Open file (261.99 KB 1280x697 Sql-3RZuV0o.jpg)
Visualizing Anon 05/05/2020 (Tue) 22:48:14 No.766 [Reply] [Last]
Tell me about your ideal comfy life. >ideal house >ideal gf >ideal source of income >ideal country to live in >ideal average day
26 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>1885 Sounds like a nice life Anon, I hope you can achieve it.
Open file (42.48 KB 638x629 mleko.jpg)
>ideal house Small house w/ built in studio >ideal gf --tfw no weregarurumon punk rock gf who bullies me for liking prog-- independent but also we wood see as equal rather than one being the tool of another >ideal source of income musics lol >ideal country to live in I'd like to be a session musician so I'd probably have to move a lot, but I'd ideally live somewhere like Duluth, MN. Or Bemidji if we're discounting the punk rock gf >ideal average day - 6:00 wake up, take shower - 6:15 make breakfast - 6:45 watch the news - 7:00 check e-mail - 7:30 practice instruments, do rehearsal etc. - 9:30 prepare to record needed parts/takes - 10:00 record takes - 12:00 have lunch break

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (1.98 MB 854x480 gondola shire.webm)
>ideal house Either a decent sized old house in a comfy country town or a lighthouse on the coast >ideal gf A redheaded tomboyish type who's not afraid to call me a hobbit but otherwise cherishes our family. Also doesn't mind playing vidya on rare occasions. >ideal source of income anything working with my hands that's also enough to make my family comfortable. Failing that, aerospace. >ideal country to live in I like mine for the most part, even though it's falling to pieces before my own eyes. I guess anyplace where the locals are friendly yet respectful of others' privacy. Guns are a plus but not a deal breaker. >ideal average day Any day where I can work with something tangible for hours on end, come home and kiss my wife and play with my kids is ideal. Jeez talking about this makes me feel like a complete ass for barely trying to make it come true.
>ideal house Id like to live in a house thats in a no tresspass area community. Just a regular house with a backyard. >ideal gf Virgin,kissless,hugless,handholdless and someone who wood love me with their whole heart and wood never ever cheat on me. Also a housewife. >ideal source of income Enough to make my wife and children not have to worry about money ever. Enough for us to live our lives without ever having money troubles >ideal country to live in In the country i currently live in. >ideal average day Wake up and hug my wife. I go downstairs and make some breakfast. Wife wakes up and comes downstairs and hugs me from behind and tells me she loves me.
house computer and internetz

Open file (6.69 KB 261x183 1512050461566.jpg)
Getting more people on Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 14:36:33 No.10445 [Reply] [Last]
>20 unique users have posted in the past 24 hours. Seriously, this place needs some more users. It's painfully slow. Other major sites on the webring get several hundred easily. What can we do about this? We have the boards. We have the content. What are we missing?
31 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>13401 That's true although one would also leverage from content and too many scumbags > lack of content and shitposting but very quick response > lack of content but decent enough posting but very slow responses I can see a niche there if we tweak input speed but it would be for quite small gains and i don't think many anons realize we are at a ground zero level, we are basically the new content creators that the site depends on. If nobody posts then it probably is game over other than small chat now and then. Posting is inertial, one by one it's an invite to interact or lurk. >but how many people want a website just saying nigger? You would be surprised >while saying nigger else where But for how long? 4 was already known years ago for banning that in blue boards, and anything goes if the mods like it in the classical ones, if they don't you are screwed. At this point it only takes 2 vols to be in league to ban or remove any slurs in an open board back then technically speaking because i haven't gone there. Still i agree with all the points in this precise moment of time, things are looking murky.
>>13398 >- Zchan: another /v/, seemingly held in universal contempt by everyone else That tends to happen when an admin spams ads every fortnight. Some boards here have finally wordfiltered them. >>13396 Well the only post deleted on the same day as that anon's post was "CP link spam" which is generally not considered comfy. Log: >>13400 I assume that many of the "age of imageboard" people are the ones (usually /pol/itical users) who think the golden age of imageboards was from 2016 onwards, which I think is absurd. In some ways, we've returned to the pre-INTERNET HATE MACHINE imageboard era after the exodus's from 4chan and unplanned decentralization of 8ch boards. Only the people who care about anonymity or specific niches are here. >nowadays anything starts rising and it gets talked and blown over by media outlets, small or big, and out of nowhere you might get too many suckers and a couple of feds, alienating your entire userbase Interesting relevant essay attached, discussing a 4chan self defense mechanism in the wake of Fox news attention driving attention to the site. A lot of sites based around extreme liberty are ironically dominated by pro-authoritarians evicted from mainstream websites. This has turned many imageboards into politics-heavy sites akin to twitter and gab.
>>13403 >subjects of extreme liberty are ironically dominated by pro-authoritarians Well that doesn't surprise me that much, the most accomplished pacifists are usually the ones who can fuck most peoples' shit up. Even a bunch of oriental martial arts (in their fully intended meaning of the word) talk about swift and merciless eradication of a problem before it goes too big or goes unpunished. Yes, many many users who came in buses to discuss politics think that era was a golden one even when in context it meant pretty much the end. >pre-INTERNET HATE MACHINE imageboard era >after the exodus's from 4chan I don't think i understood this very well because they are 2 different sets of behavior, one was just a bunch of rowdy dudes horsing around while talking about hobbies while the other were frantic anons trying to push as much OC and content possible to create a good ecosystem for people to settle down. Both worked, but one kept having more and more users until it degraded itself (the famous eternal summers) while the other overplayed its hand quickly by inviting refugees before due time (December 2014 when Mark and Freddit invited Breddit after their chink ceo holocaust, alienating many users) I think we are in a different scenario, like you said and paraphrasing a little we are in a "dudes horsing around" phase but instead of rowdy we are probably a bit concerned and instead of discussing hobbies/specific niches in the mean time we are trying to focus plainly on it but not having that much interaction because we are not that many. There's no newcomers so natural growth will be null, there's no frantic race (although some clear efforts) to create a ecosystem because many are tired or want to keep it very serene enjoying what there is, which combined leaves us in an inert state that might dissuade some people, which basically moves the null or very little growth into negatives. I'm enjoying myself and fellow anons but i do feel at times like we are too small of a group for our own good, i don't mean PPH but actual individuals. I suspect we are not that many i mean really not that many and when some anons resume their usual life we are going to feel it. One way to counter this is making people explore more, overboard browsing has helped me quite a bit and if it is true about that webring overboard project then we could possibly see a big change, although some people still see it as a weird way to go around; i can understand it, back in the day i usually just stuck to a single board at a time due to 4's speed.
>>13405 >>13403 2014-16 was a silver era for image boards but it's a small spark after the fire has long gone out. For the first time in years image boards became a primary source of content instead of a place to say nigger and post twitter screencaps. I'm not a fan of the content produced but the original spirit of image boards was revived briefly. It brought in a bunch of retards but so did all cuckchan's memes when they took off as well. >>13402 There are active image boards with stable communities who have been around for years. They tend to have stable moderation and a focused demographic but they're very rare. Mostly because the people most likely to make an image board aren't stable themselves. Image boards entirely dying maybe the solution to the situation. I remember going to 8ch a few months before it died and remembering why I left. The userbase produced nothing worth reading. People went to 8ch because they went to 8ch. There was nothing but the same infograph spam and shit posting on every top board. Some boards were straight e-celeb drama. When 8ch fully died it motivated people to try and build new boards and try new things. If 8ch's legacy died (the webring) then people would start making fresh image boards which wouldn't be legacy bunkers. Instead of trying to make a bunker for whatever group turns up people could host boards they actually care about. They can build their own identity and moderate them how they see fit without having /intl/ shit up the place.

Open file (41.04 KB 578x400 mudbrick1.jpg)
Comfy homes Anon 04/12/2020 (Sun) 21:38:22 No.235 [Reply] [Last]
What's a place you'd like to live in? A home needn't be glamorous or large; above all, it should be comfy. I like these Middle Eastern style mud brick houses, especially that you can climb on the roof to relax and lay in the sun.
39 posts and 35 images omitted.
Open file (235.92 KB 489x725 hC1350761042483.jpg)
>>1946 What's this, CP?
>>1947 yep
Open file (690.03 KB 1800x1205 lighthouse home.jpg)
Ever since I was a teen I thought living in a lighthouse wood be heaven on earth. Problem is you'd need either a ship ton of money to buy/maintain one or a considerable amount of maritime experience to work as a lighthouse attendant. >>566 I feel you man. Sadly those are probably a pain in the ass to heat properly. >>1923 Just the nature of anonymity. People can show their true selves or what they want to get out of their chest.
Open file (248.43 KB 728x310 modern.png)
>>235 A nice little comfy modern apartment. Id like for it to have tinted windows and a telescope so that i can look outside and watch outside.

