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Open file (102.76 KB 1024x576 146781940181456.jpg)
/cyber/ - Cyberpunk/Scifi Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 21:55:26 No.91
Uplink for a schway paradigm
No shazbots allowed
Open file (30.93 KB 300x198 68a44796d8h414r9.jpg)
Post some comfy setups
Open file (748.89 KB 2048x1536 136007686749.jpg)
Open file (75.00 KB 693x349 ctls.jpg)
Open file (631.99 KB 2768x1546 1382698228444.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 500x352 168fger494g.gif)
Hacking and repurposing old computers is a good skill to have
Open file (24.00 KB 500x316 pixel2.gif)
Really happy to have a /cyber/ again, arisuchan just got all fagged up recently.
Open file (774.69 KB 1280x1707 1s6gr87u984f9cg4.jpg)
Is that were the main /cyber/ is or was?
I still don't know where some of the bigger userbases went, like I've seen many /tech/ boards but they weren't quite like 8ch tech and definitely not nearly as active

I think most of the tech types went to 0chan or nanochan. There was arisuchan and lainchan which had a lot of crossposters with /cyber/, but neither of them are quite the same. I vaguely remember a chat room on tor somewhere, but I never bothered bookmarking it, does anyone have the link?
Really doubt it, that's a p2p network that requires to share your IP and knowing how paranoid they're about everything being a botnet, they would hav gone somewhere else.
we really need a way to p2p that works over TOR instead.
If 0chan refers to 08chan, then Zeronet routes over Tor to, and can exclusively route through Tor by setting it to Always On. Alternative you can also use a VPN over Zeronet too. But Zeronet, and as a result 08chan too, relies heavily on javascript, which my poor potato laptop can not handle. Then again even threads on Vichan and Lynxchan imageboards can soft lock my browser if they reach a couple hundred posts, so I might not be the best reference line for judging a place's performance.
>which my poor potato laptop can not handle
performance isn't the key issue in an effort to communicate via TOR, your potato laptop notwithstanding anon. :^) It's hard to imagine the developers even imagining end-users wouldn't consider the whole thing what it obviously is: a glownigger honeypot.
in an effort to communicate via TOR with JavaScript present and active*
Open file (178.69 KB 500x272 168418641s6hr8d64t.png)
Open file (525.10 KB 3000x1412 1394235492739.jpg)
Edge lit displays
Pity. /cyber/ was my fav, and arisuchan, while it has some good stuff, just doesn't compare. Not to mention that most of the references on cyberlife no longer work.

There's literally nothing wrong with using 0net over tor. In fact, it's less likely to be a honeypot than this place.
The burden of proof is on you. JavaScript is a well-known no-no for use with Tor.
Open file (45.62 KB 720x540 1285176749483.jpg)
Seems like a /cyber/ anon has broken off and made a whole board
Good luck, I can barely even keep a thread going
Open file (16.21 MB 640x358 FUTURY FLASH - COBRA.mp4)
Open file (36.62 KB 500x479 mb5y7qBCZG1qb2t0.jpg)
The more options
, the better right?

I'm not sure, for a tiny community like /cyber/ fracturing might be more bad than good.
Open file (17.65 KB 480x360 0.jpg)
Well it could be good for nsfw stuff and other things

I saw there was a /cyb/ board but it was pretty dead, its not on the webring
Open file (560.65 KB 1680x1079 1418750494261.jpg)
On the endch there was one that was run badly apparently
Some said even on 8ch that cyberpunk was fading out, maybe in part because its happening in parts of the world, but I think there's varying degrees of it and if its happening its only the very start. It might only happen in certain parts of the world like where there are big cities and such. But the board's also about sci-fi so its only a portion of the theme
At the rate 8kun is migrating boards they wont be done migrating them before the end of the year, I doubt it'll ever be as active as 8chan was
They predicted it would be taken down. Since threads could hardly be replied to on 8kun in recent days while its been up, it was a good opportunity to look into threads from just before the takedown, /x/ had some good threads
Pretty much the only reason for migrating boards to 8kun at this point is to salvage the 8chan content
Open file (779.25 KB 1400x579 16468365719587.jpg)
Open file (913.60 KB 500x375 18791651048408941.gif)
CD's, DVD's or Bluerays may seem obsolete but the discs themselves would be uneffected by an electromagnetic pulse (an emp could take out the drives for reading said discs tho)
Improved versions of disc format such as the millenial disc, can last for a very long time and store lots of data
neat, thanks.
You're welcome
Apparently the plastic discs last longer in cold dry conditions
Tape cassettes have sometimes been used to store computer data, but they're more unreliable despite being able to hold quite a bit of data
Open file (102.08 KB 1170x683 16846845l.jpg)
On /cyber/ its often been talked about the scenario when the internet might become unavailable, thus plans have been made for such scenarios, this being one such plan;
Plans vary, some are better than others but we can agree that having at least one plan is better than having none
Open file (152.10 KB 1500x1001 JAY01431.jpg)
Neat. The creator has pretty detailed description. Not sure how it's going to survive EMP though? Faraday cages or something?
>Faraday cage
Actually he described creating a cheap one, and it might serve who knows? Unlike the case it probably won't be very durable in wet conditions etc. Still pretty nice.
Samsung has released over 1000 different types of phones, which is absurd
Apple has released about 70 different types

