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Open file (111.26 KB 990x707 1491698sg16es1.jpg)
/rocks/ - Rocks, minerals and fossils Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 11:57:51 No.2
Crystals and gems, salts etc
Open file (5.61 KB 144x113 shungite.jpg)
Shungite supposedly has some interesting properties, like healing and electromagnetic resistance
Open file (21.40 KB 307x307 1411278427974.jpg)
Open file (66.35 KB 399x358 1423204005913-1.jpg)
Open file (328.87 KB 693x700 14279219545952.jpg)
Open file (787.45 KB 850x729 1424911385995.jpg)
cool looking.
Open file (32.08 KB 500x370 176189468416849.jpg)
Open file (79.26 KB 620x548 153936473645.jpg)
This the bismuth thread?
Open file (100.51 KB 640x469 1423474299081-0.jpg)
Sure you can post bismuth, or whatever rock you like
Open file (164.26 KB 650x593 1411836518932.jpg)
This looks like the same one
Open file (72.26 KB 470x470 1411373358180.jpg)
Bismuth is cool
Open file (43.18 KB 454x683 ig5328fb79.jpg)
Open file (294.44 KB 1280x853 1426846846435684.jpg)
Here's a pretty cool geode
Open file (90.85 KB 640x480 je52abf801.jpg)
Check this out
Its an opal I think
Look up opalescence
Open file (119.84 KB 800x660 stone-2.jpg)
Some /diy/ enthusiasts cut apart rocks and put a layer of epoxy in them
Why does that stone look familiar and from Dota 2?
Open file (85.78 KB 640x392 1348762917221.jpg)
Can you link it? Or post a pic of it?
Open file (136.05 KB 1440x900 hyperstone.jpg)
Far stretch, but I think I remember a bit now, it was the aesthethic of the second international tournament, the aesthetic was silver/stone and cyan IIRC
Open file (87.96 KB 800x783 1411923893295-0.jpg)
I don't know anything about it except that Dota 2 is a game

Here's a thing made of jade
Open file (22.05 KB 450x439 1437562155981.jpg)
Open file (414.88 KB 1024x768 1291069332274.jpg)
Open file (191.97 KB 998x888 1346695777495.jpg)
Open file (60.34 KB 388x385 1423204005913-0.jpg)
Open file (174.78 KB 640x578 1423474299081-1.jpg)
Looks like a fish
Open file (61.42 KB 574x350 Cassiterite09.jpg)
It kinda does look like it, or some alien lifeform
Here's a Cassiterite
Open file (9.88 KB 259x194 1528354327766.jpg)
Open file (425.47 KB 1500x1026 1412905857991.jpg)
Open file (2.38 MB 3264x2448 1531206946063.jpg)
Open file (151.76 KB 640x533 153936477224.jpg)
Open file (64.74 KB 800x599 6799ef6c1a00.jpg)
Open file (661.41 KB 1024x768 1424926722466.jpg)
Open file (147.59 KB 820x1024 1427320590351.jpg)
Open file (131.72 KB 812x768 1543167273347.jpg)
Open file (48.39 KB 391x604 168487906987639.jpg)
Open file (39.14 KB 800x800 serveimage.jpg)
Open file (72.66 KB 800x474 serveimage (1).jpg)
Tigers eye was my favorite as a kid. Feels a bit weird having grown up and realized all the shops I used to buy my rocks from were selling them because of 'healing energy' hippy shit, I just thought they looked cool.
Pic related is my current favorite rock though, packs a real punch
Open file (46.78 KB 500x540 cguucrP8w1ragjj861.jpg)
The structure of rocks can actually have many different effects
Crystals are piezo electric, if one hits a crystal it can grow a tiny bit and emit an electric pulse that effect is used in tiny speakers/microphones
Crystals are also used as oscillators for clocks
But yeah they look cool
Open file (269.79 KB 1200x1200 neodymium-magnets.jpg)
Magnets also work because of their structure, they are polarized in such a way that their atoms align the electrons synchronously. A moving electric current always makes a magnetic field, in the magnets the atoms electrons make like a current within the material structure itself
Open file (12.29 KB 338x201 c12a66193c8f.jpg)
Another really interesting thing is that bones are piezo electric
Open file (57.04 KB 400x250 lrocd0fdcf1qgzn5j.jpg)
Open file (53.60 KB 640x480 abcb0f9e36fd.jpg)
>bones are piezo electric
that is interesting tbh.