Open file (249.70 KB 590x771 1487643791395.png)
Anon 05/29/2020 (Fri) 09:17:11 No.1239 [Reply] [Last]
Post here whenever you visit /comfy/ The second thread. Old thread: >>19
Edited last time by Butterberg on 06/01/2020 (Mon) 18:57:47.
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>>1943 hi there, thanks for the checkup anon it helps. apart from the berry shipty boomer neighbors, things are going well. my technical advances are coming along, i'm picking up both unreal and unity through their now-free pro tutorials, and i'm also working through 4 different books: -1 on linux shell scripting -1 on tmux/vim (to support the above shell studies) -1 on C++17 concurrency (and adding in my own C++20 studies on top of it to boot) -1 on general problem-solving approaches from a mathematical approach (Polya) So, berry busy summer so far. I hope I get a great job out of all this! :^)
I eat the spaghetti the spaghetti is what I eat.
>>1943 One week out from math exam and I am a bit spooked. Otherwise not a bad day, I hope my books arrive sooner rather than later.
>>1951 Am in the same boat anon.
Open file (416.52 KB 613x841 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1943 Just found out that I'm getting moved off the contract that's been making me miserable since February. I get to dev with people I actually enjoy working with again. Weight off my mind for sure.

Open file (2.52 MB 4032x1960 sup.jpg)
effay /fa/g 11/30/2019 (Sat) 08:36:54 No.25 [Reply] [Last]
edit: WAYWT
Edited last time by anon on 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:59:15.
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>>186 I like the pants and shoes combination
>>187 Thank you
Open file (146.34 KB 1024x1024 IMG_20200621_043705_740.jpg)
>>190 What's the point of that?

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Anon 05/09/2020 (Sat) 11:16:59 No.830 [Reply] [Last]
Ahoy, comfy friends! The Infinity Cup, "the world's most comfiest tournament", is about to begin anew! We would really like it if you could come join us, whether as a team or for the fun of it! is the place!
20 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1779 There's plenty to choose from. Here's a link with some berry simple and traditional formations to give you a basic idea: You can find plenty more complicated ones through searching too if you'd like. Bear in mind though, you have about a whole month to finalize the formations and strategies, and I'll be posting more about it on /icup/ next week.
Open file (29.25 KB 702x702 latecomfy_logo.png)
Congratulations to the /comfy/ half of /late/ & /comfy/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1904 Amazing I guess we still have to do some stuff...
>>1908 We do, but this stuff is much easier to do than the previous deadline (and can totally be done last minute if no-one is bothered) I am happy to help out and walk us through the necessary decisions explaining things, but it should be known that I am the rep and strategist for /eris/.
I came up with a strategy, this look good to you guys? /late/ and /comfy/ Strategy Guide Formation: 5-3-2 Attacking Instructions Attacking Styles: Possession Game Build Up: Short-Pass Attacking Area: Wide Positioning: Flexible Support Range: 3 Defensive Instructions Defensive Styles: All-out Defence Containment Middle Pressuring: Aggressive

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

/late/ Refugee 07/06/2020 (Mon) 23:21:43 No.1928 [Reply] [Last]
it seems that is down, anyone know why?
>>1928 I don't know but you can crash here if you want.
Weren't they a bit paranoid about getting taken down for some reason? Went there a couple times to lurk and they seemed a close-knit pack of fellas but overall didn't know what they were talking about. Hope they get their cottage back
I had it in my bookmarks sections, was planning to visit it someday. When was running, there used to be a /late/ board. It was pretty inactive but had berry good posts. Do you think it was related to
>>1928 It’s online but be worried just in case my friend.

>>1817 >similar stories of run-ins with fairies or other strange creatures people were said to have encountered in the distant past. Celtic Fae folk?
>>1828 Yup.
>>1817 Human brains filter information rather than display reality. It's a weird concept but eberrything you see is a "video" made by your brain from the data it's collected. It's not what is actually in front of you. If your brain is full of UFO stories then when it has to process something beyond it's understanding it may turn to UFOs to do it. I'm of the opinion there are lots of weird things in the world and some of them maybe beyond human comprehension. We're no different then a bird staring at a computer screen. It can't make sense of it but it tries it's best any way
>>1847 Terry, is that you?

animu thread Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 17:11:35 No.640 [Reply] [Last]
Post here whenever you finished watching an anime. I'm very new to it so I don't think I could fit on /animu/, less /a/, so I figured I may make a thread here. Watched pic related recently, it was very neat but I didn't like the ending a lot, seems like the rewards Chihiro got were too given at the palm of her hand there. Other than that it was pretty neat and reminded me to care about your friends.
46 posts and 38 images omitted.
>>1046 This anime is one of the greatest things ive ever witnessed. Dying and being reborn sounds wonderous, becoming something entirely different than what you once were that even your family woodnt recognize you. Just passing on to another place of existance.
Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor will always be one of my favorites. One Outs is good too.
>>640 Just finished watching Dorohodero. It was pretty good.
Open file (767.26 KB 1366x768 splrt.png)
aight bros i just ended Texhnolyze. Probably the best psychological anime in a dystopian setting i've ever seen. Actually, i was asking myself if there is anything close to it stylistically; besides Lain, does anon know of any similar shows that deliver that same feeling of despair, slow paced but with intense scenes and lots of symbolism?
Open file (97.02 KB 1024x398 shigurui.jpg)
Open file (189.83 KB 1024x713 Mononoke.jpg)
I recommend you watch Shigurui and Mononoke (12 episode series) if you're into psychotic levels of violence or Japanese ghost stories. Both look great and are 9/10 and 8/10 respectively.

Open file (14.74 KB 425x425 judge.jpg)
Meta Thread Legoman 10/05/2019 (Sat) 16:18:53 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Remember to follow the rules ( ) and have fun! This thread is for any queries you may have for the board, suggestions for improvements, etc.
Edited last time by LordVladek on 05/26/2020 (Tue) 22:56:33.
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Off-brand: Nope, if they want to talk about fake bricks they can go to that other place. /lego/ should be for LEGO. Same with shitposting, if someone is bored enough to do that here of all places it should count as spam/trolling.
>>509 I think single containment thread for bootleg is bearable.
>>509 /pbbg/ moves slowly enough that I don't see a need for it here.
>>510 >>511 >>513 Thanks for the input, I've decided that I'll direct anyone wanting bootleg/clone brand discussion toward alt/toy/ over on Shitposting won't be allowed either.
>>450 Here we are a couple months later. No huge store sales. Shelves picked clean in fact at regular price with no new stock. Shop@Home has been dismally back ordered forever. I now spend my days laying on the beach with not an urge to build. (Could this be an onset of yet another dark age period for me?)

Open file (160.85 KB 862x698 EUr59GcXgAIxRTx.png)
3DChan V2 Deveropa 07/06/2020 (Mon) 13:14:51 ID: eceb10 No.265 [Reply] [Last]
Hey! Here is the first a playable demo for the V2 of 3DChan: >What is 3DChan? For those who don’t know what 3DChan is, it’s an hybrid between the imageboard culture and Second Life. >Concept of the V2 (more on my blog post) This version won’t be online, not exactly. You will be able to post files and build level in local before sharing it via bittorrent. It’s pretty close to the concept of Decentraland, but without the virtual estate agent thing. BTW, is this channel linked to the 8chan's /agdg ? I used to post here.
>>265 Good luck with the project OP. Yes, you could say we're at least some of the old 8ch aggydaggy crowd, now present here on anoncafe.

Progress General Deveropa 04/29/2020 (Wed) 20:07:32 ID: 26606f No.123 [Reply] [Last]
Post what you're working on.
68 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>257 Good job. It looks like you can setup fairly complex conditional tests with Stencyl. Have you switched over and looked at it in the text view yet? Keep going Anon!
i think the most daunting challengs for me is going to be creating the sheer amount of artwork needed for the game. programming is actually a very small portion of the work compared to making assets. would it be worth it in the long run to hire a guy purely for art?
>>261 I feel you man. I would've dropped project dong ago if not to highly motivated art guy. Not that it's necessary or something.
>>261 literally just create shitty stick-figures and put them on sprites as proxies. This will A) allow you to keep making progress instead of over-thinking the 'muh_arts' meme B) allow you to keep making progress by going ahead and blocking-out the animations, motion paths etc. C) allow you to keep making progress. Did I mention just keep moving forward Anon? Getting hung up on things you have little control over and not just figuring out how to go over, under, or through the obstacle is the single.greatest.key. to failure. Now stop making excuses and get your ass in gear. Time is short. Keep moving forward.
>>246 >>250 If you're aware of "Unity Learn", there is full course on NPC AI.

