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8chan.moe bunker Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 23:45:01 No.1030
Is 8chan.moe down for anyone else?
Open file (121.92 KB 474x393 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2409 To be fair they stopped their anti-webring crusade quite awhile ago once they realized 8moe wasn't going to become the de facto hub for all the boards of old. But I must admit it is quite ironic that 8moe went down in a similar fashion that fatchan did, though obviously it's unlikely to stay down for long and at least has the onion open. But the fact the site is only accessible through tor is another layer of irony considering how anti-tor a lot of retards on 8moe are.
We have a backup redchannit up at https://redchannit.org/ This is a temporary domain and might die soon. Redchannit.net is being migrated off Vanwa but the DNS is taking an age and a half to update. But that should be running soon. We've got some other servers being provisioned and we're going to be moving some stuff around tomorrow. We're waiting for a particular machine to come online and there's up to a 24 hour wait period.
Open file (853.82 KB 849x1200 1432861420725.jpg)
Temporary Clearnet Proxy https://8ch.moe
Open file (96.67 KB 620x413 8chan.jpeg)
>>2415 oh cool thanks
>>2415 Can't post, captcha doesn't work.
>>2418 I saw this: >The captchas are behaving a bit oddly on 8ch.moe. Please visit https://8ch.moe/captcha.js and fill out whatever is there, not what is presented on a particular page. It seems like it's de-sync'd. I'll speak with Stephen about it when he's awake.
>goons unironically demanding tor and vpn's be banned from blacked.moe now Cake/v/ posters will never fail to amaze me with just how fucking retarded they are.
>>2415 dude fuck off
I'm primarily speaking to /monarchy/ and /liberty/ friends here but you could resettle on anon.cafe or somewhere else on the webring. I'm not saying you need to and in fact it's not a bad idea if there exist multiple sites for such thing. What was the reason for leaving the webring anyways? Did you not like it here? also, as a way to calm your nerves and ease your paranoia, which is your favorite item from image 4?
>>2423 Every v keeps exploding and mark for his ten billion flaws seems to be the only one who can keep a stable v.
>>2423 >dat pizza chart Jesus how horrible, as bad as the hot dog one. Many items have their ingredients fucked up bad. Siciliana/Napolitana are the ones for me, but a pizza made in a "wood burning oven" is like saying a special kind of BBQ is done on a grill.
>>2424 Go away Mark
>>2423 Here I was thinking I'd be slightly strange. According to this there is hope for even the wizard apprentice, but the question is: who has this hope?
>>2423 >2nd pic Level 54 robot here
>>2424 >Every v keeps exploding >First 8/v/ exodus was largely caused by Mark >Fatchan dying was due to the Admin chickening out >Julay/v/ dying was a mix of mismanagement of the Admin, third party actors and the BO giving up >Zchan/v/ dying was again due to the admin being a stupid nigger Were Mark to be in charge of any of the latter 3 reincarnations, they would've gotten fucked regardless, much like 8moe got deplatformed by vanwa with or without his input. What many seem to forget or misunderstand is that he contributes nothing, in fact he's taken and he keeps taking away from the /v/ he's ran. Case in point, were 8moe/v/ ran by anyone else other than Mark, there wouldn't be all these alts that refuse to use it because of him. His record of fuckups and comically bad moderation alone grant him the title of one of the worse Board Owners to date but when you add his retarded personal convictions, the fact he's literally a Jew and acts like a caricature of one make him a strong contestant for the #1 spot. Yet, he's been in charge for at least 5 years. It makes me very happy that he finally dethroned himself in that hilarious twist of events that shattered the community into oblivion, though it makes me sad for the anons who just wanted an active /v/ without him. >>2423 >which is your favorite item from image 4? Sicilian, Roman and Calzone, no question, however I haven't even tried a 10th of the other ones. >>2429 Got a 51, the bonus round and the accomplishments destroyed me.
>>2430 >Were Mark to be in charge of any of the latter 3 reincarnations, they would've gotten fucked regardless, much like 8moe got deplatformed by vanwa with or without his input. Actually, Mark's indirectly responsible for fatchan's /v/ too. Remember, he was given admin position and left for /animu/'s bunker. Or was it the other way around.
>>2431 >Remember, he was given admin position and left for /animu/'s bunker. Or was it the other way around. He wasn't given an admin position, he just got ownership of /v/ there and yes, he was squatting on a /v/ on prolikewoah for like 1 day first, then the admin told him to fuck off and he went to fatchan. You could argue that Mark or whoever suggested going to fatchan to him first hand is responsible for making /v/ discover it and bringing attention to it, which ultimately led to the chain of events that got it shut down, but I wouldn't put the blame on him.
