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Open file (354.02 KB 998x765 lynxy anon.cafe.png)
lynxy support thread Anonymous 04/13/2023 (Thu) 18:08:18 No.1586
This is just a support thread for lynxy. It's a frontend for LynxChan. Post bugs, questions, feature requests. Check it out: https://lynxy.rf.gd https://gitgud.io/Yobadev/lynxy
Not a big fan of how this looks.
>>1587 In SETTINGS you can switch off the menu buttons completely. Or change them the way you like it.
>>Can I has video-preview please, sometimes I got no idea what vids I am about to post. >I put it on the list. But not a high priority. Ok. It's added. You have thumbnauils of attached videos. If you hover them you even get controls and can even play the vids. delete browser cache for lynxy if you dont get the update https://lynxy.rf.gd

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