Open file (57.18 KB 600x800 1544540343982.jpg)
Advertising thread Anon Board owner 05/26/2020 (Tue) 08:43:02 No.1157 [Reply] [Last]
You can advertise other sites, events, communities, etc. in this thread, please don't make new threads for advertising from now.
15 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>1915 what happened to the old one?
>>1916 It's still up on 8kun, but this one is considered the main site now. The 8kun one still seems to get more activity though.
>>1911 glad you liked it Anon
testing z
>>1931 nice, it works

Open file (74.55 KB 1726x711 zchan shilling.PNG)
Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 22:59:47 No.13392 [Reply] [Last]
Can we please blacklist Zchan from the webring?
This. Requesting at the least a sitewide wordfilter block for them. They spam regularly, not one-off. Also please consider denying posts with this attached image.
>>13392 I just don't understand. >>13393 On /comfy/ we're filtering to now.

Open file (1.82 MB 1200x1400 8chan_Cup4_Logo.png)
/otter/ for the Infinity Cup 2020! Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 21:44:53 No.339 [Reply] [Last]
Hey /otter/ lovers,
We are currently streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.
Because of that, we thought it could be great if you guys could join us with a team of your own and participate in the next iteration of the cup, if you feel like it.
All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.

I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at to spectate what the cup's really all about and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.
See you on the field!
26 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>1143 I'm sure it can be done
Open file (341.26 KB 2654x2654 Otter_logo.png)
Congratulations /otter/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1173 hey, you got my email, right?
>>1174 With the 3D Models? Yes, and once one of our Blenderfriends puts them in-game, I'll post pics here
Open file (41.19 KB 650x457 1586624512519.jpg)
>>1175 Nice. You're a real otter.

Open file (1.83 MB 1280x960 Trashland.jpg)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 19:53:11 No.85 [Reply] [Last]
Obviously people will have questions, so we should have answers for them. Can someone quickly summarize the main points of le Trashman's book on why God isn't real?
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
Do you think hell is to create more demons for Lucifer's army? Think about it, you would have to get used to eternal suffering eventually, the physical and emotional pain/torture can only go so high that any higher would feel the same. It would toughen you up, make you stronger, more resilient, you would be twisted into the perfect weapon, a soldier that would make even the Spartans jealous. Is there any being more dangerous than one that fears and feels nothing? Unless they just wipe your memory every now and then but would that not defeat the purpose of experiencing eternity?
>>92 Hell isn't to 'create' anything. It's to lock Satan and his band of fallen angels up forever. Sadly, as huge portion of humanity will also go there due to rejecting the free offer of eternal life with God the Heavenly Father. They choose Satan as their father instead, so they must go into hell with him ofc. BTW, there are no exits in hell Anon.
How could a nigger that tells me to get on my knees & worship the god of the Hebrews be anything but my enemy?
>>94 The Jews didn't die for you, but Jesus did. The Hebrews don't offer you a path of eternal life Anon, but Jesus does. The choice, as always with God, is yours.
>>85 with the 8chan shutdown the /christian/ moved to several places but many of them disappeared. Does anyone know where the new place of /christian/ is? Here it seems a bit quiet...

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Legoman 05/07/2020 (Thu) 20:39:28 No.448 [Reply] [Last]
Hey there, building friends, I'm here to tell you that the Infinity Cup 2020 is officially back on track! Come and give us a brand new team to play with!
32 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>533 The stadium obviously should be called Lego City Stadium
Open file (132.90 KB 462x215 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (232.30 KB 425x711 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1000x1334 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (384.06 KB 425x357 ClipboardImage.png)
>>533 Cheeky Croc Sad Clown Craig 31014
We're in >>>/icup/472
>>537 Guess now's a good excuse to make a soccer-themed display with fans to cheer on our team.
Open file (130.09 KB 514x514 lego_logo.png)
Congratulations /lego/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Student 05/06/2020 (Wed) 20:21:48 ID: 77fa21 No.197 [Reply] [Last]
Hey linguistic brothers, We're announcing a revamped Infinity Cup this year! Come join us over at and make your own team!
22 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>225 Not if it only replaces the head I think
>>199 >>203 Maybe give the shield the look of the Rosetta Stone.
>>245 That's a cool idea, can you do it?
Open file (313.04 KB 1200x1200 lang_logo.png)
Congratulations /lang/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 20:24:55 No.37 [Reply] [Last]
Hey, christian bros, We have just relaunched the Infinity Cup! What better way to celebrate your two trophy titles than adding a third one? is the place, come and be there!
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>>44 You may also invite your friends from 8kun to join the cup (and eventually the board)
>>37 >inb4 shooting/bombing occurs at the stadium Shame they'll never script it. Would be a game no one would forget.
>>47 Sadly, PES modding is pretty good, but not THAT good. We could do stuff like that in WWE games.
Oh jeez, you guys have been on Cafe the whole time? I was worried when I never got an answer in the thread on /icup/. Awesome, good to have found you guys.
Open file (170.04 KB 600x600 christian_logo.png)
Congratulations /christian/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Legoman 10/07/2019 (Mon) 22:56:11 No.25 [Reply] [Last]
I've been wondering, you hear about figurines manufacturer all the time, things like those guys who create custom Warhammer statuettes and the like, but I've never seen LEGO specialists.

Basically what I'm asking is:
-What are the tools used by LEGO modders to make their own brick sets and Lego people?
-Are there online tools?
-Are there behind the scenes into LEGO creation? As in, videos of the creative process behind designing a set/legokin, marketing/focus groups and actual production thereof?
-Who are the LEGO engineers that decide how many bricks should a building have?
14 posts and 10 images omitted.
Interesting that the preliminary torso design for the old man CMF was eventually used for the Grandpa minifig that's been in a lot of 2018 City sets.
I didn't pick up on that, nice catch! Lego rarely releases concept art because they typically re-use everything. For example, the idea of futuristic knights (which would eventually become Nexo Knights) was pitched as far back as 2003.
Open file (164.97 KB 800x600 palette cleaners.jpg)
Open file (290.61 KB 800x1200 astronomical oddballs.jpg)
Open file (149.38 KB 800x600 ice cold.jpg)
Open file (193.43 KB 800x600 dress code of honor.jpg)
>>25 I do a little modding but it's mostly just removing certain print elements to customize pieces. Pic related; I removed the magenta stripes from the CMF Flashback Lucy hair, and removed the CARGO logo from the shirt with the green necktie. Pic 2: I removed the domino mask from the CMF Nurse Harley Quinn head Pic 3: I removed some elements from a common City torso to make a plain pink torso with female curve pattern Pic 4: I removed the horizontal makeup lines from the BAM clown head Pic 5: I removed the thick mustache from a 90s City head
>>587 Forgot to mention, the white visor in the first pic is the CMF Calculator Man visor
>What are the tools used by LEGO modders to make their own brick sets and Lego people? I think this may answer you first question; I know it's just a preview, but it gives some ideas. Anyway, I don't like that kind of hardcore customization that needs to break and paint parts; IMHO the idea of Lego is to build things with the bricks that you have.