>>2430 You might add the /svidya/ incident and /vg/ not getting their board back on the new site after a vol and some users requested it (BO bailed i think)
>>2423 /monarchy/ is up now. Pending interest I can revive /liberty/ as well. >What was the reason for leaving the webring anyways? Did you not like it here? It was convenience/necessity. Hoppe-sama was down and the folks at 8chan.moe were kind enough to offer to migrate everything over for us. I have nothing against the webring but I couldn't turn down an offer like that.
I briefly got some access to the homepage a couple minutes ago, and was able to load /pol/ but then it died when I clicked the catalog. No luck at all accessing delicious.
>>2415 this works fine at https://8ch.moe/pol/catalog.html I want this tho https://8ch.moe/delicious/catalog.html instead I get Error 403 Forbidden Forbidden Guru Meditation: XID: 296485025 Varnish cache server
>>2439 The loli boards are still Tor-only at the moment, but can be reached using redchannit.net if you don't want to install Tor browser. We are working on a more permanent solution to get these back on clearnet.
>>2440 kill yourself avatarfag
8chan.se - Error 503 Backend fetch failed 8chan.moe - Error 503 Backend fetch failed redchannit.net - Error 524 A timeout occurred twitter.com/8chan_se - This account doesn’t exist Did everything just get nuked at once?
>>2581 What the fuck?
Open file (21.16 KB 510x512 fuck.jpg)
>>2581 God fucking damn it.
So how long do these outages typically last? And on the off-chance this was the big one, how the hell do you guys use this webring? Seems weird and cumbersome, but I guess really damn handy for situations like this.
>>2581 The US elections are soon. Perhaps the jews are in full-desperation mode or perhaps cake-kike forgot to pay his bills?
>>2585 It's Acid who runs the show.
It's back.
Looks dead again.
>>2581 You forgot http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion - Onionsite Has Disconnected The site has been 100% deplatformed. Even from Tor, which supposedly wasn't possible.
>>2588 Now it's back again.
Back again, don't have any hope for it being fine for a while.
Sorry for the lack of updates on the Halloween downtime, but we were actively working on bringing things back up. Server suffered some kind of page fault, and everything ground to a halt. Didn't want to reboot, either. Eventually coaxed it into restarting. Came out of nowhere. We're not sure what caused it, but since we're moving to new hardware soon there's not much point in dwelling. >>2589 It is impossible. If the site is down via the onion then there's a problem with the server. This is the first time we've had any real unplanned downtime on our end. Barring another issue with the server, Tor should remain up indefinitely. If it's down, then we're definitely working to bring it back up as soon as possible. >>2581 >@8chan_se account doesn't exist It got moved to @8chanmoe for some reason. The contact page will be updated soon, and we're looking at better ways to disseminate updates.
>>2592 kys
>>2592 >It got moved to @8chanmoe Thanks, at least I know where to look if the site vanishes again.
>>2607 >Thanks, at least I know where to look if the site vanishes again. Dilate, Mark.
>>2608 You can go with Mark too faggot.
So is delicious going to be back up anytime soon?
Capcha broken for anyone else? Solving it (or using cookieeless capcha) just gives me a new Capcha, and exiting the prompt prevents new replies from giving a capcha box rendering it even less possible to post (need to clear cookiees to get the box appearing again).
>>1030 Fedchan is down for everyone else. So much for the anti-deplatforming strategy of having one big bulletproof site. They can't even handle a real DDoS. Webring wins again.
>>3393 Don't care, I hope Mark and Acid both die, as I hope all kikes and feds die. I hate the antichrist.
>>1030 Anyone know what happened to 8ch?
>>3395 Where have you been
>>3395 It's dead, there's a fed run fake copy of it with Mark on it. Don't go there, use zzzchan.xyz/v/ instead.
>>3397 >implying it glows any less than 8chan.moe lol >>3395 Shut down because of a memefesto dropped by a shooter, now it's 8kun.top and barely functional as well as deserted. They didn't bother restoring most niche boards except for porn crap. At least they got rid of most remaining pedos by banning loli outright because it's a legal liability.
>>3399 >legal liability Not in the US it isn't They just did it to have a good justification to delete the spam/old man poison posts anons did on the q boards
>>3401 Section 1466A is a thing, anon.
Open file (3.11 MB 150x150 skydive.webm)

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