but many of their moves back in the 8ch were slimy to say it politely, the whole case of briefing Mark about Smuglo.li to get him move and give them the board is simply not cool. Dolph claims the admin is a dude who looks like a islander pajeet. So who knows, Tengu looks like an eternal anglo if the doxx is right. >Moderating the post quality is a good thing Completely agree, but it should be a customized thing, not an automated one. Banning someone for saying "colour" instead of "color" is asking for your users to burn down your house. Also my personal main gripe with them is the whole seasonal thing, trying to discuss an "old" series gets your shit locked or banned, in the best of cases they redirected you to /rec/, which was an archives board with charts, and that's cool too until you realize discussion there was limited and you could get banned for "sliding" old threads. So effectively there was no way to discuss old stuff that wasn't popular. /animu/ was cool but the staff treated it like a /b/. >>2065 >They're just a bunch of faggots who's lives revolve around youtube streams and EPIC JULAY MILKING BRO. Nowadays this is completely true, some might be unaware of this but that's how it is. The fact that they don't even achieve things anymore, just screencap petty replies, is enough proof.
>>2071 Pretty much all image boards have now devolved into being places people post Twitter screencaps and drama. Instead of social media ripping off image boards, now image boards just post twitter drama.
>>2071 >Banning someone for saying "colour" instead of "color" is asking for your users to burn down your house I can only think of one good justification for that, counter-forensic linguistics. Wouldn't be completely effective though and wouldn't work if you didn't explain why. Maybe they're autistic about spelling.
>>2078 >I can only think of one good justification for that, counter-forensic linguistics. That's a good argument for it, but I think it's pretty clear that isn't the argument /a/ is making. I also don't know if I agree that admins should be going out of their way to police writing styles to help anonymize their users more. Anonymity should primarily be the individuals responsibility. Of course tools to help are always welcome, but making people spell in american english seems a bit too heavy handed.
>>2078 >counter-forensic linguistics I never thought of that, that's actually a nice justification for doing that kind of stunt. But i highly doubt the /a/ staff wanted to do such a thing, also i didn't mention that /a/ didn't actually ban you on the spot for one bad word but for "reiterative" bad grammar. The Hoihoi machine used some kind of threshold that i never bothered to look into, but my guess is that 3 "badly written" words and you got canned. I think the ban was one week, which is also harsh, 3 days is enough for anybody to get the message.
>>2080 I completely agree, maybe site owners should recommend and allow things but definitely not enforce. My guess it it's an attempt to increase post quality.
>>2081 >Hoihoi machine more like R9Gay amirite
>>2082 It doesn't even do half of what anons think it does. It basically just bans people for a short time that post things like >smh >:^) and other forms of nigger speak
>>1984 fitting digits uncle Ted was right >>2078 >>2091 great example to how /a/ being uptight "no fun allowed" faggots
>>2115 To be fair, if I wanted shit like dup btfo all the time I'd be on tvch
>>1986 >>1987 Why is this whole thing so retarded. I fucking hate ecelebs. I was a moderator for a board back in 8ch and have been a mod in various forums over the years. It's not glamorous nor is it hard. All you have to do is check and delete things that break the (simple) rules. If someone breaks something maliciously, ban. Done. What kind of retard tries to get internet famous from that?
>>2065 >8ch's content got so poor because it became the "At least I'm not on 4chan" userbase This is a perfect description of what became my issue with 8ch as it reached its later stages. I was already crossposting on alternate imageboards back then (RIP nntpchan). All I want is a few comfy boards so I can post about technology and weebshit.
> mfw there's someone perfect for you but you just don't know how to find each other.
>>2118 >8ch's content got so poor because it became the "At least I'm not on 4chan" userbase I don't recall this ever being an especially prominent thing on 8chan. But it's also not a very descriptive trait. Obviously to an extent the culture on 8chan was counter-cuckchan in a lot of ways, but I don't see any reason that should be a problem. Being counter-cuckchan is just banning certain things and expecting higher post quality. It doesn't necessarily mean people are just sitting around complaining about how bad cuckchan is all day. In fact it's the opposite. Every time someone brought up anything to do with cuckchan they were told no one cares and to fuck off. So I'm sure what the criticism is or what "the "At least I'm not on 4chan" userbase" actually means. Being counter-cuckchan culture is literally just being pro-good quality posts culture.