Open file (2.05 MB 4032x3024 BRED.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 4032x3024 carrot attempt.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 4032x3024 carrot result.jpg)
Open file (2.62 MB 4032x3024 pork.jpg)
Comfy Baking, Brewing, and Cooking Anon 04/26/2020 (Sun) 11:36:45 No.380 [Reply] [Last]
Baking, brewing, and cooking are very important hearth-building and health-building skills. They are a surefire way to make yourself /comfy/, Anon! What are you baking, brewing, or cooking at the moment? How is it coming out? What will you be trying next time? Is there anything you'd like to try improving? Is there something you'd like to learn? Maybe you have something you'd like to teach us? I tried some old things and new things today! Pics related are: >the bread I made earlier today; a simple white cobb loaf. This was the first time I was just able to make it from memory. It felt great to be able to just reach for the ingredients and go through the motions. As luck would have it, the prove went well and the slashes formed up beautifully. I was worried that the crumb inside would be a little wet but it turned out very nice with a good chewy crust. The loaf is wrapped in beeswax cloth now so I can eat it over the week. I'm considering getting a sourdough starter going but I don't know if I'm good enough to handle it yet. >my first attempt at glazing carrots Apparently glazing (which I have found out is different from caramelising) is a basic technique that even professionals find difficult to get perfect every time. I think my first attempt here had just a touch too little water and a touch too little sugar, though I reckon I got the butter correct. See how the finished carrots don't have an even glaze? They still tasted very good with some parsley and finishing salt. Next I'm going to try blanching with asparagus. >sous vide pork tenderloin >fell for the sous vide meme Yes, and I love it! Weirdly, the garlic I put on these pork tenderloins was stained bluish-green by the other herbs during the water bath, but they cooked down to a tasty colour during the two minute finishing sear.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (2.89 MB 4032x3024 pork.jpg)
Grilled porkchop with caramelized onions, asparagus, and comfy potatoes.
>>1891 I recognize that table, glad to see you around. Gonna make that recipe that swede gave us back then, and one of these days a tour on how to make northern chorizo. >Grilled porkchop with caramelized onions Reminds me of a chinese recipe, white rice with caramelized onions and pork glazed again with BBQ sauce.
>>1892 Are you from /ck/ on julay? It's actually still alive but tor only, just so you know.
Open file (1.18 MB 1500x1000 2b. Burrs D' Chorizzo.jpg)
>>1893 I don't understand, it's not a porn board, why Tor only? Also just checked it there, seems like it's the same thing than the open web one, toothpaste anon being the last poster around. Maybe i used a wrong node.
>>1894 Here's a big list of boards: Find julay and use their .onion address.

Open file (17.08 KB 446x592 mujahid.jpg)
Islamic Fitness & Self-Improvement thread Anonymous 05/01/2020 (Fri) 04:24:50 ID: 7a6f42 No.6 [Reply] [Last]
The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer. (Sahih Muslim 2664) It is encouraged by the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to exercise, maintain physical health and a strong body. The Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them) were skilled in the arts of running and fighting, and they were extremely physically tough. Therefore this thread is intended to exchange tips, experiences and information regarding the topics of health, diet, fitness and exercise.
Are there any self-improvement guides that are strictly from Islamic sources? Especially ones that are based on the Quran and Ahadith. It should be the way to go, since Allah did say in the Quran : >And whoever desires other than Islam as their Deen (way of life) - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. [3:85]

QTDDTOT Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 00:45:34 ID: 32cb9e No.21 [Reply] [Last]
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.
Why do you explode?
>>22 we like fireworks
this >>23 is a shitpost, dont take it seriously
>>23 >>24 Understandable, have a nice day
Is this board dead? Also, it'd be nice to have an Islam SIG thread (with Islamic sources instead of secular ones).

WHEN WILL THE HELP OF ALLAH COME?! Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 13:06:57 ID: e8292c No.34 [Reply] [Last]
>>34 It'll come when you help yourself. >Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what's in themselves.

Open file (4.24 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20200508_153628.jpg)
Anon 05/08/2020 (Fri) 13:44:44 No.804 [Reply] [Last]
Tendies with hunny mussy, fries and dewie. ;)
7 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (58.89 KB 387x400 965491_p0.gif)
A BLT sandwich with avocado and lots of mayo is my go-to comfy meal.
>>972 gotta eat big to get big right babe?
Love the presentation anon, I need to try and do something similar with my meals. It might make them more than simply eating because my body throbs. A little bit of effort makes all the difference.
test post
>>1886 How do I delete my post? I've set a password.

/comfy/ movie night? Anon 05/08/2020 (Fri) 17:45:48 No.807 [Reply] [Last]
What would you lads think about setting up a nice weekly movie/anime/whatever stream to get comfy together? I think it could be lots of fun and we could spend some nice time together.
13 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>851 If you were to do weekly movienights you should: >1st: Announce with clarity the time which is going out More here since this is a small board and I doubt many lurk here 24/7 >2nd: Announce it with enough space between event and announcement so that enough anons can notice it. An example would be announcing one week earlier, just to give an idea >3rd: Be clear about what is being streamed Post poster of the movie, title, subtitle, small description, so there's a better idea of what anon is getting into This was always done with movienights back on /bmn/, the brenaissance, and with /vg/'s E3 movie streams, so it's a good thing to take this into account.
Tell me when. I'll be there bro.
>>807 How was the turn out? Any plans to do it again? I wood be interested.
>>1878 >How was the turn out? Nobody came >Any plans to do it again? No
>>1879 I'm sorry anon, outside of one thread on this board i've never explored any of the other threads until today. Literally my entire time in cafe has been in that thread alone. If I see something like that again, i'd be more than happy to join.

Letting off steam thread. Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 18:50:52 No.641 [Reply] [Last]
Come on in, grab a coffee and relax. Now anon, tell us what is bothering you, let it all out. tell us what is stressing you, these are tense times and it is not healthy to keep it all bottled up, so go ahead, what's wrong?
182 posts and 50 images omitted.
>>1839 Righteous justice is anger. If you aren't angry about a man breaking into your home and endangering your family then you don't love your family. You've got this weird Jewish morality going on where you separate good violence from anger and only associate it with bad violence. You want to be a docile little sheep who hides away from emotions which force you into action. Anger doesn't mean you immediately act unless you're a moron. You don't have to be calm to create, the most creative times in human history are during war. Nothing makes technology grow faster than a war does. And as someone who is creative and not a weeaboo posting screencaps I can tell you anger makes me berry creative. If I can't get a colour just right it will annoy me, that annoyance will lead me to trying harder to fix it until I do get it right. Anger motivated me to be a better artist, to create better work. If I had just been calm I wood of left it inferior. Tell us all what you did to end up in prison. Admit you're at fault and you're looking for excuses to stop taking responsibility for yourself. So instead of facing reality you try to hide from it. It's the classic born again christian mentality of "I was a drug addict whore so eberryone else is as bad as me and I need to save them all now".
>>1782 If there's a problem that affects us then it's no good to ignore it, anon.
>>1796 Most of the people posting on the webring frequently used the small boards on 8chan. /bane/, /ebola/ and /monster/ all come to mind as great boards that were great well through 2015, and /sp/ did some really good getball. 2015 was definitely not that bad of a year for imageboards.
I just spent the morning doing absolutely nothing because I'm waiting for a database to be updated, I feel guilty
>>1859 It's good to relax sometimes, the human lifespan is as long as it is so we can have time to stop and rest.

Open file (1.82 MB 300x168 1537904694722.gif)
/otter/ thread #0 Anonymous 04/07/2020 (Tue) 12:08:10 No.975 [Reply] [Last]
So I've noticed that since otters are already a very niche topic, most of the threads on this board are specific to a degree that very few people will participate in them, making /otter/'s activity suffer. There are few threads with more than a handful of replies on here. A solution to this could be to make a general thread, i. e. to throw everything into one b᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎ig conti᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎nuous thread where everything otter-related can be discussed. So let's try that out. Please direct your otterposting into this thread from now on.᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎
142 posts and 89 images omitted.
>>1167 Rule #1 If it exists, otter WILL play with it.
>>1161 Never saw that before, but there should be more Olly comics.
I'm surprised none of us has adopted a otter yet.
>>1171 I'm not Otters aren't pets

