Open file (148.32 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 04/06/2022 (Wed) 08:13:23 No.6652 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>4886
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Open file (2.40 MB 320x240 chino.gif)
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay. >>7321 >>7325 Big Chino is comfiest Chino.
just sipping on chamomile tea
so did anyone ever order a rabbit, Idk I didn't watch the show
>>7330 me neither but I think they wood have considering asian shops always have those inside out rabbits hanging by the windows

Open file (127.85 KB 640x427 ideal church.jpg)
Why does a Church need to look good? Anonymous 08/12/2022 (Fri) 22:06:38 No.16070 [Reply]
All those expensive statues, icons and other shiny trinkets feel like overcompensation. Why would you need all that in worship?
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>>16111 Cope >>16097 >>16102 Hebrews 10:25
>>16079 >Where is the temple? In your body.
>>16117 Up yours
Open file (204.18 KB 744x843 shock.png)
>>16121 Rude!

Open file (252.01 KB 411x600 wine-grapes-and-bread.jpg)
Anonymous 08/10/2022 (Wed) 14:49:23 No.16005 [Reply]
Can it work with any old wine and bread?
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>>16049 >There are no priests in Christianity That doesn't discount that juggling bread and wine without the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit is a vain act.
>>16050 The sacrament is established by the words of our Lord, not some pagan magic on the soul of some priest of Baal, nor does it consist of a magical transmutation of bread into flesh.
>>16051 If a faithless person (e.g. an actor) recites the words of institution is the sacrament valid?
>>16067 The words are not valid unless a valid minister is uttering them. If a minister is performing the rite they are automatically valid because the grace of the sacrament proceeds from the promise to the believer, not the sanctity of the minister.
>>16080 And that's why I said it's from the Holy Spirit. I don't think anyone believes that grace derives from the unique sanctity of the minister himself.

Open file (1.62 MB 3000x3000 grace icup sketch.png)
CLERMONT FOOT 63 08/09/2022 (Tue) 20:17:35 No.3966 [Reply]
/monarchy/ icup, royally late, the kings of football / soccer, here to tyrannize /icup/ & larp, no guillotines allowed
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>>3967 (possible) Henry VIII model? It isn't a good fit, but best I could find. Someone requested Jan Sobieski III, that person could replace Tsar Alexander I. Will the >>3968 leopold II model work?
Open file (1.62 MB 3100x3100 Grace icup ball.png)
>>3968 More custom models I'll consider. But I also look forward to the face models.
Test match
Henry VIII & Leopold II models are optional.
BIG henry should be fatter

Open file (132.89 KB 1205x1600 megadharma train.png)
Anonymous 08/10/2022 (Wed) 10:49:39 No.16001 [Reply]
why dont christians build QI? Not even yoga or qigong sequences,just static poses like horse stance,etc. Its the best workut,much better than squats for example(breath-taking excercise damages mytochondria;static isometric doesnt). qi is part of Semen Retention. a "celibate" man(ie; a powerful warrior of semen retention)should honor his own self and do sanching,full lotus etc.
30 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>16107 LET them be earthly things, I Readily Revel !
the earth isnt hell or a prison we humans are supposd to thrive.. THRIVE! if you dont think we should at least aim to thrive go inject yourself with late-sage aids and suffer the worst ,smh
Open file (111.33 KB 500x393 Facebook-b071e8.png)
>>16109 >the earth isnt hell or a prison we humans are supposd to thrive.. THRIVE! We are supposed to receive whatever our Lord prepared for us whether good or bad. You don't deserve anything.
>>16113 who the fuck do you think I am? just because this is an anon board you think Im a rando nobody? Im on semen retention, Mine is My fate to discover and navigate.
>>16113 go inject yourself with polio or whatever and suffer the "bad" of you are ready to "receive" the bed without putting up a fight. or stop wanking and became the captain of the ship of your life

Open file (125.85 KB 260x375 Soccer_Cover.jpg)
On the matter of the Infinity Cup Fellow Time Traveler 03/01/2022 (Tue) 11:05:40 No.2233 [Reply]
I've just checked out their catalog and it seems they'll be having another go at the competition soon(ish). We used to play as /y2k/ back in the ole cup, but I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in this, at least before I give them the word to add our team. I mean, I will probably watch it regardless, but I thought it might have been weird to tell them to add a team just for one person.
11 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (225.15 KB 800x800 retro v2.png)
>>2460 >spoiler Weird. I thought there was no line when it modified the case. Anyways, here's the new logo. Hopefully this is good.
>>2461 Looks great, thanks so much!
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
>>2462 You're welcome, anon. I'm glad you like it. Speaking of, we're doing the draw stream this Friday at 18:00 UTC.
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.
>>2464 Comfiest group, nice. I don't care about winning I just hope we will score some goals to hear those stupid goalhorns. Btw CATS goalhorn isnt available anymore, here is a working link

ICUP 7 General Thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 Board owner 02/25/2022 (Fri) 22:38:22 No.2934 [Reply] [Last]
[this OP has been re-written to keep the conversations in one place] Welcome to the Infinity Cup 7 tournament! This cup will consist of 32 competing teams, playing 3 matches each in the group stage to qualify for the knockout final games. The 32 participating Infinity Cup teams are: /2hu/ - /a/ - /ac/ - /art/ - /bmn/ - /britfeel/ - /christian/ - /cuckquean/ - /dup/ - /egy/ - /eris/ - /fascist/ - /film/ - /fscchan/ - /islam/ - /ita/ - /japan/ - /k/ - /kind/ - /late/ & /comfy/ - /leftypol/ - /loomis/ - /monarchy/ - /monster/ - /otter/ - /pro/ - /retro/ - /server/ - /sp/ - /sw/ - /v/ - /yuri/ Additionally, an friendly invitational match and a bonus match for the winner will take place between guest teams /soy/ and Frenschan after the matches of Round 2. The groups will be randomly determined in a fun draw stream, which is expected to take place on Friday, 12 August. This will also be a test stream where you can verify your teams and request short test matches. Hard deadline on tactical changes: Monday, 15 August. Round 1: Saturday 20 August & Sunday 21 August Round 2: Saturday 27 August & Sunday 28 August Round 3: Saturday 3 September & Sunday 4 September Finals: Saturday 10 September & Sunday 11 September

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by grassstains on 07/24/2022 (Sun) 06:17:32.
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here's the 7z in cas you hadn't seen it: the kits should be in the root folder, note that they need to be exported into .dds

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/icup/ thread Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 21:42:02 No.678 [Reply]
Dearest assorted friends, We're developing the set for the Infinity Cup 2020 and we'd really like to have a team of such diverse features such as yourselves. Come to and let's get this show going!
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>>1407 If you're doing that make sure you do it before Aug 12. Your team needs to be finished as well.
>>1408 Oh there's no way I'm gonna do it in less than two weeks, it was just a general idea.
>>1409 Maybe it could work in the winter. If anons here are even interested, that is. In that case putting together some teams would be a good start.
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point.
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.

Open file (7.06 KB 209x241 jew-nord-profile.jpg)
Anon 08/13/2022 (Sat) 12:39:08 No.7328 [Reply]
why are portraits so relaxing/comfy? I dont even mean attractice people,but in general, I feel a portrait is an open book for the person's soul, like a "read me" brochure to get to know someone even if he is ded or lives a thousand km away. Once I lose a couple of kilos I want to have my portrait taken with an old camera by a photographer.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/islam/'s team for the Infinity Cup 2020 Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 21:40:15 ID: f88932 No.17 [Reply]
Hello, my Islamic friends, I was wondering if you would be interested in joining us for the Infinity Cup 2020, if not as a team of your own at least as friendly spectators. We'd love to have you with us. Come to if you want the details. It's a virtual soccer competition among boards.
16 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>398 Who made that model in the first place? It looks like it came from a Pixar anime.
>>398 Do you have Civ VI on Steam? If so, you can download the Development Assets and Development Tools, pass the Saladin files and some of the tools to me, and I should be able to do the rest. Otherwise, we might need someone else to rip it.
>>190 We'll do better in this one in sha Allah. There's plenty of opponents facing us; many teams that promote vice, or false religions and ideologies. May the light of Islam shine bright
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point.
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.