a) how does that happen
b) what effect might it have on living ppl
Open file (106.31 KB 500x667 ga07kgCHHO1ql7t7zi1y.jpg)
Well, bones grow and have a structure, minerals go into building them so I guess it makes sense
Open file (90.02 KB 500x335 maooqb6A191qkafvr.jpg)
Open file (41.44 KB 420x408 1ef36330f84a.jpg)
Open file (129.99 KB 540x523 nx4inedlSt1u4aiw.jpg)
Open file (26.89 KB 300x300 chrysolite.jpg)
Stone of the day;
Chrysolite (olivine/peridot)
Open file (99.83 KB 1148x1500 selenite.jpg)
Open file (83.87 KB 500x401 md1mw3Dqut1rwadubo.jpg)
Open file (32.88 KB 390x297 agate.jpg)
Open file (15.19 KB 260x215 emerald.jpg)
Open file (21.52 KB 900x600 turquoise.jpg)
Open file (106.20 KB 1000x1000 onyx.jpg)
Open file (57.34 KB 400x266 mvd6xgUuOI1s4x204o14.jpg)
Open file (118.07 KB 500x418 nukr43Fp1r312wp.jpg)
Open file (137.27 KB 500x375 mrg8n1MISY1r2pr83.jpg)
Open file (262.26 KB 500x579 ga1maor0dno3m1qgzn5j1.jpg)
Open file (792.79 KB 640x480 Opallic.png)
Open file (46.60 KB 500x375 mcvtp1JOUc1rj0qmho1.jpg)
Open file (241.77 KB 500x500 mclkf1p0Ze1rw9fxg.jpg)
Open file (93.11 KB 464x750 miah03dQDW1rlaporo1.jpg)
Open file (195.06 KB 500x333 9hl80U6wj1rb57bi.jpg)
Open file (150.39 KB 540x511 nxqindPquJ1qkl94c.jpg)
Open file (376.90 KB 1024x1023 1430717930182.jpg)
I assume most of these specimens are far too fragile or otherwise sensitive to be on public display. Are they kept locked away in vaults or something?
I doubt it, maybe some of them are, but the hardness varies
I would think most of them are from private collections or if in public displays and fragile, that they're then stored in glass cases or monitored and guarded closely (like in the case of the crystal skulls maybe)
Crystals can sometimes chip or shatter but if you try to saw one, you'll find that its immensly difficult, even with a ceramic saw
Open file (444.42 KB 518x352 Quartz-Crystal.png)
Crystals as in quartz crystals or harder
Pic related
You rock, /rock/.
Open file (385.71 KB 810x654 18794160841.jpg)
Open file (312.55 KB 1056x1126 31525-15eaqa7.png)
Open file (324.67 KB 817x900 31525-fsibqf.png)
Open file (113.05 KB 960x544 31525-paxtty.jpg)
Glad to see someone is still out there rockposting after all these years.
Open file (38.66 KB 500x489 mgyuiePsdm1rmz2h6.jpg)
Right on
Have some aquamarine
Open file (539.79 KB 500x667 m39b5efo5e1qzbcjoo1.png)
Open file (161.63 KB 960x720 nv3k75mB2y1qmhbk.jpg)
Open file (35.12 KB 300x256 1471319789849.jpg)
Open file (2.50 MB 2312x1738 Neodym(III)sulfat.JPG)
Open file (213.57 KB 800x533 Salt_lamps.jpg)
These kinda salt lamps might make good gifts, they clean the air in the surrounding area and they look nice, usually smooth and give warm brightness
Open file (62.37 KB 640x520 rr51eb6066.jpg)
Open file (183.97 KB 500x370 nedn83gNT91qaw408.jpg)
Open file (51.59 KB 492x700 1543167793091.jpg)
Open file (53.29 KB 500x357 mf15u7cHSN1qzymnqo1.jpg)
Open file (102.18 KB 498x750 mf347cK4U91rlgpx3o1.jpg)
Open file (160.54 KB 635x636 happyagate.jpg)
I was the /rocks/ BO back on 8chan. Glad to see anons haven't forgotten about /rocks/ after all this time.