Open file (615.49 KB 1818x1671 Good Night Gondola.jpg)
Student 04/22/2020 (Wed) 17:08:09 ID: c905e3 No.176 [Reply] [Last]
I'm very interested in learning a few languages. How bad of an idea would it be to attempt to learn multiple languages at once? On top of that, is there anything I need to know before I attempt this?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
not a good idea anon, forget what anybody else told you, you WILL get confused and burned out quickly. focus on one language, get some experience with it and then start a new one, or master the one you first learned
>>176 It's gonna jumble up your brains real hard. The thing is, learning a language isn't about just finding the right words at the right time. You truly learnt a language when you can start thinking with that particular language and thoughts form coherently in your head. Basically, use the learning experience to expand your words' expressive power. A ton of concepts that work in a language don't necessarily work in another, but doing two or more languages at the same time will just confuse you.
>>177 >>184 >>186 Alright, I won't attempt to learn multiple at the same time as it will bring more trouble than it's worth. It's a very tempting idea though. Thank you for your input. To be honest I haven't done much, if any research on languages if it isn't clear by the question in the OP. Japanese and Latin are what I'm interested in and I'm stuck at choosing one. I'm interested in Latin because I want to be able to read Latin works in their native language and I've been told that knowing Latin improves your English. I want to learn Japanese because I want to archive materials that nobody else cares to archive due to the language barrier and the Japanese's lack of care towards archival.
>>187 >Latin and Japanese Pretty much the same as me then. I took up Latin a couple years ago after some anons encouraged me. In the intermediary, I took some German classes in college and got a decent grip on that as well, on a very basic level. I'm pretty much done with German now and back to focusing on Latin again. What handful of phrases and whatnot I know in Japanese I've learned exclusively through osmosis, from watching an ungodly amount of anime. The point of this blogpost is that multiple languages won't screw you up too hard if you space them out and devote certain stretches of time to a language exclusively. But why do that in the first place? Why not just grind out a language over a couple years, and move on to the next when you're competent enough to only need occasional practice? If you decide to start with Latin, there are a bunch of resources in the Latin thread >>76. If you start with Japanese, here's a pdf that gets passed around often. I haven't read it myself, though.
if they are different enough, then you shouldn't have too much trouble. I've been learning Japanese and German at the same time and it hasn't given me any trouble. The most important thing is that they sound different, I think. Even though I already basically knew Spanish completely by the time I started studying Japanese, I still sometimes mix up words that have about the same meaning and could occur in either language phonologically, e.g. I sometimes mix up "pero" and "demo" (but never aber. >>187 imo, Latin and Japanese are probably different enough that you can learn them both without too much difficulty. You probably wouldn't ever have trouble with morphology or syntax because the two use completely different morphological strategies; if you have any problem with vocabulary it would probably with indeclinable words like "tamen"

Open file (122.65 KB 1240x1020 1512279724609.jpg)
Anon 04/20/2020 (Mon) 13:16:44 No.305 [Reply] [Last]
good afternoon, I am relaxed
13 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1772 The greatest minds of humanity often go unnoticed and nameless. You don't even know the names of the engineers who made the machines that you use eberry day. Hundreds of thousands of brilliant men inventing, refining, perfecting, creating, but utterly forgotten. What really matters is whether you're satisfied with what you've achieved in the short amount of time available to you.
Open file (557.17 KB 720x540 energized!.png)
>>1848 You don't have to be smart to be famous, being stupid usually does the trick.
>>1772 Legacy. I don't have strong feelings for that, but it's common for sure. I've got my alias in the credits list of software many of you have used. I've made shipposts and effortposts that have made thousands laugh and smile. That's enough fame and legacy to satisfy me. If I ever need any more, I'll learn to spray paint. Then maybe consider marriage if that doesn't work.
>>1852 You're living the dream, Anon.

Open file (798.00 KB 600x505 1446058263430.gif)
Lego Vidya Legoman 02/08/2020 (Sat) 10:22:20 No.267 [Reply] [Last]
How many have you played, if any? Generally speaking I'm quite sour with TT after the unfinished mess that was the Hobbit game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they have a day-one DLC for that one? What sad times we must be living in where even Lego is not safe from the ravages of the modern video game market.
Anyway, holy shit do I wish they would do my ideas for Lego games, which they have done a bit of in LotR and Clone Wars. I also want to see Legos torture and murder each other, and I DO NOT want them speaking anything comprehensible. I want to crucify Lego dissidents for the glory of my Lego empire. I want to massacre entire cultures that happened to be in my way. Kids would eat that shit up because kids like edge, and parents generally don't give a fuck anymore what their children play. How would an E/E10+ FPS fair, do you think? Lego Sims-clone?
3 posts and 2 images omitted.
Am I the only one who prefers Lego Racers 2 over 1?
>>388 Some of the older TT games are worth a try. >>391 Might give the app games a go. I enjoyed Tiny Tower years ago and Lego Tower seems like the best of both worlds.
Open file (25.20 KB 309x323 Lego_potter_cover.jpg)
Open file (146.02 KB 250x353 LegoCityUndercover.jpg)
Open file (27.59 KB 256x235 Lego_Battles.jpg)
>>267 I'd like to believe that I've played all of them up to 2011 (I've missed some long gone flash games), most of the TT games are mediocre aside from three standout titles, namely Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 and Lego City Undercover. Lego Star Wars: The Video Game perfected the TT formula and Lego Harry Potter was enjoyable with its novel character gimmicks and well polished levels. Lego City Undercover tried something VERY new by being lego GTA. Unfortunately it has voice acting on all the characters, but is enjoyable nonetheless. The closest thing to violence and murder in a Lego game would be Lego Battles and its Ninjago themed sequel, Lego Battles: Ninjago. No gore, just minifig's arms and legs flying off if memory serves. A serviceable if simple RTS. My Favorite always has and always will be MNOG.
>>581 >I'd like to believe that I've played all of them up to 2011 Impressive. What flash games are you missing? I have loads downloaded and would share them here if you want. >Lego Star Wars: The Video Game perfected the TT formula I replayed the complete saga not so long ago and I was shocked at how badly it had held up. It wasn't as fun or as good looking as I remembered, while other videogames of the time had aged nicely. It's very barebones, along with the other copied and pasted TT games like Indiana Jones and Batman. Indiana Jones 2 and Harry Potter pushed it further forward in that they added new features, but I haven't completed them yet. They are really enjoyable so far. LOTR is almost like a completely different formula and I don't know what to make of it. Some new features are nice, but others feel like they were added just to bloat the game a bit. Battles is surprisingly fun and addictive. I didn't enjoy the very similar Warcraft: Orcs & Humans but the more streamlined Battles allows for quick and fast-paced levels. I'll have to remember to come back to this and decompile the .nds file so I can get that sweet concept art unlockables out of it. is a good place to find older games. Just select which system you want and ctrl+f lego.
>>582 I'm missing the majority of non Bionicle flash games, like Exo-Force, Lego City and Creator. If you have any of the Mars Mission games, they would be greatly appreciated. >I replayed the complete saga not so long ago and I was shocked at how badly it had held up. Playing the complete saga was the problem here. It opens with some of the worst levels on offer and one of the worst hubs (in my opinion). Do yourself a favor and play through the video game, rather than the complete saga. It's far more entertaining.

Open file (441.60 KB 1200x1590 matt_emmett.jpg)
Post Parables, Allegories, Fables, Koans Anon 04/30/2020 (Thu) 19:51:55 No.531 [Reply] [Last]
When my mind is troubled, I make a little story in my head to simplify my situation. When I share them with others, I never explicitly state the moral so they can take away their own. It's a very comfy thing for me, it's how I express myself like some people do with poetry or doodles. I think if more people made a habit or practice of it the world would be a comfier place. If any of you do something similar, or would like to try it, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Here's a little story I've been rolling around in my skull for a few years now: A long time ago, a man built a brick wall in a wild field. Those who walked past it would often say, "look at this great symbol of order in a disorderly world!" Many years passed, and the wall crumbled to a scarcely recognizable pile of rubble. Passerby would shake their heads and frown at the sight. "No matter how men may labor to assemble some comforting order, nature will work ten times as hard for ten times as long to return it to disorder. How tragic!" As the wall finally turned to dust, the earth sighed. How nice it felt to become that much more neat and round.
>>531 It might have been a while since you made this post but I have to say that that's a neat story Anon.
Hacker Koans became a source of educational humor among programmers: >A student was playing a handheld video game during a class. >The teacher called on the student and asked him what he was doing. The student replied that he was trying to master the game. >The teacher said, "There exists a state in which you will not attempt to master the game, and the game will not attempt to master you." >The student asked, "What is this state?" >The teacher said, "Give me your video game, and I will show you." >The student gave him the game, and the teacher threw it to the ground, breaking it into pieces. The student was enlightened.