QTDDTOT Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 15:32:23 No.6836 [Reply] [Last]
Questions that do deserve their own thread. You know the drill. Questions that don't deserve their own thread go in their own threads. Questions that do go here.
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Does the Ethiopian Church actually venerate Pontius Pilate as a saint? I've seen that claim posted around on the Internet without much citation and finding a wealth of information of Ethiopian liturgy and hagiology in English is difficult.
Open file (255.96 KB 500x481 onlykilledcommunists.png)
Is killing communists ratsach/phoneuó? Where does each commandment begin and end? As in, what is the first commandment, what is the second commandment etc.
>>16081 > Pontius Pilate as a saint I believe the Ethiopian Church assign June 25 to both Claudia and Pontius. Orthodox and Roman Catholics view only his wife as a saint. However, some do view him in a more favorable light, as he did find no fault in Christ and attempted to free Him. He left the decision to be settled ultimately with the Jews.

Open file (179.16 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup poll Anonymous 04/22/2021 (Thu) 17:24:13 No.153 [Reply]
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in
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>>592 I'm thinking this is the best one
>>592 >>596 Alright we'll go with this one
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point.
Open file (19.46 MB 1280x720 prootter.webm)
>>602 /pro/ has winned.
Open file (3.52 MB 1280x720 proteam.png)
Team's looking good. By the way, we're up against /yuri/, /k/ and /monster/ in the group stage. Fun.

Open file (276.86 KB 785x1000 calm.png)
comfy soyjak thread Anon 03/20/2022 (Sun) 13:55:51 No.6552 [Reply]
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rules are NOT comfy breaking rules is comfy breaking rules, getting caught and then blaming someone else is ultra-comfy breaking rules, getting caught, then breaking the rules again? epic comfort win
>>7320 >lizard wizard
>>7322 so comfany....

/v/ - Viverridae Anonymous 11/26/2021 (Fri) 20:38:43 No.1218 [Reply]
Welcome to /v/! An experimental thread in line with other animal-themed threads/boards. Viverridae are one of my favourite families, and I think they at long last deserve their own space. My favourite viverrid is probably the Binturong. What's yours?
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Open file (435.60 KB 800x467 334887.jpg)
>>1373 Prionodonts are closer to cats than to viverrids. Always confused them with that guy here >>1223. This guy is more distantly related to cats and civets than the later are to each other. As a matter of fact it's the most living-fossily carnivore if not placential in current existence. It's extremely noteworthy that it survived to this day and judging by the look in its eyes it knows it.
>>1374 Looks cool, what is it?
Open file (245.86 KB 1024x768 sleepturong.jpeg)
Big comfy warm binturong
>>1235 Cute binturong, and cute binturong.
Fanaloka(Malagasy civet). Not a cat.

Open file (96.09 KB 657x900 mihalkov_001.jpg)
Military Thread /fa/g 10/29/2019 (Tue) 21:59:13 No.3 [Reply]
I've heard you like fascion.
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>>13 That bomber-style jacket in the third picture looks sharp.
>>220 1940's lvl 88 Aryan-megaboss.
>>3 bump
ya id cop it
Open file (20.88 KB 306x413 PZ-cuir6.jpg)
I really like the look of these jackets. They look like some kind of unusual leather Panzer wraps, but I have no idea where they came from or the background behind the picture. I've heard of land troops getting leather Kriegsmarine jackets, so that might be what these are.

'Christianity is Based' Compilation thread Anonymous 08/02/2022 (Tue) 18:33:47 No.15493 [Reply]
In this thread post why Christianity is based and is the Truth, or post pictures or links related to that. The goal of this thread is to be a bag full of Jesus seeds you can quickly get and plant in non-believers' hearts. (eg. you can visit this thread for good links to send to a LARPagan to prove them wrong)
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>>15536 The Son of Man came not to save the righteous, but call sinners to repentance
>>15536 It's not the healthy who need a physician but the sick.

Erotic imagery Anonymous 08/11/2022 (Thu) 03:22:24 No.16029 [Reply]
What does Christianity (Catholicism and Baptist especially) say about viewing fictional erotic imagery? Like, fictional pin-up girls, sexualized characters (whether viewed alone in or media like videogames or whatever), maybe even hentai (no masturbating, though). Not including examples in OP post cuz I don't want people who don't want to see that stuff to have to see it. (btw I'm going to bed soon, so I probably won't really be replying until tomorrow evening... if I still remember to check this thread by then.)
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>16029 Porn is bad because it causes lust. While things that are not clearly pornographic in nature aren't guaranteed to be bad, they often are bad to view because it causes the person doing so to turn to lust. TL;DR: Near occasion to sin. Not sinful of itself, but not a bright idea all told.
If by erotic you mean pornographic, then it's bad. Porn rots your brain and this can be shown objectively. If you mean erotic as in stimulating like pin-up girl posters and anime, the only people who care are priests (for obvious and justifiable reasons) or autistics and puritans with a stick too far up their ass to understand the nuance of culture in relation to the church and how the two intermingle. Then again those same autistics/puritans would ban art and literature as sinful if they lived in a different time period so their arguments hold no weight to me.
>>16029 It's very simple. >lust is a sin >erotic imagery causes lust >therefore erotic imagery is sin
porn is gay and ALL women are shit.
Open file (151.21 KB 1137x591 romans14-bsb.jpg)
If you can look at such images without being tempted to sin, then do not fear. If you cannot look at them without being tempted to sin, then stay away from them. Simple as.

Open file (106.71 KB 1366x715 og-image.jpg)
Open file (151.47 KB 402x517 PES14_positions.png)
Open file (195.04 KB 2048x2048 Template.png)
Create-a-Team thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 02/28/2022 (Mon) 10:02:55 No.2945 [Reply] [Last]
In order to clean up the catalog a bit, you can use this thread to talk about the new teams you want to add to the cup and general management of the rosters. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (PES 2017 rules) >A link to the board for which you want to submit a team >16 (max. 23) Player Names (the first 11 shall be the starting lineup) >Player positions (see second picture), with at least one Goalkeeper >Player medals, which are used to determine which players should be the strongest in the team (1 Gold player, 1 Silver player, 2 Bronze players) >Among the starting 11, you must select one to be the Captain (they get a bonus to their stats) >A team logo (just use gimp or photoshop or >A minimum of two Kits, which are the shirts that your main players and your goalkeepers will use (if you're feeling really lazy, you can just make a recolor of the main kit and call it the goalie's), we would also appreciate a third one for the Away games; use the third pic as a base Used to be necessary, but if you got any problems you can just let us rig it: >Player cards and roles, refer to >A Team Strategy, refer to >A set of player heights, refer to the rules >3D models of your players, or at least face edits / photos: Rules for the matches:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

199 posts and 112 images omitted.
>>4069 >>3945 we two did as much as we could. here are some changes to the roster: >onani-san is now kaedocum, his model is somewhere in the folder >honey changes positions with bob page, since she has no model >todd howard is team captain, gold >kaedocum is silver >FOE and john carmack are bronze team kits should be inside the zip white pants kit w/o pin is outfielder, blue pants kit with pin is goalie

Open file (1.57 MB 720x1116 1.png)
Anonymous 03/05/2022 (Sat) 05:20:12 No.408 [Reply]
No they are NOT They are NOT called "nosebears" NO
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Open file (63.00 KB 700x525 369413.jpg)
sniff the hand that feeds you
Do you pronounce it co-wa-tee or coat-ee or coat-tie?
>>593 Nosebear Kowatee is the correct way to say it
>>593 You can also call them cuties