Open file (89.46 KB 640x538 6wulfenite14.jpg)
Open file (469.02 KB 1024x732 0087866001362339318.jpg)
Open file (231.50 KB 792x714 0009538001387822559.jpg)
Open file (477.80 KB 1010x1024 0062876001366666533.jpg)
Open file (320.77 KB 1024x856 0067513001384455439.jpg)
Open file (339.58 KB 1024x752 0303338001414388285.jpg)
Open file (522.55 KB 1024x989 0327860001362600916.jpg)
Open file (277.16 KB 956x644 0389558001372764740.jpg)
Open file (132.82 KB 768x1024 0134065001291698650.jpg)
Open file (303.51 KB 1024x677 0235082001361808951.jpg)
Open file (302.47 KB 925x862 0416010001415381829.jpg)
Open file (213.44 KB 806x640 0674005001383346517.jpg)
Open file (176.64 KB 1024x904 0457844001380873766.jpg)
Open file (534.18 KB 1024x881 0577399001362042433.jpg)
Open file (209.35 KB 1024x754 0670411001386317294.jpg)
Open file (49.54 KB 332x400 moh0krj8bm1rrir3.jpg)
Yeah, keeping some of the themes with potential alive seemed like a good idea
/rocks/ in particular was a pretty underrated board
Open file (194.03 KB 1024x765 0055156001381904330.jpg)
Open file (356.02 KB 800x800 0484683001424857431.jpg)
Open file (61.72 KB 499x465 bismutas_102.jpg)
A lot of these in the thread are some kind of quartz, fluorite, bismuth and tumbled stones of various types. Quartz, fluorite and tumbled stones I have a couple of in my collection and they aren't fragile at all. If you put them in a box they might chip or scrape a little but that's about it. Bismuth however, is really fucking fragile. When I first got mine it snapped in half just from handling it. I wasn't even throwing it around or anything like that. I was looking at it and it snapped in two.
That's interesting, I've never handled or seen Bismuth in real life, but I read a lot about it
I found this interesting text about different kind of stones being used for different effects
I know there are lodestones and they're natural magnets. Quartz and some other crystals are used for clocks in computing which computers wouldn't work without
Open file (103.43 KB 707x943 kuarts.jpg)
here's this big ass quartz i have
hope you guys like it
Quartz is always appreciated on /rocks/. Heres some Quartz agate.
Open file (283.80 KB 500x625 mcm7f6ukUv1rqljtvo1.jpg)
this makes me rock hard
Here are some Opals.
Open file (141.52 KB 500x667 maekzwbZU641r8brruo1.jpg)
>>636 These look pretty good I wonder what kinda rocks these are in pic related
>>636 those are gorgeous
>>636 >>637 More opals.
>>262 interesting post. i discovered that superconductors all have their electrons in perfect sync with each other, so there's no energy loss happening.
>>641 beautiful specimens. opals are some of my faves tbh. :^)
Open file (57.95 KB 500x375 6124y1her8749e54.jpg)
Open file (127.82 KB 500x500 meljcaybB61rlaporo1.jpg)
Open file (36.17 KB 129x135 lapis.png)
How does one tell if Lapis lazuli is the real deal? https://nammu.com/eng/how-to-tell-if-lapis-lazuli-is-real/
those are cool rocks
Open file (217.08 KB 550x309 i-got-a-rock.png)
I used to collect rocks as a kid and they would mess up the washing machine. None were as pretty as these. Think of clear, green and brown glass bottle pieces that had been safely rounded by the river flow.
>>700 You mean like in the OP pic?
Open file (9.83 MB 4592x3056 QuartzPrase.jpg)
Open file (135.38 KB 750x500 herkimer_diamond_3.jpg)
Today I learned about prasiolite and herkimer diamond Both of these are actually green varieties of quartz
Open file (61.46 KB 500x596 15983592546743.jpg)
Amethyst or Ametrine
Open file (73.47 KB 500x416 mxvy2ccyiF1sj9jsxo1.jpg)
Open file (314.93 KB 1600x1195 157038749245476.jpg)
Open file (373.13 KB 1920x1080 198446946547947.jpg)
Open file (83.10 KB 960x882 mn9hyu2QRd1s1wjf2o1.jpg)
>>352 Looks like the Empire State Building.
>>788 >188 >788 it's a sign. Moonstone is literally Hitler tbh, it's all so obvious now thx anons.