Open file (3.84 MB 704x480 1526282301232.webm)
the past , the present & the future Anon 05/09/2020 (Sat) 09:31:41 No.825 [Reply] [Last]
Why does the world have to be so cruel to us? I just wanna have fun and post with anons in peace but they keep deplatforming us, smearing us, running fed ops against us etc. Even if the webring becomes a stable home now, we've lost so many anons and communities over the years that'll never come back. 8chan has no clear successor which caused anons to be splintered far and wide around the internet with little ways to get back together again. I remember back on 8chan in around 2015, on the board list the top 50 boards each had hundreds and hundreds of users and tons of activity. Now no boards outside of /cow/, /v/ and /a/ seem to have any significant userbase left and you can easily go days or weeks without one post on many of them. Basically the question is: How do we bring back the golden days? Can things ever go back to how they were?
14 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>842 It only costs a few dollars a month to host a small imageboard with adult content. Smaller imageboards are ideal because people take the time to express their thoughts in a way that's engaging instead of just firing off as many shitposts as possible since they'll be forgotten in 15 minutes anyway. In my experience the golden days aren't back but are now here. Anons are creating OC again. Newfags can't understand our memes or look them up online without lurking moar. Drawfags are actually drawing instead of just talking about it. Anons are making video games and posting progress again. They're making waifu AI, robots and AI that plays old SNES games. They're programming new imageboard software that doesn't run like crap and working on many other projects. A whole new imageboard culture is being created.
>>917 The problem is those niche boards are easy to disrupt. It only takes 1 dedicated troll to destroy any of them and every time it happens you lose more people. Image boards have died out because everything they did well is done better else where. Thanks to monetization people can make a profit off of what they used to go on image boards for fun. You can join a subreddit to get news faster and avoid all the twitter screencap threads.
>>917 >It only costs a few dollars a month to host a small imageboard with adult content. We don't even have adult content here. I believe /comfy/ wood be a perfectly family friendly board. >Smaller imageboards are ideal because people take the time to express their thoughts in a way that's engaging instead of just firing off as many shipposts as possible since they'll be forgotten in 15 minutes anyway. You're right, there's much less simply fishing for (You)s here. For having so few users this little cafe has achieved a lot; the best thing is that it still lives. The future is looking pretty great from here.
>>917 I think we can go become a full Forum board or something of that nature at this point. I’m not saying we should destroy the imageboard but we can go full legit because we’re relatively family friendly
>>917 You're crazy. Image boards are dying because there's no new blood to them. The most active threads on image boards are usually twitter screencaps these days. image boards went from being the river internet culture drifted on to being the life raft on ship reddit/twitter. >>1829 Forums are good for long term topics which need to be followed in order. Like someone working on building a tree house, you need to see it all. Image board content isn't like that and falls more in line with a social media feed where current topics fall away as new ones replace them.

Open file (250.23 KB 555x399 dontclick.png)
2D Platformer Physics Deveropa 06/28/2020 (Sun) 12:06:22 ID: e3ecb9 No.259 [Reply] [Last]
Is there anywhere I can read up on this, or a book or something? I wanted to make a 2D platformer, I made a crude framework of sorts, but there's no real physics system. I have no idea how to program projectiles, jumping, running physics, etc. Currently, i just have the player rise slowly until they hit the ceiling and then fall down when you hit the space key, and if you land on top of an enemy they die. And you can jump and collect coins, that's pretty much it. I did it from scratch in c++ with an old version of Microsoft Direct Draw and WinAPI, because Direct X is way too complicated and I don't want 3D, plus some ancient tutorials written circa 2001 that I grabbed from old 8chan /pdfs/ were direct draw based anyhow.
>>259 I'd recommend you abandon Windows-specific C++ and stick to modern C++. Everyone including yourself will thank you OP. Also, Bullet is a well-wrung out and open sauce physics system in C++. Use SFML for 2D platformers + Bullet.

Du kannst nicht Deutsch lernen Student 09/17/2019 (Tue) 21:46:40 ID: 14e499 No.30 [Reply] [Last]
Thread dedicated to the German language

German With Ease
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

Also, I do apologize for the lack of stuff, I'm trying to make the board more colorful but just bear with me for a while longer.
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 09/19/2019 (Thu) 20:06:27.
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>>172 just listen to deutschlandfunk on online radio, it's clear and 24 hour news only.
Are there any German textbooks that aren't made for children? Just give me the grammar at something other than a remediate pre-school pace and a lot of diverse practice material. Why is there so much useless fluff? Why are they so slow?
>>232 Ever tried using manga scanlations? I sometime check them out to give myself a challenge.
>>233 but that's reading material, not a textbook.
What are the functions of das Perfekt, exactly? I've read different sources that day everything from "It's exactly the same as the English present perfect" to "It's exactly the same as the Imperfekt, which is also exactly the same as the English past tense". Doing my best to synthesize the truth from all of this, my guess is that it's functions are >a non-past perfect >a past perfective (like the Preterite in Spanish) and >an informal past imperfective (it can be used instead of the Imperfekt/Präteritum in informal situations) depending on the context, but I don't know if that's close or way off.

Open file (1.01 MB 880x623 ClipboardImage.png)
Anon 06/28/2020 (Sun) 13:45:53 No.1804 [Reply] [Last]
Open file (1.06 MB 941x639 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 956x626 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (969.60 KB 960x674 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 889x641 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 973x687 ClipboardImage.png)

Open file (210.37 KB 878x538 us dialects.jpg)
Dialects Student 10/10/2019 (Thu) 23:53:56 ID: 5972f2 No.72 [Reply] [Last]
Let's say anon learns Japanese and travels to Osaka. Wouldn't he be better off knowing Kansai dialect to fit in more, /lang/?
Also how do I get my southern drawl? I've been here since birth and it shows, Thing Is, I didn't develop my southern drawl due to little exposure. I take pride in my heritage and that underdeveloped drawl is making me feel like a fag. What do I do?
7 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>218 >I will never be considered German by native speakers Are you sure about that? niggers and arabs are.
>>218 And what does it matter? You're you, and it's great enough, I think.
>>218 Germany is cucked. They will never consider you a German, but they do the filthy Turk roaches occupying your land.
>>220 >>247 funny posts by funny people
>>218 I'm German and would consider you German, as would most Germans. Only a few Germans will openly say it but deep down your race counts not how you speak. There could be a lot of things people won't like about you but your German blood is not in question.

Open file (106.79 KB 800x640 crazy taxi.png)
Comfy vidya thread Anon 06/27/2020 (Sat) 15:23:10 No.1760 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we discuss video games that possess the comfy factor. For me it's all manners of RTS games, taking time to gather resources and build a cool base is great fun. Driving games are cool too, I have fond memories of pic related (although I was pretty bad at it as a kid).
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
Open file (5.51 MB 2100x1524 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.01 MB 1280x936 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (457.21 KB 1199x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.26 MB 800x788 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 1374x774 ClipboardImage.png)
Driving games can always be considered /comfy/ They don't ask too much but at the same time you have to not be a bumbling retard. My only issue is that I seem to be stuck with the most formulaic and basic ones. Things like Wipeout or Asseto Corsa are more complicated for me when I just want to be chillin
>>1760 >>1765 Simulator games in general. In another thread someone mentioned Rollercoaster Tycoon, that was comfy. >>1780 >pic 5 Good taste, the City Lights add-on track is top comfy.
>>1780 >Diddy Kong Racing The music alone is just so comfy.
Open file (354.28 KB 960x960 jkijoij.jpg)
I'm a big guy 4 RTS games. They're my favorite genre by far. I really like tile-based puzzle games too. I also like early first-person shooters and older arcade-style action games, but those make me feel more tense than anything. As far as console games go, I mostly stick with the older ones I grew up with and ones I never got around to playing. The NES is the console I find the most relaxing.
Interesting, i was about to make a vidya thread yesterday. My favorites are deadbolt and rainworld. Soothing soundtrack and comfy atmosphere, highly recommended.

Midnight Drinks & Snacks Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 07:54:55 No.734 [Reply] [Last]
There is nothing more comfy than midnight coffee with a light snack during some nightly watching or playing. I prefer quick sandwiches so it's usually honeyed and buttered toast, PB&J/PB&H, or bean toast.
15 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1706 No, bread alone is just fine. It's easy to pick up, doesn't require any preparation, and it's spongy and crunchy enough to feel great to eat.
My favorite is bismark donuts or chocolate cheesecake with almond milk.
brb midnight crisps
Open file (33.44 KB 391x261 proxy-image.jpg)
Donuts and milk are tasty.
>>1774 They surely are. Don't eat too many of them though.

Posts That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread. (PTDDTOT) Legoman 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:04:18 No.563 [Reply] [Last]
Lockdown edition
Open file (117.35 KB 360x450 ClipboardImage.png)
So if yellow used to represent gold, was the yellow spaceman meant to actually be a gold spaceman?
>>564 Yellow also represents skin, bu it doesn't mean that yellow spaceman was naked. It was just yellow (or the color you wanted to imagine)
>>578 >bu it doesn't mean that yellow spaceman was naked If he's not naked, then what;s that between his legs?
>>579 His magnum dong. Also this thing is surprisingly big. I want to modify it into a minifig camper.

/overboard/ discussions Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 01:26:22 No.13389 [Reply] [Last]
Should /icup/ be added to the sfwoverboard?