Open file (387.57 KB 750x650 29320.png)
Adding a bit of flair to the teams CLERMONT FOOT 63 04/03/2021 (Sat) 11:22:53 No.2505 [Reply] [Last]
I think it would really make the matches stand out more from the older Infinity Cup if we somehow managed to recreate some 3D players, at least for the medals of the mainline teams that don't really have them, like /christian/ or /co/. To that end, I was wondering if anyone knew or had the time to look up and monitor which players have already had a customized model or face. I say this as we could very easily solve many more "generic" names by using pre-existing assets.
144 posts and 67 images omitted.
Open file (462.78 KB 665x706 OLD TODD.png)
>>4041 I'm working on Todd now, is it just my computer or does this face have grey hair like picrel? after literally days of messing with shader and .model combinations, I've just realized I can fix it by editing the hair_col_parts image to remove the greyness.
>>4044 Are you saying you tried editing the hair .model file, or not? If you didn't edit it and only touched the image files, that would be super weird.>>4057
Open file (478.12 KB 483x555 toddd.png)
>>4057 I've made my bob page to work, so don't dabble on that one >does this face have grey hair like picrel? odd. must be some .dds artifact it looks similar enough on my end
>>4058 I only edited the hair textures, then imported the 3d head+hair files to see if the textures matched and then re-exported the head with the fixed position for the texutre I'm not touching this shit again until I know how to make 3d models swear on me mum
>>4059 That's ok, I'll just make sure to fix it then. >>4060 Editing their existing models like hair is tough stuff, you should have seen how screwed up the Emperor Norton model is. I ended up just painting half of the hair on. I'd just try the full body tutorial then something like this >>3629 to get the hang of full body modelling and the animation rigging.

birthday Anon 08/09/2022 (Tue) 20:42:01 No.7294 [Reply]
>be me >dad's birthday tomorrow >yay! >stuff has been hard for him lately, stress from work (he owns a business that grandpa built from the ground up when he escaped hungary during commie times) >last two years ive gotten him figurines from animes he enjoys -he's introduced (and watched) anime with my brothers and i since we were literal babies- >money is tight (like 40 dollars to spare kind of tight) >still gonna try my best to get him a gift that shows him my appreciation for him and all he does im going out in an hour or so and im gonna do my best to find him something great with what i have. thanks dad.
2 posts omitted.
>>7301 i did! he really enjoys reading the spy x family manga as of late so i got him an anya figurine and some stationary of the mom character for his office - he was berry happy!
>>7296 he thanks you, anon!
Open file (741.36 KB 1024x576 spyXfam.png)
>>7304 Looks comfy. Happy to see you was happy to make him happy.
I'm late to the thread, but I hope he had a good birthday.
>>7294 good on ya m8

Community Announcements Anonymous Board owner 05/21/2020 (Thu) 16:31:32 No.13261 [Reply] [Last]
Sometimes boards do things and think that it would be nice for other boards to know about it. Every week - assuming there are events - we'll post upcoming events in the global announcement slot as smaller community announcements. If you'd like your event to be added to the rotation, post here with your: >Board >Event name >Event thread >Event date and time (please provide time in UTC at minimum plus whatever other timezones you'd like included) Board owners may suppress community announcements without also hiding all global announcements if they desire by using custom CSS to hide class "community-announcements-board-owners-feel-free-to-hide-this". I've taken the liberty of making /otter/'s Ottercine otter movie night the first event we announce. Good job, /otter/.
51 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>15475 Thank you for posting the link. We're gonna be going Monday through Wednesday an hour later than advertised starting next week.
Regular streams are over for now. Another anon may use the channel in the future, but just giving a heads up.
Ottercine will return on Wednesday >>>/comfy/6858
>>15569 event thread: location: date: May 25th 8PM GMT
/icup/ ICUP 7 Draw Stream Friday 12 at 18:00 PM UTC (see post for other timezones)

Open file (1.05 MB 1920x1080 2019-10-26_00.15.14.png)
/mc/ - Minecraft Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 13:44:44 No.157 [Reply]
Builds, projects, mods/modpacks, anything related with Minecraft
45 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>157 wow, we have a minecraft thread? cute Is there a way to get a legit account without giving cash to microdick and trannies?
Open file (1.98 MB 1920x1080 2021-02-02_16.01.22.png)
>>1043 What version and mods are you playing with?
>>1045 Version 1.12.2 of minecraft Its the one that most mods run on now This is a custom modpack with some 120 mods, the city visible in the screen is from "lost cities" mod We also have Aliens vs Predator mod and Galacticraft in this modpack For the latest version of minecraft (which I think is like 1.16.4 or so) There are some intriguing mods that only seem to work for that or recently released minecraft versions, like a mod called "create" and "minecolonies"
Open file (827.43 KB 1920x1080 2022-08-10_15.12.32.png)
Open file (2.44 MB 1722x869 2022-07-21_03.49.13.png)
IP: Discord Server: Version: 1.12.2 This is a Minecraft server with no rules and the map will not be reset. The server is based on Java Edition 1.12.2, but you can join on newer clients (hacked/modded clients are allowed). This server also does not support Mojang/Microsoft's shitty bullshit chat report feature.

