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Welcome to /shelter/ Anonymous Board owner 05/04/2020 (Mon) 08:53:14 No.1 [Reply]
Welcome to Anon.cafe’s /shelter/. This board allows displaced anons from disrupted, temporarily offline, deplatformed, or destroyed boards across the webring to shelter and regroup. Please make one thread per site, board, or other logical group to make it easier for anons to find each other. General threads called /shelter/ General will also be maintained. Please search the catalog at https://anon.cafe/shelter/catalog.html and check the /shelter/ General threads before making a new thread. The global rules apply as always. This board is SFW; please do not post adult content. Please do not spam or shill; /shelter/ is for sheltering, not recruitment.
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/late/ Anonymous 10/11/2022 (Tue) 09:46:37 No.4286 [Reply]
What happened to /late/? For the past week late.city has been giving 502 Bad Gateway errors.
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>>4553 >discordfag run IB >"guyz the site is ending this month" >"wellll the board is more active sooo fug it! I PAID THE BILL FOR ANOTHER YEAR!" Fuck off
>>4553 There is nothing wrong with the thread on /comfy/. Why in hell should we go to some random IB? Besides, its dead.
>>4555 He announced it months and months beforehand. Most don't even have the decency to do that.
>>4557 >Besides, its dead. I don't have any other issues with the site, but that's a problem.
Just in case you're wondering we know have a dedicated temporary bunker thanks to anon.cafe staff. >>>/late/ >>>/late/ >>>/late/

Open file (3.03 MB 1920x1277 ClipboardImage.png)
zzzchan + 8chan DMZ Anonymous 01/08/2023 (Sun) 20:22:33 No.4534 [Reply]
Given the recent doxing of Eden and the perpetual state of flux and dramafaggotry the webring is inebriated in, the purpose of this thread is to serve as neutral territory for the anons of zzzchan and 8chan to talk with each other. I still believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that both sites can make amends. We are splintered enough as it is, and both sides have bad actors that false flag, false-false flag, etc., to try and drive the other away, when in reality it is most likely just a handful (if that) of retards that are determined to wage war against the two sites for reasons that can only be explained as astronomically-sized autism and egos the size of the sun. In the end, anons of both sites still enjoy shitposting, hate jews and 3DPD, and just want to play video games. With that being said, this thread seeks to answer the following questions: >what site you primarily frequent/"belong" to >why you use that site and not the other >what you really think about "the others" >if you really think the gap between user bases is too large to be overcome at this point, and why or why not >what you would like to do to solve it Obvious bait that drags the thread off-topic or tries to bring the war to this neutral territory should be ignored, reported, and hidden. PLEASE restrain yourselves from replying to such obvious bait.
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Open file (799.21 KB 600x521 Space Mark.gif)
A question to all 8moe users: How can you put up with Mark after all these years, after the countless jewish schemes, after the countless retarded decisions, the endless kneejerk mod decisions, his galaxy-sized autism, speaking to journos in a documentary where he knew it would cast anons in an even worse light (for free tendies, mind you)? How can anyone still want to be associated with this omega retard, the detour in evolution, the pinnacle of retardation? Can there possibly be any other explanation beyond Stockholm Syndrome or domestic abuse?
>>4564 Well it was obvious how these poor sotts fell into this honeypot. It was no accident that the shitstorms on Julay were a) created suddenly out of thin air shortly after the 8ch redflag, and b) blacked.gov 'magically' appeared to herd all the milk-fugees in after Robi decided to spread everyone out. What's a little odd to my thinking is that their slimeball tactics were blatantly obvious to everyone, yet I guess Anons felt abused and didn't want to have to look around any longer after both circumstances in fairly short order. I'm sure the feds already predicted this effect. I think they were surprised that practically the entire webring didn't run into their little trap. Probably deranged trannies doing their "thinking" for them or something. Regardless, I feel pity for the anons you're asking, Anon. And certainly for the /viggergaters/, it probably is literally some form of wife-beating syndrome. >tl;dr Thankfully, the kikes haven't destroyed the Internet after all their investments & efforts to do so. Let's keep it that way!
>>4565 >Probably deranged trannies doing their "thinking" for them or something. Or maybe they were stupid enough to actually let Cakefat do their planning for them in the beginning?
>>4534 8chan died 4 years ago, tourist.
Open file (393.46 KB 382x358 pain.png)
>>4534 1. 8moe /v/ only 2. most IBs are dead as hell and /v/ is the only board that has actual discussion. 3. I don't really care them unless they're one of those fags that can't shut up about whatever board drama is "happening" 4. Yes, because everyone hates each other or are retardedly paranoid. 5. I see no solution. Retards always get power-hungry.