It would be better to have a modular phone and switch out parts and have them recycled, rather than just throwing away phone after phone

There's something like this available but it might not connect directly to the latest phone systems, but it can interface with the internet
That picture. Wew.
apple has revisions, but doesn't print the version you're getting in any way you can recognize. If you disassemble it, you'll notice that the parts vary. Different cameras, different boards, chips change. I wonder how many iPhones there have been counting revisions. Also, Samsung serves the super low-end, plus has versions that support pens, and they release bleeding-edge devices, for example 5G (Apple hasn't released 5G yet), and their folding phone, which you can now buy, and is surely the most /cyber/ phone out there right now.

I'll check your time.

A nuclear apocalypse is one thing, but have you considered an A.I. apocalypse? For an A.I. apocalypse, learn Teeline shorthand. It's the easiest shorthand to learn, word shapes easy to hide in images, it supports verbatim text (eg if you need to distinguish H from P, write it disjointed), and supports, in normal text, wide variation by its nature. At essence you gain the advantages of chinese or japanese handwriting at defeating derp learning, but actually with advantages over them!!!
Hi guys, admin of /cyber/ here

Would it be ok if I steal this css for the /cyber/ board?
What's wrong with the CSS you have? I prefer it to be honest.
Well nothing is wrong with the current theme, but the text is much easier to read in this thread which might help people who don't have very good monitors

I really don't know much about the new /cyber/ user base though, so if lots of people prefer the current theme, then I'll keep it the way it is
Open file (225.88 KB 1384x394 BQ7TKpe2Kx.mp4)
Is there any way I can add this to the /cyber/ CSS
Open file (1.29 MB 1462x600 9wXIbK7jpy.mp4)
And is there a way to add grey drop boxes onto images like this?
That's nice. I would also like to know this.
This looks easy to take from that CSS or just edit your current CSS to do the same. I'd look for selectedCell or markedCell, I can't recall which, and change the border color to the grey value you want on hover, unless you're clicking to get that grey then it wouldn't be hover.

And hey I just pulled up /cyber/ to see if I could find what I'm talking about and real quick your sidecatalogmarkedcell displays like it does on /fa/. The border the background the whole 9. I think what you'd need to do to fix that is replace the lines that define the border and background with the lines for the border, the box shadow, and the background color that is present in the regular markedcell from your CSS.
I'll let you know if I can help any more with the original question but no promises I'm retarded
Open file (957.19 KB 960x919 1464878213997.jpg)
can you just make a dark theme? like a neutron theme for example, with which you all should be familiar.
not the dark one we have right now, which still has some le epic cyberpunk fonts and designs, but just a dark version of a normal theme?

thanks in advance. I mean it makes no sense there's only le epic cyberpunk one, the vanilla LIGHT, but no vanilla DARK so to speak.
Thanks for the heads up anon
I don't think BO's can make alternate custom CSSs that are selectable from the drop down menu or anything, I'm fairly certain a BO can only make a single custom CSS for their board and that's it. Any correction to this would be well appreciated.
Open file (152.57 KB 284x284 IiFHRcMojZ.mp4)
Speaking of stuff like that;
If the site owner is reading this thread, could you make the sidecatalog collapsible by clicking the same icon you use to open it?

Right now the only way to close if by clicking the X icon as shown in the video.
Oh I see, so the entire website itself only has one theme, which then can be adjusted to be board specific, and one clear theme, which is light. Eh, too bad.
Do what you want with your board, its not like I made this look originally, just adapted it for this lynxchan thread
I made that look however. It can always be fixed up more, some like that one more while others like the old look more, would be good to have the option for both (you can maybe use browser plugins or something for that)
>>567 >>568
.uploadCell img:not(.imgExpanded) {
box-shadow: 3px 5px #555;
There are many kinds of dark themes, but I agree it would be nice to have one in the top of the site stylesheet dropdown (Like on Julay.world), its kinda beyond the scope here but I guess the site admin could make it happen (I'm not in any position other than board owner on here like >>572 says)
There's plenty of dark themes available but site admin would have to add it to the dropdown (or you could use some browser based thing)
>>573 >>574
Link for the style I made;
>I made that look however. It can always be fixed up more, some like that one more while others like the old look more, would be good to have the option for both (you can maybe use browser plugins or something for that)

That's a good idea anon
Quoted replies are a bit broken with this theme
I've fixed it, thanks for notifying
Open file (654.57 KB 999x1349 ridgeofhonour.png)
Creator of BERSERK Manga Kentaro Miura has died at 54 F
>>1164 >FreeNode was previously owned by a stronk, independynt associated also with destroying GNOME, and with the Fed honeypot PIA Hmm. Better in the hands of a Royal Gook, than any female, I'd say -- particularly one of this 'caliber'. I may be looking for some investment opportunities here. Better a revived IRCv2 than the infamous Doxxcord.

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