Open file (22.23 KB 399x319 themiddle.jpg)
Anonymous 05/24/2022 (Tue) 01:39:55 No.11599 [Reply] [Last]
There seems to be a multitude of users on imageboards stuck living generally broken lives. How can /christian/ minister to this?
77 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>15948 >I mean, this is the christian position and the entire crux of christian philosophy, isn't it >Because the created has a relationship to the Uncreated, not necessarily the other way around. Of course, I've only resolved this with the conclusion that the created is unreal Let me explicitly write out my interpretation and position on this, instead of trying to dryly write out the opposite of my position and why I disagree with it. God is capable of interacting with us. He is capable of creating a reality despite being unchanging. Whenever he reacts to something, it's only perceived as a reaction by us humans because any other perception would not be consistent with our understanding of time. In another way, the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us (John 1:14). Jesus was fully man and fully God, if I believed anything else I wouldn't be a Christian. God is unchanging in the sense that if we perceive Him as changing, it would only be a perception, and not what is actually taking place. That's as much as I could possibly say. Whether it's unreal or real I can't really say, I just wonder if this actually means anything. It'd be much easier (for my autistic brain) to say that any of my perceptions are unreal, but reality is real, not that reality is unreal but my perceptions are. If both my perception is unreal and reality is unreal then why am I experiencing anything at all? If it's unreal in the sense that it'll eventually be annihilated, then it doesn't matter until the point of my annihilation. I can't possibly escape from something so fundamental as Being in itself, both in its destruction and its existence. If reality is real only in the sense that I perceive it as such then it's only a question of my perception and what forces me to perceive, this being my actual position on this. >It could imply that creation was never with God It could! I didn't think of that. But unless creation was made, and then never interacted with again, that wouldn't be true. I won't pretend to have anything substantial to say since I really don't know.
Open file (72.14 KB 261x263 08.png)
>>15986 I never got back to my statement on freewill. What I wanted to add was that even if we divide the mind/body planes and god is co-ordinating the world to coincidentally act in line with our 'free' wills, the fact of the matter is that He shares the same relationship to our minds since they, even if left distinct from the material, are still Created and subordinate to His hand in the same way as everything else (i.e. completely and in every regard). >In another way What do you mean here, as another example or as an example of something different to the above? >God is unchanging in the sense that if we perceive Him as changing, it would only be a perception, and not what is actually taking place. That's as much as I could possibly say. Sure. I wouldn't disagree with any of that. >If both my perception is unreal and reality is unreal then why am I experiencing anything at all? Literally "for no reason" - it is "meaningless". Well, that's my position anyway. >If it's unreal in the sense that it'll eventually be annihilated, then it doesn't matter until the point of my annihilation. I can't possibly escape from something so fundamental as Being in itself, both in its destruction and its existence. Sure, but if it is real then it does matter now. The position "At the end of all things you'll ascend to the godhead" is just nihilism with bright metaphors. If we, uh, ascend to christ-flavored nihilism then sure, who cares; such is the nature of nihilist thinking. Now, I don't see a way for Christ to be offering anything else, but that's why I'm asking those who believe, especially since they seem to suggest acting in the world and mostly shy away from predestination. >what forces me to perceive I guess this is the salient point for me. If we are Created, then either the sense of perception in itself is an illusion (a la "free will is an illusion"), or the root cause of our perceptions (the hand of the Creator) IS real. >But unless creation was made, and then never interacted with again, that wouldn't be true. But creation certainly was made "and then" never interacted with again - the act of creation was holistic. God created the world to every last detail; including the miraculous. Drawing a distinction between two points of interaction definitely doesn't make sense outside of creation. What I'm getting at with 'never with god' was that the way that we avoid trying to constrain God with temporal context is with his precedent to all things. Now, this precludes their relationship to other things, since the sole point of origin does not respect those relationships. The church talks about acting in the world but if it were not at every point distinct and unrelated (except through the common relationship of being created, which is a unary statement) then we'd have to have in some way usurped the role of the creator in making (things in) the world.
>>15996 >What do you mean here In another way of saying. Although it's, at the least, arrogant of me to presume I'm capable of rewording the passage while still retaining the same meaning. Probably better said as, the most literal example of where I derive this thought from. **Or rather, it follows along with my own reasoning for what I'm even experiencing as a living thing." >But creation certainly was made "and then" never interacted with again First of all, there's no possible way you can prove this. As a Christian this is ironic to say, but I suspect you aren't a Christian (I think it's a bit obvious as you give hints throughout), so it bears saying. I had considered the basic premise of your thoughts, since "with" is ambiguous and bears some preliminary probing, and my initial assessment of the idea is that it merely hides away the original foundational problem: what is existence? By replacing the Uncreated with a creation that exists within its own logic, that doesn't change the initial problem of what it's even doing. We can point to a cause and an effect of the external face of our perceptions for an eternity, speculate about the mechanisms, if there are any, that drive them, but it'll never amount to any knowledge of what it, in the most general sense, is. We can never prove that reality is unreal or even real. It's a non-falsifiable statement. No one, given our limited ability to perceive, would ever be able to prove it, even if they "knew" what it really was. I realize this isn't what you're saying. I'll throw away this idea of proof and just work with the information being given, so I can work with a creation that isn't subject to temporal constraints. To begin with, it is circular to claim that reality contains time when it's only ever a perception that I project into it, assuming that reality is separate from my own conscious perception of it. Let's, assuming what I've assumed, throw away the idea of reason as well, as it's meaningless to think of an intellect capable of assimilating and working with, creating by its own structure, a network capable of relating every facet of its own experience, both reasonable and merely sensual, into itself. There no longer is a need for assimilation, things simply are, and my perception of such a misconception as there being a time in which I've realized something is, for whatever reason, delusion. No, even by the initial point, I can say absolutely nothing, since there's no possible relationship between creation and itself, ever. It's just a jumbled mess and the rest of your thought process follows. If there is no connection between one moment or the other, even the existence of a moment, then there's nothing that could be said about it other than, "it exists". That is, it's created. From my thinking, all of this doesn't even bother to take into account the idea that regardless of whether it's true or not, your perception, my perception, any human's perception, is limited by its constraints and any speculation that tries to go beyond it is literally epistemologically impossible. >the fact of the matter is that He shares the same relationship to our minds since they, even if left distinct from the material, are still Created and subordinate to His hand in the same way as everything else My position is much more that creation essentially acts by itself, using the wisdom that God bestowed to it. I'm not sure if this is entirely biblical. God made us, gave us life, gave us our soul, but within this condition we're able to act by our own will. Even if this weren't "true" in a literal sense of "independent of perception", we still perceive it as such no matter how much we attempt to deny it. >The position "At the end of all things you'll ascend to the godhead" is just nihilism with bright metaphors Is Christianity nihilism? If I interpret faith as an acknowledgement of implicit unbelief, then sure. It's nihilistic in the sense that it rejects the world, although what that world actually means is not something I'm going to bother thinking about for now. No, I don't think it can be called nihilistic within itself, it puts emphasis on the existence of God above all else. The only way it can be nihilistic is if it rejects human reasoning and human experience. In the Nietzschean sense, it's nihilistic since it denies the striving for life inherent in all creatures. In a luxuriously loose sense, it's anti-life. I don't think someone can seriously claim this idea of nihilism without it being a tongue-in-cheek comment.

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>>15420 It is sad that men like you with great knowledge of jewish law are mocked, blessed be you.
Open file (320.00 KB 512x507 trans.png)

Open file (121.08 KB 1600x900 dfg74946d9gf7446sdf5g74.jpg)
hi losers! lol jk i'm almost positive i'll like all of you wanderlust 07/29/2022 (Fri) 18:43:27 No.7206 [Reply]
i'm new here. lurked mainly 4chan for a long long time. not /b/... that place gives me the creeps. anywho been looking for more chill places to hang with channers or whatever you're called. anyways what's the happs? i'm about to start work in a couple hours. i have a pretty sweet WFH setup so i'll probably be here all night to chat! whats the current status the of the board? i just found this today and haven't looked into the catalog to see if this place is alive yet!
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>>7237 finally!!! >moved 3,000 miles east >just another year and another move >settle into new place >decorate with some fun cut wine bottle light fixtures >decorate further >live, laugh, love >it's all there. new decor. new place. new vigor >living real cozy off the coast instead of in the desert now >oldest sister leaves her husband and kids >major sadness all around >brother contracts testicle cancer. asks me to come dog sit along with his place. needs some assistnace >he's better now. but i gained a friend. actually 2 >get to spend 3-5 days a week at his place now. the others at home in my other cozy territory >the dog. the bear. he likes me now. our walks have become runs. i'm more passionate about personal care now

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (181.16 KB 1000x667 sec.jpeg)
>>7244 >be me >browse /comfy/ >read green text >anon seems to be alright, nice for him >hope anon's family's all right despite the life quackery (it habbens) >hope his alcohol addiction will be kicked off >I miss the rain (constant heat waves from almost two months here) >want to be be on pic rel with a good doggo, some comfy music and nothing but the smell of the forest in the rain >write this poor green text in response pic rel, me depressed by no rain but still comfy. Some daybreak from work, I want to go outside but damn it's too hot. I'm just in my comfy house clothes listening music and drinking my coffee. Maybe in the evening I may go outside if something nice habbens in the near city (I want to go to a music show but don't even know if there are one tonight, may look for it).
>>7263 >I want to go to a music show Found a nice spot along the river with some band playing reggae / ska music. Took a swim as the sun was setting down then drank a beer or two while laying down in the grass. Was quite /comfy/ (expect some old women that took videos with there smartphones and that irritates me because they were not only filming the concert, but also the people, including me. Hiding my face in my hands then giving the finger made them stop this poopy behavior). Also we were granted by a short but harsh rain in the end of afternoon. Man I almost cum in my pants.
>>7263 hey man its gonna be ok. genuinely thankful that you posted a greentext. sorry i haven't been on in a couple days. this dog and house sitting along with work has been pretty hell on my normal routines. i think the alcoholism is getting better over time. it's tought stuff if any of you have suffered from the illness. boredom is to be avoided if you're looking to get out of it. unfortunately i'm bored a lote *shrugs* hey why don't you go out and maybe hit up a local park, even in the rain, or maybe a walk around your favorite parts of the city listening to some relevant music? just a couple ideas i guess! >>7266 dude that sounds legendary. are you same anon from the last post? if so i'm glad you found some shade and a nice place to /comfy/ up! that's excellent. lol to those morons living their life through a digital screen, huh? you had an infinitely better time there than they did. i'm going to find a nearby lake to feed some turtles and ducks. used to be a favorite past time of mine in Arizona before i moved away. i'll post pics of my park adventures there soon how was the music btw? any good? i like ska a lot
>>7281 >those morons living their life through a digital screen hey, it's something they CHOSE to do so that's not what pisses me off. BUT I chose not to be included on their pathetic egotrip, that's what pisses me off mostly.