zzzchan Anonymous 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:47:27 No.2179 [Reply]
>type url >hello please wait 5 seconds >oops look like it's broken, reload >hello please wait 5 seconds again >now do this captcha as well >oops fail to load again, reload site >try to make a post >please do a captcha please >send you indecipherable mess >nigger dick spamming >do nothing for an hour Genius at work. Site will be dead in 2 weeks.
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>>3000 Quit your bullshit, weasel.
Fuck off Dolphin and kill yourself.
>>3000 proof?
>>3000 Lmao how do you even accomplish that with cookies?
Open file (26.33 KB 387x456 3e3qq3eq3ef32r.jpg)
>>2325 That place is just as dead as the rest of webring imageboards.

Open file (44.70 KB 600x450 pcfish.jpg)
zzzchan technical difficulties Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:15:17 No.2394 [Reply] [Last]
sturgeon here, somethings gone wrong with the proxy server. It's intermittent now and I'll be keeping an eye on it while I try and find the cause of the issue. I've also made a minds account : https://www.minds.com/sturgeonfish/ I'll be posting on minds once they get around to sending my confirmation email.
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Open file (927.33 KB 1280x720 niggercattle fps.webm)
>>4387 The onion address is still up on my end.
>Webring broken >captcha refuses to load >file embeds not working Migration success.
Open file (144.10 KB 400x376 ClipboardImage.png)
moshi moshi it's fucking dead again
Open file (1.40 MB 2160x2600 AYSSsborsr.png)
Hello sleepy fellas!1
>>4561 Lewd!

/jenny/ Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 10:11:04 No.2571 [Reply]
Anyone know what happened to this board? Did it just get wiped by Julay?
Open file (257.91 KB 375x391 bestjenny.png)
I liked the BO. He never got angry with me posting Jenny.
I know it got removed by Julay. Last I heard the BO was having trouble moving it but idk to where.
>>2571 Anyone know the best place for jenny these days in general?

Christian /shelter/ 2: Electric Boogaloo Anonymous 12/11/2022 (Sun) 16:41:54 No.4438 [Reply] [Last]
I was going to leave well enough alone with a simple meta post in the designated meta thread, but he's not even allowing that so if he wants to do this than let's do this. Here's a temporary shelter thread. Keep inter-imageboard dramafaggotry out of it and don't bring up the lolcow. Discuss /christian/ things here. Have a nice day. Keep meta to the /meta/ thread: >>>/meta/15995
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>>4531 Since it's at least tangentially better than blacked.gov and all the glownigger kikery therein, sure thing fren. zzzchan.xyz Cheers. >Protip: there's this thing called the 'webring'. See that pulsing, glowy word up in the corner? Yeah.
>>4532 i guess i should have figured out that "zzz" was sleepychan but i was too busy looking for a "sleepy-chan" on the webring. Thank you.
>>4532 >all the glownigger kikery therein Sleepychan also hosts /digi/ the actual board that will ban you for using the word "fed" while they spam loli and act like they are not the same faggots from smug's /kohi/ board.
>>4550 This is a fed.
>>4550 This is the guy who spams "how do I be a fed like you guys" and then responds to his own posts with "8chan isn't sending their best, get the fuck out" and stuff. He embarrassed himself and mods proved he was responding to his own posts.