/shelter/ General #1: Digging In Edition Anonymous Board owner 05/04/2020 (Mon) 09:18:51 No.5 [Reply] [Last]
This is /shelter/ General, a thread for all your general emergency sheltering needs. Use this thread for anything that you don’t feel needs a full thread, as a hub thread to direct incoming anons, and as a discussion thread for any matters affecting the webring as a whole. Please remain calm; keep panic and argument to a minimum here. If you want to yell at each other then do it in a site-specific, board-specific, or other specific thread. If you’re hitting this thread during an event then please be welcome. Everything will be all right.
71 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>1331 >any 'at-risk' site should try to be accessible via onion at least as a backup the only sites you should spend any time on are all at-risk. otherwise, just go to plebbit & twatter and be a normalnigger.
Open file (2.92 MB 580x328 panic.gif) and are down
>>1389 All fallbacks are down as well
Open file (224.25 KB 1280x1787 1591648963918.jpg)
>>1389 I hope /ebola/ is fine
>>1390 apparently waiting on nep to do a physical reboot. Estimated time back ... soonish.

Open file (376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No.18 [Reply] [Last]
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
157 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>13383 Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can't post any images when I try on /fascist/ now. Just now it didn't work for this post either
>>13384 Same here. I tried one more image on /f/ and it worked, then the one after that failed. This site must be bumping up against its capacity.
>>13382 >>13383 >>13384 >>13385 12000 was our configured file count limit. We put it there as a little safety checkpoint. We usually keep it rolling ahead as needed but this time the count overtook us. It's been raised so please continue as normal.
Open file (96.32 KB 900x1200 loaf seal.jpg)

Saadi Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 16:45:54 No.70 [Reply] [Last]
I want to share a few stories and poems from Saadi's Gulistan. Every moment a breath of life is spent, If I consider, not much of it remains. O thou, whose fifty years have elapsed in sleep, Wilt thou perhaps overtake them in these five days? Shame on him who has gone and done no work. The drum of departure was beaten but he has not made his load. Sweet sleep on the morning of departure Retains the pedestrian from the road. Whoever had come had built a new edifice. He departed and left the place to another And that other one concocted the same futile schemes And this edifice was not completed by anyone. Cherish not an inconstant friend. Such a traitor is not fit for amity. As all the good and bad must surely die,

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Butterberg on 06/24/2020 (Wed) 23:03:25.
Story 6 It is narrated that one of the kings of Persia had stretched forth his tyrannical hand to the possessions of his subjects and had begun to oppress them so violently that in consequence of his fraudulent extortions they dispersed in the world and chose exile on ccount of the affliction entailed by his violence. When the population had diminished, the prosperity of the ountry suffered, the treasury remained empty and on every side enemies committed violence. Who desires succour in the day of calamity, Say to him: ‘Be generous in times of prosperity.’ The slave with a ring in his ear, if not cherished will depart. Be kind because then a stranger will become thy slave. One day the Shahnamah was read in his assembly, the subject being the ruin of the dominion of Zohak and the reign of Feridun. The vezier asked he king how it came to pass that Feridun, who possessed neither treasure nor land nor a retinue, established himself upon the throne. He replied: ‘As thou hast heard, the population enthusiastically gathered around him and supported him so that he attained royalty.’ The vezier said: ‘As the gathering around of the population is the cause of royalty, then why dispersest thou the population? Perhaps thou hast no desire for royalty?’ It is best to cherish the army as thy life Because a sultan reigns by means of his troops. The king asked: ‘What is the reason for the gathering around of the troops and the population?’ He replied: ‘A padshah must practise justice that they may gather around him and clemency that they may dwell in safety under the shadow of his government; but thou possessest neither of these qualities.’ A tyrannic man cannot be a sultan As a wolf cannot be a shepherd.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Story 20 I heard that an oppressor ruined the habitations of the subjects to fill the treasury of the sultan, unmindful of the maxim of philosophers, who have said: ‘Who offends God the most high to gain the heart of a created being, God will use that very being to bring on his destruction in the world.’ Fire burning with wild rue will not Cause a smoke like that of afflicted hearts. The prince of all animals is the lion and the meanest of beasts the ass. Nevertheless sages agree that an ass who carries loads is better than a lion who destroys men. The poor donkey though void of discernment Is nevertheless esteemed when he carries a burden. Oxen and asses who carry loads Are superior to men oppressing mankind. When the king had obtained information of some of the oppressor’s misdeeds and bad conduct, he had him put on the rack and slain by various tortures. Thou wilt not obtain the approbation of the sultan Unless thou seekest the goodwill of his subjects.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Story 25 One of the Arab kings ordered his officials to double the allowance of a certain attendant because he was always at the palace expecting orders while the other servants were engaged in amusements and sports, neglecting their duties. A pious man who heard this remarked that high degrees at the court of heaven are similarly bestowed upon servants: If a man comes two mornings to serve the shah He will on the third certainly look benevolently on him. Sincere worshippers entertain the hope That they will not be disappointed at the threshold of God. Superiority consists in attending to commands. The neglect of commands leads to exclusion. Who possesses the criterion of righteousness Places the head upon the threshold.
Listen to this story how in Baghdad A flag and a curtain fell into dispute. Travel stained, dusty and fatigued, the flag Said to the curtain by way of reproach: ‘I and thou, we are both fellow servants, Slaves of the sultan’s palace. Not a moment had I rest from service In season and out of season I travelled about. Thou hast suffered neither toil nor siege, Not from the desert, wind, nor dust and dirt. My step in the march is more advancing. Then why is thy honour exceeding mine? Thou art upon moon-faced servants Or jessamine scented slave girls. I have fallen into prentice hands. I travel with foot in fetters and head fluttering.’ The curtain said: ‘My head is on the threshold

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

A pious man saw an acrobat in great dudgeon, full of wrath and foaming at the mouth. He asked: ‘What is the matter with this fellow?’ A bystander said: ‘Someone has insulted him.’ He remarked: ‘This base wretch is able to lift a thousand mann of stones and has not the power to bear one word.’ Abandon thy claim to strength and manliness. Thou art weak-minded and base, whether thou be a man or woman. If thou art able, make a sweet mouth. It is not manliness to strike the fist on a mouth. Although able to tear up an elephant’s front He is not a man who possessed no humanity. A man’s nature is of earth. If he is not humble he is not a man.

Open file (67.24 KB 256x256 2020.png)
i don't have time for this shit- point me to the biggest /v/ Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 19:54:19 No.13365 [Reply] [Last]
i can't be bothered to search some obscure board every week, where the fuck is /v/ now hosted?
7 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>13372 You are pathetic. Trying to destabilize our community. How does it feel be be payed for being a piece of shit? Kek, you'll always stay inferior. You're entire "race" is inferior, because it's not even a real race. piss off Schlomo
starts with z
>>13375 Its awful. those ni/gg/ers can fuck right off. Seems like there is no going back
>>13377 Saw a glimpse of the thread from the overboard, and in my case, i've been waiting for a place that goes for the /vg/-tier atmosphere: Moderated but usually invisible mods/BO, small userbase who have monthly games and that's it. Sounds easy but many alternatives are already stigmatized by the "usual" users, Z is full of shitposters, Smugloli has wicked rules, 9 and 8moe are for fags, Sportschan was a shitpost attempt, Animu has a highly controversial BO and Julay either way of the controversy has been smeared and has new extremely defensive mods that have already banned normal posts who didn't even delve into meta or mainstream opinions. I wanted to make an alternative but i think it would be just like pissing in a sea of piss at this point, so i guess it's just a matter of waiting, i did 2 years at one point so let's see what happens.
>>13378 >small userbase who have monthly games and that's it. i always wanted to try lan gaming via wireguard