Christianity is about embracing the nations, keeping the nations within their bounds, and delivering the gospel to all even if they are genetically inferior and incapable of cultivating civilised habits.
>>16021 >Christianity is about embracing the nations, keeping the nations within their bounds Just the part of Acts 17:26, and that's only about keeping the nations separate, it talks nothing about any supremacy. >and delivering the gospel to all even if they are genetically inferior and incapable of cultivating civilised habits. There are many variables why minorities live in undeveloped countries it's not necessarily their racial genetics. In the same way that degeneracy isn't an accurate representation of the USA despite being mainstream, there are outside forces keeping crime and poverty on 3rd world countries.
>>16022 That they are genetically akin to baboons and did not discover anything to do with physics or mathematics is a fact of nature i.e. the Divine Will of God. Christ is the saviour for all nations, great and small.
Open file (355.74 KB 992x552 Untitledss.png)
>>16023 You didn't refute what i said, you just repeated your belief. >That they are genetically akin to baboons and did not discover anything to do with physics or mathematics is a fact of nature i.e. the Divine Will of God. So what, not discovering anything doesn't mean they're genetically animals, especially when their is an economically requirement to discovery, of course the race with the more money will discover more.
>>16010 >>16014 >reddit and cuckchan

Open file (99.08 KB 1038x1038 GCupLogo1038.png)
Official GCUP Thread Supporter 12/11/2020 (Fri) 23:16:17 No.2059 [Reply] [Last]
FINALLY, without further ado it's time to OFFICIALLY announce the GCUP, an exhibition tournament to crown a champion among the webring's national representatives! Format currently TBA, it will be either bracket style (Single or Double Elim) or a Group Stage tournament. Whichever one we go with mostly depends on the total # of teams involved. As previously mentioned, we'll also be hosting friendlies for teams not in the GCUP. These games will either be by the ICUP book, or "enhanced" with a random, meme ruleset. First matchday is tentatively February 13th. I was considering end of January, but with the holidays coming up, it's likely no serious progress will be made on very many fronts, so we'll kick things into gear come January and be ready for February. Matchdays will consist of some amount of exhibition games and then a number of GCUP matches after that. To enter your team officially, please post in the thread with your board and its site, and indicate what you want to enter for. If you'll be a GCUP team, please let me know what nation you'll be representing. If you've started work already, either on this board, or on your home board, please include links to the work in your post, otherwise, just let me know where it will be posted. The team must be created in accordance to ICUP rules. Lastly, if you're willing to take the charge for your given board, please send me an email (SKF at cock dot li) so I have a direct line to you. I still aim to avoid namefaggotry as much as possible, but this is a necessary evil to keep communication neat and orderly. If you wish to enter a team for the friendlies, same thing, please provide a link to the posts/thread where your work is. Please also request your match preference (ICUP rules or meme rules) and, if you wish, a potential opponent. Depending on how long the GCUP festivities run though, we may not be able to accomodate all requests, so bear that in mind. Meme rulesets used for these friendlies will be determined at a date closer to the start of the event, so to keep expectations clear: To enter a team for a meme friendly I will need only team name, logo, 3 kits, anthems, player names, and their default positions. Strategies will not be needed, but any additional submissions (game balls, player models, stadiums, etc) are accepted. If you're a pre-existing team I can just take your team from ICUP6 and adjust it accordingly. I had been planning for a streamlined method of submitting teams, but it's not ready yet. Hopefully this will be the last Cup we go with this scattershot method of submitting teams and strategies. I'll likely edit this post to add more info as it comes up but for now this is it. I'll be making a couple of tracking posts underneath this one for quick topic reference.
Edited last time by SKF on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 23:19:15.
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stop bullying otters
Open file (12.27 KB 365x123 bully.png)
>>2383 no u!
>>2384 the manlet massacre never happened
No sense in keeping this as a sticky no more.
Wow I sure am excited for this to start!

Open file (199.43 KB 363x500 Resurrection_(24).jpg)
Deliverance after death? Anonymous 01/13/2022 (Thu) 09:49:44 No.2825 [Reply] [Last]
It's generally understood that there can be no deliverance after death. Yet traditional Christianity has long upheld the doctrine of the Harrowing of Hell, that Jesus descended into Hell during His death to deliver the Old Testament righteous as they could not save themselves being under the weight of original sin. So it seems that there was a special case in which this applied. There is also the ancient tradition of prayers for the death. Now, without consideration of Roman Catholic dogmas of purgatory, was this a one-time event? That is, that Christ no longer harrows Hell, and those that die in ignorance of the gospel, for example, following His death and resurrection are condemned to eternal damnation? Or, being that Heaven and Hell are timeless, did in the Harrowing Jesus bring up all the men and women throughout history worthy of deliverance as per His judgement, and not just the spirits of those that died prior to His crucifixion?
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>>15846 And there's a third category I came across which is pertinent, the fate of the mentally retarded.
>>15838 I'd like to say in spite of the posts disputing your position I am coming around to it, but I would like to hear your reply before we come to terms.
>>15841 I don't know what you're asking me for
>>15886 I found what I was looking for: >I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins John 8:24 Those that do not believe will die in their sins, which condemns them at the judgement, for which the sentence is the lake of fire. And my previous two posts were giving too much consideration to the role of human free will in faith and repentance. Faith is a gift from God as per Ephesians 2:8, and of course God can command infants and the mentally retarded to saving faith without regard for their natural capacity, as John the Baptist demonstrates in acknowledging Mary and the conception of Christ in Luke 1:41. On the justice of the whole situation, as some would question God's condemnation of so much of man, the answer can be reasoned out. The last judgement is the final separation of what is ungodly from what is godly, that what is godly has no confusion with what is ungodly in the manner of 2 Corinthians 6:14. There is nothing to be redeemed of nor desired from what is ungodly, it has no part in eternal life. Christ spoke of how necessary it is to cling to Him, even forsaking family ties (Matthew 10:37), if one seeks the kingdom of heaven. The judgement is God's sovereign right as creator per Romans 9:21-23. It's an impersonal decision; that which will be put in the lake of fire was due for the lake of fire, and that which is destined for life was due for life. In eternity there is finality, which is why speculations on redemption in the life beyond are vain, as it denies this dichotnomy between what is temporal and earthly and what is divine. And this becomes the strongest basis for Christian missionary zeal, witness, and ministry. For while a person is yet alive there is that hope, no matter how small it may seem, that they can be redeemed. As James 5:20 says, "let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins," but every dead sinner's doom is certain as testified in John 8:24 in the opening. God earnestly desires that as many be saved as possible (for as much shall be redeemed in Him), even as the Lord said, "there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth" (Luke 9:10). For those who forsake this evangelistic duty, as the Parable of the Talents illustrates, the Lord will command to "cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Matthew 25:30), because if one fails to share the gift of salvation from perdition with others, it demonstrates how little regard that person holds for the Lord's divine passion and project. Every soul in the lake of fire is a casualty of the plague of sin. Thus Christians are elected, and are commissioned into service by the Spirit, as the church militant to fight the good fight, the last fight, and the necessary fight, for the cure of souls: >Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20, which is the end of the gospel.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>15995 >I would hope that this somewhat corresponds with your views, brother? The way I would put it when you talked about life and the lake of fire that those whom were destined for the lake will be put there but some of those who were due for the lake will be delivered to life. While when preaching the gospel the repentance of new brothers is cause for rejoicing I feel the greatest basis of missionary zeal is that which Jesus cited, since He did not say "Go" but "Therefore go", the basis being "All authority has been given me in heaven and earth". That is, the great commission is not a command for us to go preach the gospel to people, but for the world to be baptized because He now commands all men everywhere to repent. When we go we serve as the King's heralds bearing His decree and ultimatum to His rebellious subjects.

>>6751 I participated in a study on time perception (seeing if there was a relationship between it and positive/negative affect) I never was sent the results of their study, which is unfortunate as it is kind of interesting.