/shelter/ General #2: Floating Downstream Edition Anonymous 12/09/2020 (Wed) 08:17:04 No.2785 [Reply]
This is /shelter/ General, a thread for all your general emergency sheltering needs. Use this thread for anything that you don’t feel needs a full thread, as a hub thread to direct incoming anons, and as a discussion thread for any matters affecting the webring as a whole. Please remain calm; keep panic and argument to a minimum here. If you want to yell at each other then do it in a site-specific, board-specific, or other specific thread. If you’re hitting this thread during an event then please be welcome. Everything will be all right. The previous thread is at >>5 and is archived at https://archive.is/MB5Kt
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Open file (2.10 MB 640x416 Cowdog.webm)
>>3910 why was the 8chan one taken down? is that common, maybe just one larping millenial fedposting and wasting the siteadmin's time filing a halfhour report if FBI niggers demand them to
/late/ is giving me a 502 error. Are they doing maintenance or is just the host down?
>>4282 emailed quilt about it, they said they don't know what went wrong but they'll try to fix it sometime today.
Open file (14.74 KB 878x245 wew.png)
>>4283 >they What, is it going to be a chick behind the imageboard?

Open file (64.70 KB 740x512 Untitled.jpg)
/yuri/ migration planning thread Anonymous 12/02/2022 (Fri) 10:14:46 No.4392 [Reply]
It's no secret that smug's /yuri/ has been borderline unusable for close to two years now, and the only reason it gets any traffic is because as far as I am aware (and the same seemingly goes for other users) there isn't any english speaking yuri board on the internet. In light of the fact that the meta thread is once again at something like three out of every four posts getting deleted, it doesn't seem wise to try and co-ordinate a migration from the board itself. Any ideas?
17 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>4419 I may have to do the same for robowaifu then. That current iteration is filled with spambots and actual redditor faggots shilling their subreddit. It has zero standards with the rare psuedo intellectual novel length shitpost. So much for being a DIY board when you let tom sawyer types roam scot free and dismiss+gaslight anyone who gets fed up with it. I only found the webring a few years ago so I am not familiar with the history of most of these sites. I didnt sign up for anything. Its not surprising that most if not all contemporary imageboards are made or co opted by discord cliques. as the culture IB’s were made with no longer exists and its all antisocial cliques now just there to enforce censorship that previous mediums like TV could only dream of in this “TV 2.0” hellscape that is the modern internet.
Open file (16.40 KB 300x100 transyuri.gif)
>>4392 The only problem I have with smug yuri board is that the site is run under glownig server backed by cuckflare. Just now they don't allow tor user to post anymore so you pretty much have to expose yourself from gownig data mining using bare ip address whenever you post there.
>Just now They monthban the hidden service every time someone uses it probably to try to get you to post clearnet since they can't comprehend proxies >The only problem I have with smug yuri board You don't have any problem with the constant spam of hetshit and blogposts and futa and discord or the fact that it's a single thread cyclic general discord-offrun tranny blog board?
For lesbians I'm voting for two big hairbows Not south park
Open file (30.36 KB 640x446 tran.png)
>>4498 I can still can bear some of the banners which you assumed it as "het" meterial. It might be subltle in that regard but I still think it's kind of a meme tier shit in the banner. Maybe it has something to do with shit and giggles in the past who knows. There was one occurance about hetshit that was posted beforehand and that link was a doujinshi from dynastyscan. Actually there were part of it that was het but the rest 97% of them was based on gay girls. That was the only time I felt It was quite disturbing, and I still don't understand why they have such horrible taste on what they consider it as yuri at that time. Since then they never post anything like that again. As for discord, I never care to use them and I have no idea whatever had happened in that discord link. Can't blame of some of anon over there are just fucking retarded when it comes to software transaparancy. Here's a thing, there's a real tranny out there that is so obsess with tracking anonymous users. These are the people that something that I don't want to deal with because I've seen their honeypot site before. They are the kind that the like host free software service and dox whoever them. I wish I could describe more but due to security reason of my behalf, I rather not to.

Open file (366.06 KB 1910x1202 1.png)
Anonymous 02/15/2022 (Tue) 09:55:30 No.3827 [Reply]
ACHTUNG Mark's pedochan has been added to the webring again. For the third time. The usual suspects are deleting posts exposing them. https://archive.is/lVLas https://archive.is/EFTTQ https://archive.is/lVLas https://archive.is/RC2T9
>>3827 8chan is not administered by Mark
>>3827 Is 8ch down for everyone else too?
Marc Jacobs???? ??? Jewish we need to scan sites report and police

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