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/teto/ - Teto and Friends Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 19:30:45 No.53
Teto Kasane thread
Utau, vocaloids, voiceroids and other wholoids also welcome
Open file (283.11 KB 960x960 14165841789419.jpg)
Open file (741.02 KB 645x900 1437375003192-0.png)
Open file (78.29 KB 450x600 1420518789513.jpg)
Open file (316.32 KB 800x800 1462769122507.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 1000x900 1421131679955.png)
Open file (226.60 KB 600x500 1433387765033.jpg)
Open file (685.51 KB 1024x768 1421907758303.jpg)
Open file (339.15 KB 1800x2000 1445705297656.jpg)
Open file (233.78 KB 500x652 1459394869373.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 3840x2304 1462780730174.jpg)
Open file (477.01 KB 1200x1200 1460088245185.jpg)
Open file (82.98 KB 600x450 1420948287387.jpg)
This is a Teto

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