Reminder that this entire shitshow happened only because julay circlejerkers are a bunch of rulecucks and pedophiles, and they simply couldn't let go getting dunked on this is what happens when you spend your entire life in an echochamber and normalfag social media and then get exposed to oldschool /b/ like trolling, you treat all internet draema like srz fucking business and end up looking like a retarded newfag tryhard, like this dolphin pedo Take this as a lesson, if you will take every little troll on you personally, you will end up like the dolphin bitch or /cow/ cattle and write schizo walls of texts for months, like one of my pic related, being asshurt all the way. Remember Koi's advice and just take it easy
>>2127 Can you stop using pedo as an insult?
>>1986 >Alt-Chan Federation they tried to use false flag tactics to steal traffic and frame other chans-- but then it backfired heh Also, tengu did absolutely nothing wrong during the /v/ drama. The whole thing happened because Rabbi recruited an incompetent janny who became too butthurt and refused to remove CP after being told that loli is not CP heh
>>2129 t./cattle/ post another supposed picture of keemu, while you're here
>>2130 >they tried to use false flag tactics Like what you are doing right now bending the facts about the /v/ crisis?
Open file (126.89 KB 601x581 cow pokemon08.png)
Open file (148.13 KB 1757x304 cow pokemon05.png)
Open file (110.19 KB 495x331 cow pokemon01.png)
Open file (33.73 KB 804x289 cow pokemon.png)
>>2132 everybody knew the facts for months now, only ones trying to dispute them are underage children on /cow/'s guntstream who watch pokemon all day, such as yourself, or a certain pedophile known as dolphin /cow/ are the only lolcows here
>>2132 >/v/ crisis Fuck /v/ Delete /v/
Open file (474.15 KB 421x630 surfer.png)
>>2127 What's going on buddy? I'm not Jim, so why are you aping my words?
>>2133 >>2136 Don't you have a board to go, Tengu?
Open file (445.96 KB 300x186 this.gif)
>>2004 this is the correct answer. >>2005 >Especially with the whole CP thing which arose again when Tengu became the BO and didn't want to delete it ... but it was Hanging_Flesh who refused to remove CP
>>2124 >being counter-cuckchan culture is literally just being pro-good quality posts culture Except it isn't. The quality of posts on 8chan severely declined over time, especially on popular boards, not to mention the fact that it was basically /pol/chan and sometimes I just want to discuss technology or weebshit without some shizo talking about Jews every thread. The "at least I'm not on 4chan userbase" means that a lot of the quality issues were handwaved away by people saying "well, it could be worse." To say "it could be worse" or "it's not that bad" concedes that it is, in fact, bad, and that's not something that should be a point of pride.
>>2144 Do you how to read, clown fucker?
Open file (17.32 KB 741x214 Zach Strikes Back.png)
Ruh Roh
>>2147 >letting your bare IP get exposed as a BO What a fucking retard
Open file (150.97 KB 295x344 doublefacepalm.png)
>>2147 >I'm back, missed my waifu, stupid feds didn't even find my back up HD, ;) Which site does he admin?
>>2150 tvch
>>2147 He just gave HangingFlesh aka the vol that killed julay admin access to tvch. Anons were saying HangingFlesh and Dolphin were the ones that called the cops on him and they tried to shut down all discussion on /cow/. Gahoole streams on the Guntstream server. If he barebacked it that's probably how they got his IP address.
>>2152 If that's not enough for the other webring members to block Julay I don't know what would be.
>>2152 That's a mighty claim, you have sources for that?
>>2152 >anons where saying Tengoons stirring drama as usual. Gahoole has said in 2 streams now that the report against him came from a foreign government and was too old to be done by anyone recently, including tengoons, ashera's garden or the guntstreamers.
>>2165 >the report against him came from a foreign government So it's legit?

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