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Open file (261.30 KB 1874x483 plw ded.png)
prolikewoah Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 03:30:52 No.1984
https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/7642.html /cow/ claims another victim.
Open file (166.53 KB 426x352 05.png)
>>2548 Fuck, I misused the word literally. I've become what I hate.
Open file (57.51 KB 589x564 its_fine_anon.jpeg)
>>2548 >>2545 Your mailman is a fed anon. if you send mail you have ties to the feds. :^)
Open file (377.58 KB 627x478 marketed.png)
>>2546 Maybe because everything he does is suspicious? He was the board owner to /gamergatehq/ and a frequent poster in the gamergate /v/ threads, and there's a general belief that he's a hero in those places because he doxed a few /cow/ goons. And yet he seems to just have shat up whatever he touched. >/gamergatehq/ Was the Board Owner there. When he noticed that there was suspicious activity on the board (Quite a few people were being called shills for disagreeing with others, and a few operations were being unusually propped up), he decided not only to not ban them, but rather let the board die to their shit while joining their IRCs and hoping they'd screw up and leak some personal information. It worked, and the board died. >Mark/v/'s gamergate threads This time Mark did most of the damage by transforming the thread into a hugbox and a meta thread, which this thread really isn't supposed to be. You can't trace it back to Acid so maybe it shouldn't be in this list, but it makes the way he gave 8moe's /v/ to a retarded BO immediately more disgusting. >Fatchan gamergate threads Acid's first move on a thread he doesn't own. The moment he started giving out hourly updates on how the website was going despite people telling him to fuck off the thread went to shit. >8moe He owns this garbage now. Its a centralized website meant to replace 8chan. Rather than hearing out the multiple people saying that putting all boards on 8moe is retarded, he threw a tantrum about them being unimportant, because centralization worked so well for us or something. Originally, the /v/ BO was one of Mark's golems which was somehow more retarded than him, but now its just Mark. Acidman decided that rather than using his new position as the site Admin for something useful, he'd let the general he loved so much for years continue to rot. >But why does gamergate matter so much What the hell did we come to 8chan for? But otherwise I'm not sure what you're expecting. This guy has the reverse Midas touch and anyone who trusts that is retarded.
appears to be down
A very deadly code 503 has befallen on this board, oh how unexpected and truly tragic turn of events for such an innocent little corner of the 'net. Truly this must be the action of some malefactor or ill-intentioned being! or they just forgot to pay the bills for the damned box, again
>>3210 Either way I want my comfy posting back.
>>2579 >Originally, the /v/ BO was one of Mark's golems which was somehow more retarded than him, but now its just Mark. It was always Mark.
>>3210 >Site is down >Bunker isn't activated Time to panic? Time to panic.
Where's my hgg REEEE
Open file (430.10 KB 768x576 stupid baka.png)
>>3213 where's the bunker?
>>3216 Pic rel is the darknet bunker in case the entire clearnet goes tits up, which is active but empty for now. fatchan/animu/ is the clearnet bunker which has been privated until it's needed... but not been unprivated as of now.
Open file (615.10 KB 1076x526 mark is a sonic fag.PNG)
Open file (272.88 KB 1216x421 Mark 2.PNG)
Open file (179.71 KB 781x509 Mark 1.PNG)
Open file (909.02 KB 2000x3000 mark.jpg)
>>2579 >mark is a faggot. always has been
>>3217 >fatchan/animu/ gives me 404 shouldn't privated boards still be accessible or it depends on the site engine?
>>3217 >>3219 The BO deleted the bunker themselves for some reason according to Tom.
>>3220 is there any BO that's not retarded ffs
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
So any info at all whether its' getting fixed any time soon?
>>3222 Maybe we need to threaten the admins to fix their shit. *ahem* There's a non-cucked /a/ in zzzchan: https://zzzchan.xyz/a/
>>3210 Man i hope it gets fixed soon, i can't go back to normal anime imageboards
>>3223 >/v/-made /a/ >non-cucked lol
>>3223 >zzzchan worse than 404
Open file (248.70 KB 1000x1000 image-asset.jpeg)
I just emailed Stazi and Loleron but God knows neither of them check that very often. Maybe Loleron will still show up in that animu stream on cytu.be?
>>3227 Do those faggots not check any of the boards on their site? How do you not know it's down for 24 hours.
>>3228 Well Loleron has renewed the security certs but Stazi, as far as I know, does jack shit. Unless he's changed emails or something recently. He should give me his personal email if he doesn't check his PLW address ever.
>>3225 >>3226 zzz/a/ is not as rulecucked as /animu/ or Smug. The only problem with zzz/a/ is that it is dead (it has like 3 semi-active posters)
>>3230 >/animu/ >rulecucked confirmed for never even using it go shill somewhere else
>>3230 >rulecucked as /animu/ lol no, it's unmoderated to a point it might as well be /b/ with a slight focus on vtubers. how can a place with almost no rules be "rulecucked." I swear to god to you fucking idiots, literally any rule is rulecucking and you should literally be allowed to spam CP or it's a "shit board"
>>3232 >literally any rule is rulecucking Yes. It's unfortunate that certain faggots insist that means you have to shit up a board because there are no rules. Those same faggots then claim that a board is shit without rules because they got away with shitting it up.
>>3210 >>3222 Seems to be back.
Open file (893.88 KB 800x600 15581355.gif)
>>3234 It was Now it's not
>>3234 >>3235 >>3236 its happening?
>>3233 >make a board without rules >people shit it up >rules are still the problem, I swear No.
Open file (430.10 KB 768x576 stupid baka.png)
Open file (430.10 KB 768x576 stupid baka.png)
Open file (430.10 KB 768x576 stupid baka.png)
Open file (430.10 KB 768x576 stupid baka.png)
Open file (430.10 KB 768x576 stupid baka.png)
>>3238 how about making a board with minimal set of rules. bonus points if none of rules are retarded and mods aren't faggots who enforce their own unwritten rules.
>>3240 it'd called /animu/ and /geimu/
>open prolikewoah >go away wow okay rood
IT'S BACK again
>>3240 Literally sounds perfect >minimal rules Yes I only like rules that address actual problems. >none of the rules are retarded Subjective, there are idiots who think all rules are retarded. >unwritten rules Yeah absolutely not. Ever.
its gone again
I checked the meta thread earlier and apparently it was down the first time because of an auto backup fucking up. So why the fuck is it down now?
>>3241 nope. both /a/ and /animu/ are rulecucked to a degree.
No rules is detrimental to any board unless the path to be taken is to be /b/ #7628 v4.88 Relying only on rules to moderate instead of case by case basis of individuals and failing to figure out who is acting stupid for the hilarity of it instead of those who are just acting stupid and/or disruptive for the detriment of the board in general, is what makes the average admin an irremediable janitor. The best is a balance of low moderation and lax rules, unless the situation warrants for it with examples such as: raids spamming a board to the point nobody can feasibly use it for anything or being such a flaming fucking faggot that half the users on a board just outright report you to be deleted. Then again, I personally adhere to hehpill standards and spam is free speech so fuck any rules in general, you never need them if you have cool dudes posting OC to hang around not faggots. I can use PLW are the downtimes localized?
>>3242 >he doesn't know how to get past it Costanza Belittles
>>3240 "minimal rules" invariably means rules that cater to (you) and only you. It's lolbert cancer and it degenerats along the same trajectory.

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