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Hoppe-sama Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 18:06:05 No.1130
>Tor down for days >repeated posting issues >/fascist/ BO saying his email wasn't answer to owner of site Is Hoppe dead already? Get in here /monarchy/, /liberty/ and /fascist/ bros.
>>1311 glowniggers have a lot on their plate these days anon. only pure-diversity's can be spared here on the webring. they were simply too stupid to realize they never actually took julay down, and were probably shocked when the domain suddenly came back up with the same Admin running things.
>>1311 Really causes me to me cogitate
>>1311 >criticizing a site that refuses to join the webring and d&c'd it for months is d&c itself Interesting narrative you're spinning friend. I guess you believe all "homophobes" are secretly homosexuals as well.
Open file (11.07 KB 260x244 asuka 2.jpg)
>>1316 >muh webring Oh no what will we ever do
>>1317 That's weird, I recall an asukafag who is vehemently anti-webring. But for some reason I can't quite put my finger on what his name was. I wonder if your file names match up.
Open file (106.08 KB 813x331 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1317 >>1318 What an oddly similar file name structure. How bizarre.
>>1319 You're really reaching and its hilarious. You see "Asuka 02" and you look at the other filename "asuka 2" and you think "OH LOOK THIS IS THE SAME PERSON" when in reality your "evidence" is the character Zero Two ("02") wearing Asuka's plugsuit, while my Asuka pic is the second Asuka pic in my folder. Fucking hilarious
Open file (151.00 KB 812x345 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1320 Guess you'll have to take that up with Acidkike since he's the retard who can't even tell which anime girls are his waifu. I've got good news, he's right here shilling against the webring >>1317 so you can bully him in this very thread.
>>1322 I'm starting to think you're just a butthurt Reifag
Open file (308.90 KB 700x700 1590866542212.jpg)
>>1323 I am Not Butthurt! And I am Certainly Not A Reifag! You Asukafags Are All The Same GUY!!! If the naysayers were truly concerned they wouldn't post anything like these posts: >>1289 >>1316 >No proof for the goyim >>1319 <At least my eyes can see! Everyone who uses numbering in filenames is clearly the same guy!!1
>>1322 Well you're not wrong about me dropping by the thread at least. I originally posted >>1305 since I felt bad about the delay. However I did not post >>1317 The decision of joining the webring or not remains up in the air while we have other issues to work on for our own site. Please be aware of impersonation tactics: "Pose as someone and do/say things to piss people off at them while fanning the flames and siccing people on them" is as old as anonymous discussion itself, and some of the people who dislike me have had it as a favorite tactic for a long time. I'll use a trip if I must. https://8chan.moe/site/res/88.html#q96
Open file (30.70 KB 724x965 index.png)
What do /monarchy/ anons think about 8moe? Luxembourger and BO, intelligentsia and peasants, get your asses back here. >>>/fascist/565 >>>/fascist/577 My input here. But there also seems to be a lot of opposition on the /fascist/ board to do with 8moe being viable. To do with the big dawgs over there. To do with concerns.
>>1332 I'm not worried about 8moe being a Honeypot. I'm not exactly sure if fedos even care about monarchists. I'm more worried about 8moe getting the Codemonkey treatment where we keep getting "Wait until next Monday" until everyone loses interest altogether. I don't know the alternatives available to us. We have Endchan, and then a bunch of other places (antares, zchan, PLK???) that I don't know the links for and have never seen.
Btw, is Sakamoto-poster still around?
>>1335 Yes.
>>1339 Hi.
Open file (2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
8moe /monarchy/ has all the recycled julayworld threads, but I wanted the hoppe-sama threads. I spent days carefully organizing those hoppe-sama ones. The recycled julay content is a headache. The julay threads are ugly/old/no longer relevant to our current timeline. I'm calling for a fresh start, or I will have to painstakingly bring over the hoppe-sama content. Not what I wanted w/ recycled julay stuff. Petitioning our King of /monarchy/ about 8moe move and the leftover uglyass julay threads left there.
>>1342 I'm only okay with this if 8moe joins the webring. Also be very careful, they just attempted to shill 8moe on cuckchan.