Open file (206.22 KB 1280x720 tamil.nofp.jpg)
prayer rescue team Anonymous 08/02/2022 (Tue) 18:03:32 No.15492 [Reply]
I want to make a list of the top 100 most evil people alive today. pedo serial killers, satanist terrorists, cartel leaders etc..and pray for them. Im a catholic man, I think this is a good idea, praying for the worst,the men most far from God. I Myself may be among those 100...but Ill still pray for the other 99 after I pray for Me self.
16 posts and 4 images omitted. Apostolic Social Ideal: >No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need. Marx's Definition of Communism: >From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs! COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE
>>15883 >Turkey >Australia >Greece >"First world" lol
>>15883 UK isnt even a country its a royal family with a bunch of (inbred)serfs
>>15914 Fuck you too.
>>15917 i DEFEND bashing (((uk))))

Anonymous 04/24/2020 (Fri) 12:23:21 No.1 [Reply]
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Welcome to the /islam/ board on This is a board for Muslims to talk, to discuss religious matters and to enjoy each other's company. Please stay polite and use common sense when making posts. You can discuss moderation, make suggestions, banners, etc. in this thread. 24/7 Qur'an Stream:
Edited last time by mustafa on 12/29/2021 (Wed) 19:14:42.
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>>472 Do you know how many white Muslims there are? A Mujahid is not someone who speaks evil and spreads jaahili racism online.

فلان 08/10/2022 (Wed) 01:09:58 ID: 533918 No.468 [Reply]
Guess god isnt very magical and this world is built to benefit it because it wasnt ever that magical to begin with. Thus satan can always invite the gods... and he will lose nuts as usual.
You only win if yer right. But right changes. Nothing but god stays the same.
Guess some books are better off not read. Hell s all joy and not pain anyway

Open file (283.46 KB 1371x1600 Shoulder angel.jpg)
Are people inherently good or bad? Anonymous 05/10/2022 (Tue) 16:31:37 No.10823 [Reply]
Does God's good creation exist within us or does original sin override that?
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>>15749 damn right. fuck this board, i put in all the time i did just to get screwed over by the coward BO. Let raiders shit up the board idfc.
>>15750 huh huh?
>>10826 so i have to read the wikia myself on wrath of sin? Maybe there s no good reason to know those either. Also i guess when god gets angry he can gamble everyone off to satan to job... and thinks everyone is aa blessed as job. But i guess he knows too if you ll turn. And win anyway. It never needed to care, nor is it capable to care. Guess the gods are doomed by itself too.
>>10826 Guess the magical world isnt very magical either Otherwise satan would just be resetted... or maybe the gods like their rituals... and will sacrifice anything for it for "their own spiritual benefits"
Since a tigwr isnt a lion, guess god dont make all equal... so when flood comes, one will die, the other swims. But to not hate is an easy thing, they say, True. Then god should have won against iyself... or magic dont exist...and he hath created rocks heavier than itself... satan. Or maybe hw nevwr could make rocks that is heavier...and thats why it is sloppy af.

Open file (267.30 KB 623x826 Kido.png)
is christianity against seeking personal growth? Anonymous 07/25/2022 (Mon) 18:11:44 No.14721 [Reply]
I want to try re-start/return to being a christian but I feel the attitude of "this world is vanity", against excercise,pursuing the sciences and even financial develpment,which if properly used,benefits all humans. am I just falling for memes? can I be a succesful, harmonious and well-studying person and pious at the same time?
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>>14721 The whole book of proverbs is basically for self-cultivation. >Do you see a man skilled in his work? >He will serve before kings; >he will not serve before obscure men. >The sluggard says "There is a lion in the road, >a fierce lion roaming the streets!" >Finish your outdoor work >and get your fields ready; >after that, build your house. >He who ignores discipline despises himself, >but whoever heeds correction gains understanding.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14721 It's a false dichotomy, the world is vanity but it gives you a sense of proportion so if you pursue financial gain it doesnt consume you so that you don't become a spiritual J*w.
>>14793 good is not always is because god dont always use oxford dictionary
Inbthe beginning god doesnt want you to eat the forbiddwn fruit because it ll make you know good and evil so naturally it just dont want you to know and just follows and change the world's libraries every 50 minutes and if you fail you ll fall like the incas and when time begun god didnt just drop a book you have to write dictionaries yourself and then have the mayans hunt and kill you so you know "good" What i m saying is I guess god wont win against itself otherwise it can fight against its anguish but really it just gamble with satan and then now satan has the universe lol
The gods are sitting on poor people and unless its noah or jobs generally it s always fail so everyone is actually samsons? Why cant i carry houses Why does noah get 300 bends and i am 5000? How come able is patient and cain isnt Do you create all equally? Then why does the tiger eat more than lambs I guess the saints are desperate... maybe they ve always been olympians only

Anonymous 07/31/2022 (Sun) 10:40:44 No.582 [Reply]
*eats crabs*
Why do crab eating raccoons eat crabs?
>>583 They have to live up to their name.
>>585 Exactly, if it didn't eat crabs it would just be an eating raccoon
What do crab eating raccoons do all day?

Open file (2.67 MB 576x1024 1642294759875.webm)
Anonymous 01/18/2022 (Tue) 23:41:15 No.321 [Reply]
Good night
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Open file (3.04 MB 498x498 sleepy-raccoon.gif)
Open file (91.26 KB 510x339 coatisleep.jpg)
>>554 how a coati sleeps knowing he is a coati
>>555 Do coatis know that they are coatis?
>>556 They know that they're not something other than coatis

Anonymous 07/30/2022 (Sat) 09:30:55 No.576 [Reply]
What if we kissed under the cacomistle?
>>576 this animal stole a much bigger animals tail
>>584 I'm not sure about the tail, but I know that is did steal my heart.
what if we kissed the cacomistle
>>588 I would alert the authorities.
>>589 They can't unkiss it

Anonymous 07/24/2022 (Sun) 17:29:17 No.14669 [Reply]
♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍 Matthew 22 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Galatians 5 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. ♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍♥️🤍 the music thread is gone so I'm posting these by themselves instead. At my assembly today it was reminded that ALL the law is fulfilled and HANGS on the commandment of love. How much do we make sure we're right with the law and doing the right thing and we ignore the actual focus of God and his will from the beginning his commandment. Death experiences have told us of the great love when in the light of God. Many of us have known moments when we have been put in front of God's love and how much we want to live in it forever and how much we will live in it forever.
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>>15969 You're welcome :)
I hope everyone is trying their best to get believers gathered in your area. We need to be gathering together in the actual world and sticking together and accomplishing things. I'm struggling myself to do this. Lots of people just want their job and secular friends. I only want Christian lovers and to be with believers and handing out New Testaments and living together. And that is too much to ask, indeed. I don't wanna be on the internet it makes me break out in a rash and I have nothing else to do. Indeed try and form real life groups.
>>15971 I hope you kill yourself soon and stop spamming this board with your schizo rants
>>15973 I forgive you and have no ill will toward you even slightly.
>>15971 /islam/ tier tbh

Thoughts on Sufi Islam فلان 10/02/2021 (Sat) 16:10:36 No.292 [Reply]
They seem very different from Sunnis and Shi'as. Are they "real" Muslims or a completely separate religion?
Sufis are heretics in Islam for the most part who are also related to shiites
depends tasawwuf (spirituality) is part of Islam but many people use it as an open door to innovation and sometimes even disbelief some salafis like to lump all sufis together and throw the bag in the river but this simply deceitful
>>292 Sufis emphasises inner jihad as greater than the outer, for some people it isn't enough to simply fulfil the sharia but to seek spiritual union with Alllah notably through dikhr.
>>292 they're not a seperate denomination from Sunni or Shia but an aspect of those two denominations which is Sufisms foundation
>>458 So there are both Sunni Sufis and Shia Sufis? What's the difference between the two?

