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Open file (16.10 KB 242x173 1245283216184.jpg)
/hover/ - Hovercraft & Advanced Tech Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 12:30:32 No.4
Means for thrust, lift and things related
Open file (23.76 KB 500x500 14298746216904.jpg)
Quadcopters use a kind of feedback loop to synchronize the rotors to enable it to take off and stay in the air
welcome back /hover/. comfy css tbh. so, how does 'a thread can have it's own rules' work exactly?
Open file (28.37 KB 500x350 css3.png)
Thread rules can be put in the OP, like "refrain from mentioning x" or similar
A certain style may be asked for in a subsequent post, or I may attempt to style the thread given what I've seen previously and have access to
OK, I think I get that. Basically the honor system if you will?
>or I may attempt to style the thread given what I've seen previously and have access to
Interesting. Can individual threads be styled differently from the overall board?
>Interesting. Can individual threads be styled differently from the overall board?
Yes, in fact I can style individual posts, but it would be too much work I think
Styling the opening post styles the thread
>Yes, in fact I can style individual posts
very cool. i'm the bo of /robowaifu/ so i'm on lynxchan too. how would you go about that actually? i only know how to submit a general css file.
Open file (8.82 KB 400x271 142569521528646.jpg)
I guess I'll make a thread for questions and stuff and explain it better there
that is cool af anon.

good thinking, thanks.
Open file (12.69 KB 725x380 serveimage (95).jpeg)
Do you think the system the French are doing is gonna be useful in the long run? I feel it has too many drawbacks related to safety, a jetpack would work better
Yeah, that thing is basically a cross between a jetpack and a hoverboard
It might be popular with some daredevil hobbyists
Open file (278.59 KB 1266x818 1426972105329.png)
I've been archiving threads from space ch on hover.neocities.org
Open file (479.34 KB 990x662 l11_00000001.jpg)
Over @ CERN
Antimatter is an actual thing, which some believe could be used for anti-gravity

This is also a pretty interesting article;
Is this related to Quantum Levitation by any stretch.
No that's different
When antimatter meets matter it will annihilate in a devastating way, so any antimatter we have only occurs very briefly in very miniscule amounts and even if its contained it must be contained in such a way as to not contact any matter directly
Its been theorized that antimatter can have negative mass or negamassic effects but its mostly speculation at this point because its difficult to get enough antimatter to find out

I guess quantum levitation is a derivative of the casimir effect
Open file (1.20 MB 3917x3109 1569936413093.jpg)
Coanda effect
Open file (9.96 MB 640x360 flyboard.mp4)
I was blown away watching that thing in action. I had no idea we had this sort of tech. Seems so science fiction.

Is it true there is some sort of mirror universe made of antimatter? Not like a Twilight Zone bizzaro world, just an inverted universe that is probably lifeless. I am a complete pleb on the subject and have probably misread something or misinterpreted someone's theory but it sounded interesting.
Its possible, but according to most scientists, there's less antimatter in the observable universe than actual matter
Some theorize that the time in an antimatter universe goes backwards from our point of view
We don't really know since scientists haven't had a chance to gather much antimatter

One can read about it here;
Open file (1.70 MB 479x269 hover.gif)
Open file (243.81 KB 646x386 electrostatic-lifter.png)
Open file (3.99 KB 370x266 cetinbaldisc.PNG)
Open file (106.60 KB 1280x1024 1354637604809.jpg)
Status of projects;
>Electrostatic lifter: Needs transformer coils soldered to pins and to connect transformer up properly for the powering circuit also might need a new sturdy structure with aluminium foil put together (materials available)
>Cetin Bal drive: Needs the tesla coil input soldered, the primary and other components also need connecting (likely by soldering) it also needs a circular aluminium plate, not sure if aluminium foil works, plate is available but needs to be worked (sawed) to make it circular (and maybe hole in the middle?)
>OTC-X1 drive: Haven't started on this, it needs a lot of materials, including transformer cores, hollow cone shapes and structural support
Open file (941.15 KB 1230x896 124917591790371.png)
I spent most of the day starting a build of this, since I have a bunch of lego technic pieces
Its looking good so far, I might post instructions for how to build it over on the /lego/ board

Here's a vid of the Thornson device in operation;
Open file (423.52 KB 1639x767 1564749816984104051.png)
Open file (34.51 KB 205x184 tinydrones.png)
I wonder how small of a multicopter one could actually make today with what's available
cool link anon thanks.
Open file (671.23 KB 250x250 Acoustic-3D-display.gif)
Kinda neat. I hope they can get all the bugs ironed out and then copycats reverse-engineer it quickly and give us all cheap 3D displays.
I read a story once in which an alien space craft was powered by a vacuum (as in difference potential between air and vacuum or something to do with vacuum turning turbines)
Open file (1.37 MB 1920x1080 14331566445851.png)
So what the heck are odd nuclear spin values? Anyone? I'm not sure yet either..

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