>>1343 Is this the King?
>>1343 >implying there aren’t cuckshills among us
Open file (5.13 KB 225x225 HA MWAH UH HUA.png)
>>1344 It can be, if you wish so, babe
>>1343 8moe, Zchan, anon.cafe, 9ch, those are what we have already discussed now. King of /monarchy/ should contemplate. If the King is really feeling sticking to the Webring, then Zchan/anon.cafe perhaps? 9chan, but if it has 18MB+ file size. Otherwise, there is 8moe, but 8moe needs a fresh start imo--leftover julay threads gotta go. Unless King-sama has something in mind.
>>1347 King-sama ought to weigh in.
Open file (209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
I am not the King of /monarchy/. The King of /monarchy/ should bring a seal of approval. Now that everything is laid out.
My main problem with 8moe right now are the julay threads as a /monarchy/ user. I want a fresh start/or hoppe-sama threads.
Open file (63.41 KB 499x560 1590615718-0.jpg)
If we're moving to 8moe /monarchy/ anons, the julaynigger threads have to go.
>>1351 Lol no, stop trying to push your dumb shit. Threads are fine
>>1352 On hoppe-sama /monarchy/, the consensus was that we'd have a fresh start without the julay threads. Now, I want 8moe /monarchy/ without julay threads. It was a fresh start on hoppe-sama. I made it clear days before the 8moe move that there shouldn't be julay threads.
>>1353 Seethe
>>1353 Proof?
>>1355 You can read it on julay 'a new colony has been founded' thread and hoppe-sama royal court.
>>1356 You literally screencapped the same shit you posted on /fascist/, you absolute mongoloid https://archive.fo/TqDEb https://archive.fo/y0Cii
Open file (227.33 KB 933x609 100.jpg)
Hey guys. I'm doing a test run of a Hoppe scrape right now. We switched to Julay because the Hoppe scrapes were broken. Since /monarchy/ wasn't scraped, it's feasible we can import it if the scraper handles importing it well. We did most of our bug-fixing on the lynxchan importer and scraper. The vichan one looks fine but we need to investigate. If it goes well and we can't find any major issues then we'll nuke the board and import from Hoppe-sama.
>>1359 I would rather manually do it all again, if it doesn't work out. I hate all the leftover julay clutter.
>>1360 Encoding is a bit wonky. I think I fixed the issue inside of posts. Some unicode is still broken, and the hardest to fix is filenames. A few of the webms have foreign characters and it makes a mess of them. I've spent way too long on this already, so I'm migrating as-is.
>>1361 >I've spent way too long on this already, so I'm migrating as-is. Without the threads? Or, just w/ a few of those issues?
Open file (2.25 MB 3192x3000 grace_blush.png)
After this migration, what we need are better banners.
>>1363 Threads will be moved. Had to tidy-up the database. There will be some errors with unicode characters. The cyrillic filenames (and some of the French characters) got destroyed. I've got a scraper that handles names properly but it doesn't have a migration/import feature yet. If the filenames bother you guys, you can always upload them with corrected names and delete the old ones. It's only a handful of files. I fixed most of the text issues and manually fixed any lingering ones I could, such as the unicode crowns in some of the subject lines.
>>1365 File names shouldn't be so bad. Unless it breaks the content itself, I wouldn't care about file names.
>>1366 Content is fine. I'm just waiting someone to come online. Once he does /monarchy/ will be up in half an hour or less. He might not come online today, in which case tomorrow will probably be the day that we can migrate from Hoppe.
>>1367 Is the migration finished? Thank you, moefag.
>>1370 Yeah, that's it. You guys enjoy. Please let me know if there's anything else you guys need. I'll mostly be over there, so if you don't get a response you can always e-mail me.
Wtf happened here why do I feel like there's a story here
>>3402 Admin either got glowed hard or pulled the rug on several political boards as a troll, we probably will never know
>>3402 The admin left the server unattended and the software shat itself
I only read rumors about whatever shitstorm happened to you guys, hopefully you get a stable place and hopefully I will be able to find it because I honestly lost track after the nth time /fascist/ got nuked.
>>1152 you are a faggot

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