Does Christianity truly support globalism/communism? Anonymous 02/26/2022 (Sat) 19:45:40 No.4633 [Reply] [Last]
This sentiment is shared throughout pagan and other anti-christian circles.
119 posts and 40 images omitted.
>>15513 >religion has many denominations therefore wrong. 2/10
No point even reading this thread. The Babel story demonstrates God's judgment on one world order - the globalist is antiChrist
>>15940 Image macro's aren't arguments either though.
Open file (86.26 KB 494x474 1655453980336.jpg)
>Does Christianity truly support globalism/communism? No. Not with the colloquial or the proper definitions of those terms. Origin denominations like Orthodoxy outright support sovereignty for each region complete with local translation (as accurately made as possible) and local jurisdiction which goes against the globalist narrative. An international court (international gathering of patriarchs or ecumenical council) is not globalist it is a system to ensure the sovereignty of each autocephalous region. Globalism implies a one-world government, not a voluntary court system when two brothers fight on a mass scale. Charity is not the same as communism unless you're some communist yahoo trying to subvert the religion for political reasons. Neither is taking care of your parents or paying into the community; all concepts that originated under Classical Liberal capitalist systems created around the teachings of the church before the commies tried to co-opt the terms two centuries later.

Open file (6.14 MB 1390x2017 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.97 MB 1365x1981 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.27 MB 1345x2084 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.64 MB 1372x1938 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.31 MB 1332x1982 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (65.14 KB 1032x1280 sisjehftsjslap.jpg)
Open file (86.29 KB 913x1200 hearts on fire.jpg)
Open file (122.41 KB 1075x1075 Micky.jpg)

Open file (98.77 KB 349x500 garden of eden icon.jpg)
Genesis + Biblical Creation Anonymous 12/26/2021 (Sun) 17:45:50 No.2178 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion and the sharing information critical of evolution, old earth, attempts to allegorize the early chapters of Genesis, etc. I will be posting some basic info critical of (Neo-)Darwinism shortly.
320 posts and 75 images omitted.
Evolution is paganism. Simply looking at the Hindu myth of the ten avatars of Vishnu—the Dashavatara—will prove this. First the god Vishnu was a fish, and then a turtle, and then a boar, and then a man-beast, and then a dwarf, and then a man (and thereafter the man becomes more ‘civilized’). Ancient Greek pagan philosophy also has elements of Darwinism. Empedocles, who believed in vegetarianism, reincarnation and a cyclical universe driven by two forces of ‘Love’ and ‘Strife’, also believed that at certain periods disembodied organs and parts were assembled through the influence of Love, creating different creatures, which were then selected among by natural selection. Similarly, Anaximander believed that man once came out ofbl fish-like beings. Abiogenesis is no different than the idea of Zeus throwing a lightning bolt at a rock and creating humans from it. Speaking of Zeus, UFOs and aliens as ‘highly-evolved’ extraterrestrials is simply a modern ‘scientific’ recasting of pagan pantheons of ‘gods’ who come down and abduct women, spread spiritual wisdom, and live in the clouds. The ancient pagan myths of evolution and aliens have been combined with old heresies, such as chiliasm, and one merely has to look at movies to see how the idea of the aliens coming and visiting earth is framed as a sort of Luciferian ‘second coming’ of the pagan deities to earth.
My grandpa was a sea sponge and my distant relative is a carrot. Just straight Science™ facts. Bats are actually amazing all 1,200 species. From giant flying foxes to tiny bumble bee bats. Only one species drinks blood. Different abilities and appearances. And you know where they all evolved from? Bats. Yeah. They've got bat code. They do not have turtleshell code or whale code. They are bats of the bat kind. The modern world has been able to record instances of rapid speciation but we don't see nonsense and junk. And bats of course there's a bit in here: Monkey skulls can easily be turned into whatever the viewer wants. Plenty of monkey skulls today look similar to humans in fact many monkies today look similar to humans in general especially in the face but they are nothing like man, it wasn't that long ago bits of a Rhesus Macaque skull was promoted as another 'missing link' and drawn as another sasquatch. Once you go past the monkey world the connection completely falls apart to wherever the sasquatch evolved from. Evolutionist tout evidence as much as can fit in about a pickup truck or a bathtub and that's assuming it's all not fraudulent which given the history they don't deserve that assumption. Of all the fossil record, evolutionist hold on to scraps which they impose their imagination on. There would have been many many species of every kind including the ape, the monkey a great animal man would have shared Paradise with. THEY MAKE A MONKEY! RIGHT OUT OUTTA ME! IT MAKES FOR FUNKY BIOLOGY! I'M NOT THE KID OF SOME HOMINID! WHO COMES FROM A LIZARD! WHO'S MAMA WAS A FISH!
>>15936 Ape skulls are actually very different from human skulls once you start measuring them. A chimps skull for example is set at a heavy angle from upper lip to forehead where as human skulls are all 90 degree with only minor exception

Open file (14.67 KB 326x278 born_to_save.jpg)
Defeating sexual desires Anonymous 11/04/2021 (Thu) 19:15:55 No.1789 [Reply] [Last]
Hello anons. My heart is somewhat heavy as I write this, I do not have anyone that I feel comfortable sharing this with so I am coming here under the cover of anonymity to exchange my thoughts and seek yours on this subject. Given that: Masturbation is a sin Sex outside of marriage is a sin Engaging in prostitution is a sin As a man I have a natural sex drive I would like help and advice on defeating my sexual desires without committing sin. If I abstain from masturbation, I can refrain from engaging in sexuality for around a period of a week with little difficulty. After that initial 1 week period, it starts to encompass my whole life. I have an erection when I wake up every morning, and I get more throughout the day, at least one an hour and more if I have to interact with any girl under 30. I pray for help in keeping the sexual thoughts away, but it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle and I will relapse at some point no matter what. The longest I've been able to abstain from anything sexual was when I was an atheist and I lasted around a year. After a period of a few months, paradoxically my whole life was concerned with sex, I was not having orgasms however the only thing I had on my mind every day was "I need to find a girl to have sex with" (which never worked), everything was secondary to that. It culminated with me getting cock-teased by a girl I was exchanging with for around a week, getting fed up when I realized I was just getting taken along for a ride then seeking the services of a prostitute, which broke my abstinence and made me lose my virginity, if that concept even exists for a man. I regret the choices I made. After this chapter in my life, I concluded that the healthiest thing to do was to masturbate once a month to get it out of my system and to be able to live my life without being entranced by sex all the time. Eventually I relapsed and was engaging with porn at least 10 times a week, until I found the faith which helped knock it back down to something more reasonable like 2-4 times a month. However, sin is sin and I would like to be fully rid of it. I know that the simplest answer is to marry a girl, whoever that does not appear to be possible for me (it appears that my fate is to be an incel which I've come to terms with), so it seems like I've come to an impasse. I can't masturbate without committing sin, and I don't have a way to relieve myself of those sexual desires legitimately. However, if I don't relieve myself of it, it quickly starts to take over my life (I had begun to call the action of masturbation "satiating the beast" in my head). I don't know what to do. I remember seeing this anon who castrated himself on old 8chan years ago and thought he had lost his mind then, though now every day I start to understand more and more why he wanted to be rid of his sexual desires. Additional question: Why did God give me (and other men) such a strong sex drive and at the same time put me and a lot of other men (40% of men under 30 reported no sex in the past year in a study around 2018 I believe and that was before the corona lockdowns which must have made that number shoot up even more) in an era where it is extremely difficult to rid yourself of this desire without committing sin?
288 posts and 73 images omitted.
I'm trying to fight against being an evil person, but it's impossible if God doesn't even want to shine a single ray of his light into my life. I hope I can find a way to become mentally/emotionally stable.
>>15471 I don't want to feed homeless camps wtf
Open file (97.57 KB 1000x750 dylandoge.jpg)
I don't want to watch those weird sex films because they'rean experience ruiner and same thing over and over. Not even plot that is written better than Amy Schumer's terrible humor will make me watch it. I would rather watch The Room than watch those stupid sex videos.
Currently 8 months into nofap, except now I think it's affecting my physical health. Without ejaculation/discharge the prostate becomes engorged/backed up with excess seminal fluid that affects everything else surrounding it, the most common cause being frequent urination, and could also have other negative health side effects. It also causes a "buzzing" in my nether regions and makes getting aroused a lot easier, which is obviously bad for nofap. Normally the body resolves this through wet dreams so it discharges on its own, but for me those are few and far between. So what I'm looking for is some way to "clear" my system that doesn't involve voluntary orgasm or seeking pleasure. Do I have any options here?