Open file (518.57 KB 533x800 mg85c8zcYs1qkw038o1.jpg)
>>859 Way to jump to conclusions I bet you just didn't have any imagery of rocks Way to make a funny post
>>860 higher res plzzz sir
Open file (554.71 KB 1920x1152 IMG_20170605_124200.jpg)
Open file (4.46 MB 4032x3024 20170312_105622.jpg)
Open file (1.98 MB 2560x1920 IMG_20201015_123835.jpg)
Open file (2.25 MB 1920x2560 IMG_20201021_100325.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 2560x1920 IMG_20201224_210632.jpg)
>>618 >Glad to see anons haven't forgotten about /rocks/ after all this time. I'm over joyed to find this. Never knew about /rocks/ back in infinity days. I was actually quite involved with others, more /32/bmw/fringe/-esque. >>512 >Greetings from /32/ Holy shit I almost had to double take on that. It's been too many years. >>542 Lybian desert glass/gold? >>536 >salt lamps They (the salt) also emitt negative ions when heated. Helps to ground the body and offset excess ions from tension/stress or electro-magnetic pollution to a low degree too. >>3 >Shungite It does certainly buffer EMFs, much better than many stones. But that's due to it's carbon fullerenes, C60, structures within the mineral. These also physically purify water as it moved through them. >>7 Another favoirte, number 83 on the periodic table, yet the 81th (9x9) stable element as well a the heaviest stable element. Also the most strongly diamagnetic material is bismuth. And furthermore a little bit about, just what it is: >Diamagnetism is a quantum mechanical effect that occurs in all materials; when it is the only contribution to the magnetism, the material is called diamagnetic. In paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances, the weak diamagnetic force is overcome by the attractive force of magnetic dipoles in the material. The magnetic permeability of diamagnetic materials is less than the permeability of vacuum, μ0. In most materials, diamagnetism is a weak effect which can be detected only by sensitive laboratory instruments, but a superconductor acts as a strong diamagnet because it repels a magnetic field entirely from its interior. >On keeping diamagnetic materials in a magnetic field, the electron orbital motion changes in such a way that magnetic dipole moments are induced on the atoms / molecules in the direction opposite to the external magnetic field as shown in figure Diamagnetic material interaction in magnetic field. Diamagnetism was first discovered when Anton Brugmans observed in 1778 that bismuth was repelled by magnetic fields.[1] In 1845, Michael Faraday demonstrated that it was a property of matter and concluded that every material responded (in either a diamagnetic or paramagnetic way) to an applied magnetic field. On a suggestion by William Whewell, Faraday first referred to the phenomenon as diamagnetic (the prefix dia- meaning through or across), then later changed it to diamagnetism. Ok, so what? It is a conductive element (metal) that conducts not electricity, but a kind of rare and unique magnetism associated with the vaccum force and negative entropy. That is just they physics. I personally find they make they very best organites, far supperiour to copper, iron, steel, or other less heavy metals I tried. (Never tried pure gold yet...) Though I tell you from experience as a working metaphysicican these things if used with an inner understanding of your own electrical-biochemical within can be used to create electrical (& magnetic) dynamos capable of effecting form/matter as from in various organs as broadcasting centers, or you could just say magic projected from your chakras. >>259 Tiger's eye, contains much iron, so it would help sharped your boundries, ability to (biologically and mental-emotionally) keep your bounds, also helps with the stomach/upper digestive, and also nervous conditions concerning transmission through the nerves of the electrical energy (compared to the generation there of by the brain), and solar plexus chakra overall. Red tiger;s eye is very uch like this but far more focused on base vitality of the cells and furious core power, compared to more noble aspiring solar power. >>261 >piezo-electric This effect turns electrical forces unto kinetic energy and vise versa. Taking "aetheric" waves and turning them into physical waves and vise versa while they align the EM field in the direction of the crystalline structure and according the nature of the elemental makeup. >>263 >bones are piezo electric Now this thread is going places is anons follow this rabbit hole of bio-electric transmission, genesis and induction... >>493 I have lots of them. Occasionally I have to take care, but it's not really too much. The minerals live life spans far beyond humans and what we could every do to them. We don't own rocks, they have pet humans, and they will leave/hide/break/etc when the energy is not right as a method of bringing balance (from beyond our awareness as to why it was necessary). Some times chips happen, I often gift them ceremonially back to the earth to bring in that unique elemental magnetic power to that area. >>624 >I've never handled or seen Bismuth in real life If you just want the metal, for vibrational reasons, and don't care about pretty, you can get raw industrial stuff for relative dimes. And use that for your (dia)magnetic experiments and aetheric gridding. https://www.rotometals.com/bismuth/ t. crystal healer & alchemist from a lineage of mineral-heads from the far north where this was the dominate tribal medicine not plants.