Open file (227.73 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
Dreams thread, the /comfy/ awake in the sleep Anon 05/27/2020 (Wed) 07:38:01 No.1181 [Reply] [Last]
It begun with a small tale of an old man dressed in eastern clothes, how he described the actions of a hero who never returned. As he was speaking actions of martial arts and combat were in the background, sketches of them, until he names the title of the event entuthiastically, where the characters strike a pose and the art gets detailed in the middle of the screen. The last segment of it there was a map like thing, it showed the progress that was made in the story, the last bit the protagonist made was on a boat that was turned upside down, the bodies were floating under it. For eberry step before it, a small scene wood happen in the map, the last scene had the hero pushing over the giant baron from a cave and going to the coast to get to his their boat Before getting out of the sea, there were two demons protecting a pagoda thing in a berry abrupt cliff with a thin bridge. One of them had one arm as the wing of a dragon and red, he protected the door, the other one was green and had tenctacle like hair and protected the bridge. The villain in the tower always has a story of where the characters that dissapointed him are thrown to a pit where the character's mother died. it consists of a destroyed staircase where the way out is by jumping to the cliffs that have been separated. Many just end up falling to their deaths. And in one point, the red winged man gets sent to it, tries to get out, only for some force to slap him on the head and his skull to hit a wall and slides to his death There is also at one point a baron of hell like creature emerging from one giant hole, only his head is seen, but it's huge and hides the sun in a moment. The sky was dry orange and the ground was like the grand canyon. Imagine Mario Kart 64's Yoshi's Canyon with all the roads being small and falling from them sending to your doom, it was like that but with more highs and lows, a pagoda/eastern castle hidden between the mountains, and small bridges and ropes connecting small locations The appeal of the story is that it was narrated by anons from one imageboard since many years and as it went on it got expanded. story of one man who went to the island of twisted cliffs and canyons to get revenge at those who killed his mother. The visuals were similar to those old greek myth movies from the 50s. The character may've worn a torso armor that only covered his torso, and brown leather shorts, but he did look like a greek warrior from those movies with his hair curled and an absolute unit. Unrelated, I was stuck on a high tree at some point, like 20 meters tall. I asked a man down there if he could call the firefigters for help. I descended with a rope tight in my waist. When I got to the ground the sky was oddly clear, a colour combination between light blue and chrome. I came across an old man, we exchanged some letters and he gave me the name for a writer of a book. then I walked to the horizon where there was more light blue/chromed things, probably a city, probably a pier. probably a path in the middle of the water, probably a path with the waters next to it and leading to the city. Been a while since I had dreams like this, I think it's due to practising something I like to call "Musical Visualisation" where I imagine a setpiece, scene, or environment from the music I'm listening. This time it was pic related, I think getting to focused on Corona-Chan's journey is letting me forget the things I was capable or I am capable of.
>>1181 I dreamed I was walking through a mostly-empty mall, looking for work. A woman in her late 30s tried to talk to me by a kiosk; I moved faster, blew her off. She said something to the effect of, "I know that response. That's the response of a cheater." I hurried to my car out in the parking lot. She followed, tried to force her way in the driver's side. I stabbed her in the arm with my key. I woke up with the sense that I really needed to wash my hands, having touched her arm. Laying it out in text makes it seem worse. I think the core of it is dissatisfaction with where I'm at right now. I'm trying to take steps to shift things, but it's slow-going. I think maybe I need to fuck off into the woods for a week.
Open file (10.14 KB 1242x169 ClipboardImage.png)
A highschool project where we were meant to mass produce guns with a 3dprinter, I made some drawing, turning back home there was a friend of mine in the car, I told him about my fav game, I was playing it on the way home, on the credits I started crying due to the music. I was in the back seat resting while playing it, then my mother appeared where my friend was in the driving wheel and I was in the companion seat, she asked me for money to purchase some stuff at the stuff. The credits were >You can't beat me, how do you make such a promise of never coming back >Yeah, don't count on it >No, wait, how am I supposed to murder you if you're gone >I think that will be for another time As the spaceship was flying outwards in the orange nebula I was crying, my friend said stop exaggerating, I told him he needed to play this game once in his life. There was an end credits song as well Before this, we were at school and we had to make a gun out of some chunks of iron, we were sent to the machine to make them, it was this huge arm with a circular saw on the end. many were using it or we had to wait for someone responsible so we waited for that on the tables, the room was white and the tables as well, the floor had light blue/grey tiles. A friend decided to draw a woman with a bull's skull, I decided to follow it. My drawing was better than his despite him being the most talented kid with drawings in the class. When my mother appeared on the car, she asked me for 300 bucks to purchase something at the store, it was in the corner o the cross of both avenues. She parked the car in front of an elevated red house, 30 meters to the store. I rested there, the night was soothing and the light poles iluminating in the dark made it even more comfy, I waited there in the night time scenery. Pic related was the credits song of that game, it was played with an electric guitar and looped indefinitely
I dreamed I was lying in bed and didn't want to get up because I had to take a bath and for some reason the only bath I could take was in a small pool inside my room. Then my brother (who shares a room with me) started asking me to go fetch a banana. I got up and when I tried to exit the room a tall, big nosed latino looking guy was holding the door close with a weird smirk in his face. His faces was kinda weird, sort of looked like the yellow gun from the movie sin city, but with brown skin. I dunno, weird ship. Spoiled pic because it's not comfy at all.
Out of interest, has anybody ever had some sort of half-awake dream in which you're supposed to take some kinda test, then you hear an annoucement saying you must pay attention to the dream, and after that see a bunch of weird flashing shapes before waking up?

Anon 05/01/2020 (Fri) 05:09:57 No.563 [Reply] [Last]
Doing comfy things is nice, but how about doing FUN and EXCITING things? ITT please talk about what you like to do for fun. Maybe we can even do some fun stuff together. Me, I like boats. I like swimming too. It's fun to be in the water in general, plus it's good exercise. I plan to get a boating license some time, although it's an expensive hobby.
>>563 I've never been behind the wheel of a big boat, I don't really think it'd be my kind of thing anyway. But one of the best experiences of my life is spending a full week canoeing around some wetlands next to lake Superior. I like canoeing. It's very nice. I wish I could just take a canoe and some light survival gear and jump in a river and see where it takes me. I don't think humans take kindly to that, though.
>>563 >>639 You too remind me what a comfy fun ride a glass bottom boat is. I really need to do that again sometime. I also want to go on a train ride for a vacation stop. One of of those multiple day rides that has dining and cabins.
I hitchhicked twice in my life and in the first time I ended up walking 50 kilometres for 8 hours in the middle of darkness, does that count?
>>643 >does that count? That depends, was it fun?
>>1658 It was thrilling, to say the least

Open file (216.15 KB 752x224 Airport - Sunrise.gif)
Open file (354.07 KB 1200x900 Alpine Ruins.jpg)
Open file (395.58 KB 1200x750 Castle Ruins.jpg)
Comfy art Anon 03/05/2020 (Thu) 14:00:08 No.36 [Reply] [Last]
Any form of art, as long as it's comfy.
30 posts and 96 images omitted.
Open file (83.58 KB 1280x720 comfy life.jpg)
>>178 What a beautiful girl. Now this place is truly comfy
Open file (325.88 KB 869x1238 inchlings_drinking_wine.jpg)
Open file (345.92 KB 869x1238 inchlings_making_wine.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 2536x1800 inchlings_raft.png)
The comfiest.
Open file (117.50 KB 1920x1080 dojo.png)
Open file (119.36 KB 1920x1080 pixelart.png)
Don't have much to contribute but I must bump this nice thread

Open file (160.09 KB 1280x720 EUFmyfHVAAUdRog.jpeg)
/fa/g 03/27/2020 (Fri) 07:06:03 No.159 [Reply] [Last]
a message is mandatory
3 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (195.07 KB 1280x720 EVwsj1TU0AEu997.jpeg)
Open file (116.69 KB 1280x720 EWAXKcaVcAA7F7U.jpeg)
Open file (129.22 KB 1280x720 EXPZXZrUwAAFQjd.jpeg)
Open file (153.67 KB 1280x720 EXxJvJPU8AAC9YK.jpeg)
hobo style
Open file (121.99 KB 1200x675 EbR6V6AUwAct5Xn.jpeg)

/imbibe/ General - What are you drinking? Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 10:39:12 No.685 [Reply] [Last]
I want to shitpost about alcohol. What are you drinking, Anon? Tell us about it! This /cafe/ is licensed, right?

I've been on a cocktail kick lately. I decided to have an apéritif tonight, so I made this gin martini with Beefeater London dry gin, Carpano dry vermouth, and a dash of Angosutra bitters. I considered a lemon twist but ended up garnishing with an olive because I wanted that slightly briny flavour. It's certainly stimulated my appetite, but I think maybe the dry gin might be a little harsh so it might have benefited more from the lemon oil from the twist to perfume it, give it a little less of the one note. I thought that the herbs from the vermouth came through beautifully bitter. Still prefer a Negroni as an apéritif, though.
19 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (224.88 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm drinking pic related, it's destroying my teeth though. My upper left fang kinda hurts when it passes through there. Can finished, may open another one later
>>1638 >fang Huh??
Open file (83.04 KB 297x170 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1641 These things
>>1642 those are referred to commonly as canines.
Open file (1.42 MB 605x793 1588827268618.gif)
>>1643 oh yes, I forgot I'm getting dumber by the day

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