Open file (542.36 KB 1024x702 ClipboardImage.png)
daily checkpoint Anon 06/04/2021 (Fri) 20:07:23 No.4977 [Reply] [Last]
what did you do today? and how was your today? and date
92 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>7264 >>7282 omg 40
My interview was moved an hour and a half. 41
>>7287 How did it go anon? 42
43 - today i stole some gum from a convenience store with my friend alex. I cant stop thinking about jay and when ill see him in a few weeks. My heart is so full of him its unbelivable. This morning i saw a post on an image board saying "If you are autistic put a sticker of your special interest on your water bottle" and i did just that and ive gotta say i feel pretty fufilled. Now im just sitting in class, watching people show their religion assignment. I did mine on St Peter but eberryone elses was much better. Ill see Alex at break, i love kissing him so much. I have my haircut on friday this week, i hope itll look good. its almost been a week of me being a year clean of self harm. I feel berry strange, like theres nothing to look up too now but idk, ill get through this. Im listening to the cocteau twins, specifically the song fotzepolitic. I think if heaven existed this is what they wood play. My chest hurts due too how much i love jay. i can never stop thinkig about him. its berry cloudy today. bright but clouds are covering the whole sky. i like it like this. I kinda hope it rains and i also hope it doesnt. I feel berry neutral today, maybe numb is the right word
>>7290 It was oddly short, but I personally I think I did well. Apparently the serious interview wood come in later 44

Anonymous 07/29/2022 (Fri) 06:25:10 No.15035 [Reply]
Personally i am a Christian but this image stumps me, If God already knows our future why would he need to test us? Along with other common arguments for the existence of God and the problem of evil. It's not perfect but there is some good arguments there. Do any of you have any counter arguments, specifically to "If God already knows our future why would he need to test us"? I heard from an apologist about a book about freewill called "Chosen but free" on predestination vs Freewill, has any one here read it?
21 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>15195 i didnt talk about man made Paradises though.
Open file (156.99 KB 680x383 Understandable.jpg)
>>15241 Good, because a lot of people think that man made paradise is possible in this depraved world.
>>15039 hmm, never thought of it like that.
Didn't Aquinas solve this already? God allows evils because he will make Good out of it. Also Epicurus asserts that because God does not prevent evil therefore he is not loving, yet, Epicurus does not define what loving is and has no way to demonstrate this to be true. So by definition it cannot be a true statement
>>15035 Why would God prevent evil? what is it about evil that is more important than God? You say God is not good for allowing evil to exist, but how do you define good without evil? God separates the light from the darkness. Christ is the light. Evil exists precisely so the Lord can overcome it. We cannot overcome evil but through Christ the saviour of our souls. And we are born again in the Lord and gain a reward in Heaven through belief in Christ Emmanuel the light of the world.

Anonymous 07/26/2022 (Tue) 10:49:22 No.14844 [Reply]
Would you forgive Satan?
21 posts omitted.
>>15285 Lmao kike
>>15285 Nice try, troll
>>15285 >Not understanding Isaiah 45:7 >No arguments >Spergs like an autist True khazarian, also >>>/judaism/
>>15259 Kinda did when testing Job
>>14844 Get behind thee satan

Open file (1.90 MB 2736x3648 comfycirno.jpg)
So anons, how's your life going? Anon 07/09/2021 (Fri) 20:33:28 No.5219 [Reply] [Last]
Me, I'm thinking of getting the ASVAB because well... I don't exactly know where to go in my life than just being a neet and I don't want that. Might as well make my self useful huh
121 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>7241 dont give up anon.
>>7242 I dont plan on doing so!
>>5219 I'll only say that my time in the navy about 10 years ago was really fantastic. I almost want to join back in again now. I'm still at age to join back if I want to. I really caused a lot of personal damage to myself being lazy in my first deployment and with my newfound passion and enthusiasm I'm positive I'd probably promote straight from PO to commission. Don't waste your younger years. If you do it's ok Anyways I didn't read through this whole thread but it sounds like you did it. congratz. go nuke if you can. you're probably smart enough. don't fail out. don't commit suicide. go be something. i think you got it in you, mate. /comf/ vibes all around go chase your dreams
>go be something I'm the one I had to be. Somewhere in Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra Don't pretend to be something else than you. It sounds like a cheesy sport brand slogan but it's important to be /comfy/dent with yourself anyway the fails you must (and you will) encounter in your life. Stay strong and loyal to yourself. I sometimes think I burned my young years being in the destruction of myself (you know, sex drug and rock'n roll cacas). Doing drugs, don't care about education, cannot maintain good relationship with loved ones... Then I grew up. I now take the life with more pragmatism, stopped being a nihilist quack (more a cynical cool dude). Had a decent job, take care of my family, have nice hobbies, shrimple pleasures and have a way healthier life. Sure I have regrets but life goes on and the past cannot be changed, so I work to build a better future as I enjoy the present. You can do it. We all can do it frens.
>>7256 hey i didn't mean it in a way like he NEEDS to go be something other than himself. i was only promoting that he become the best version of himself that he can be. military helps with that. turned me around and saved me from an early grave anon friend, i want to make sure you're going to be ok. liste to some of your online friends. we want what's best and (worst) for you, depending on who you get to respond. i won't go back on my statement. go be yourself and be who you want to be. or at least try. if you ever stop trying, you'll fall deep into a place you won't easily get out of. past your ideology, past your addictions, past your inadequacies, past your ineptitude; persevere. and you can come out on top one day. i believe in you :)

فلان 05/09/2022 (Mon) 12:02:53 ID: 87ea2f No.380 [Reply]
besides islam, what are some religions you would dub "heroic"?
2 posts omitted.
>>382 Yes, the prophets were heroes, the companions were heroes, and the great figures of Islamic history were heroes.
>>381 Doesn't the Koran say that Allah sent a prophet to every people?
>>380 Christ was heroic in rebuking the Jews, cleansing the temple and enduring hardship from his detractors. Gautama was heroic in his efforts to reach Fana and his renunciation of the world despite being of nobility.
>>459 It does, but they did not come with different religions, they were all prophets of Islam

Anonymous 08/08/2022 (Mon) 10:12:23 No.15880 [Reply]
I remember reading an old book about some christian topic,i dont remeber much(it was one of those old hand-written non-transcribed books from the 18th century from google books)where it said king david was like 1,60 cm tall. I unironically think david was a dwarfmaxxed who looked like this(short height-big muscle mass since he hunted bears bare-handed). and thats pretty awesome.
>>15880 It's easier to get swole with short stature since the muscle bellies aren't stretched out and you don't need to eat as much food alot of pro bodybuilders are short to average height, the ones that are above 6ft are usually an exception and have to consume more and work harder.
>>15885 Im only 1,70cm but lately Im lifting very fanatically, I want to reach thickmode (not fat;thick).Im not even interested in grills, I do it for doing it sake

Open file (112.23 KB 1200x1200 martinism.png)
Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 06:05:28 No.15737 [Reply]
Is Martinism heresy? Are there any Martinists here? Is it Freemasonry?
6 posts omitted.
>>15830 Pure semantics.
>>15843 >t. magician
>>15822 Johannes Trithemius an abbot who was never censured by the church contributed much to the wests understanding of magic being the mentor of agrippa
>>15843 This might be the same sperg that calls medicine sorcery. Also using a computer is literally sorcery.
>Star of Remphan Into the trash it goes

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