Open file (103.73 KB 399x1009 nbfxfjwCSN1r312weo1.jpg)
>>889 This is the longest, most elaborate post I've seen on this board so far Congrats I think salt lamps are mostly made from large himalayan salt crystals Magnetism is a result of flows generated by moving electrons, In permanent magnets the flow is generated by the structure of the atoms moving in sync within the material. What gives rise to the field effect is kind of beyond the scope of this thread (also I'm not entirely sure) but something within bismuth seems to seek to oppose whichever pole of a magnetic field it comes into contact with. Here's some stuff about opals; https://blog.adafruit.com/2020/12/20/jeff-dekofsky-explains-the-science-of-opals/ https://blog.adafruit.com/2020/12/22/the-most-colorful-gemstones-on-earth/
Open file (322.27 KB 576x575 13708330.png)
>>889 Based hippie rock chad
Open file (26.00 KB 250x304 mgt6j4zJcX1rx59ueo6.jpg)
>>890 I found an interesting article about making opals; https://hackaday.com/2021/01/11/growing-opals-in-the-lab/
Open file (101.44 KB 500x539 mezfgpZ2gU1rlaporo1.jpg)
Open file (108.42 KB 500x373 mezfgpZ2gU1rlaporo2.jpg)
Open file (187.23 KB 500x616 mapzgcC5SC1rnqktlo1.jpg)
Open file (19.91 KB 400x400 pyramid-salt-lamp.jpg)
Open file (47.35 KB 500x486 mg4ua4DXYs1rmz2h6o1.jpg)
>>822 Galium?
>>637 >I wonder what kinda rocks these are in pic related That's Peacock Ore, also known as Bornite. It starts out brown and "rusts" to a colorful iridescent.
>>1048 I thought gallium was like liquid at room temp? Maybe it is, looks about right
Open file (70.37 KB 800x619 mb3hka91Mj1rog67ko3.jpg)
>>429 That looks really nice, what is it called?
>>1139 I'm not sure what that one is, maybe Amethyst?
>>429 Reminds me of some of the orgone pyramids I've seen for sale.
Open file (105.31 KB 900x900 chalk.jpg)
Chalk is a type of rock one can write with, its often used to write or make art on sidewalks and used to be used by teachers a lot
Open file (39.75 KB 354x315 149837786824601.jpg)
Phosphorus is the mineral that glows in the dark
Open file (54.92 KB 640x480 AztmArQ.jpg)
Since this was posted in an unrelated shill on >>>/k/ (likely to be rm'd) and I didn't see it ITT, I'll go ahead and repost it here on /rocks/ for safekeeping.
>>690 It looks like roses.
>>1270 This looks to be gallium, which is a non-toxic metal that will actually melt in your hand because of the body temperature
Open file (58.94 KB 540x405 14987264757987.jpg)
Open file (199.33 KB 1254x942 fluorite.jpg)
Open file (1.25 MB 2048x1536 14371864216209583.JPG)
Yet moar bismuth from /comfy/ >>>/comfy/4861
>>1606 >>>/comfy/5915 lol i don't even
All these are forms of Selenite or Moonstone.
Open file (150.18 KB 1200x1060 CHrtJaspRdBrec.jpg)
I like the look of some of this brecciated jasper stuff. >>1608 I didn't even know selenite was a real thing. I just knew it as the name of the moon people from The First Men in the Moon.
>>1625 Beautiful stuff, thanks Anon. How in the world does stuff like this form anyway? :)
>>1626 I'm not really sure. Either both the chemicals that make up azurite and gypsum are in solution together and gypsum just always crystalizes first or the gypsum crystals are formed first and then at a later date copper containing liquid seeps in and begins growing on the earlier crystals. Since azurite is somewhat famous for replacing other minerals I would guess it's the second thing.
Here's a rare mineral called "blue john".
Here's the mine and as a bonus here's a early science fiction story that goes along with it.
>>1628 >that table tho Wow. That must be worth a smol fortune.
So recently I discovered that lazulite and lapis lazuli aren't the same thing.
>>1628 I personally and unironically hate that ugly table. The patternation is on the "strange" side of interesting from the get go, but then the table itself is set dressed like it's from Patty & Selma's costume jewellery closet. To top it all fluorite is quite easily tarnished and using it as a working surface is not a good plan for what to use it for. It's so bad I could help dispose of it for you anon for very low fee... I used to confuse the name blue john for that preseli blue that's a type of granite if I remember correctly. Also you know anon, there's a green fluorite under the peak district unique to that spot as well? The cost of it isn't any less prohinitive either.
>>1501 >>1640 This sort of thing
>>1640 >To top it all fluorite is quite easily tarnished and using it as a working surface is not a good plan for what to use it for. On that point, from what I understand, blue john has to be resin impregnated in order for it to hold together when worked so it's probably not actually truly exposed.
It's not in its raw state but I think this is worthy to go here. It's a very pretty jade statue although I can't help but feel serpentine would have been more thematically appropriate.

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